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Preliminary report, Regional hydrology of a part of Southern Nevada: a reconnaissance, July 1963






A geological survey of Southern Nevada hydrology which was prepared on behalf of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Report TEI-833

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TEI-833 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR GEOLOGICAL SURVEY REGIONAL HYDROLOGY OF A PART OF SOUTHERN NEVADA: A RECONNAISSANCE* By Thomas E. Eakin, Stuart L. Schoff, and Philip Cohen July 1963 Report TEI-833 This report is preliminary and has not been edited for conformity with Geological Survey format. *Prepared on behalf of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Washington 25, D. C. July 17, 1963 Mr. James E. Reeves, Manager Nevada Operations Office U.S. Atomic Energy Commission Post Office Box 1676 Las Vegas, Nevada Dear Mr. Reeves: Transmitted herewith are two copies of TEI-833, "Regional Hydrology of a Part of Southern Nevada: A Reconnaissance," by T. E. Eakin, S. L. Schoff, and Philip Cohen, 1963. We plan to release this report to the public in the open files. Sincerely yours, V. R. Wilmarth Assistant Chief Geologist for Engineering Geology USGS ? TEI-833 Distribution - AEC No. of copies Nevada Operations Office (J.E. Reeves) ---------------------------2 Nevada Operations Office (Technical Library) =?- ? --??- ? - 4 Director of Military Application, Washington -----------------1 Division of Military Application, Washington ????? ? ? 2 San Francisco Operations Office (J. F. Philip) -------------- 1 Division of Peaceful Nuclear Explosion (R. Hamburger) ------ 1 Division of Research, Washington (D. R. Miller) ------------------1 Division of Technical Information Extension ----------------?? 1 Engineer Research and Development Lab., Ft. Belvoir, Va. (Chief, Special Projects Branch) ----------------------- Health Physics Div., Oak Ridge Natl. Lab. (F. L. Parker) ----- Lawrence Radiation Lab., Livermore (R. E. Batzel) ------------- Lawrence Radiation Lab., Livermore (D. E. Rawson/N. M. Short)- Lawrence Radiation Lab., Livermore (A. V. Shelton) ----------- Lawrence Radiation Lab., Mercury ( W. D. Richards) ---------- Lawrence Radiation Lab., Mercury (D. T. Schueler/N. M. Fillip) Lawrence Radiation Lab., Mercury (J. L. Olsen) -------------- Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (J. H. Hall) --------------__ Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (R. W. Newman) -------------- Sandia Corp., Albuquerque, (D. B. Shuster) ------------------ Stanford Research Institute, Menlo Park (R. B. Hoy) ---------- Roland F. Beers, Inc. ? --- ? ? ??---?-?- ? ? ---?-- ? ---? 1 Hazleton-Nuclear Science Corp. ------------------------------- - Headquarters, USAF/AFTAC, Washington (Wayne Helterbran) ------ U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, Mercury ---------------------- Fenix & Scisson, Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada -------------------- U.S. Geological Survey ------------------------?----------____ 106