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Herb Tobman campaign materials, item 01




Fact sheet: Herb Tobman, Democratic Candidate for Governor

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FACT SHEET Herb Tobman Democratic Candidate for Governor When Herb Tobman arrived in Las Vegas more than 35 years ago, the city, which could barely be called a city, boasted a population of 25,000. Over a quarter of a century later and with a population of well over half a million people, Las Vegas is a thriving metropolitan area. Tobman played a substantial role in the development of Las Vegas as we know it today. With land developments, building construction, originator of a local cab company, and extensive involvement with the hotel and gaming industry, Tobman can definitely be classified as one of the city's most influential citizens. Upon arrival in Las Vegas, Tobman took a position as a "Petroleum Transfer Engineer" (gas pumper) at Standard Oil Company. Shortly thereafter, he and his father-in-law began a joint-venture with City Furniture Exchange. Tobman was a co-owner of the store, located on South Main Street for more than 20 years. But the furniture store was not Tobman's first shot at entrepreneurship, having owned a dry cleaning store in Long Island, New York. Tobman's involvement in Nevada real estate development is extensive. He purchased the land and constructed a number of stores on Main Street in 1955, some of which he still owns. Tobman also built a number of warehouses in Las Vegas such as Worldwide Foods and Grantree Furniture warehouse. He recently built a new office building at 630 South Fourth that houses many local attorneys. His development company, Herb Tobman Enterprises, is currently constructing 18 custom homes on the Las Vegas Country Club Golf Course and will begin the construction of homes at Spanish Trails Country Club in the next few months. Both projects are being financed by Frontier Savings and Loan. Former President of Realty Holdings Group, a division of Paradise Development Company, Tobman is optimistic about the future of Las Vegas. "Contruction is on the up?swing in Las Vegas and this growth process will continue until our population has reached a million, probably in the early 1990's," stated Tobman. The owner of Western Cab Company, Tobman purchased the then defunct company in 1965 when it had only one cab. With the growth of the company, Tobman constructed the beautiful building where the cab fleet is now housed and serviced at 801 South Main. Tobman's involvement in the hotel and gaming industry has been just as extensive as his presence in real estate development. After a brief tenure as President of the Aladdin Hotel, Tobman moved to the Stardust Hotel and Casino where he was Executive Hotel Coordinator and later President until he left that position to work with Paradise Development.Despite his obviously demanding schedule due to his many business ventures, Tobman finds ample time to relax and enjoy his seven grandchildren and four children. Weekends and vacations are often spent with his grandchildren at his home in Parowan, Utah. Tobman spends his hours in Utah fishing, hiking, skiing, and reading, usually accompanied by his wife, Jean, and a combination of their children, grandchildren and friends. Tobman maintains a close relationship with all of his children, in fact, most of his business ventures are done in partnership with his children. A one-time Nevada State racketball champion for the senior division, Tobman has worked the sport into his daily routine. Other recreational activities he indulges in are snow skiing and boating on Lake Mead (he has been boating on the lake for over 25 years). Water is no stranger to Tobman, who served four years in the United States Navy aboard a destroyer during World War II. Tobman owns and flies his own airplane strictly for pleasure. "One of the highlights of my life came in 1980 when I had the opportunity to fly an F-15 fighter plane at Nellis Air Force Base," stated Tobman. A long-time Rebel fan, Tobman is a former referee of college and high school basketball. His interest in the sport began at an early age which developed into his attaining the honor of being the highest scorer in basketball of any high school player in New York City. He served on the first Las Vegas Recreation Board as well as on the Clark County Planning Commission in the 50's and 60's. He also was a member of the Las Vegas Convention Center Authority Board representing the hotel industry. Tobman maintains a very pro-Nevada attitude. "I am very proud of Nevada. We have a thriving economy, outstanding lifestyle and abundant opportunities in Nevada. Even though I am from New York, my roots are truly in Nevada, this is my home," stated Tobman. If you wish to discuss issues with Herb Tobman, call 388-1000. Herb Tobman