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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, June/July 1998



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Congregation Ner Tarpid tdpi ij n^np The Reform Jewish Synagogue of Las Vegas ...A Special Place to Belong June!July 1998 - Vol. XVII No. 9 Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi Bella Feldman Cantorial Soloist Bob Unger President 13 Sivan - 8 Ab 5758 Monty E. Willey Executive Director Jacqueline Fleekop Education Director Jill Ginsburg Program Director One of the most powerful words in Judaism is the word "Shalom." We all know that it means "hello" and "goodbye." I have often wondered if this is a reflection of the wander?ing nature of Jews?we simply do not know whether we are coming or going! t perhaps... is a gentle reminder of some?thing else...that with every "Hello" there is the potential for "Good- A Tribute to Eileen Kollins bye." And that with everu "good?bye," there is the potential for new experiences and growth...a new "hello." Such is the case when we meet people who inevitably change our lives. When we meet them we do not know that this will occur. It is just "one of those things" where when people share a great deal in common, a friendship grows. But as we know, true triends, good friends are rare opportunities in life. And thus all the more reason to be treasured. This summer we will be saying a fond "shalom" to a dear friend and leader in our Congregation. A woman who has given selflessly of her time, energy and self to insure the vitality and strength of our Congregation. This person is Eileen Kollins. Whether you have been a member for two decades or two weeks, you have probably met Eileen. She is always at services, welcoming and greeting members. She is here during the week teaching classes. She has chaired a whole host of committees and is one of our Past Pictured Above: Front row (left to right) - Michael E. Dickerman, Ruth ?*\rson Urban, Bette R. Stahl, Phyllis P. Freid, Arlene Fran Kagan, Pathe berts, Melissa Roth (teacher) &. Rabbi Sanford Akselrad. Second row ft to right) - Marilyn Polvina Bulavsky, Gloria Sharon Helpern, l.vE R. Marco, Deidre McGraw Felgar, Betty Schloss, and Jennifer Cohen. Worship Services 2 Message From Our President 3 Brotherhood Stuff 4 Executive Director?s Spotlight 5 JuneJuly B?nai Mitzvah 6 Sisterhood News 7 School News 8 TGIS Success Story 11 Birthdays 12 Anniversaries 13 Tributes 14 Yahrzeits 17 d SpjejeiaL (Jo (Belong,Please join us as we open our doors to show off our staff & facility for our new Preschool on June 8 from 1 -3 pm. A Tribute to Eileen Kollins (continued) Presidents. She has taught our B'nai Mitzvah students, conducted worship services and was the glue that held our Congregation together during more turbulent times. She was our first "Con?gregant of the Year" and the recip?ient of "The Great Lady Award" by our Sisterhood. And I will miss her very much. Yet, with every shalom there is a new beginning. And so, our loss is the Midwest's gain. Eileen will move to St. Louis to serve as an assistant regional director for the Reform Movement. Eileen is one of only a handful of lay leaders (most of these posi?tions are held by rabbis) to be asked to serve in this capacity. We can feel proud that our Congregation has produced such a fine leader? but most of all we can feel very happy for Eileen as she begins another chapter in her life in service to our movement. I ask you therefore to join me on June 26th at Shabbat evening services when we as Temple family will honor Eileen and her wonderful contributions to our Synagogue. Perhaps we won't say "shalom" after all, at least not in the sense of goodbye. Let us sau "L'hitraot - 'til we meet again." Shalom. Peace. (RctbbiSanfordft%seCrad Congregation SferTamid is pleased to announce the Adult T'nailMitzvah class of 1998. They have worked hard over the past year studying Torah, iHebrew and their prayers. The service will he held on June 6, 1998 at 10:00 am at the Temple. ?Each of the twelve students, eleven women ami one gentleman Brings different but unique reasons for becoming a T?nai Mitzvah at this time in their adult lives. Tor many of the students the Tat Ttitzvah ceremony for women was not offered to themwhen they were age thirteen, the traditional age of welcommg them into ?adulthood. ? Others may have become Jews by choice at a later age and did not have the opportunity to share in this very special milestone. Some may have chosen not to become a Tar or Tat Jditzvah until later in life. All of the students are proud of this important accomplishment in their lives as it furthers thevr understanding and appreciation of Judaism (picture on front page). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ^ CoNQREQA TION Ner TAMl'd (Worship I Services Conducted by Rabbi Sanford D. Akselrad & Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman June 5 Brian Benedict Bar Mitzvah 7:30pm Oneg sponsored by the Bendict Family Guest Soloist Frances Klamian June 6 Adult B'nai Mitzvah 10:00am Kiddush sponsored by the Adult B'nai Mitzvah Families Guest Soloist Maxine Molinsky June 12 Allison Etcoff Bat Mitzvah 7:30pm Oneg sponsored by the Etcoff Family Guest Soloist Frances Klamian June 13 Second Saturday Torah & Minyon Discussion 9:00am Thomas Lombardi Bar Mitzvah 10:00am Kiddush sponsored by the Lombardi Family Guest Soloist Maxine Molinsky June 19 Shabbat Services 7:30pm Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood (David Stahl to lead services) June 26 Shabbat Services 7:30pm (Eileen Kollins to lead services) Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood July 3 Clint Gillman Bar Mitzvah 7:30pm Oneg sponsored by the Gillman Family July 10 Russell Sheldon Bar Mitzvah 7:30pm Oneg sponsored by the Sheldon Family July 11 Second Saturday Torah & Minyon Discussion 9:00am Sarah Sternberg Bat Mitzvah 10:00am JuNE/July 1998 ^?ob Unger President Drew Levy VP Administration David Mendelson VP Ways & Means Ira Spector VP Membership David Stahl VP Religious Activities Scott Stolberg VP Education Scott Dockswell VP Social Rita Goldstein Treasurer Ruth Urban Secretary Mel Hallerman Trustee Sylvia Beller Trustee Frances Klamian Trustee Jacky Rosen Trustee Jon Sparer Trustee Robin Greenspun Trustee Esther Saltzman Trustee Kenny Epstein Trustee Janis Rounds Sisterhood Jeff Markewich Brotherhood Helen Herzog Golden Chai Dustin Tiep NTTY Jill Ewan TNT Jerry Gordon Past President Cal Lewis Past President Eileen Kollins Past President Kenneth Schnitzer Past President Dr. David Wasserman Past President Dr. Steve Kollins Past President Michael Cherry Past President fee Bernard Farrow Past President Wjgene Kirshbaum* Past President ? WlLNER Advisor Kibbi Sanford Akselrad Ex Officio * Deceased I (Worship Services (continued) Kiddush sponsored by the Sternberg Family July 17 Shabbat Services 7:30pm Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood July 18 Benjamin Herman Bat Mitzvah 10:00am Kiddush sponsored by the Herman Family July 24 Shabbat Services 7:30pm (David Stahl to lead services) Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood July 31 Shabbat Services 7:30pm Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood ESSAGE FROM OUR TEMPLE PRESIDENT I have frequently expressed my own feelings about the impor?tance of our youth programs and, in particular, our high school programming. My own connec?tion to Judaism really began with Las Vegas RZR when I was 15. flZfl and B8VO provided me the right environment to learn about myself and Judaism, to take on adult responsibilities, to become active politically, to make life?long friends, and gave me some?thing to be proud of. Our own Ner Tamid Temple Vouth (NTTV) provides the same opportunities to our high school students. Recently, I led a NTTV leadership development program in an effort to pass on some of my thoughts about the incredible op?portunities our youth group has to offer. About twenty current and future members of NTTV attended the program and convinced me that we have a great future to look forward to with this group. The kids were totally attentive, offered lots of ideas, and expressed tremen?dous enthusiasm about next year's program. If you have any family members or friends that will be in grades 9-12 next year, now would be a great time to get them involved in NTTV. UUhile speaking about our youth, I recently attended our Confirma?tion Class of 1998 service. What a great group of future leader?ship we have with these kids. Congratulations to Kristin Adler, Michael Cummins, Matthew Bulavsky, Doug Gold, Meredith Grower, Michael Kamer, Sarah Levy, Shawn Silber, Alison Sparer, and, of course, my niece Shayna Linger. Vou were all incredible. The work you put in to the service and your speech?es was obvious and your demeanor throughout the service clearly showed your respect and love for Judaism. Thank you Jack?ie Fleekop for your work with this class although it appears that you enjoyed every minute of this particular task. Congratulations to all the parents who have obviously done something right! On June 14th, CNT will hold its annual membership meeting and barbecue. At that time we will be electing one new officer and several trustees. I must there?fore begin with expressing our thanks to Janis Rounds, Scott Dockswell, Jeff Markewich, Robin Greenspun, and Kenny Cpstein for their past service to the temple by serving on our board. The time spent by mem?bers like them continues to be the greatest strength of our congregation. Somehow I think we will still see lots of these five people around committee meetings in the future. I don't know what yet but I am sure they will soon be "volunteering" on an upcoming project. The annu?al meeting is a great time to meet the new board and express any concerns you have about the temple. It provides an informal atmosphere as well as lots of information from the officers of the congregation and senior staff. It's free and well worth it just to see Scotty Dockswell cooking hamburgers! Please plan on attending if you can. Bob d S p e c ia l (JuNE/July 1998 jytace. (Jo (Belong. J{ernernBer Russia Many desired to help. Now we can help! Many of us remember hearing about the plight of Jewish people living in Russia as we grew up. Our sense of responsibil?ity to other Jews and our desire to help was limited due to restrictions of the Soviet govern?ment at that time. As teenagers, many of us wrote letters of protest to the Soviet Government. We told our children about the problems in Russia and we had our children symbolically twin with Russian youths who were unable to have a Bat or Bar Mitzvah. Many of us have felt helpless, other than to offer these gestures of concern. Now the need is great! The hour is critical! The time to become involved is now for all of us. The students of our Religious School presented the World Union of Progressive Judaism a check for one thousand dollars on Sunday, May 17, 1998. The money is a portion of what was allocated with nickels and dimes from our students. The funds will be used to purchase prayer religious practices. Now in the former Sovi?et Union there are twenty-two Reform con?gregations praying, teaching, and reviewing Judaism in a countiy that previously had tried to wipe out all 3 KOT??UOoD Stuff I can?t believe my 2-year term as Broth- erhood President is over already. Two years ago a little SCHMOOZER named Scott Dockswell convinced me to join The Synagogue and in the pro?cess helped me attain the title of Brotherhood President. I had no idea what I was about to undertake. Because of your support, the past 2 years have been a fantastic experience. I thank you for the help, and I look forward to serving the congregation in another capacity. You are always welcome to offer feedback on how to make the CNT a better place to belong. Please talk to me. This year?s Yom Hashoah observance was wonderful. I have to commend everyone on the Yom HaShoah Commit?tee for putting together a very moving program. Brotherhood was honored to CONQREQA TION N eR TAMl'd participate this year and we look forward to helping next year?s event be?come even more special. The Yom Hashoah Candle program, which is annually sponsored by Broth?erhood, went very smoothly this year thanks to Allan Nathanson. Support from you was tremendous this year. We hit a record for donations to our Candle Campaign. Thank You!! This type of participation from the Congregation is greatly appreciated, and will allow us to continue to do more for CNT in the comingyears. Have a GREAT summer. Warmly, (last time with this title) books and educational materials for Reform Congregations in the for Soviet Union. Now Jews can pray, now Jews study. Now we can help. If you would like to support our people living in Russia, please contact Jacqueline Fleekop, Director of Education at Congregation Ner Tamid. 733-6292. All funds will be sent to the World Union for Progressive Judaism. Our Annuai Meeting is scheduied for Sunday, June 14 at 4:00pm in the SociaiSdaCC. We zvihpresent the incoming officers and trustees and reintroduce tfe ones that are continuing their term. Those join us for a TarSeque, some Temple business and some sociaiizing. Looting forward to seeing each one of you. JuNE/July 1998 Executive Director** SncWaht -?^sKlp i MoneuL. One of the areas that I must concern myself with is the financial operations of the Temple. Rabbi, Bella, Jackie and Jill provide the innovative ideas for programs and I ensure that the other arrangements for the programs are available. Back in August 1997, the Doard published a policy requiring payments of dues and other monies owed to the synagogue at least on a quarterly basis. This requirement is not to place a burden on our families, but to assist the temple office in its ability to plan financially for the programs we provide. The cash flow for Ner Tamid must be more predictable as we grow to ensure we can cover the cost of our monthly events. If we are behind in payments to our vendors, we might have to cut back on some of our events until we pay the bills. Our previous policy simply stated that members had to be current before they could hold a life-cycle event: hold a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, have a wedding or ntmm SUNDAE SHABBAT FOR PROSPECTIVE NEW MEMBERS. Plese join us and meet the Rabbi and Board of Trustees at G:45pm in the Beit Tefillah before services. We have scheduled a Sundae Shabbat for Julu 17 and an "Invite a Friend" on Augusf 14. Come see why we are "A Special Place to Belong" f a ! 4 Y | f 4 to obtain High Holiday tickets. Waiting to become current can not be the norm today, as it was previously, with all that we have to plan and pay. We have members who get behind and sometimes it is difficult for them to catch up. It >uts a burden on the staff to track them. The etters I write are not meant be to be offensive, )ut are written to reinforce our responsibility to the membership and to the vendors from which we obtain our supplies and services. If there is ever a financial problem that will keep you from paying the temple, please call me so we can discuss a short term arrangement or long term if needed. Our membership is the most important component to our success, we are here to help you. Hope everybody has a nice ana relaxing summer. Monty Congregation oferTamid cordially invites you to a special SftalBat ?Evening Service on June 26tfi at 7:30pm as we 6ida fond farewell and pautrwute to TOken Tfotfins cA S ftee ia JuNE/July 1998 l (J)la?& CTa B e lo n g K f a z e l T o v t o o u r J u n e & J u l y V ?Hi, my name is Allison Elizabeth Etcoff, but my friends call me Allie. I am a seventh grader at Greenspun Junior High School. In my spare time, I enjoy shopping, playing soccer, and talking on the phone. I have been studying the Jewish religion and Hebrew language since kindergarten at Ner TamidT I am looking forward to this special occasion that I'm going to share with my friends ana family. Hi, my name is Russell Sheldon. I'm 12 years old and in the 7th grade. I go to Burkholder Middle School. I live with my mom, dad, and my sister. Their names are Fran, Trevor and my sister's name is Rebecca. I enjou playing basketball, swimming, playing on my computer, reading, and playing with mu dogs, James Bond ana Samantha. My favorite colors are blue and green. My favorite subjects in school are math and history. I was born July 28,1985. My Bar Mitzvah is Friday, July 10, 1998. Hope to see you there. rTW CONQREQA TioN N e r TAM id Hi! My name is Brian Benedict. I am in the seventh grade at Helen C. Cannon middle school. I enjoy playing viola and being a member of the Las Vegas Youth Orchestra, hanging out with my friends, and playing with my birds. I also enjoy swimming on the "Sandpipers" swim team at UNLV. I Took forward to my Bar Mitzvah on June 5,1998 and hope all my friends and family will be there with me on the joyous occasion. Hi, my name is Sarah Ann Sternberg and I go to Hyde Park Middle School. My hobbies are skating, gymnastics and singing. I can?t wait until my Bat Mitzvah so I can see all my family and celebrate. My Bat Mitzvah is on July 11, 1998. Hi, my name is T.J. Lombardi. I am in the seventh grade at K.O. Knudsom Middle School. I was born on June 4, 1985 in Brooklyn, N.Y. I enjoy playing baseball, basketball, and listening to music. I am really looking forward to June 13, 1998 when I will become a Bar Mitzvah. Hello, my name is Ben Herman. I was born on May 15, 1985 in Dayton, Ohio. I moved to Las Vegas when I was five years old. I am going into the eighth grade at Becker Middle School. I am a member of the National Jr. Honor Society and love to play all kinds of sports, especially basketball. I also referee children's soccer games. I am looking forward to sharing my Bar Mitzvah with family and friends from all over the world. My name is Clint Edward Gillman. I was born at Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington on October 15, 1985. My parents are Dennis and Kathy Gillman. I have two brothers and a sister. I have lived in Las Vegas for four years. I'm in the sixth grade at the Academy of Math and Science at Hyde park Middle School. I plan on attending college to become an astro-phusicist. I enjoy playing football, baseball and computer games. I look forward to celebrating my Bar Mitz?vah on July 3, 1998 with family and friends. JuNE/July 1998 Dear CNT Family, AUXILIARIES & Sisterhood Xews There are many thoughts going through my mind as 1 write this article today. The first is of the wonderful ?Women?s Seder ? that was held by Sisterhood in April. It was truly the highlight event of the two years that 1 have served as President of this Sisterhood. There are many thanks to be bestowed for making this event a memorable one. My first thanks goes to Eileen Kollins for not only bringing us this Seder, but for refining it to be the really inspirational service that it is and then leading it for us in her own hamisha way, and to Maxine Molinsky andGlori Rosenberger for leading us in song. The guitar tcompaniment of tne 3 young girls anting the four questions was so |ry special. We were all veiling?! And what would a Seder be without the food? Well, we had the best! My thanks also goes to Frances Klamian and the Party Shop for coordinating. We were served: chicken soup by Lorelei Wo nicz, with matzo balls by Shirley Gel in. The main course was Frances? chicken, Maxine Gratz?s tsimis, charoset by Phyllis Lewis Mark, chopped liver by Sheri Cohen to die for, and wonderful kugel by Rita Malkin. To top it off we had homemade macaroons by Bonnie Bergman. My very special thanks go to Loren Wender who very generously donated his time serv?ing and cleaning up. He was the one male we allowed in the Social Hall! On behalf of Sisterhood and the 136 women who attended, we thank all of you and the countless Sisterhood volunteers who helped in many other ways to make this a fabulous affair to remember. At this time 1 find myself with very fixed emotions! This is the last llletin article that I will be writing Sisterhood President. I can not llieve how quickly the last two years has flown! It seems like just yesterday 1 was sitting and strug?gling with writing my first article. I didir t know where to start and what to say. But as time moved on, I found that sometimes I had too much to say (which you will probably think today)! My term as president has been very rewarding. We have seen Sisterhood grow from 128 members to 209. We will soon see the reward of all our hard work realized with the remodeling of our kitchen starting the middle of June. Our board has worked very hard to bring inspirational, educa?tional, entertaining and meaningful programming to our membership. Sisterhood continues to be the largest and most active auxiliary of Temple, contributing both time and money to underwrite many temple events, in addition to the Onegs that it sponsors or prepares each week. I am very proud of what the wonderful women of our Sister?hood have accomplished in the last two years. I thank all of you for the support that 1 have been shown. Without the wonderful board and membership of Sisterhood, I would never have had the opportunity that I have had to contribute to this great organization. I have learned many lessons as President. I have grown far more than 1 ever could have imagined. 1 can truly say that 1 am not the same person I was before I took this position. My thanks go to all of you. 1 would also like to thank Bob Unger and our Temple Board of Directors for their ongoing support of Sisterhood ana her mission. It has truly been a pleasure to serve on the Temple Board and be an integral part of the decision making process for our congregation. Thank you Rabbi, for instilling in me the confidence to do this job, and to the temple staff for all of the help you have given me over the years. Since I am writing this at the beginning of May, and our elections have not been held yet, I would like to unofficially wish Sandy Stolberg a hearty Mazel Tov on her becoming our next Sisterhood President. I know that she will do an outstanding job and I ask that you all show your support for her and the incoming officers of Sisterhood by attending our Installation and Champagne Dessert Gala on Wed., June 24tn at 7:30PM. We would like to welcome to Sisterhood recent new members Annette Friedman, Carol Friedman, and Glori Rosenberger. Shalom fk Thanks for your support! JanistRffmuCs Take advantage of the temple Scrip program! New stores have been added. COSTCO is now available. Remember, this program costs you NO MONEY to support. Just mail in your order form/check & we do the rest! d l &p?jcial r()JuNE/July 1998 laee Qir Qielang, School News Qchool is closed for the Summer, but...Planning, Preparation, Progress never stops! The last day of school we thanked our Jr. Choir and recognized students who participated in the TGIS program. We had a great bar- b-que and lots of fun at our Marshmellow Maccabia. The high?light of the day was when I shared with our students how the Tzedakah money that we had collected would be distributed. One thousand dollars was set aside to help needy Jewish families in our community, five hundred was presented to Janet Schlesinger who is a member of our Congregation and a member of our social action committee, sisterhood, and also is a volunteer coordinator for the Neo Natal Care Unit at University Medical Center. Each year, Janet has helped arrange a trip for our Post B'nai Mitzvah class to visit UMC where life's lessons about responsibility to ourselves and others are learned first hand. Scott Stolberg, the Vice President of Education for our congregation accepted a check for one thousand dollars to be donated to the World Union for Progressive Judaism to educate Jewish children in Russia. There are many lessons taught in Hebrew school and not all come from the textbooks. Prepare your child to learn all the lessons so that they may live life Jewishly, enroll now for the fall semester. Enjoy the summer, MOMMY & ME ME & MINE Mommy or ? If you have a child under three and would like to be involved in a Jewish Parenting Program: Games 5ongs Discussions Crafts Join us for lots of talk, sharing and friendship. Call Jackie Fleekop at the Temple Office 733-6292. / We are now planning for the fall!!! CoNqREQATiON N o t TAM id JuNE/July 1998 ft Golden * Chai ? t Greetings again from Gold?en Chai. We hope many of you are receiving our mail?ings announcing each month?s programs. We just recently began sending flyers to temple members who might be interested, and we look forward to seeing you at our meetings. If you are interested in any activity relevant to our seniors but don?t see it advertized, please contact us. It may be that we can add your idea to our activities. We aim to please. This past month, because Sandy Pittle was indisposed, Don Friend was kind enough to fill in for our game of ?Name that Tune.? We played for prizes and had fun being just a wee bit competitive. At our second meeting we enjoyed a return appearance by jim Le Bouef, a popular Elvis impersonator who plays at a number of clubs around town. Look for our june programs in the next flyer and come join the fun. Love and Shalom, Volunteer Appreciation Night Congregation Ner Tamid's volun?teers will be honored on June 14th, at the Annual Meeting of Congrega?tion Ner Tamid. All temple members are urged to attend, especially if you have been one of our appreciated volunteers. very New-Member Mentor Program Congregation Ner Tamid is asking for volunteers who would enjoy becom?ing mentors to new families that join the congregational family. This program would consist of calling families regarding Temple events, orientation to Temple programming, sharing rides, getting involved in activities, answering questions, etc. If you would like to get involved by elc welcoming our new members in this fashion, please call Jill Ginsburg at the Temple office...733-6292. New Member Brunch Our first annual New Member Brunch held on April 26 was a big success. We had fourteen new families attend this event. They were able to meet the Board of Directors and the Rabbi and learn more about our "special place to belong." A beautiful brunch was served by the Party Shop and enjoyed by all. Welcome to all of our recent Springtime members!! Havurah Dessert POTLUCK JieSen This past month, over twenty new members to our Temple began existing havurot, as well as those wishing to become havurah mem?bers attended a spectacular night of incrediable mouth watering desserts. Representatives from existing havurot spoke to the group about programming and benefits of havuran involvement. Anyone wishing to get involved in a havurah, please call Stewart Blumenfeld at 254-9211. Interfaith Hospitality Network I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your help with the Interfaith Hospitality Network in July. Congregation Ner Tamid is a very proud participant. We start up again on Sunday, July 5 at 4pm and finish the week on Sunday morning, July 12. We need meal makers, donations of food, people to sleep over, and friendly faces to help. Please call me ana offer your time, food or money. In advance ...thank you !!! 9Aw^m.Qratz 898-3592 Sign Up Now for Basic Judaism &? Hebrew Classes this Summer In June, the Temple will be offering Introduction to Judaism and Begin?ning Hebrew. The courses will be taught by Melissa Roth. Classes will be one evening a week starting June 25 through August 13. Introduction to Judiaism will be held from 7-8pm and Beginning Hebrew from 8-9pm. The cost is $30.00 per class for members and $40.00 for non?members. Please call the Temple office at 733-6292 if uou would be JuNE/July 1 9 98 program. Shalom, JacfiUfkeXgp (riWifiWfii IQisterhood g\ Tot Shabbat *' The Tot Shabbat program which is sponsored by our Sisterhood has been a great success. No less than twenty-five children and as many as fifty-five have participated in this wonderful Jewish experi?ence. Each program contained a short service, a craft, lots of singing and some refreshments. The last Tot Shabbat of the season took place on May 1st. Services began in the Beit Tefillah where children and parents joined me in prayer and song. They learned of our connection to Israel and about the holiday of Shavout. We took a Polaroid picture of each child to mount on their own copy of the Ten Commandments. They all worked very hard coloring and pasting. The snacl was ice cream and sherbet, Dixie cups, and cookies that formed two tablets to resemble the Ten Com?mandments. The children decorated their snack with gummy bears, chocolate raisins, M&M's and Reeses pieces. Without the help of two Sisterhood members things would not have gone as well. Karen Levine was our guest helper that evening. Sandra Alterman who is the co-chair with me for Tot Shabbat is always a wonderful support. I look forward to September 11th when we will restart this I I I I lllllllllllll Pcut Prudent TKccTiad Cfienny fo fa ?Di&tnict Count fadqe, 'Defianfateut 17 J a Former CoNqREqATioN Ner TAMid PREsidENT ANd NOTsd Las Veqas trIaI attorney MIcIiaeI ChERRy hAs dEclAREd his CANdidAcy For ClARk CotNTy DisTRicT Court JudqE, Department 17. A PREsidENT of CoNqREqATioN Ner TAMid From 1978 to 1980, TodAy ChERRy remaIns iNvolvEd iN a RANqE of TEMpU ACTivmES. As CO-chAiRMAN of NER TAMid's SANCTU' ARy BuildiNq CommIttee, ChERRy hslpEd RAisE ThE fuNds NEEdsd TO CONSTRUCT ThE TEMpU's NEW SANCTUARy ANd REqulARly dslivER ThE Kol NidRE AppEAl duRiNq Hiqh HolidAy SERvicES. An ACTivE MEMbER of ThE NaTE MAck B'NAi B'RiTh Lodqs in Las VEqAs SINCE MOviNq TO NEVAdA iN 1970, ChERRy is a Former PREsidENT of B'NAi B'RiTh DisTRicT Four which encoM' Passes ten Western states ANd BRmsh ColuMbiA. In 1 990 ChERRy was ElECTEd TO ThE B'NAi B'RiTh BoARd of Governors ANd currency serves as an International Vies PREsidENT. ChERRy is Also ACTivE iN ThE JEwish FEdERATioN of Las VEqAs, SERviNq AS A BoARd MEMbER AN(1 ChAiRpERSON of HillEl at (JNLV. He is ThE Former ChAiRpERSON of ThE .Community ReIatIons CommIttee. ChERRy is A LiFe MEMbER of AlphA EpsiloN Pi FRATERNiTy, a Former BBYO AdvisOR ANd AN ARdENT supporter of youTh ACTiviTiEs For JEwish childREN ANd TEENS. As For his CANdidAcy, ChERRy SAys Lie is EXCEpTioNAlly weLL ouAlifisd TO SERVE AS A ClARk CoUNTy DisTR'lCT Court JudqE, "As a trIaI attorney, JudqE ANd ARbiTRATOR, I kNOW SoUThERN NEVAdA's judiciAl SySTEM," hE SAid. "I hAVE ThE EXpERiENCE necessary to MAkE Touqh decisioNs, ANd I will bmNq a sense of jusTicE to ThE DisTRicT Court bENch. AFter MORE ThAN 25 YEARS iN ThE lEqAl pRofESsioN, I AM fAMiliAR wiTh aLL ASPECTS of civil ANd CRiMiNAl LAW ANd I hAVE AN EXTENsivE bAckqROUNd AS A trIaL attorney, From smaII cLaIms cases aLL ThE wAy to Ths UNiTEd States Supreme Court." ChERRy, 55, currentLy serves as ClARk County's Hrst SpEciAl Public DEfENdER whERE hE OVERSEES A STAFF of six ATTORNEYS, Lf Alsd Li INC, doZENS of CASES. ChERRy WAS SElECTEd LAST iNd m YEAR TO hEAd up ThE NEwly CREATEd SpEciAl Public DEfENdER's oFRce bASEd on his 28 years of experIence iN NEVAdA Iaw. "In My roIe as SpEciAl Public DEfENdER I cIeaI wiTh CApiTAl ANd NON'CApiTAl MURdER CASES ON EVERydAy bAsis," ChERRy SAid. job is TO PROTECT ThE RiqhTS of EA dsfENdANT REqARdIeSS of RACE, qENdER OR ECONOMic status. As a JudqE I will bRiNq This sense of FaIrness to rhs DisTRicT Court bENch. I bEliEVE ThAT EVERY PERSON is ENTiTUd TO A Fa!r TRiAl." A foRMER PARTNER iN ThE Law fiRMS of MaNOS & ChERRy ANd ChERRy, BAilus ANd KsUsis, ChERRy hAs bEEN liCENSEd TO pRACTiCE iN NEVAdA siNCE 1970. He hAs sERvsd as an aIternate MuNicipAl judqE For ThE CrnES of Las VEqAS ANd HENdERSON AS WeII AS JusTicE of ThE Peace Pro Tem ANd SmaII CLmms ReFeree For ClARk CoUNTy. ChERRy hAS bEEN AN iNSTRUCTOR foR tI|E UNivERSiTy of PhoENix siNCE 1 994 whERE hs TEAchES BusiNESs Law ANd HisTORy. A natwe of St. Louis, ChERRy RECEivEd his UNdERqRAduATE dtqREE From ThE UNivERsiTy of MissouRi ANd his JuRis Doctor From WAshiNqTON UNivERsiTy Law School. He is ThE FartIier of two, MsRyl, ac,e 28, a Hrst qRAdE TEAchER, ANd DAvid, AqE 27, A Deputy Press Secretary to Untti States Senator Harry Reid. Contact: MichAEl ChERRy 870'1602 or 579 5961. s ------------------------------------------------ ?^10\ CONQREQATiON NER TAMid JuNE/July 1998 ?an k== jbUase Note: m c he yAdult (Holiday (Zholt __ will be^in rehearsals ? = ?foot the (Hi$h (Holidays = EE on Thursday, tyuly 9, = Eg ?firom /-(fpni in the Sanctuary. EE ? 3^ you aw interested, EE please contact 7?ella at the - = temple at 733-6292. = <3)0 "you Rave ajamify memBer or friend wRo is RospifafizetC? Rabbi Akse