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Letter from William Reinhardt (Los Angeles) to G. F. Ashby, September 8, 1948







The water company had been requested to extend a pipeline to a new subdivision outside of the Las Vegas city limits for fire protection, but Reinhardt recommended not setting a dangerous precedent.

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Box 13 Folder W23-1-C Water Conservation - Supply from Lake Mead


hln000913. Union Pacific Railroad Collection, 1828-1995. MS-00397. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Los Angeles, September 8, 1948. Mr. G. F. Ashby: (cc- Mr. A. M. Folger, LAS Vegas) Extending over a long period of time, applications have been re-ceived by Mr. Folger for extensions to the LVL&W water system to supply water for lends lying outside of the Las Vegas city limits. These requests were consistently turned down by Mr. Strong for the reason that (1) there was a hazard in the Water Company assuming the obligation of supplying water to all applicants who might be coming along, outside of the city limits, and (2) there was not enough water available to the Water Company to supply extensions and it was very questionable whether enough additional water could be developed from the Company's presently available water-bearing lands. Just recently Mr. Folger received an application from Mayor Cragin of Las Vegas requesting that the Water Company agree to allow a pipe line, which was to be constructed from the city limits to El Rancho Tillage, to be connected to the Water Company's lines, with the understanding that the use of water from this line would be limited to emergency fire service. grounds that if the line is constructed and the connection once made, there would be the constant hazard, either from court action or possibly an order from the Corporation Commission, of our being forced to supply water for general use in that territory, and having ones broken down our precedent of not going beyond the city limits, it is difficult to say how far the obliga-tion might be extended. In order that our legal position in this regard would be clearly established, I requested Mr. Bennett to make a study of the matter me a memorandum covering it, copy of which I attach. You will mote that Mr. - 2 - Bennett recommends that we da not allow this fire connection to be made, end also that we do not provide "facilities or furnish services "outside of the city limits, with which recommendation I agree. matter of policy no connections for supplying water to areas outside of the city limits shall be made under any condition. You will also note in Mr. Bennett's memorandum that the Board of County Commissioners have now approved the formation of Water District, and that tentative date for an election covering the formation of this District has been set for October 1948. The proposed District will include the El Rancho Village area which Mr. Cragin plans to supply with fire protection. As we have only one copy of this Water District petition and map available here, I am requesting Mr. Folger to obtain additional copies and forward one to you. Wm. R . A.M.F. Please note last paragraph and forward me copy of your letter transmitting copies of petition and map to Mr. Ashby. Wm. R.