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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, September 1995



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Copgregatioi? Ner Tarpid Ten u rftip The Reform Jewish Synagogue of Las Vegas September 1995 Elul - Tishrei 5755 - 5756 Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi Bella Feldman Cantorial Soloist Jacqueline Fleekop Education Director Gerald Gordon President Monty E. Willey Administrator Rebecca Herren Editor A Time Of Reflection Officiated by Rabbi Sanford D. Akselrad & Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman September 1 Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Bat Mitzvah of llissa Vogel Oneg sponsored by The Vogel Family September 2 Shabbat Service - 10:00 am B'nai Mitzvah of Laser Gale & Nathaniel Bolotin I (at Treasure Island) September 8 Prospective New Members - 6:30 pm Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Baby naming of Megan Elizabeth Roe Oneg sponsored by Michael & Usa Roe > September 15 Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood September 16 ' Selichot Program - 8:00 pm Selichot Service - 9:00 pm September 22 ? Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm ^ Oneg sponsored ?? ju by Sisterhood September 29 Founders Shabbat - 7:30 pm Oneg sponsored by The Temple Founders L?shana Tovah 5756 A Special Selichot Evening Join Rabbi Akselrad, Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman, our Adult Choir and Hester Katzman-Kremer, a well-known storyteller at many of our special services, to usher in the welcoming new year with a special Selichot Program beginning Saturday evening at 8:00 pm September 16 at Congregation Ner Tamid in the social hall. Hester will tell us a folktale entitled ?The Repentant Rabbi? by Peninnah Schram. This story discusses the importance of repentance, forgiveness and our conduct toward others. Selichot, a Hebrew word meaning ?forgiveness? refers to the special penitential Founders Sabbath September 29 In 1974 a small group of liberal Jews rec?ognized the growing need for a second syn?agogue in southern Nevada. Under the guidance of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, this group met at the West Charleston Baptist Church and elected a Board of Directors to organize and lead this new group of Reform Congregants. Our Founding members would like to invite all our congregants, families and friends to services on Friday evening, Sep?tember 29 and share a special Oneg with them as they express their pride and joy of the expansion of our new facilities. If you?re a Founder of Congregation Ner Tamid (The Reform Jewish Congrega?tion of Las Vegas) and would like to par?ticipate on this night, contact Lill Eisner at 734-6659 or Natalie Shaw at 451-1739. 4* prayers recited by Jews during the Rosh Hashanah season. Many, many years ago, the beginning of the week was chosen as the start of selichot because the Jews, by and large Sabbath observant, were filled with the spirit of the just-ended day of rest and therefore in the proper frame of mind to begin praying for forgiveness. According to tradition, midnight is the hour of Divine goodwill, when the heavens are most open to prayer. On every other day of the week before Rosh Hashanah, Selichot takes place before dawn. The Talmud also calls this a time of favor and compassion when the spirit of G-d hovers over the Earth. Following the program, Rabbi Akselrad and Bella Feldman will hold a discussion with Congregants; then at 9:00 pm they will conduct the Selichot services with our Adult Choir. Mark your calendars and join us for a evening of storytelling and prayers for the beginning of this special new year. 9 rorcn coni features Rabbi's Message.............................2 President's Message........................3 Notes from Our Cantorial Soloist....4 B'nai Mitzvah....................................4 Religious School News......................5 Temple News....................................7 Yahrzeits............................................8 Auxiliaries & Committees.............. 10 Anniversaries & Birthdays.............. 13 Tributes............................................ 14 c/l Special (place. && ^Belong.message from our abbi ^Hanning ^\ficacf Sitting at my desk at the beginning of August, I find it difficult to contemplate the Holydays that will begin at the end of September. It is as if I find myself in two worlds. The present and the future. In a sense, the Holydays inspire that same kind of emotional ambiguity. To be sure the Holydays are a time to reflect upon the past, but that reflection is done in the present. Decisions made are made in the now. Yet, the Holydays also inspire us to look to the future ? to plan ahead if you will in the year to come. Part of the majesty and power of the Holydays is in the acknowledgment that we are not simply prisoners of our past, or relegated to the present. To grow as ' human beings we must have a sense of vision. The future must be for a reality that may yet be. A possibility born not only of our longings, but of our own vo?lition and ability to make good decisions. The High Holydays demand that kind of vision. Tshuvah, repentance, in Hebrew, is what we seek. But repentance is a process that occurs not just in the present, but in the future. For our ability to repent implies how we will act not only today, but tomorrow. Often times we like to remark with a smile, ?the Holydays are early this year.? Or conversely, we say, ?the Holy- days are late this year.? Seemingly they are neither on time nor convenient. The Holydays just seem to sneak up on us. What I suggest this year is the obvious: the Holydays are always on time. It is we who are never quite ready. Too often we fail to look ahead, to think of how we might improve until the challenge is upon us. It is for this reason that traditionally the shofar is blown daily the entire month preceding Rosh Hashanah. For the sound of the shofar reminds us to look ahead and prepare for our repentance. For true repentance requires thoughtful introspec?tion and the test of time. May the New Year be for you and your families a sweet one. <? L 'shana tova! Rabbi Sanford Akselrad M M M M (jflLfl WfHD (ELMO ?fDOTlOH OGOm 14 (j 15 Invite A Friend Join us and share the excitement of our New Sanctuary-in-progress by participa^^ ing in the first annual ?Invite A Frien/^M Shabbat, Friday, September 8 at 6:30 pm. Why? Because we?re not just building a sanctuaiy, we?re building a foundation for worship, responsibility and strong friend?ships for ourselves and our future. How can you participate? It?s easy! Bring a friend who is not currently a Temple member and share the evening with them and the Congregation; not to mention our great Oneg treats. So think about the people you know from school, work or the gym and reach out and ask them. If you can?t think of anyone, bring yourself and make a friend. Those of us committed to the future of Jewish values must begin inviting oth?ers to join us and enjoy the benefits of be?longing to a synagogue community. Rabbi Akselrad and members of the Temple Board will be available before services to give tours, answer questions and warmly welcome you and your guest. 4* We hope to see you there, The Membership Committee SANCTUARY FUND GOAL ? 2.2 millionTemple Board Members Jerry Gordon President Bob Unger VP Administration Allan Nathanson VP Ways & Means Alan Mann Treasurer Debra Kaner Corporate Secretary David Stahl VP Ritual Philip Goldstein VP Education Jacky Rosen VP Membership Stephen Joseph VP Social Nadine Cracraft Trustee David Gross Trustee Lois Doctors Trustee Stacey Yahraus Trustee Janis Rounds Trustee Ron Worth Trustee Drew Levy Trustee Esther Saltzman Trustee Rita Goldstein Trustee Maxine Gratz Sisterhood Scott Dockswell Brotherhood Helen Zliser Golden Chai George Lipshaw Golden Chai Lisa Platt NITY Cal Lewis Past President Eileen Kollins Past President Kenneth Schnitzer Past President Dr. Steve Kollins Past President Dr. David Wasserman Past President Michael Cherry Past President Leo Wilner Advisor Rabbi Sanford Akselrad Ex Officio ESSAGE FROM OUR TEMPLE PRESIDENT # ? As we approach the r w New Year, we have much to be thankful for and to celebrate as a Congregation. The physical results of 3 'A years of sacrifice and effort by each and every one of you will be visible. And while we will (hope?fully) be in our new facilities on Rosh Hashanah and will (definitely) dedicate the facility on October 14 and 15, 1995, the events of the last 3'A years states more about us than simply that as a Congrega?tion we have raised more than $1,900,000.00 cash and commitments (against a goal of $2,200,000.00) and suc?cessfully built a sanctuary and remodeled our existing facility. While over the next six weeks we will be acknowledging scores of individ?ual Congregants for their efforts, we must not lose sight that each and every Congregant has contributed to this project in various ways. When several of us be?gan discussing the future of the Congre?gation more than 3 A years ago a few appropriately raised the concern that ei?ther the Congregation as a whole or in?dividual Congregants would not support such a massive project and would resign their membership when confronted with both the fiscal burden and inconvenience associated with the undertaking. Obvious?ly, less costly and accessible options ex?ist in our Jewish community. Alternative services are abundant and those who sim?ply desire the services of a Rabbi during life cycle events can be easily accommo?dated. This has never been the mission of our Congregation in providing Reform Judaism to our Jewish communi?ty. However, the campaign that we were contemplating would truly test the Con?gregation?s mettle. As predicted, we did incur an ap?proximate 10% loss of membership for reasons directly related to the project. However, 90% of the membership re?mained and many new families have joined us raising our total membership. We have thrived during this time. As we attend services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and partici?pate in the dedication ceremony in Oc?tober, it is appropriate to marvel at and take pride in our physical accomplish?ment. This we can see, feel, hear and touch. However, what is far more impor?tant is that our new facility and what we have accomplished is a reaffirmation of our Beliefs and a recommitment to the future of our Faith; something which is not so commonplace in these times. $ Jerry Gordon Sanctuary Dedication Souvenir Book To commemorate the dedication of our new sanctuary, the Bet Tefillah, additional classrooms and office facil?ities, Congregation Ner Tamid is creating and publish?ing a Dedication Commemorative Book. This bound book will be a permanent reminder of this memorable event to take place in October. The book will contain a history of the Temple, photos from past to present and much more. It will be distributed among all Congregants and the community. Please be a part of this important book by buying a congratulatory greeting or message to our Congregation. A First Page $2,000 Last Page 1,500 Full Page 1,000 Half Page 600 Quarter Page 350 Business Card 150 One Line Message 75 If you know of any businesses that would be interested in advertising in our book, contact the Temple office at 733-6292 See flyer in this month?s Bulletin & August 1995 Congregation Ner Tamid This month I thought I would talk a lit?tle about the music for our High Holyday Sen ices; its roots and what goes into pre?paring for these Holy Days. You hear the finished product at services, but what about the background of the music? A large part of what I study with Cantor Sharlin in Los Angeles is called ?nusach.? Nusach is a term for a partic?ular musical mode or melody. Each and every service in Judaism has it?s own par?ticular musical theme or nusach ie: week?day sendees, Shabbat evening, Shabbat morning, festival and High Holydays. This means that most every prayer chant?ed during each of these services has a dif?ferent melody depending on the holiday. However, the only time you would prob?ably hear an entire sendee chanted with nusach would be at an Orthodox Syna?gogue. Even so, I believe a Cantor from any movement should know the nusach for each and every' prayer and holiday to truly understand the roots of our musical heritage. I try to bring a variety of different styles of music to our Congregation. You?ll hear some nusach, some of the melodies the Rabbi or myself grew up with and also some of the more contem?porary compositions at most of our ser?vices. Over the years, our music has developed as my knowledge has devel?oped. For instance, this year you will hear a traditional High Holyday melody for the Chatzi Kaddish. You will probably rec?ognize this melody as several other prayers are chanted very similarly due to the nusach of the High Holydays. 1 am also experimenting with the use of quar?tets and octets during the High Holyday Services. To add a little variety I?ve school on Sunday, September 10 in the social hall. Junior Choir is open to students in grades 3-7. Rehearsals and performance schedules will be reviewed at this meeting. A given new solos to showcase some of the singers who have been singing in our choir for the past few years. Our Adult Choir has been working since July to pre?pare for the High Holyday Services and I hope you will take the time to let them know that they are appreciated. I also welcome any feedback on the musical choices I have made and hope you enjoy and are moved by this music. I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year! $ Bella yv^azef q)ov (Tjb Our ^Vgust fj3 gtuefents q Hi, my name is Ilissa Vogel. I am an 8th grade student at Grccnspun Jr. High. I have many hobbies including playing piano, reading, drama and sports. I especially like football, and I am excited that the professional football season is about to start! I am looking forward to sharing my Bat Mitzvah with my family and friends and have many relatives coming from Michigan to help celebrate this special event. Congregation N erTam id Hi, my name is Laser Gale. I?m going to become a Bar Mitzvah on September 2 at the Treasure Island Hotel. I like to skateboard and play the guitar. I attend the Meadows Middle School where I participate in football and baseball. I?m happy that my out-of-town relatives and friends are coming to celebrate with me and that my family and friends who live here will also be part of my experience. It?s an extra special ceremony because I am sharing the Bimah and my faith with my stepbrother Nathaniel Bolotin. ? My name is Nathaniel Bolotin. I?m a student at The Meadows School and I will be entering the 7th grade in the fall. In my spare time, I like skateboarding, listening to music and playing my 3-D 0 games. I play the base clarinet in my school band. At home I enjoy playing the piano. I will be called to the Torah as a B?nai Mitzvah with my stepbrother Laser Gale on Saturday, September 2. I?m looking forward to sharing this celebration with my relatives and friends: many of whom are coming from other parts of the country to join me in tfl special time in my life. ^ ------------------------------------- August 1995 (r M B. Dalitz Religious School Fees 1995-1996 GRADE TUITION MATERIALS / SNACK / BOOKS TOTAL K $135 $44 $179 1 135 44 179 2 135 49 184 3 135 49 184 4 175 85 260 5 175 85 260 6 175 75 250 7 175 75 250 School Hours Grades K-3 9:15-12:15 Sunday Grades 4-7 9:15-12:15 Sunday / 4:30-6:30 Thursday 1st Sunday-Sentcmber 10 1st Thursdav-Sentembcr 14 Just a reminder: to register students for religious school, 1995-1996 Conversion Class Rabbi Akselrad will offer his 1995-1996 conversion class every Tuesday evening beginning September 5 from 6:00 - 7:00 pm. The cost for the class is $100 plus books. This year?s conversion class will offer something a little different ? HEBREW!! Eileen Kollins, a past president of Congregation Ner Tamid?s Board of Directors and currently chairperson of our Social Action Committee, will share in the teaching of this class by offering a Hebrew course, every other Tuesday. Rabbi Sanford Akselrad will teach the class Judaism the other Tuesday evenings. Bella Feldman, CNT?s Cantorial soloist, will also provide music for the Holydays, on occasion. If you are interested in signing up for the conversion class ||r have further questions, contact Judy at the Temple office, * 3-6292. $ m *1 a Zioue by Jackie Fleekop I have had a wonderful summer that has amazed me. First, my daugh?ter Sandee returned from Israel where she attended the University of Tel Aviv for six months. My sons Ronald and Joel left for Europe three weeks later where they will be spending one week in Poland and five weeks in Israel. Wow! When I was a kid, I was happy to just be able to go to camp when we could afford it; which wasn?t too often because we did not have a Campership Fund from the Temple my family and I attended to help with the cost. Thank G-d David and I have the abil?ity to help our children with these expenses, but we would have found a way somehow to send them ? all the lessons in the world do not give your child a sense of belonging and pride, as a trip to Israel. David, Eric (my youngest), and I spent a few weeks this sum?mer in Washington state where I saw more water, trees, and freeway than I have seen in my ? years. What a beautiful world we live in and need to protect. And Eric (who is eleven) has finally grown tall?er than his mom which was expected since I am so short. After returning home from Washington, I had enough time to change clothes and repack before I jetted off to Massachusetts for a CAJE conference (Coalition for Alternatives in Jewish Education) and studied with 2,200 people and some of the greatest minds in the Jewish world. I have listened, shared and learned. I am in awe of the respect of my colleagues and how much I have yet to leam. I returned to find the progress at CNT moving at a wonderful pace and again I am in awe. Life passes too quickly; always chang?ing and we miss the real beauty of it all. The most important things we need to see and do, we do too late. The beautiful things we miss because we?re worried too much about tomorrow to enjoy today. We realize the things we should have done but didn?t and cannot change when they are unchangeable. The High Holydays are sometimes referred to as the ?Days of Awe?. We examine our lives and reevaluate our physical and spiri?tual direction. Life is full of awe. I have tried to be a good person and director for myself, my family and Ner Tamid. I am also aware that I need to encourage the hunger for more education in your chil?dren, not just to educate them. It is the ?how? that will effect their attitude towards their Jewishness in the future. We at the M.B. Dalitz School will offer to your child a good year. I wish all of you a Good Year! A Shalom, Jackie Fleekop Hebrew High Fall Schedule Las Vegas Hebrew High classes for 1995 - 96 are scheduled for grades 8-12 and meet Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Jewish Federation Building located at 3909 S. Maryland Parkway. There are a limited number of places still available for registration. Classes are opened to all Jewish teenagers regardless of religious education background. For information contact Cheryl Weisberg, Director of Hebrew High, at 732-0556. A August 1995 Congregation Ner Tamid Annual Havurah Pot Luck Get Together Join us for our Third Annual All-Havurah Pot Luck Get Together on October 8 at 6:30 pm in the social hall at Congregation Ner Tamid. This fun filled evening is for those who are in established havurahs, those interested in changing from their present havurah and those interested in joining a havurah for the first time; as new havurahs will be forming that night. A havurah is a group of couples, families or individuals who commit to meeting on a regular basis. It?s a terrific way to become acquainted with other congregants socially and to support and participate in Temple functions. Havurahs are open to Temple members only. If you had previously submitted an application but had not been placed in a havurah, please submit a new application with updated information Havurah applications are available in the Temple office. An R.S.V.P. is needed to properly set up for the evening and everyone participating will also be asked to bring a dish to share for the Pot Luck Dinner. Each established havurah should have a representative call to let me know how many will be attending from that group. To R.S.V.P. call Rona Mendelson at 458-1536. 0 S anctuary C onstruction STORE DENOMINATION R enovation Albertsons ?5s GlOs D20s Smiths ?5s QlOs Q20s Vons ? 5s QlOs Q20S Total amount sent $ 1 n P rogress TOTAL The Easiest Way To Support Our Temple ? Is To BUY SCRIP! If you wish to receive SCRIP through the mail, enclose your check along with this convenient order form and mail to: Congregation Ner Tamid, 2761 Emerson Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89121 Name Address Citv Zip Phone (day) (evening) Date Ordered Date Needed Amount sent Signature A Congregation Ner Tamid August 1995 Advanced Hebrew Melissa Glovinsky will teach an Ad?vanced Hebrew class beginning Novem?ber 15. The 6-week course will be held on Wednesday evenings, November 15 through December 20 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm in Room 1. Melissa will teach di?rectly from the Gates of Praver which is our Sabbath service prayer book. If you already own one of these blue prayer books, bring it to class or you can pur?chase one for $21.40 or you can use one of the books in the classroom, it?s your option. Along with the Advanced Hebrew you will also get a course in writing He?brew in script form. The cost of the class is $30 for members and $40 dollars for non-members. To sign up for the class, contact the Temple office at 733-6292 or mail us your check to reserve a place. $ Adult B?nai Mitzvah-1996 ^CThe fifth Adult B?nai Mitzvah class will ^Pilso be starting up again on Thursday evenings, November 2 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. The class is limited to 10 stu?dents and requests you have some form of Hebrew as a prerequisite. Call the Tem?ple office for more information. ? August 1995 Dedication Ceremony Mark you calendars for October 14-15 for Congregation Ner Tamid?s Dedication Ceremonies. Check your mail and watch for the October Bulletin. $ 6 Months of 2nd Sundays Beginning in October, the Adult Education Committee will have a series of education programs that adults may attend while their children are in religious school. The programs will be held on the second Sunday of each month from October through April. Anyone who has suggestions on classes to be offered through the Temple, call Katherine Scott, AEC chair at 564-0903 or leave a message on the CNT Event Hotline at 263-5960. A Gates of Repentance The High Holydays will soon be upon us. Temple members are encouraged to pur?chase the fatei 0/ Prayer Books for the services. The price of a prayer book is $21.40 (tax included). Please stop by the Temple office to order your High Holyday Prayer Book or call the office at 733-6292. $ \ The BtOQP Sank Needs Vou Come visit the Blood Bonk at our Annual CNT Chanukkah Bazaar in November _________________________________/ -----------------------0------------------ Deaf Services Interpretive Services for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired will be available dur?ing the High Holydays. Beginning with Erev Rosh Hashanah, September 24 at 7:30 pm and again for Yom Kippur on October 3 at 7:30 pm. Sharon Katzman will be interpreting. For ticket informa?tion, call Irene at 733-6292. ? Torah Discussion Group Rabbi?s Torah Study Discussion Group will resume on Tuesday, October 10, 1995. The class meets in Rabbi?s study every other Tuesday from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm. $ Tot- S^TVibbqf' ?0 marks the spot on your calendar for October 13. Our first Tot Shabbat of the new year in the NEW Bet Tefillah. Congregation Ner Tamid Jennie Cavadlo Gabriel Stein Milton Friedman Barbara Ankenbauer Seymour Edlis Samuel Kleinman Caleb Rakov Abraham Gellin Stanley Kline David Glickman UfUn-U* IS Simon Prezant Phyllis Grossman Viola Schultz Rose Bader Helene Michelle Gorbena Morris ?Mike? Michelson Miriam Siegel Oscar Orzen Sadie Fox Hildegard Walrauch Frank Akselrad Mildred Wilner Jean Schnitzer Solomon Figelski Nathan Barg 22 Lawrence Sasso Janet Abrams Jack Kalesh David Podolin Charlotte Ziarko Sara Weissman Lawrence Lewin Sam Zimmerman Shirley Fisher Sam Klein UfU**U* 2^ Annie Cohn Solomon Adler Barnett Bader Harry Diwald Anna Schnoll Ben Weinberg Irwin Feldman Rose Levich Sarah May Harry Zabinofsky Morris Lipshaw Pepie Molasky Martin Kishnt^ Herman Sternbe^^ /f1 1^0 &AAJL 6- Rabbi Akselrad would like to help you and your family by visiting Temple members and friends of our congregation who have been hospitalized. Since there is no notification from the hospitals, please contact Judy in the Temple office at 733-6292 when a family member or friend is in the hospital. Congregation N e rTa m id College Students with Email Addresses We love staying in touch with you... and we?re about to do so more than ever. Rabbi Sanford Akselrad has recently gone ?on-line? over the internet and would love to hear from you. Need some help researching a Jew?ish topic? Been asked a question about Judaism you can?t answer? Have a per?sonal issue you?d like to discuss? Or just miss us and want to say hello? Then send us your ?email? address. Complete the form below and return it as soon as you can. In no time at all, Jewish bits and bytes will appear on your computer screen. (Parents and Grandpar?ents: if you can help us gather this information, we'd really appreciate it.) P Fill in & mail to: Rabbi Akselrad, Congregation Ner Tamid, 2761 Emerson Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89121 or E-mail. Name College City/State/Zip EMAIL August 1995 Yiskor Memorial Book As in the years past, we will remember our beloved deceased with a special Memorial Booklet to be distributed on Yom Kippur. At the same time, we will be supporting the religious, educational and cultural programs of Con?gregation Ner Tamid. Please print each name as you wish it to appear in the Booklet and return to us before September 20, 1995. Line basis......................$ 5.00 per name 1/8 page........................$ 25.00 three name maximum 1/4 page........................$ 40.00 six name maximum 1/2 page........................$ 60.00 inscription of your choice Full page........................$ 110.00 inscription of your choice Print inscription as desired for half or full page. Make checks payable and mail to: Yiskor Memorial Book Congregation Ner Tamid 2761 Emerson Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89121 From:_________ Amount enclosed:AUXILIARIES & /Social fiction committee Outreach After a long hot summer, the Outreach Committee will start the new year off with the ?High Holyday Experience? on Sunday, September 10, 10:30 am at Con?gregation Ner Tamid. The event is in con?junction with our M.B. Dalitz Religious School. (See our flyer in this month s Bul?letin). Outreach is a support group for peo?ple who are involved in an inter-faith marriage, who are interested in convert?ing to Judaism or who have recently con?verted to Judaism. Our desire is to help integrate ?Jews By Choice ? and inter?married couples more fully into congre?gational life. Those interested in these programs and finding more out about our Outreach Program, contact Christi Ober, Outreach Chair at 363-8509. $ ????????????? ? Jewish Singles Network Haven?t been to an event in a while? Look what?s hap?pening with JSN: Monday, September 4, 10:00 am Labor Day Picnic Location: Floyd Lamb State Park Contact: Joel 658-0586 Sunday, September 10, 11:00 am Bagel Brunch Location: Las Bagels JSN Hotline, 897-7990, for further information on upcoming events. The Social Action Committee has a full schedule of activities planned for the new year. We will begin by handing each con?gregational family a ?mitzvah grocery bag,? at Erev Rosh Hashanah services. These should be taken home and returned during the High Holyday period filled with nonperishable food for the needy. As in prior years, our committee will direct a study/discussion session between Yom Kippur morning and afternoon ser?vices for those who prefer not to leave the Temple. We will be sending cards and/or packages to our 18-22 year old children who are out of town (three times a year) If you?re in need of a ride to Temple for Shabbat services, High Holyday services or special functions at Congregation Ner at the High Holydays, at Chanukkah and at Passover. Please turn in names and ad?dresses in writing to the Temple office by September 15. Also include e-mail ad?dresses so Rabbi Akselrad can keep in touch via his computer. Throughout the year we will sponsor two blood drives, have our second annu?al congregation-wide Mitzvah Day, bring in a speaker and a variety of other activ?ities. If you have an interest in joining this committee, please call the Temple of?fice to leave your name and phone num?ber. We meet once a month. ? Eileen Kollins Tamid, our Brotherhood has a Ride Pro?gram. Call Scott Dockswell, Brotherhood President at 897-7888. ? Bulletin Editor?s Wish List We need a high resolution printer that is of a minimum of 600 - 1200 dpi to help give the clipart and photos the look of quality to them. If anyone can help with a donation of this type of laser printer, contact Rebecca at the Temple office at 733-6292. & I would like to say ?thank you? to Gil Shaw for his donation to our Jewish Clipart Library ? thanks Gil. $ Todah Rabah, Rebecca Herren, Editor 4 __________________9 Need A Ride? Congregation Ner Tamid August 1995 man warn Upon listening to my new favorite song, ?The Circle of Life? from the movie THE LION KING, it was very easy for me to equate the song with our new year. Lis- ( \ Sisterhood Tributes To Debbie Harris Condolences on your loss Sisterhood To Roger & Sandy Ewan Mazel lov on Scott s Bar Mitzvah Shirley Kravitz To Dana Pretner Mazel tov to our wonderful daughter Dana on her 21st birthday Mom & Dad To Helen Mendelson Thinking of you as your recovering Don & Lilt Eisner To Mary Zone Congratulations on your conversion Don & Lill Eisner V_____________________J Golden For the past two months, Golden Chai?s usual rou?tine has given way to the Temple?s con?struction schedule. Regarding all of this, we can only be happy as we watch our Temple grow more beautiful. Our future meetings will be even more pleasant in the new environment. Our Program Chair, Estelle Miller, has some excellent programs lined up for the rest of the year ? don?t miss them! Are your dues paid? If so, you will have a FREE LUNCH on September 7 and December 7. Also, if your dues are The Circle Of Life tening to this song has reminded me of what trials, tribulations and changes my family and friends have been through over the past year. Last year at this time, I was grieving the loss of three very im?portant ladies; Sophie Pisetsky, my moth?er-in-law and my mom. I also started to experience the ?empty nest syndrome.? A year ago, two of my friends moved away from Las Vegas to Atlanta, Georgia and to Florida. What a difference a year makes. I still miss my friends who have moved; I think about Sophie, my moth?er-in-law and my mom every day, but I am not grieving any longer. It?s more of remembering them and the good times we had during my time with them. And knowing Andrew is doing fine and I can live happy and content with him being in Washington, D.C. These life cycle experiences don?t ease without guidance. Stephanie Finkel- stein and Bobbie Bernay were helpful with the empty nest. I remember coming to a Sisterhood meeting and being de?pressed; Natalie Shaw, Janis Rounds and Phyllis Lewis were there to listen. That?s how friends become family; that?s how Chai Update paid in October, you will be eligible for the December 7 lunch. Non-members will pay $3 for these special lunches. We wish to express our thanks to the Temple Administrator, Monty Willey, for his help during the summer months. He has kept us going very comfortably de?spite the turmoil. Finally, Golden Chai Board members want to wish you all a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year. A Love & shalom, Helen Zliser & George Lipshaw SISTERHOOD belonging to this Temple helps a person without a family be?come part of one. My Sisterhood is an impor?tant part of my life and Temple life ? if there were no Temple, there wouldn?t be a Sisterhood; and if there were no Sisterhood to help the Temple, then who?s to say where we would be now. The point is, that if we work togeth?er like a family, there would not be a di?visio