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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, May 2002



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Congregation? Ner Tarpid tdti u rftip The Reform Jewish Congregation of Las Vegas ...A Special Place to Belong May 2002- Vol. XVINo. 8 Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi Jennifer C. Weiner Assistant Rabbi Bella Feldman Cantorial Soloist Stewart Blumenfeld President Come express your appreciation to the Shabbatones for the last service until the Fall Friday May 10th 7:30 PM 19 Iyar - 20 Sivan 5762 Irv Duchowny Jacqueline Fleekop Lois Bergman Andrea Brunner Executive Director Education Director Preschool Director Bulletin Editor The Adult B?nai Mitzvah Class of 2002 Cordially invites you to join us As we are called to The Torah It's time for Cinco de Mayo. No, wait... That's Cinco de Ma-OY! % Welcome to Fiesta de Ner Tamid! A spring event for all our temple members Saturday, June 1, 2002 21 Sivan 5762 10:00 am Please join us following services for a Kiddush Fernande Chenin Linda Wikler Food - Fun - Games & Contests for All Ages Sunday, May 5 Mission Hills Park in Henderson (Take Us95 to College Dr. and turn right) Noon to 5pm Adults -$15/ Children under 12 - $5 RSVP to the Temple at 733-6292 Sponsored by Membership Retention Committee, Sisterhood, and Men's Club Kyle Hirsch MdZELTOV! CNT PURCHASES LAND! CNT has entered escrow to purchase 10 acres of land for its new home. Please be sure to see President Stewart Blu- menfeld's column on page 3 for details. In This Issue... Worship Services 2 Rabbi's Message 2 Message from our President 3 Executive Director Message 4 Religious School/Preschool 5-6 Auxiliaries 7-8 May Bat Mitzvah 8 Birthdays & Anniversaries 18 Tributes 19-20 In Memoriam 21 Yahrzeits 21 (the Bulletin is published monthly) Si Special Solace Tp ?BeCongRabbi's Mbssace S) Worship Services Conducted by Rabbi Sanford Akselrad, Rabbi Jennifer Weiner, & Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman May 3 Tot Shabbat 6:30 PM Shabbat Service 7:30 PM Oneg sponsored by Shama Blumenfeld in honor of Stewart?s 70"? Birthday May 4 Bible Study 9:00 AM Minyan and Torah Study 10:00 AM May 10 Family Service with Shabbatones -7:30 PM Oneg sponsored by The Men?s Club May 11 Bible Study 9:00 AM Minyan and Torah Study 10:00 AM Rosh Chodesh 7:00 PM May 16 Consecration Service - 7:30 PM May 17 Shavuot Services 10:00 AM Confirmation with Adult Choir 7:30 PM Oneg sponsored by Confirmation Class of2002 May 18 Bible Study 9:00 AM Yiskor 10:00 AM Shavuot Program 11:00 AM May 24 Shabbat Services - Briney Lindermuth Bat Mitzvah 7:30 PM Oneg sponsored by Airnee Alterwitz May 25 Bible Study 9:00 AM Minyan and Torah Study 10:00 AM May 31 Shabbat Services - Invite A Friend 7:30 PM Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood e5 "What's in a Name? The Israeli poet Zelda wrote a poem titled, ?Each Man Has A Name.? The poem describes the different names that one accumulates during one?s lifetime. It states that a per?son is given a name by one?s par?ents and by one?s friends, by the circumstances of one?s life, by one?s death, and by the experiences of one?s life. This poem is so power?ful that it was chosen to be embroi?dered on the center piece of the Israeli squares contributed to the AIDS Quilt. Thus, we are taught of the importance of an individual?s name. Tradition also teaches us that we should protect our reputations so that our name is one that is hon?ored. There is a Midrash, a story that fills in left out details of Torah, that teaches us that when Zusia died, he went before God and apol?ogized for not being more like Moses. God replied to Zusia that it was not Zusia?a task to be like Moses but to be the best Zusia that he could have been. In other words, Zusia was supposed to have lived up to his name and his potential, not to Moses? name and potential. We, too, have names that are im?portant. My Yiddish name is Rab?bi Sheindel Ciel bat Yitzhak v?Joan. It carries within it the heritage of my family. Sheindel Ciel is after my Great-Grandma Jenny and the sec?ond part of my name incorporates my parents? name. In this manner, I have been written into the history and future of my family and the Jewish com?munity through my name. In just a few weeks, we will be adding the names of others to the ranks of our congregation and our community. As we call to the bimah our Consecration and Confirmation students, we will add their names to the names of our con?gregation. Consecration and Confir?mation are both beautiful and awe inspiring services. Consecration marks the end of the first year of study for students. There is no more wonderful means of recognizing their achieveme^ then to call them to the bimah to taf^P their place among the myriad of gener?ations of Jews who came before them. And then the next evening on Shavuot, the holiday that celebrates the giving of the Torah to the Children of Israel, we rejoice with our Confirmation students as they reaffirm the responsibility of the commandments of the Torah. Both services will prove to be life altering for the participants and our congrega?tion for through these services, the fu?ture of Judaism and all the future names of our community will be before us. I encourage you to join us on these two very special occasions and on the holiday of Shavuot where we increase the names found in our Torah. Hag Samach! Happy Shavuot! JiaBbi Jennifer Weiner Congregation N e r Tam id May 2002 Scott Stolberg Richard Granich Ira Spector Hilary Torchin Mindy Wadkins Scott Dockswell Ira Miller Leon Marco Lynn Sasso Esther Saltzman Jacky Rosen Robb Worth Beth Bromberg Cookie Olshein Esq. Cecilia Schafler Gina Polovina Esq. Doug Unger Esq. Ruth Urban Michael Milano Samantha Saltzman Sandy Pittle Drew Levy Bob Unger Esq. Jerry Gordon Esq. Cal Lewis Eileen Kollins Kenneth Schnitzer Dr. David Wasserman Dr. Steve Kollins Uon. Michael Cherry ^ Bernard Farrow Sugene Kirshbaum* David Goldwater* Rabbi Sanford Akselrad Rabbi Jennifer Weiner VP Administration VP Membership VP Religious Activities VP Education & Youth VP Member Activities VP Social Action VP Ways & Means Treasurer Secretary Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Sisterhood Brotherhood NTTY Golden Chai PastPresident Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Ex Officio Ex Officio {May Torah Study Dates Tuesdays u>itft {Rabbi Mfsdrad 12pm-lpm/ ?Board ?Room iMay 14th bast one untif after summer Saturdays with ?Rabbi Weiner Study & tMinyan 9am/Library ?Every Saturday //// ESSAGE FROM OUR TEMPLE PRESIDENT "This land is your land, this land is my land" By the time you read this, you almost certainly will know that Congregation Ner Tamid has gone into escrow on the land that will be the site of its new home. With this action, we have taken a major step toward the imple?mentation of the long-range plan that the Board adopted more than a year ago. Some have asked why so little has been heard recently about our capital campaign. Has it fad?ed away, they asked? Has it failed? As it happens, nothing is further from the truth. The campaign, in fact, now has com?pleted its first three phases. In the first phase, we carried out a survey to see if most of our members concurred in the con?clusion of the long-range plan that the future of this congre?gation is too big to be housed at our Emerson location. The an?swer to the survey was yes, but that we should look more close?ly to see if enough money could be raised to make moving prac?tical. The second phase was to test, in a tangible way, whether or not the temple's leadership would support a move by pledg?ing a significant proportion of the money needed to do this. I am pleased to say that, as of right now, every member of the Capital Campaign Committee and every member of the Board of Trustees has made a significant pledge to the campaign. In ad?dition, a number of other mem?bers of the congregation also have made major pledges to the campaign. With these pledges in hand, the Capital Campaign Committee felt that it could take the next step in the pro?cess of building our future, that of acquiring the land. In December, the Board of Trustees authorized the Com?mittee to make an offer on a suitable parcel of land within a general area that it deemed both reasonably convenient to the largest possible segment of our present membership and sit?uated so as to attract new fam?ilies in one of Las Vegas' major growth areas. After examining the pros and cons of a number of parcels, the Committee set?tled on one, brought it to the Board for a final approval, and then made our offer. Our of?fer has been accepted, and so now we know exactly where we'll be. In his recent letter to us all, Capital Campaign Chairman Scott Stolberg described the location, right off the 1-215 Beltway at West Sunset. I've been out there several times now, and each time I get more excited. We'll have a beautiful view of the mountains and the area around us, which is just starting to be developed, is pri- continues on page 10 A S p e May 2002 cial Place To Belong A Romantic Evening fioujinc) A at Lake Mead Magnificent Jewelry from Congregation Ner Tamid Sante Fe artist, Mitzi Lynn Men's Club says... Don't Miss Thursday, May 2, 5PM to 8PM Friday, May 3,10 AM to 2 PM The Boat!!! Perfect for Mother's Day, confirmation and gradua?tion gifts and to accessorize your wardrobe. Please bring your friends! Reserve your spot for a special Lake Mead Cruise You will enjoy speaking to this talented artist and hearing how she creates these unique creations Saturday evening, May 11th. and wearable art. We'll cruise for three hours of fun, Sponsored by food, music and beautiful scenery. Sisterhood of Congregation Ner Tamid All this for only $50 per person. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Sisterhood. Please RSVP (702) 733-6292 For more information contact Ruth Urban 768-8529 1 A Messaqe From T^e Executive Director As you read this, I?ve been in my new position as your Executive Director for two months, and it?s been exciting, challenging and very ful?filling. I certainly couldn?t have come this far without the guidance, support and nurturing of a wonderful staff, start?ing with, first and foremost, Leon Mar?co, our Interim Executive Director. Leon?s been showing me the ropes so that I can get up and running as quick?ly as possible, and I want to extend my grateful thanks to him for all of his continuing help. I also want to ac?knowledge the terrific help of those in the office who make all this possible, including Karen, Mary, Roberta, Mar?cia and Michelle, our custodial staff, and of course, Jackie Fleekop, Lois Bergman and Jacky Rosen. I feel blessed with warm and caring Rabbis, a Cantorial Soloist who is gift?ed with a beautiful voice and spirit, excellent Directors of our Religious and pre-schools, a Temple Board that is progressive and open-minded, a Tem?ple President who gifted with long- range vision and the skills of a seasoned diplomat, and, most impor?tantly, a warm, wonderful congrega?tion that has taken me in as one of their family. My transition (both physically and men?tally) from Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley to Las Vegas in my new ?valley? has been both swift and rewarding. From the intricacies of our building, and maintaining just the right temperature for our Friday Night Ser?vices as well as keeping the sound just right for Shabbas services, to the chal?lenges of starting up a new life in a new city and meeting so many new people all at once, I am truly blessed. I look forward to greeting you on Fri?day nights at our Services, and if I haven?t met you yet, please feel free to come up to me and introduce your?self - I do want to meet each and every one of our wonderful family of congregants that make CNT truly ?A Special Place to Belong?, and my new home. Looking forward to seeing you, and, to be continued... In) check out Congregation N e r Tam id May 2002 Religious School News [il?] CNT PROUDLY ANNOUNCES THE CONFIRMATION CLASS OF 2002 I Dana Benedict Kelly Chenin Jonathan Cohen Sharona Dagani Rachael Rowland Sarah Lieberman Kayleigh Lindermuth Brian Oslinker Jennifer Rapoport Zachary Rudolph Jessica Simon Aaron Spector Danny Unger Evan Walsh Bryan Watman Danny Weinstein Jennifer Zuckerman YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO JOIN THEM ON ^ FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2002 AT 7:30 P.M. May 2002 A few years ago at our Sisterhood Chanukah Bazaar I bought a trivet from ?The Rabbi?s Wife?. The trivet read, with each new marriage and with each new birth the circle of life grows. In the past few years this quote has definitely proven true. My daugh?ter Sandee married Steven Levine (Rabbi A?s secretary Karen and Marvin Levine?s son) and our granddaughter is now a month away from her first birthday. This month my son Joel will marry Andrea Kamenetsky in New Jersey. As the circle grows in a childrens game, as new people join in to share the fun, so too is my family growing larger. The school year 2001-2002 is almost complete and the summer will be spent evaluating materials and supplies. Most of our staff will be back in the fall although we will be shifting some positions. I cannot emphasize how important it is to register early so that classes and materials can be prepared for the new school year. Next fall your children not only will read Hebrew, but will understand what they are reading as well as learning conversational Hebrew. The Judaic track will be energized with new teaching methods and programs. I hope to see everyone at the Congregational Picnic on May 5 and 1 dare all students to show up for the last day of school, May 17, 10:00 am - 12 noon for the Award ceremony and Double Dare Party. Before we know it the summer will be over and we will start school again. Just as the Torah is turned and turned so too is the circle of life. Shalom, Jaclqc A S p e cia l Place To Belong CUT RBC/?H?AI AMU KIMRERCARTEM April went by so quickly and now we, at the Preschool and Kindergarten are enjoying the warm weather. We have planted vegetables and flowers for us to eat and enjoy. Our entire school delighted in working on projects about April showers and May flowers. It was certainly a pleasure to hear our little ones chant the Four Questions, sing a hearty rendition of Dyaneu and all of the other traditional Passover Prayers at our CNT Preschool/ Kindergarten Model Seder. The students continue to learn and grow in their secular studies and their social skills as well. We had our spring class pictures taken and our third addition of the CNT Preschool Yearbook went to press. We also finished our Read-athan project. Pizza certificates were given out to our students who read more than 200 hours in the last two months. What an action packed April the preschool enjoyed. This month of May we will be preparing for Yom Yerushalayim, Shavout, and our annual Jordan Carter with the Pinata Mother?s Day Brunch and program. Our Pre-k and Kindergarten classes will be working on their graduation programs to be held in June. We will also be learning about those who defended our country for Memorial Day. Our plans for next year are very exciting. Our preschool is growing. Two of our classes are already full. One class has several spots remaining. We will need to establish a waiting list for our Preschool Program. Please be sure to register your child as soon as possible so there is a spot for him/her in next years program. Call the office at 733-6292. Our Kindergarten program is also taking applications this month. There are only 12 spots available and we have received many inquiries about our innovate program.. There are only a few spots remaining in Kindergarten as well. Please call the Synagogue office and speak to Lois if you are at all interested. Lois (Bergman Preschool Director L-R: Arie Charles, Azriella Colen & Avi Feldman ready for Shabbat L-R: Lewis Shulman & Micaela Shulman say Kiddush L-R: Clay Ladd, Elisabeth Ruskin & Azriella Colen preparing for Shabbat Congregation N e r Tam id May 2002 Auxiliaries %(zood d\fzuj? . . ? % t, i. ?- i y. : - iy % i. : Shalom, Spring is definitely here and summer will be here before we know it, which means kids going to camp. This year, Sisterhood?s FUN-D 4 Youth helping 20 young people attend Jewish summer camps by providing partial scholarships totaling $3880.00. This is the biggest request we have had and we are happy to help our youth experience a memory they will treasure forever. This is all thanks to your generous donations to the FUN-D 4 Youth and purchase of raffle tickets at the Chanukah Bazaar. With spring and summer also comes weddings. Don?t forget the Sisterhood Gift Shop at CNT for your special wedding needs. Phyllis Marks and Phyllis Lewis only buy the best for the shop and have the most unique gifts. We do customized invitations, kepots, and are the right place to find that special gift for the bride and groom or wedding party members, so, the Sisterhood Party Shop caterers small weddings at T, and CNT is the perfect place for a party, of course made special by our very own Frances Klamian and Susie Plotkin. m The All Woman?s Seder was extra special this year as this was the first year Rabbi Weiner has participated with Bella. The turn out exceeded our expectations and we were happy to see the multi-generations of women participating, especially the grandmothers, mothers and daughters to continue this tradition from generation to generation. Rosh Chodesh continues to be a very meaningful monthly program coordinated with the new moon, celebrating the beginning of a new portion of the Torah. In March, Sandy Stolberg and her daughter, Megan, along with Laura Bailey discussed the importance of Miriam in the Torah. The program included creating Miriam?s cups and making tambourines to commemorate Miriam?s song. Please look for the Rosh Chodesh announcement in the bulletin listing the upcoming dates and mark your calendars. Sisterhood has many new programs in the works as there has been a number of requests for more hands-on art programs and cooking demonstrations. The recipes for the Sisterhood cookbook are wonderful and I want to thank all of you who contributed your favorite ones. Now the hard work begins for the committee. If you are interested in assisting, please contact the committee co-chairs Sherri Speaker ( 545-3755 ) and Lynette Solomon ( 435-0551 ). I am sure they would love your help. Sisterhood is planning to create a Mishebeirach quilt to be used in the healing service conducted at the High Holidays. Therefore we are looking for women who have done quilting and needlepoint. We have heard there may be lots of you out there. If you are a quilter or know of someone in our congregation that is one, please contact me with their name. For those of you who are interested, but don?t yet quilt, not to worry, we will have a class or two in this art form and we will get you up to speed. Just in time for Mother?s Day. If you like beautiful and unique jewelry, have we got an event for you! At CNT on Thursday, May 2 starting at 5pm to 8pm and continuing on Friday May 3, beginning at 10am to 2pm, a wonderful southwestern jewelry artist, Mitzi Lynn,will be visiting from Sante Fe, New Mexico, and displaying her unique and beautiful work. She will also be available to discuss her creations and how a nice Jewish girl like her got into this craft. She has pledged a portion of her sales to Sisterhood. Please plan to attend to see her lovely work and meet this most interesting woman. If you are interested in finding out more about Sisterhood, please join us at our regular board meetings, the second Thursday of each month. The board meetings are open to any Sisterhood member. We meet in the CNT library at 7:00pm. Please feel free to call me at 768-8529, or email me at if you have any questions about Sisterhood. I welcome your input and questions and look forward to meeting you personally. Thank you Maxine Molinsky for Chairing the Seder. My best, %ut(i Urban Sisterhood President May 2002 A S p e c ia l P lace To Belong Auxiliaries Continued Men s Club Shalom. 1 want to thank everyone for making our Golf Tournament the most successful one ever. What an unbelieveable event. We managed to enlist 25 hole and tee sponsors and 70 golfers, making this without a doubt the most successful and profitable Men?s Club event ever. Kudos go out to Howard Layfer for his remarkable chairing of this event, Geoff Schaffler for helping organize and make up the four?somes, Gil Shaw, Stu Solomon, Dave Nathan, Dick Gran- ich, Leo Schoenfeld, Joe Cracrafit and dozens of others who made this historic event possible. Even more remark?able was a sighting of Steve Joseph, Past President and father of our annual tournament. It was great to see him there. I want to congratulate the first ?all women?s team? for coming out and participating. Not only did they shoot great, THEY LOOKED GREAT! Thanks to Temple Board Members Hillary Torchin and Cecilia Schafler, Purim Car?nival Genius Trish Messinger and good friend Christine Zunino. I was thrilled to present them with their first prize awards. Like last year, Fletcher Jones Lexus provided a brand new Lexus for a hole in one( they provide the car, THE CNT PAY-EASY PLAN We have written to all of our Congregants in the past about two easy ways for you to make regular payments on your account. It is considerably easier for us to man?age Temple finances if payments are coming in on a regular basis. To try and accomplish this we have set up two choices for you, and which eliminate the need to write a check or to remember when to send a payment to the Temple. The first is to authorize us to charge your Visa or Master?card each month a specific amount. The second is to provide us with the necessary information so that we can charge your checking account and transfer the same amount to the Temple account each month. Both of these transactions are safe and makes it much easier for you to keep your Temple account up to date. We urge all congregants to consider either one of these methods of pay?ment. All it takes is a phone call to our Bookkeeper Michelle who will be happy to help you set up the procedure and can answer any other questions you may have. Thank you for considering these options. 7? Congregation N e r Tam id we insure it). 1 truly want to thank everyone. This tourna?ment will provide the funds to help many people and caus?es. Next up, our Boat Ride and Men?s Club Weekend. On Friday Night May 10th we will be sponsoring the Oneg during Shabba-Tones Services with our illustrious chef from Tennessee, Phyllis Cline. Don?t miss her gourmet cooking. On Saturday, May 11th the Rabbi will be holding a class, the topic still undecided at the time of this writing and the boat will sail at 7:30 PM. This year, Hillary Torchin and Toni Popowcer have coordinated a Rosh Chodesh service on the boat for those who want to attend. This Boat Ride was a huge success last year and we hope everyone will come. Tickets are $50 per person and this is not a fundrais?er. In fact Men?s Club subsidizes this trip so help us keep the losses to a minimum. On Saturday May 18th come join us for fireworks and a night with the Las Vegas 51 ?s. See TJ Coon for details. Remember, this is not the Men?s Club our father?s knew so come and be part of the magic. Shalom ? President My name is Briney Lindemuth. I am 13 years old and I go to Leavitt Middle School. I like to play a lot of sports, especially soccer. I also like to listen to music and hang out with my friends. On May 24th, I will becom^ a Bat Mitzvah. Fm looking forward to having my friends and family join me on this special day. May 2002 Hello from inside Congregation Her Tamid I'm Karen Levine, The Right Hand to Rabbi Akselrad. I keep his calendar handy at all times, and schedule his appointments. In addition I deal with most of his corre?spondence, coordinate events that are happening in the Temple such as B'nai Mitz- vahs, weddings, funerals, committee meetings, high holiday honors, etc. I am responsible for Friday night honors (please do call me if you would like one) yahrzeits, Tell and Kvell, Yizkor and the In Memoriam column for the bulletin. In my "spare time" I assist Bella Feldman our Cantorial Soloist. I schedule her appointments and handle her general correspondence. I have been with CNT since July of 1996 and I know it truly is a special place to belong! Hi. My name is Marcia Mecklosky and I am the Administrative Secretary. I assist the Executive Director by making appointments, writing correspondence and generally helping him look good. I also keep the Temple calendar - so if you are looking to book a meeting, function or party - see me to find out if the date you want is free. I have a variety of other responsibilities ?behind the scenes? here in the office, including putting together the Kol Nidre and Yiskor books for the High Holy days, as well as coordinating the Bar and Bat Mitzvah articles for the Bulletin. My name is Mary Zone. I have been the receptionist here at the Temple for the last five years. I enjoy meeting and greeting our congregants, friends and prospective new congregants. If you wish to send tributes or want to make reservations to any Temple function I'm the one you talk to. I try to keep our database as up to date as possible so please if you move or change phone numbers or have any other changes to the file, please, please call me. Looking forward to speaking or meeting you soon. My name is Michelle. I am new to the Las Vegas community. With no trees in sight, I must confess at first it felt like I had landed on a different planet. I just moved here from Northern CA where trees are abundant and just now getting used to the beautiful desert landscape. I am the Temple's fairly new bookkeeper and I must say, even though I am busy beyond belief trying to maintain the many facets of this job, I am enjoying every minute of it. The ladies in the office keep me laughing and smiling, Leon has kept me on my toes and the members of this Temple are some of the sweetest people I've come across in a long time. Who would have thought that volunteering a few hours a week with the religious school would turn into a full time position? I certainly didn?t. But now, CNT has become my second ?home?. Every day is new and interesting working with Jackie Fleekop and Rabbi Weiner. I must confess, there?s never a dull moment. ??Good Shabbos? (yes it?s me who sends out the CNT NEWS UPDATE------if you haven?t been getting it, please contact me with your e-mail address). I almost forgot to introduce myself: Hi, I?m Roberta Unger. A S p e May 2002 cial Place To Belong continued from page 3 (President's Message) 'Tell Someone About Us" Our last Invite a Friend Ice Cream social Shabbat will be on Friday, May 31 st at 6:45 PM in the library', followed by services at 7:30 PM. Rabbi Akselrad, Rabbi Weiner, Board members and committee chairs will hold a brief orientation to explain some of the new and ongoing Temple programs to prospective members. So,.,invite a friend. Do you have a family member or friend who is hospitalized? Rabbi Akselrad would like to help you and your family by visiting Temple members and friends of our congregation who have been hospitalized. Due to confidentiality laws, there is no notification from the hospitals. Please contact Karen at the Temple office at 733-6292 when a family member orfriend is hospitalized. manly residential. It won't be long before are able to put up our sign: "FUTURE HOME CONGREGATION NER TAMID". Look at Scott's letter and go out there yourself. Walk around the land. Put your hands on it. Stand where the street will be (you can tell) and use your imagi?nation?visualize a synagogue of exceptional beau?ty and think, "what would be the best way to show our Ner Tamid logo on the building?" If you've got a great idea, write to Scott at the temple and spell it out. Right after we do the normal hydrology and other surveys on our site, were going to be ready to start with preliminary architectural ideas, so don't delay. The dream is within our grasp. Summer Camp Is Coming Congregation Ner Tamid to offer Summer Camp Program for Preschool through Grade five. This summer your little ones can enjoy camping, finger painting, dancing, singing, museums, farms, movies, puppet shows, acting in Jewish plays, and lots of fun times in a Jewish-oriented learning environment by attending Congregation Ner Tamid?s Camp Chaverim is a Summer Day Camp for kids 2-l/2years to nine years old and includes music, drama, arts and crafts, sports, water play, cooking, exercise, Karate, Gymnastics, Computer and much more. Camp Chaverim will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.(before and after care is available) for five weeks, June 24th through July 26th Camp Chaverim will have strong Jewish programming and will be lot of fiin. Parents are encouraged to sign up early, as space limited. Call Lois Bergman at 733-6292 for moi^P information. LO^P Congregation N e r Tam id May 2002 ^ Mommy-n-Me 5habbat ? Daddies are welcome too! ? ? Mommy-n-Me Shabbat Are you and your tod- ? dler looking for something to do on Friday mom- ? ings? So you like fresh challah and apple juice? ? Would you like your child to learn the Shabbat ? prayers and interact with other Jewish children from the temple? Then do we have a program for you! We are proud to be expanding our early childhood program to include a daytime Mom?my-n-Me Shabbat. In Mommy-n-Me Shabbat (daddies welcome too!), you will participate with our preschoolers in learning songs, singing prayers and having treats. The program will be every Friday morning in the Beit Tefillah. You and your child will have the opportunity to share the Shab?bat experience with other parents and children and begin nurturing your child?s Jewish identity. There is no fee for the program (yes its free!) and you may bring a guest and their child (temple membership is not required). We at Congrega?tion Ner Tamid are committed to nurturing the Jewish identity of all the children within the com?munity. If you have any questions, or would like to RSVP for the program (we need to be sure to have enough challah), please contact me at the office 733-6292. Lois ?Be.rgman J BULLETIN DEADLINE Deadline for June/July 2002 Bulletin The deadline for the June Bulletin will be ^Monday April 29th at 5PM. Please email I articles to ?Sisterhood is in need of a 60 quart Holbart commercial mixer to make wonderful goodies for our Oneg Shabbats. We are hoping to find a generous donor to fulfill this wish. Please contact Frances Klamian at 454-0990 or Ruth Urban at 768-8529? Connections at Congregation Ner Tamid Connecting Singles and Couples Age 25-39 to THEIR Judaism Earlier this year, CNT began a new program called ?Con?nections at Congregation Ner Tamid: Connecting Singles and Couples Age 25-39 to Their Judaism.? The group has already hosted two successful Shabbat dinners, a second night Seder, and a Mezzuzah-making workshop. In May, Connections is sponsoring a potluck Shabbat dinner on Friday, May 10th, at 6:15 p.m. Dinner is only $10.00 per person ($5.00 each if you bring a potluck item) and vege?tarian options are always offered. RSVPs are due no later than Wednesday, May 8th, and can be made by calling 733-6292. From June 6-9, Hebrew Union College and the UAHC have invited young adults in this age group to the HUC campus in Cincinnati, Ohio, for the ?Young Adult Academy.? The cost of this ?learning weekend? is heavily subsidized by the UAHC and is only $180.00 (including room, board, and all materials), plus your transportation to HUC. For more information about the special weekend, please call Cookie Olshein at 245-6574. If you should, or know someone who should, be on this group?s mailing list, plase call Roberta at 733-6292 or send their name to Everyone in this age group is wel?come, and encouraged, to attend events sponsored by Con?nections. Please call CNT to RSVP or for more information regarding any of the Connections events. May 2002 A S p e cia l Place To Belong Hang Ten Shavuot program will examine the issue of posting the 10 Commandments in public Called a "modern-day Moses" in newspapers, a Tennessee woman is driving around her state asking each County Commission to defend the right to display the 10 Commandments in pub?lic. As of mid-March this year, 82 of the state's 95 counties had complied. This time last year, two counties in Kentuck