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Program from Yom Hashoah service, April 24, 2006



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YOM HaSHOA H A Community-wide Memorial Service To Commemorate the Holocaust April 24, 2006/Nisan 26, 5766 6:4-5 p.m. Hillpointe Celebrations Temple Beth Am Campus Us Vegas, Nevada Cover Art: "In Memory of the Holocaust," 1994 - Sepia drawing (71 x 46 cm) Josef Elgurt The original drawing is on permanent loan to the Jewish Museum of Riga. Elgurt was born in Kishinev, Moldova. He was imprisoned in Nazi ghettos Moldova, Ukraine, and Romania. Yom HaSboah f >munity-wi4e Memorial Service To Commemorate JThe Holocaust Program Shofahot Rabbi Hershel Brooks (Temple Bet Knesset BaMidbar); Ed Kainen (Temple Beth Sholom); Phil Kohen (Temple Beth Am); Jay Poster and Jeremy Poster (Congregation Ner Tamid) Procession of Youth and Survivors Theme from Shindler's List' ?Sasha SeminofF, violin ?Pier Marini, piano Lighting of Memorial CancHes Survivors Invocation and Welcome Rabbi Mel Hecht, Temple Be "?//M/;I S EHi/erb rew Academy All-City Zimriyah Jewish Ybuth Chorale Susan Vex, Director "Oifn Pripichok/Njcht Akiioh Ramat Gan Dance Theater in the Warsaw Ghetto Memorial Garden of Temple Beth Sholom 'Ashtei HjGjfrur' Cantorial Soloist David Averbach, Temple Beth Am Cantorial Soloist Philip Goldstein, Congregation Ner Tamid Cantorial Soloist Lola Rivera, Congregation Adat Ari El Introduction Henry Schuster, Co-President, Holocaust Survivors of Southern Nevada Program Personal Memories Giro KlonofFand Alfons Judovits Charge to the Youth Henry Schuster "Sim Shalom' Cantonal Soloist David Averbach, Temple Beth Am Introduction of Guest Spea kef- Rabbi Yocheved Mintz, Valley Outreach Synagogue "Never agains* The Globalization of Contemporary Anti-Semitism" Dr. Daniel Jonah Goldhagen "El Mzlei Rjchzmim ' Alexander Kuechel 'Kldctish' Members ofthe Board of Rab Benediction Rabbi Mel Hecht, Temple Beth Am Shoferot Rabbi Hershel Brooks (Temple Bet Knesset BaMidbar); Ed Kainen (Temple Beth Sholom); Phil Kohen (Temple Beth Am); Jay Poster; (Congregation NerTamid); Jeremy Poster (Congregation Ner Tarn id) Immediately Following the Commemorative Event, The Community is Invited to Gather in the Courtyard For Refreshments Eili, Eili ^H, >>N by Hannah Senesh My God, My God Eili, Eili May these things never end. She-lo yigamer I'olam ? : ?* ? ? 6 The sand and the sea Ha-chol v'ha-yam The rush of the waters Rish-rush shel ha-mayim D^Dn bw vynvy~) The thunder of the heavens B 'rak ha-shamayim o w n P I ? The prayer of man. T'filat ha-adam .o*TNn n ^ n T T T " * J (Hannah Senesh was a Hungarian Jewish teenager who made aliyah to Palestine before World War II. When the Nazis invaded Hungary towards the end of the war, Hannah and a few fellow kibbutzniks convinced the British to let them drop by parachute behind German lines to try and save the Hungarian Jews. The entire group was captured and tortured, and, at age 23, Hannah Senesh was executed by the Nazis. She left behind a body of Hebrew poetry, some of which was later set to music in the State of Israel.) Ashrei HaGafrur - THpan nviN by Hannah Senesh Blessed is the match Ashrei ha-gafrur TnD^n n ^ N That's consumed in kindling a flame She-nisraf v'hitzit I'havot ninn!? nsni ^iWDvy Blessed is the flame Ashrei ha-l'havah mrfc'n nwN T TV ? ?? : ? That burns in the secret She-ba-arah b 'sitrei n n p n rnynw Depths of the heart L'vavot n m b T : Blessed are the hearts Ashrei ha-l'vavot That know when She-yad'u ly-pvy : ? V 'tis honor to cease La-chadol v'chavod Torn ^nn1? Blessed is the match Ashrei ha-gafrur "mpan n ^ N That's consumed in kindling a flame She-nisraf v'hitzit I'havut ninn!? m m ^ivyiiw Sim Shalom Ol^vy OW T ? From the liturgy - Arranged by Max Janowski Grant peace, goodness, and blessings ""l^iU OW Grace. Kindness and compassion cpnrrn i p n i in To us and to all Israel, your people. .^tty ^V Sim shalom, tovah u-vrachah Che in va-chesed v'rachamim Aleinu v'al-kol-Yisraeil amecha . i El Malei Rachamim OW)*] nPD^n nnri n3i:? roujp N^pn o ^ n m pivi o>?m ?03 ipon-^d niDY^-nN ,on->ntn v^pin -ino o n i n p i o ^ i i p rriSym v m 17V .-lpana^i wityavn ^ V W l o>vw cpyyw o ? n n n - m - rm cpnbiyb T>Dr> -int>n o i n o n o ^ m n ^vn ndn .onnwo : ? T S 1 v T : V - : ?? ? : - ? -: - R - - T T T T : /)?n noN'31 .orpninsvyo by o W n inwi ,onbro w n ? .orpmmto-nN s ::? - T: T : ' T T T T: ?? : ? El Malei Rachamim shochein ba-m 'romim ham 'tzei m 'nuchah n 'chonah tachat kan 'fei haShechinah b'ma-a-lot k'doshim u-t'horim k'zohar ha-rakiya maz'hirim, et nishmat kolOacheinu b'nei Yisraeil, anashim nashim v'taf, she-neher'gu v'she-nit'b'chu v'she-nish'r'fu v 'she-nech 'n 'ku. B 'Gan Eiden t 'hi m 'nuchatam. Ana Ba-al HaRachamim, has 'tiram v 'seiter k'nafecha I'olamim u-t'ror bitz'ror ha-chayim et-nish'moteihem. Adonai hu nachalatam, v 'yanuchu v 'shalom al mish 'k 'voteihem, v 'nomar amein. God, full of mercy, Who dwells on high, grant proper rest under the-wings of the Divine Presence?in the lofty levels of the holy and pure ones, who shine like the glory of the firmament?for the soul of our brothers, the Jewish people, the holy and pure, who fell at the hands of murderers, whose blood was spilled in Auschwitz, in Majdanek, in Treblinka, and the other camps of destruction in Europe, who were slain, burned, and slaughtered, and who were buried alive with extreme cruelty for the sanctification of the Divine Name. For we, their sons, their daughters, their brothers, and their sisters, will contribute to charity in remembrance of their souls. May their resting place be in Paradise?therefore, Merciful Parent, shelter them beneath Your wings for eternity. And may their souls be bound up in the Bond of Life, that they may rest in eternal peace; and let us say Amen. Kaddish - CHIP W>lp ,nrviy-iD N~O ?>i nrtyi ' : ? ? : ? T : T : l i D ^ i n i liD^na nrnDlpo n p N i nnj? ^DUI ^obvbi obvb Tpno H21 nm> ND> T ? : T : T : ? R : ? ? T : ? - ??: ??: N v w m ~iN9Ti>i ,nn:nvy"n ^niirp nDvy n^v^i i^nri^ OPN n n N } ,Nnnnri ^ bvi wby o ? m w m p NDbw nd> * ? T : I T ? " : T ? S ? ? T? TT: ?? ? OON nONI oibvy nv^? nid v o n m oibw nvy'y ??pN n m ) ^niw bvi Yit'gadal v'yit'kadash sh'mei rabba, b'olmo di-v'ro chirutei, v'yamlich mal'chutei b'chayeichon u-v'yomeichon u-v'chayei d'chol beit Yisraeil, ba-agala u-viz'man kariv, v'im'ru Amein. Y'hei sh'mei rabba m'vorach I'olam u-lolmei olmaya. Yitbarach v'yish'tabach v'yit'pa-ar v'yitnasei, v'yit'hadar v'yit'aleh, v'yit-halal sh'mei d'kud'sha. B 'rich Hu. L'eila min kol birchata v'shiratah, tush'b'chatah v'nechematah, da-amiran b 'ol 'mah, v 'im 'ru Amein. Y'hei sh'lamah Rabbah min sh'mayah v'chayim Aleinu v'al kol Yisraiel, v'im'ru Amein. Oseh shalom bim 'romav; Hu ya-aseh shalom aleinu, v 'al kol Yisraeiel, v 'im 'ru Amein. May the great Name of God be exalted and sanctified throughout the world, which was created according to God's will. May God's sovereignty be established in your lifetime and in your days and in the lifetime of the entire household of Israel, swiftly and in the near future and say Amen. May God's great Name be praised, forever and ever. Blessed, praised, glorified, exalted, extolled, honored, elevated and lauded is the Name of the Holy One, the Praiseworthy, above and beyond any blessings and hymns, praises and consolations that are uttered in the world, and say Amen. May there be abundant peace from heaven and life, upon us and upon all Israel, and say, Amen. May the One who makes peace on high bring peace upon us, and upon all Israel, and say Amen. Daniel Jonah Golclbagen Hailed as "a monumental achievement" by the Sunday Times of London, and as "masterly.. .one of those rare new works that merit the appellation landmark" by the New York Times, Daniel Jonah Goldhagen's #1 inter-national bestseller Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans an4 the Holocaust may have generated more international discussion than any book in recent history. By studying the Germans who carried out the Holocaust, Dr. Goldhagen provides new answers to the question: "How could the Holocaust happen!*" He is a spellbinding, natural speaker who conveys complex thoughts and answers questions with clarity, authority and directness. Audiences interna-tionally have listened with rare attentiveness and absolute concentration as Dr. Goldhagen extemporaneously unfolds before them the issues central to understanding the Holocaust. What Dr. Goldhagen has done for illuminating the Holocaust, he is also doing for the new anti-Semitism, which has taken ti^K-oHd by storm during the last few years but whose nature and scope ftas puzzled many- His-brilliant lecture which takes off from his seminal article (published around the. world), 'The Globalization of anti-Semitism," helps us understand what is new about, today's anti-Semitism, why ft has taken on novel forms and accusations, and what its partiaitai dangers are? in pur globalized age, anti-Semitism has also been globalized bothjm Its reach and its f<D im While this new, third historical wave " ? ' ' ; - , . of anti-Semitism draws s u bsta rrtTSIl y pf eV i o'dr^fe^rii s ofgnti-Semitism, it is also radically different, and if it is to be combated, its re3^?Kl pd istinctive nature must first be understood. Daniel Johah Goldhagen holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Harvard l/niversity and was a professor at Harvard for many years. He is the winner of Germany's highly pres-tigious triennial Democracy Prize and currently a member of Harvard's Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies. Hebrew Academy All-City Zimriyah Jewish Youth Chorale The Hebrew Academy All-City Zimriyah Jewish Youth Chorale has attracted talented youngsters horn all over Us Vegas. Under the capable baton of Susan Vex, the children sing songs from Jewish Liturgy, Israel, and classic and popular Jewish music. Singing in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English, the choir has entertained throughout the city and has even participated in Shabbat services at various synagogues. The choir meets and rehearses at the Milton I. Schwartz Hebrew Academy in Summerlin. Sasha Seminoff and his strolling vio-lins have been a fixture in Las Vegas for 47 years, playing in many of the top hotels and for private functions as well. Sasha is not only a well-respected musician, but a much-admired poet as well. Holocaust Survivors Group of Southern NevscU Henry and Anita Schuster Co-Presidents Henry Schuster was born in 1926 in Sterbfritz, where the Schuster line stretched back to the 1600s. When he was born, the town had only 1,300 residents ? 99 of them Jewish. Schuster's parents operated a grocery store in the house Schuster's father had built. But in 1935, Schuster's father died, leaving his mother unable to care for him and his two older sisters. The two girls were hired on as nannies in different homes, and Schuster was sent to live in a Frankfurt orphanage. Then came the infamous 1939 Crystal Night, when Jews were terrorized and beaten ? some even killed. Several European countries decided to offer refuge to Jewish children from Germany. Schuster was one of the lucky ones ? he was taken to France. When the Germans invaded in 1940, Schuster lived in hiding for another year. Finally, through the intervention of then-first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Schuster and other child refugees were bro|ujht to the United States. Meanwhile, Schuster's sisters, Margo|ir^^J|y, and his mother Rosa, were shipped to Estonia on cattle trains|fWben ?ot there*-there was a (Nazi) SS officer who looked them over," Schuster sqiq. "'Several ^uses/came. The buses windows, the exhaust pipe was fed into the bus>Mt was V moving gas chamber. M a s t e r Mgrgot and my mother went on one of those buses. My sister1 Betty :Huvive<T slave labor camps and sev-eral concentration camps and was-liberated by British forces in 194-5." Betty, the only other member of Schuster's family to survive, now lives in Santa Rosa caiif. Mr % ^ ^ m i More than 50 years after a .third of the town's 99 Jewish residents were wiped out .during the Holocaust, Schuster began'Wcl-usade f^pt:?te^Kfritz to recognize them. He was met with roadblocks, delays and outright Refusals, but in 2004, they finally acquiesced to h is constant barrage of letters and tlfose of local politicians and religious leaders to whom he had appealed for help, and he ultimately succeeded in having three monu-ments placed in the town ? one at the local church, one inside the Jewish cemetery and one outside the cemetery. Survivors Alfons Judovits was bom Aprif 29, 1925, in Cluj, Romania, which was awarded to Hungary under the Vi-enna Diktat of 194-0, overtaken by the Russians in 1944, and restored to Romania in 1947. In 1944, Mr. Judovits graduated high school, and the Cluj Jews were ghettoized in 194-4- under conditions of intense overcrowding and practically no facilities. Later that year, he was sent to Birkenau and Kaufering/Dachau. After liberation Con his birdthday in 1945), he spent five years in Germany, arriving in the United States in 1950, where he was drafted into the armed forces and sent back to Germany. After being discharged from the service, he earned his engineering degree at Southern Methodist University, and was employed by Kraft as an engineer for 30 years. Mr. Judovits is now retired and has been living in Las Vegas since 1988. Former teacher; bead of Speakers Bureau and, valued member. Married with two sons and five grandchildren. Alexander Kuechel Gina Klonoff Alexander Kuechel has shared bis story with younger generations nearly two dozen times. He knows how important it is for youngsters to know what happened and be aware of warning signs within their generation. He attributes his survival from seven concentration camps to luck. His parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephew were killed at the "extermination camp" Auschwitz-Birkenau, while he was sent to work-camps and bamlyaescaped succumbing to typhoid. He partially credits the knowledge he gained in the Jewish Boy|eo|iij:to fiis survival. "I had aunts, uncles and cousins, which I don't have today. I don't have anyone'- ,>t .ill," Kuechel said- "CMy father) thought by working it would save his life, but ? >I|J'OURV-, it uifjii'T K O R K (.HI! Slat way." Kuechel tells others: "Don't take your freedom for granHf' !:":'< cj:'; fefpaf to'ii, : Jewish people ? vyjp-t rpakes you think it can't happen to anyone else?" YOM HaSHOAH A Project of the Board of Rabbis of Southern Nevada and United Jewish Community/ Jewish Federation of Las Vegas in cooperation with the Holocaust Survivors of Southern Nevada- Board of Rabbis: Rabbi Jeremy Wiederhorn, President Midbar Kodesh Temple Rabbi San ford Akselrad Congregation Ner Ta Rabbi Hershel Temple Rabbi Hillel Cohn AdatAri El Rabbi Felipe Go, Temple Beth Rabbi Mel Hecht Temple Beth Am Rabbi Yocheved Mintz Valley Outreach Synagogue Chazzanim CantorialSoloist DavidAverbach, Temple Beth Am CantorialSoloist Philip Goldstein, Congregation Ner Tamid Cantorial Soloist Lola Rivera, AdatAri El YOM HaSHOAH COMMEMORATION COMMITTEE Co-Chairs Rabbi Mel Hecht, MHL.DD Rabbi Yocheved Mintz Temple Beth Am Valley Outreach Synagogue Joc{y Lopjtin 1\} J ) , Valley Outreach Synagogue lity Rebbetzin Micki P. Hecht, Hillpointe Celebrations Vi4eography Roger W. Professional Video Services Photography L/ri Schwjrz Flux form Film & Vicjeo Production In Cooperation With Anita and Henry Schuster, Co Presidents Holocaust Survivors Group of Southern Nevada Special Appreciation JW Marriott, Sum met!in King David Memorial Chape! and Cemetery I. A. T.S.E., BJ. Thomas, Billy Jacks, Deidra Prestridge, Joe Urbauer t For Show recj Josephs Ha mat Gan Dance Theater Elan Millo, Artistic Director and Choreographer Lia Cretz, Assistant Choreographer And The Countless, Nameless Individuals O,fLocal 720 "Never Again!" ? ? Remember!