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University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Spring 2017 commencement program







Commencement program from University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists (UA-00115).

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man001151. University of Nevada, Las Vegas Commencement Programs and Graduation Lists, 1953-2021. UA-00115. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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M A Y 1 3,201 7
Friday, May 12,2017 in Ham Hall
10:00 a.m. Ceremony William S. Boyd School of Law
5:00 p.m. Ceremony School of Dental Medicine
Saturday, May 13,2017 in Thomas & Mack
9:00 a.m. Ceremony Graduate College School of Allied Health Sciences School of Community Health Sciences College of Fine Arts College of Liberal Arts School of Nursing College of Sciences Greenspun College of Urban Affairs
Len Jessup, President
Diane Z. Chase, Executive Vice President and Provost
Gerry Bomotti, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business
Scott Roberts, Vice President for Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement Juanita Fain, Vice President for Student Affairs
Tina Kunzer-Murphy, Director of Athletics
Carolyn Yucha, Acting Vice President for Research and Economic Development Elda Luna Sidhu, General Counsel
Fred Tredup, Chief of Staff
Luis Valera, Vice President for Government Affairs and Compliance Nancy Rapoport, Special Counsel to the President
Vince Alberta, Vice President of Integrated Marketing and Branding
Proud of your Grad? Tweet congrats to
Barbara Atkinson, School of Medicine Ronald Brown, School of Allied Health Sciences Shawn Gerstenberger, School of Community Health Sciences Daniel Hamilton, William S. Boyd School of Law Brent Hathaway, Lee Business School Christopher Heavey, College of Liberal Arts Patricia lannuzzi, University Libraries Kate Korgan, Graduate College Ann McDonough, Academic Success Center
Marta Meana, Honors College Kim Metcalf, College of Education
Stowe Shoemaker, William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration Stan Smith, College of Sciences
Robert Ulmer, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs Nancy Uscher, College of Fine Arts
Rama Venkat, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering Karen West, School of Dental Medicine Carolyn Yucha, Nursing
2:00 p.m. Ceremony
Graduate College Lee Business School College of Education Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration
Guests of graduates will not be allowed on the floor of the Thomas & Mack Center during Commencement.
A professional photographer will take a photograph of each graduate and photo proofs will be mailed directly to graduates. Today's Commencement Ceremony is being streamed live at for the benefit of family and friends who are unable to attend. Or you can capture this important occasion with a Commencement DVD.
Order yours at or stop by the Thomas & Mack Ticket Office after the ceremony (a limited number of DVDs will be available for immediate pick up).
John V. White, Acting Chancellor
Crystal Abba, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Constance Brooks, Vice Chancellor for Government and Community Affairs Robert Moulton, Interim Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Vic Redding, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Nicholas Vaskov, Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs
Frank Woodbeck, Executive Director for Nevada College Collaborative
Rick Trachok, Chair Allison Stephens, Vice Chair Andrea Anderson Patrick Carter Cedric Crear Carol Del Carlo Mark W. Doubrava Jason Geddes
Trevor Hayes
Sam Lieberman
Cathy McAdoo
John T. Moran
Kevin J. Page
Dean J. Gould,
Chief of Staff and
Special Counsel to the Board
This is the official program for the May 2017 Commencement at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. It includes the names of students who have applied to graduate. Please note that participation in a commencement ceremony does not guarantee degree conferral. Degrees are conferred (granted) only when all requirements have been met and the final grades for a student's final semester have been computed. Degrees are conferred and diplomas mailed during a 10-week period following the end of each semester.
2017 Commencement 1
UNLV Jazz Ensemble.......
David Loeb, Musical Director
Tre Norman, Master of Ceremonies
Len Jessup, President
UNLV Air Force & Army ROTC Honor Guards
The Star Spangled Banner
Jevoi Blount, Soprano
President Jessup
..............................................................School of Music Octet, Voce
Music by Eric Whitacre, Lyrics by Thomas Leslie and Robyn Lemon
Allison Stephens, Board of Regents
UNLV Jazz Ensemble......................................................................................................David Loeb, Musical Director
STUDENT AND DIGNITARY PROCESSIONALS................................................. Tre Norman, Master of Ceremonies
OPENING REMARKS........................................................................................................................Len Jessup, President
PRESENTATION OF COLORS........................................................................UNLV Air Force & Army ROTC Honor Guards
The Star Spangled Banner....................................................................................................Elyisheba Anderson, Soprano
INTRODUCTION OF THE PLATFORM GUESTS.......................................................................................President Jessup
UNLV ALMA MATER..............................................................................................................School of Music Octet, Voce
Music by Eric Whitacre, Lyrics by Thomas Leslie and Robyn Lemon
GREETINGS.......................................................................................................................Cedric Crear, Board of Regents
President Jessup
Vladislav Zhitny
Board of Regents and President Jessup
Mary E. Hausch
President Jessup
President Jessup and Senior Vice Provost Carl Reiber
Phil Burns, Juanita Fain, Phil Hubbard, Ann McDonough, Gail Sammons
UNLV Faculty
President Jessup
President Jessup
UNLV Star of Nevada Marching Band
Anthony LaBounty, Musical Director
Katie Yeaton, Featured Twirler
Tommy Lansang aka DJ Tanner
Sadanand Verma
2 2017 Commencement
RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDING GRADUATES...................................................................................President Jessup
STUDENT COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER..............................................................................................Marissa Nichols
CONFERRING OF DISTINGUISHED NEVADAN AWARDS.................................................................Board of Regents and
» President Jessup
Dr. Robert E. Fowler
CONFERRING OF HONORARY DOCTORATE.........................................................................................President Jessup
Theodore B. Lee
CLASS PROFILE.......................................................................................................................................President Jessup
CONFERRING OF DEGREES.........................................................President Jessup and Senior Vice Provost Carl Reiber
READERS....................................................................................................................................................................UNLV Faculty
Phil Burns, Juanita Fain, Andrew Hanson, Ann McDonough, Gail Sammons
TURNING OF THE TASSELS.................................................................................................................................President Jessup
CONCLUDING REMARKS.....................................................................................................................................President Jessup
UNLV Star of Nevada Marching Band......................................................................Anthony LaBounty, Musical Director
Katie Yeaton, Featured Twirler
CLASS SONGS.................................................................................................................Tommy Lansang aka DJ Tanner
GRAND MARSHAL...................................................................................................................................Sadanand Verma
2017 Commencement 3
Since its first classes were held in the 1950s, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), has undergone an amazing transformation, from a dusty outpost on the south edge of town to a thriving urban research institution. Along the way, thanks to its innovative frontier spirit, UNLV has kept pace with one of the country's fastest-growing and most enterprising cities.
The university's origins were humble. In 1951, when the post-war boom had swollen the Las Vegas valley's population to more than 50,000, the University of Nevada, Reno established an extension program here. Twenty-eight students began meeting for classes in the dressing rooms of Las Vegas High School's auditorium. In 1954, the Nevada Board of Regents founded the Southern Regional Division of the University of Nevada, popularly known as Nevada Southern. Twenty-nine students accepted degrees at the university's first commencement in 1964.
In 1969, with the board of regents' approval, the university adopted its current name, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. By the following year, as the Las Vegas' metropolitan population reached 275,000, UNLV enrolled more than 5,500 students.
Over the next several decades, UNLV continued this heady rate of development - erecting more than 100 buildings, developing dozens of graduate programs, creating partnerships with the community, fielding nationally ranked sports teams, founding an alumni association, promoting scholarship, establishing a fundraising foundation, and recruiting diverse and talented students from across the country. UNLV has come a long way from the high school dressing rooms that once served as its classrooms. Thanks to the dedication of faculty and staff members, students, generous donors, and Las Vegas residents, the university has much to celebrate, especially at Commencement.
The academic caps, gowns, and hoods that make the procession so colorful are part of an 800-year tradition. Academic clothing was first worn in medieval universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Paris, and Bologna. The gowns and hoods served a practical purpose in the days of unheated classrooms.
The European custom was carried to America with the establishment of our own colleges and universities. In 1895 an academic code of dress was adopted, and the standards of a robe, hood, and cap were accepted by most of the colleges and universities in the United States.
Different types of gowns may be distinguished in the academic procession. The bachelors' gowns have long, pointed sleeves; the masters' gowns have oblong sleeves with an arc cut away in the front. The doctors' gowns are faced with velvet and have bell-shaped sleeves with three bars of velvet.
The Oxford cap, the so-called mortarboard, has a long tassel fastened to the middle of the top that is worn hanging over the right front of the cap. Upon graduation, the tassel is moved from right to left. The hood, draped from the shoulder, denotes by its length and colors the field of study and the institution that conferred the degree.
The University Mace, which has its traditions deeply rooted in history, is carried on ceremonial occasions at the head of the academic procession by the Grand Marshal, whose symbolic duty is the protection of the university, its persons, and its processes.
The mace, a long club with a ball of iron, steel, or brass at one end, was used in warfare as late as the sixteenth century. The use of the mace as an instrument of ceremony, however, began about the year 1250 in England and France. The mace is still used widely today in university ceremonies like commencements and inaugurations.
The UNLV Mace, cast by UNLV art professor emeritus Michael McCollum in 1970, was created using the lost wax process. Erik Gronborg's design for the cubical head of the mace included facets depicting the university seal, a rendering of the Statue of Liberty, a likeness of Renaissance scholar Leonardo da Vinci, and a shelf of books flanked by artists' brushes.
The mace bearer today is Sadanand Verma, Professor of Mathematics who has served the university since 1967.
The Distinguished Nevadan Award is conferred by the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education to recognize prominent individuals who are present or former residents of the State of Nevada. The award is presented for significant achievements that contribute to the cultural, economic, scientific, or social advancement of Nevada and its people and for exceptional service to the state or nation that has influenced constructively the well-being of society. The recipient receives an engraved medallion and a special certificate.
The President's Medal was first conferred in 1996 on Governor Kenny Guinn. The recipients are selected by the university president to recognize individuals who have provided very special and distinguished service to the university. An engraved medallion and special certificate are presented to each honoree.
Several years ago the university approved a process for selecting an exceptional faculty member to hold the title of Distinguished Professor. This award is given only after very serious consideration of a highly select group of university faculty. Nominees must have demonstrated extraordinary qualities both as teachers and scholars and must have achieved national and international recognition in their fields of study.
UNLV has a long-standing tradition of honoring graduating students who have made a special mark during their time at the university. Undergraduate and graduate students are selected for the honor after a semester-long nomination process. Those students highlighted during Commencement are chosen based on such factors as academic achievement, community outreach, research and creative work, and their ability to overcome adversity.
The Presidential Medallion is the official insignia of the university president and is worn at Commencement and other ceremonial occasions. UNLV's Presidential Medallion was given to the university by the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada (CSUN) in 1973.
The medallion depicts the official seal of the State of Nevada in sterling silver. Links of the chain are engraved with the names of university presidents and their terms of office, symbolizing the continuity of responsibility in the office.
Graduating seniors who have been initiated into UNLV's chapter of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society may wear a bronze medallion hung on a blue ribbon to be worn at Commencement. Each year Chapter 100 at UNLV invites to membership the top 10 percent of the senior class and the top 7.5 percent of the junior class in all academic disciplines.
The Golden Key National Honor Society is open to juniors and seniors of all academic disciplines who have earned a 3.30 grade point average or higher. Graduating seniors in this honor society wear a gold medallion on a blue and gold cord.
Many disciplines have honor societies specific to their fields. Members wear their cords, pins, or medallions at Commencement.
Ronald E. McNair Scholars Medallion
The Ronald E. McNair Scholars Medallion is awarded to graduating seniors who have completed the UNLV McNair Scholars Program, in recognition of their dedication to scholarly pursuits and their already considerable research accomplishments.
The Nevada Centennial Medallion is presented annually to the graduating senior earning the highest four-year scholastic average at UNLV. A total of 101 medallions were presented to the university by the Rotary Club of Las Vegas at the time of the state's centennial celebration in 1964.
Summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude are the designations for students graduating with a baccalaureate degree who have earned 60 credits at UNLV and have a grade point average that places them in the top 10 percent of students graduating from their college.
Summa cum laude is bestowed on students who are in the top 1 percent of their college graduating class. Magna cum laude is bestowed on graduating students who are in the top 2 percent to 5 percent, and cum laude is bestowed on graduating students in the top 6 percent to 10 percent. The Honors College has different criteria for awarding honors.
The designations in the commencement program take into account both earned credits and credits in progress, along with the GPA for the last semester that the student has completed. Students should be aware that a final determination of honors eligibility is made after all courses are completed and final grades received. The designation that appears on a student’s diploma and transcript is the accurate and final designation.
Honors College Medallion Recipients
Lillehammer Allen, University Honors, Research and Creative Honors,
Magna Cum Laude
Amanda J. Austin, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Cynthia K. Baggett, University Honors
Casey A. Barber, University Honors, Research and Creative Honors, Summa Cum Laude
Kristina Marie Beske, Research and Creative Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Logan T. Brown, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Marion P. Canestrier, University Honors, Cum Laude
Sara E. Caplan, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Shanice Chantal Chedi, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Dhruv Chokshi, University Honors
Nicky W. Chung, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Arianna Corey, University Honors, Cum Laude
Andrea Corral Rodriguez, University Honors, Research and Creative
Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Jacob M. Cortez, University Honors
Shantelle J. Delos Santos, University Honors, Research and Creative
Honors, Cum Laude
Alison Deng, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Hannah M. Dey, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Sotodeh Ebrahimi, University Honors, Research and Creative Honors,
Magna Cum Laude
Tabitha J. Engle, University Honors, Cum Laude
Alexies Fabian, University Honors
Kayla Darlene Falco, University Honors
Sydney L. Franklin, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Xiaoshan Gong, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Callie Lynn Green, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Addison M. Guida, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Hana O. Gutierrez, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Briceida Hernandez-Toledo, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Nicholas Chau Ngoc Huynh, University Honors,
Kylie D. Johnson, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Amee K. Joshi, University Honors
Bailey Rose Karas, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Hannah Jordan Kelley, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Jeremy James Klewicki, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Elizabeth Kong, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Marshall A. Krakauer, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Jason M. Kreitz, University Honors, Cum Laude
Samantha Marie Lawrence, University Honors, Cum Laude
Christina I. Lee, University Honors, Research and Creative Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Emily Jean Liles, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Megan Rae Maguinness, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Sharon D. Malwane, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Nicolas Michel, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Misty L. Miller, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Sky Lynn L. Miller, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Elisha A. Morgan-Lange, University Honors
Tre A. Norman, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Nemanja Novakovic, University Honors, Summa Cum Laude Sarah Haley Ostrovsky, University Honors, Cum Laude Sandra Ernestina Oviedo, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Jacob Robert Ozuna, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Annalisa Palmer, University Honors, Research and Creative Honors,
Summa Cum Laude
Neha Kiran Parmar, University Honors, Cum Laude
Brianna M. Purdie, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Ilya Gabriela Rosales, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Jeremy Franco Santamaria, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Aaron Carreon Sargento, University Honors
Mariana P. Sarmiento Hernandez, University Honors Pockets N. Schultz, University Honors, Cum Laude Michelle So, University Honors
Hyunbae Son, University Honors, Research and Creative Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Robert C. Springs, Research and Creative Honors, Magna Cum Laude Melinda Michele Stewart, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Nicole K. Sy, University Honors, Cum Laude
Kaylee Cathleen Thompson, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Pengxiang Tian, Research and Creative Honors, Magna Cum Laude Wilson Yutyeen To, University Honors, Research and Creative Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Michaela Mary Tomchek, University Honors, Research and Creative Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Jasmine Lissette Torres, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Sara G. Trimidal, University Honors, Research and Creative Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Stephanie Trinh, University Honors, Cum Laude
Craig A. Valdez, University Honors
Robert Vargas, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude Pauline Chanai Vintapatr, University Honors
Alexandra B. Washburn, University Honors, Cum Laude
Zachary S. Wells, University Honors
Sarah E. Werman, Research and Creative Honors, Summa Cum Laude Ngasze Yau, University Honors, Magna Cum Laude
William Zheng, University Honors, Research and Creative Honors, Magna Cum Laude
Vladislav P. Zhitny, University Honors, Research and Creative Honors, Summa Cum Laude
4 2017 Commencement
2017 Commencement 5
Doctor of Philosophy
Cheryl P. Anderson, Anthropology
The Bioarchaeology of Inequality during the Middle Bronze Age in Central Anatolia
James Andro-Vasko, Computer Science
Green Computing with the Emphasis on Power Down Techniques
Joshua D. Bartee, English
Reality and Nature in Robinson Jeffers
Suzanne Becker, Sociology
Fishnets and Femininities: Constructing and Contesting Gender, Sexuality and Identity within Roller Derby
Shawna L. Begay, Curriculum & Instruction
Developing a Navajo Educational Media Guide: A Community Perspective
Cecilia Billow, Special Education
Preschool Teacher Knowledge and Skills: Phonemic Awareness and Instruction
Monica M. Bolton, Psychology
An Evaluation of GABAB Receptors on Modulating Neuroinflammation in a Non-Transgenic Animal Model of Alzheimer's Disease
Daryl Boykin, Hospitality Administration
Price Prediction: Using Consumer Reviews to Predict a Hotel
Casino's Stock Price
Sean Breckling, Mathematical Sciences
Numerical and Sensitivity Analyses of Navier-Stokes-o Models
Jorge A. Castrejon, Public Affairs
Jornaleros Engaged in a Multidimensional Struggle: A Critical
Ethnography with Day Laborers in Las Vegas
Yang-Su Chen, Hospitality Administration
Examining the decoy and the phantom decoy effects in menu item choice
Cheryl R. Coleman, Public Affairs
Volunteer Management in Faith Based Organizations
Jacqueline Cordova, Educational Psychology
More bang for your buck: Bolstering learning via Refutation text with Refutation-Based Elaborated Feedback
Donald Allen Deever, Curriculum & Instruction
Death by Writing: In Search of a Prescriptive Software Solution for Curing Student Writing Ills in Postsecondary Nursing Education
6 2017 Commencement
Kimberly M. Florence, Higher Education
Understanding College Preparedness of First-Semester College Students
Cherie M. Gibson, Educational Psychology
Teachers' Perceptions of Motivational Support in Middle School Classrooms: A Multiple Case Study
Joshua L. Greenwood, Biological Sciences
Factors Influencing Induction of Desiccation Tolerance in Bryophytes: Redefining Fundamental Aspects of the Organism's Relationship with the Environment in Xeric Habitats
Amber L. Guckes, Mechanical Engineering
Applications of Elpasolites as a Multimode Radiation Sensor
Joice M. Higa, Special Education
Instructional Math Software in Secondary Special Education:
Teacher-reported Practices and Perceptions
Matthew S. Hodges, Mechanical Engineering
Fast Neutron Detection in Nuclear Material Photofission Assay using a 15 MeV Linear Electron Accelerator
Emi Ikeda, Mathematical Sciences
Investigation of Determinacy for Games of Variable Length
Taro Ito, Curriculum & Instruction
Effectiveness of ST Math College Remedial Students Learning Fraction Concepts
Luke M. Jackson, Teacher Education
Examining the Affordances of Dual Cognitive Processing to Explain the Development of High School Students' Nature of
Science Views
Shinyong Jung, Hospitality Administration
Influence of Sustainability Reward Program on Meeting Planners' Site Selection Decision and Perceived Value-for-Money
Mukesh Khadka, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Generalized Clusterwise Regression for Simultaneous Estimation of Optimal Pavement Clusters and Performance Models
Janet L King, Curriculum & Instruction
The Nature and Extent of Instructors' Use of Learning Analytics in Higher Education to Inform Teaching and Learning
Maryssa M. Kucskar, Special Education
A Comparison of the Effects of Video Modeling Other to Video Modeling Other and Peer-Implemented Pivotal Response Training on Positive Social Interactions in Young Children with Developmental Disabilities
Kathleen G. Larson, Psychology
The relationship between mood and implicit learning
Dev Maharjan, Geoscience
Environmental changes across the Early Mississippian greenhouse-icehouse transition
Danny Murphy, Teacher Education
Effects of Explicit-Reflective Instruction on Pre-service and
Novice Teachers' Epistemic and Conceptual Change Mediated by Reasoning
Nadia Hanin Nazlan, Hospitality Administration
The Effects of Availability Heuristic Cues on Restaurant Purchase Decisions
Marissa K. Nichols, Higher Education
An Examination of Differences in Division I FBS Student-Athlete Academic and Athletic Performance
David D. Nourse, Curriculum & Instruction
Success in online credit recovery: Factors influencing student academic performance
Meghan E. Pierce, Psychology
The Psychophysiological Correlates of Personality, Trauma, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Social Support
Joanne L. Ringer, Special Education
An Analysis of Stress and Self-Efficacy Experienced by General and Special Educators
Emma H. Ross, Psychology
Identifying Maltreated Youths at High Risk for Posttraumatic
Symptom Clusters Using Non-Parametric Modeling
Sidney R. Shields, Mathematical Sciences
Novel methods for the time-dependent Maxwell's Equations and their applications
Ravijot Singh, Curriculum & Instruction
De-Colonizing Language Needs: A Critical Ethnographic Study Of Former And Current Teachers' Language Dispositions And How Taking A Multicultural Education Course Mediates Those Dispositions
Lori Lynn Slater, Special Education
Comparing the Differences in Access to Professional Development for General Education and Special Education Teachers and the Subsequent Impact on Instructional Practice
Mohammadsoroush Tafazzoli, Civil & Environmental Engineering Dynamic Risk Analysis of Construction Delays Using Fuzzy- Failure Mode Effects Analysis
Tally Tinjum, Nursing
Psychometric Testing of the Malaria Critical Thinking Test
Joanne Ullman, Psychology
The Testing and Development of Potential Music Piracy Warnings
Naveen Kumar Veeramisti, Civil & Environmental Engineering
A Business Intelligence Framework for Network-level Traffic Safety Analyses
Ricardo Villalobos, Workforce Development and Organizational
Focus on Success: An Embedded Multiple-Case Study on How Youth Successfully Navigate Workforce Development Programs
Dolores Williamson, Special Education
Preview-View-Review: Increasing Academic Access for Students with Intellectual Disabilities who are Learning English
Leia P. Wilson, English
are you grieving girl
Nicholas Wozniak, Radiochemistry
Spectroscopic Signatures of Uranium Speciation for Forensics
Sungsik Yoon, Hospitality Administration
Transitions of Trust Across Different Business Context: Impact of the Sharing Economy on the Lodging Industry
Doctor of Musical Arts
Monique A. Arar, Performance
Going "Old School": Using Eighteenth-Century Models to Foster
Musical Skills and Creativity in Today's Students
Darrell L. Brown, Performance
Tres Danzas Cubanas by Alejandro Garcia Caturla: A Transcription for Wind Orchestra with Accompanying Biographical Sketch and Transcription Method
Bonita E. Bunt, Performance
Finding the Shakespeare in Ambroise Thomas's "Hamlet": A Comparison of Plot and Character in the Seventeenth-Century
Play and the Nineteenth-Century Opera
Eric Fassbender, Performance
Etudes for the Bassoon: An Annotated Bibliography and
Pedagogical Guide
Stephen Goldeck, Performance
John Philip Sousa and the Wagner Overture: A New Transcription of the Overture to Der fliegende Hollander for Wind Orchestra
Charles Amon Maguire, Performance
An Analysis and Band Transcription of Eric Whitacre's the River
Wendy K. Moss, Performance
Songs of the Cajuns: A History and Analysis of Joie de vivre: Five Impressions of Acadian-America
Stephen D. Turner, Performance
Of Sharks and Spaceships: The Role of the Tuba in John Williams's Scores for Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third
2017 Commencement 7
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Leslie Feth, Nursing Practice
Linda A. Hagemann, Nursing Practice
Jennifer Alaine Strawn, Nursing Practice
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Lauren A. Andrew, Physical Therapy
Michael Scott Baer, Physical Therapy
Sara Catherinea Bookout, Physical Therapy
Diana B. Contreras, Physical Therapy
Ciera Cortney, Physical Therapy
Talia Davis, Physical Therapy
James Steven Dimascio, Physical Therapy
Casey Ruell Donaldson, Physical Therapy
Casey U. Gray, Physical Therapy
Danielle L. Hahn, Physical Therapy
Christensen Gayle Cancel Javier Hardy, Physical Therapy
Jessica L. Heim, Physical Therapy
Rebeka Joann Hicks, Physical Therapy
Brandi Jo Hillock, Physical Therapy
Diana C. Hoffman, Physical Therapy
Christian W. Johnson, Physical Therapy
Aliitasi Kelemete, Physical Therapy
Matthew Jordan Kimber, Physical Therapy
Bradley Klemetson, Physical Therapy
Brooke Shaylin Laskowski, Physical Therapy
Kathryn Suzanne Lutjens, Physical Therapy
Robert Joseph Manzanares, Physical Therapy
Lisa Diane Matthews, Physical Therapy
Jayson R. Mcclaren, Physical Therapy
Kevin Jun Nelson, Physical Therapy
Kyle S. Ozaki, Physical Therapy
Matthew C. Poggemiller, Physical Therapy
Kristopher J. Raines, Physical Therapy
Casey C. Snell, Physical Therapy
Skyler Rell Sudweeks, Physical Therapy
Ian Tracy, Physical Therapy
Reynaldo Veloz, Physical Therapy
Kaylee J. Waters, Physical Therapy
Specialist in Education
Nicole M. Espinoza, Curriculum & Instruction
Sarah Elizabeth Mikulich, Educational Psychology
Jennifer O'Dell, Educational Psychology
Nicholas Paxton, Educational Psychology
Sara Ann Torgerson, Educational Psychology
Master of Architecture
Samantha Anderson, Architecture
Christina Bahnan, Architecture
Matthew D. Bogan, Architecture
Jas Le Carlson, Architecture
Jimmy Chang, Architecture
Sandra Contreras-chavez, Architecture
Jesus A. Garcia, Architecture
Yu Xiang Guan, Architecture
Kelsie D. Kulkin, Architecture
Jacob Anthony Leyrer, Architecture
David R. Mccredo III, Architecture
Shaza Nayef, Architecture
Juan S. Orduz, Architecture
Ryan Perdue, Architecture
Yi Wang, Architecture
Stephan Leslie Winfield, Architecture
Xavier Zhagui, Architecture
Logan Edward Ziegler, Architecture
Master of Arts
Martha E. Adrianzen, Urban Leadership
Rachel Lorraine Allen, Communication Studies
Alexia Alley, Criminal Justice
Arlene Andrade, Urban Leadership
Jocelyn N. Apodaca, Journalism & Media Studies
Lizbeth Arias, Political Science
Nohemi Arias, Urban Leadership
Cassandra Boyer, Criminal Justice
Nicholas S. Carfagno, Psychology
William Franqais Charette, Theatre Arts
Paula Ann-Michele Cioli, Criminal Justice
Jason L. Clark, History
Maddie Jo Evans, Sociology
Shatoiya Mekeal Hartwell, Urban Leadership
Matthew M. Jallits, Communication Studies
Nicole D. Jenkins, Sociology
Moncella Joseph-Giannattasio, Criminal Justice
Branden D. Jung, Economics
Morgan Keele, Criminal Justice
Jenessa Lynn Wilson Kenway, English
Christopher R. Kiley, Psychology
Liliana M. Kulaszewski, Urban Leadership
Ricardo R. Lansiquot, Economics
Kristina Lewis, History
Maryse E. Lundering-Timpano, History
Xiaoxiao Ma, Journalism & Media Studies
Michael L. Maleta, Economics
Shaun Scott Mangelson, Foreign Language-Spanish
Daniel Martinez, Urban Leadership
Abigail R. Mayfield, Psychology
Courtney L. Mcdaniel, Communication Studies
Alexander T. Milks, Economics
Brandi E. Mora, Urban Leadership
Kianoosh Mousavi Niaraki, Journalism & Media Studies
Leslie Nelson, Urban Leadership Miadora L. Nelson, Urban Leadership Jon O'Brien, Urban Leadership Michael Palena, Psychology
Taylor R. Palmer, Communication Studies Thitiya Pathakkhinang, Urban Leadership Karisa Noel Pavan, Criminal Justice Chloe Louise Powell, Communication Studies Chantae Readye, Urban Leadership Kyle Nathan Rodgers, Criminal Justice Brettney E. Samuelson, Criminal Justice Shelby L. Schneebeck, Urban Leadership Linsey M. Scriven, History Michael Sims, Urban Leadership
Tyler J. Snelling, Communication Studies Brigette Sachiko Sohn, Communication Studies Desiree Rouhi Soleymani, Urban Leadership Matthew Spurk, Urban Leadership Rachel Ware Stephensen, Criminal Justice Michelle D. Stewart, Urban Leadership Tera R. Still, Urban Leadership
Zachariah William Sullivan, Economics Paul A. Tatum, English
Larissa Teran, Communication Studies Jacqueline Mary Theriault, Urban Leadership Marco Gobec Thorson, Urban Leadership Stephanie Ann Fisher Till, History Daniel N. Tlatelpa, Economics
Gabriela Tscholl, Communication Studies Olivia G. Tuttle, Criminal Justice Christopher C. Wakefield, Sociology
Amaya N. Worthem, Journalism & Media Studies Breanne D. Yerkes, Psychology Frank T. Yi, Economics
Yuliya Yurashevich, Communication Studies
Master of Business Administration Claudia Lucia Andracki, Business Administration Nieya Anjomi, Business Administration Sean Conrad Aten, Business Administration Suraj Bajwa, Business Administration Leonil Dagani Brandel, Business Administration Corbin Bridge, Business Administration Steven Brody, Business Administration Andrew L. Brunson, Business Administration Eric Thomas Glenn, Business Administration Louis Gonzalez III, Business Administration Nicholas Joseph Gorman, Business Administration Ning Guo, Business Administration Qidan Guo, Business Administration Ryan Douglas Honey, Business Administration Candice Rachael Imam, Business Administration Kevin Taro Kao, Business Administration Justin D. Kimm, Business Administration
Robert Holland Leonard, Business Administration
Artur A. Maryamov, Business Administration
Chad Ian Miller, Business Administration
Oliver Musovski, Business Administration
Thao V. Nguyen, Business Administration
Amanda Monique Orosco, Business Administration Renee Suzanne Parker, Business Administration
Stephan Pingel, Business Administration
Tavon Pourboghrat, Business Administration
Bo Qiao, Business Administration
Catherine Anne Reid, Business Administration
Christopher M. Ritter, Business Administration Kacilyn Schroeder, Business Administration Ariel Mae Spicer, Business Administration Autumn E. Spicer, Business Administration
Agiimaa Tsogt, Business Administration
Jan Rodrigo Von Herburt-Hewell II, Business Administration
Wayman Michael Wittman, Business Administration
Master of Education
Lauren Latreice Adejumo, Curriculum & Instruction Kimberley Jiongco Africa, Curriculum & Instruction
Melanie Aldridge, Curriculum & Instruction
Jorge Luis Alvarado, Curriculum & Instruction Erik Chapman Andrus, Curriculum & Instruction Jennifer Bachman, Curriculum & Instruction
Greg Thomas Bailey, Curriculum & Instruction
Carly Barforth, Counselor Education
Daryan Jamel Barnes, Early Childhood Education Thomas J. Bates, Curriculum & Instruction
Christopher Baumgras, Curriculum & Instruction Mary Bailey Beach, Early Childhood Education Matthew Jordan Bisk, Curriculum & Instruction Felicia Lynn Bucher, Curriculum & Instruction
Latasha Burse, Special Education
Yvette Burton, Early Childhood Education
Gina Marie Cafone, Special Education
Angeline Glenn Carlson, Special Education
Jennifer Marie Carney, Counselor Education
Kevin Antony Carpenter, Curriculum & Instruction Josephine A. Carreon, Counselor Education
Leonard Castellanos, Special Education
Deisy Castro-Castro, Special Education
Mayra Ceballos, Early Childhood Education Halle Kathleen Champion, Special Education Niurka Cherta, Special Education
Chataie Clark, Curriculum & Instruction
Kimberly Coleman, Special Education
Maurice Anthony Cooper, Curriculum & Instruction Sarah Elizabeth Dailey, Higher Education
Heather Danser, English Language Learning
Ericka Dawson, Special Education
Dominique Mamie De Biasio, Curriculum & Instruction
Heidi Lynn Deyell, Special Education
Kristina Renee Donathan, Curriculum & Instruction Tamyra J. Donelson, Curriculum & Instruction
2017 Commencement 9
8 2017 Commencement
Deandra Rae Egan, Curriculum & Instruction Scarlet Rose Elkington, Curriculum & Instruction Toni Rochelle Elmer, Counselor Education Danielle C. Flores, Curriculum & Instruction Devin Tyler Foschi, Curriculum & Instruction Emily Kate Fox, Early Childhood Education Zenia Freeman, Educational Policy & Leadership Kathleen E. Galland, Educational Policy & Leadership Griselda Garcia, Curriculum & Instruction
Silvia Gascon De Gonzalez, Early Childhood Education Macy Ann Genenbacher, Curriculum & Instruction Amy Nicole Gibson, Curriculum & Instruction Trebor Lauri Gibson, Special Education Cody Gillespie, Curriculum & Instruction
Lindsay Frances Gilmour, Curriculum & Instruction Yasmin Golbadi, Curriculum & Instruction
Elena Seymana Gonzales - Nourrie, Higher Education Anthony Lamont Green, Special Education Marina Danielle Guerrero, Special Education Fatos Gul, Early Childhood Education
Katrina M. Hall, Curriculum & Instruction
Blake Hament, Curriculum & Instruction
Erik Christian Hardcastle, Curriculum & Instruction Sarah Jean Hartman, Curriculum & Instruction Stephanie Yamileth Hernandez, Curriculum & Instruction Lindsey Moore Hines, Curriculum & Instruction Michael Hobson, Curriculum & Instruction Nia Pamela Holmes, Special Education
Jacqueline Ngo Hong, Curriculum & Instruction Michael Lawrence Hough, Curriculum & Instruction Karen I. Hughes, Curriculum & Instruction Kaylea Janyce Huskey, Special Education Alexa Natalia Hysi, Curriculum & Instruction Max J. Johnson, Counselor Education
Lauren Renae Kaleta, Curriculum & Instruction
Haviva Kobany, Curriculum & Instruction Jasmine Kojouri, Curriculum & Instruction Aarin Adrielle Kulig, Curriculum & Instruction Leena Nitin Kulkarni, Curriculum & Instruction Ariana Kunin-Leavitt, Curriculum & Instruction Brian Laich, Curriculum & Instruction
Lindsey Nicole Lantz, Curriculum & Instruction
John Ho Lee, Curriculum & Instruction
Maria A. Lee-Camargo, Early Childhood Education Janneth Leon, Early Childhood Education Amanda Jeanne Lester, Curriculum & Instruction Nathaniel David Linn, Special Education Samuel Joseph Lopez, Special Education Ashley Renee Lucas, Curriculum & Instruction Alphonso A. Lucero II, Curriculum & Instruction Leslie J. Mancilla, Early Childhood Education Michelle Margaret Marin, Curriculum & Instruction Michael H. Martin, Educational Policy & Leadership Rebecca Matthes, Curriculum & Instruction
Lisa Marie Mcclure, Special Education LaShanda McGowan, Special Education Mashelia J. Moore, Curriculum & Instruction Courtney Napoli, Counselor Education Angell Nelson, Educational Policy & Leadership James O'Neil, Special Education Kathleen O'Neill, Special Education
Kelsey Brianne Pavelka, Curriculum & Instruction Sonja Pejak, Curriculum & Instruction
Christopher Jo Percy, Curriculum & Instruction Amy Poole, Special Education
Latasha Porter, Curriculum & Instruction Garrett Landon Pratt, Special Education Desiree Karen Provencher, Early Childhood Education Carolina Ramirez, Early Childhood Education Viviana Ramos, Early Childhood Education Jessica Recarey, Curriculum & Instruction Robyn LaShun Redding, Curriculum & Instruction Christopher Scott Reeder Jr., Curriculum & Instruction Lauren Ann Rehrauer, Early Childhood Education Dallas M. Reiber, Curriculum & Instruction
Osvaldo Reza, Curriculum & Instruction Stephanie L. Richardson, Counselor Education Adam Kent Ririe, Curriculum & Instruction
Gerant Teodoro Rivera-Alonso, Curriculum & Instruction Yessica Rodriguez, Counselor Education Eric Gabriel Roth, Curriculum & Instruction
Karuna Dasi Russell, Curriculum & Instruction Lindsey Ryan Sanborn, Curriculum & Instruction Rosemary Sandoval Cruz, Curriculum & Instruction Victoria Renee Sarantapoulos, Early Childhood Education Gregory Michael Schreck, Curriculum & Instruction Jamie Schroeder, English Language Learning Chelese Ann Schurman, Curriculum & Instruction Danielle C. Sellinger, Curriculum & Instruction
Chantal Crisela Shirley, Curriculum & Instruction Jonah Shulman, Curriculum & Instruction Jaritza Rita Sierra, Curriculum & Instruction James Silbert, Curriculum & Instruction Andre Dominic Sisk, Curriculum & Instruction Katie Marie Smith, Curriculum & Instruction Jason David Snyder, Educational Policy & Leadership Marisol Solis, Special Education
Alicia Soto, Curriculum & Instruction Sara M. Stefanski, Counselor Education Jasmine Stubbs, Curriculum & Instruction Krista M. Stuhr, Counselor Education
Jeanna Castillo Sulse, Curriculum & Instruction Joseph A. Swanner Jr., Higher Education
Katelynn Marie Tamayo, Curriculum & Instruction Mabel A. Tang, Curriculum & Instruction
Vincent Michael Tarquinio, Curriculum & Instruction Lashaundra Elizabeth Taylor, Special Education Michael Reid Thomas, Special Education
Alfonso Toro Jr., Curriculum & Instruction
Shambrion Yvonne Treadwell, Curriculum & Instruction Paige Tweedy, Special Education
Mary Theresa Veltre, Curriculum & Instruction Cassandra Raquel Waggy, Curriculum & Instruction Ashley Marie Washington, Special Education Meredith Amelia Whye, Early Childhood Education Deborah Williams, Special Education
Carissa Noel Wilson, Early Childhood Education Montana Wooden, Counselor Education
Katie E. Yeaton, Higher Education
Magdalena E. Zarzycka, Special Education
Darlyn Zenteno Aguilar, Early Childhood Education
Master of Fine Arts
Noha A. Al-Badry, Creative Writing Christine Bettis, Creative Writing
Thaddeus Barak Moore Celia-Zoellner, Art
Kristian Einstman, Creative Writing
Kelly Elcock, Creative Writing
Kathryne Gargano, Creative Writing
Raquel C. Harwick, Writing for Dramatic Media
Danielle L. Henry, Creative Writing
Felipe Javier Hernando Meneses, Writing for Dramatic Media Chloe Joy Josef-Weiner, Theatre Arts
Matthew J. Kollmer, Creative Writing
Jimin Kwon, Theatre Arts
Elee M. Oak, Creative Writing
Heather E. Radovich, Theatre Arts Ariana Turiansky, Creative Writing
Master of Health Care Administration
Ramil Conrad Bollozos, Health Car e Administration Donald omo Ohiowele, Health Care Administration Philip Jacob Reber, Health Care Administration
Jennifer M. Rice, Health Care Administration Jeffrey Wan, Health Care Administration
Master of Hospitality Administration
Tiffany Marie Braun, Hospitality Administration Michael Day, Hospitality Administration
Kenneth Anthony Evans, Hospitality Administration Jennifer Ann Montgomery, Hospitality Administration Cuong Q. Nguyen, Hospitality Administration
Viren Prakash Patel, Hospitality Administration Lauren Stephens, Hospitality Administration Colleen Sabrina Wong, Hospitality Administration Amanda Renee Wright, Hospitality Administration
Master of Music
Kyle S. Bissantz, Music Marla P. Huizar, Music
Christopher T. Martin, Music Emily Montoya Barnes, Music Bernard G. Moore III, Music Lena S. Na, Music
Michael B. Parham, Music
Jessica M. Patchett, Music
Alejandro M. Rivera, Music
Master of Public Administration
Andrea P. Blanco, Public Administration Betty S. Campbell, Public Administration Anna Rebecca Caputo, Public Administration Cheryl White Cooley, Public Administration Ruth A. Garay, Public Administration
Stephanie C. Hernandez, Public Administration Crystal Keel, Public Administration
Rocio Martinez-Saucedo, Public Administration Caprice J. Roberson, Public Administration Schuyler L. Roberson, Public Administration
Huiling Rojas, Public Administration
Lisa Nicole Sickinger-Tovar, Public Administration Rosa P. Sierra-Rosas, Public Administration
Richmond Warnke, Public Administration Michelle C. Word, Public Administration
Master of Public Health
Kimberly L. Anichowski, Public Health Noehealani C. Antolin, Public Health
Donica' G. Beckett, Public Health George Cimis, Public Health Lauren K. Diprete, Public Health Ryan Franco, Public Health Natasa Grujicic, Public Health Rachel M. Kolberg, Public Health Taylor R. Lewis, Public Health
Sfurti Maheshwari, Public Health Heidi Ann Manlove, Public Health Crystal Tosh Michel, Public Health Brandi Keiko Payanal, Public Health Raina Marie Rappel, Public Health Sabra Rachel-Marie Stanford, Public Health Regis A. Whaley, Public Health
Tara Marie Naoe Tacderan Wong, Public Health Wenlian Zhou, Public Health
Master of Science
Roberto S. Alarcon, Accounting
Shane Alley, Crisis & Emergency Management Sean Conrad Aten, Hotel Administration
Deepthi Ayyalasomayajula, Management Information Systems Courtney Bartlett, Geoscience
Zoe Zhuo Bogikes, Accounting
10 2017 Commencement
2017 Commencement 11
Kelly Lauren Boyd, Crisis & Emergency Management Danielle Kristen Boyle, Accounting
Tara Broad, Crisis & Emergency Management
Mengqi Cai, Hotel Administration
Jessica R. Campbell, Educational Psychology
Sana S. Chatoor, Management Information Systems Melissa H. Chernoff, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Donald Eugene Chiara, Accounting
Rebecca Couce, Mathematical Sciences
Cassie N. Craig, Crisis & Emergency Management
Kevin J. Curry, Accounting
Shelby Sidney Darden, Accounting
Karina M. Diestra, Management Information Systems
Daniel Y. Dinev, Accounting
Janae S. Downey, Accounting
Michael James Duranso, Accounting
Michael Evans, Geoscience
Ethan Nicholas Fishbane, Hotel Administration
Sara M. Gedo, Geoscience
Maria C. Gerardi, Biomedical Engineering
Evan H. Green, Accounting
Qidan Guo, Hotel Administration
Wenjia Han, Hotel Administration
Jordan W. Harris, Biomedical Engineering
Justin K. Hawkins-Young, Hotel Administration
Charles R. Herrmann, Biological Sciences
Lee T. Hess, Geoscience
Kristopher A. Holland, Accounting
Danielle C. Howard, Accounting
Minola Jane Hunt, Accounting
Candice Rachael Imam, Hotel Administration
Bradley Victor Iverson, Crisis & Emergency Management Zachary A. Jensen, Geoscience
Alexander C. Jones, Biological Sciences
Kevin Taro Kao, Management Information Systems Kapukotuwa Walawwe Kapukotuwa, Health Physics Rand P. Kelly, Physics
Cindy Xuan-Mai Kha, Biological Sciences
Eun Joo Kim, Hotel Administration
Nedka A. Klimas, Marriage & Family Therapy
Casey Charles Korby, Water Resources Management Clinton L. Kyle, Crisis & Emergency Management Bryan D. Land, Crisis & Emergency Management He Lin, Management Information Systems
Ruisong Lin, Accounting
Joana Maresh, Educational Psychology
Eden B. Martinez, Chemistry
Morgan Lynne McClintock, Accounting
Jesse Menor, Accounting
Stacie Yun-Ah Mitchell, Accounting
Eduardo Morales Vargas, Accounting
Karina Mundo, Accounting
Matthew Gregory Munseli, Accounting
Christian Neser, Marriage & Family Therapy
Samantha Nicole Ouren, Crisis & Emergency Management Suyeon Park, Accounting
Trupti Patel, Accounting
Johnson Phou, Accounting
Thomas G. Price, Geoscience
Gabriel Quiroz, Management Information Systems
Marybel Bianca Ramos, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Catherine Anne Reid, Management Information Systems Steven Lee Reinecker, Accounting
Michael Jared Riggs, Accounting
Christian Manuel Rios-Casstell, Accounting
Laura N. Roots, Mathematical Sciences
Ann Marie Rossotti, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Richard Lee Rowland II, Geoscience
John E. Scully, Accounting
Bradley Sensibaugh, Crisis & Emergency Management
Jon M. Shapiro, Physics
Darren Ty Sivertsen, Accounting
Cara Ann Sloman, Crisis & Emergency Management
Kelle Rachelle Snow, Educational Psychology
Pamela M. Solomon, Management Information Systems Jiaojiao Song, Hotel Administration
Homa Soroudi-Terzian, Mathematical Sciences
Amanda J. Stibick, Educational Psychology
Brittany N. Stuck, Accounting
Kyle C. Styck, Accounting
Jason R. Sylva, Chemistry
Chen Tan, Hotel Administration
Chen Tan, Management Information Systems
Afan M. Tarar, Geoscience
David S. Titus, Management Information Systems
Claudia Yohana Trimble, Accounting
Alexander Valentine, Geoscience
Amber Lee Walbeck, Crisis & Emergency Management
Amber B. Wasserman, Educational Psychology
Joseph Wieland, Crisis & Emergency Management
Wayman Michael Wittman, Hotel Administration
Jarod J. Wolffis, Chemistry
Zhiheng Xue, Accounting
Tiffany C. Yamanouchi, Accounting
Katherine Yost, Mathematical Sciences
Nick Zaccarelli, Accounting
Master of Science in Computer Science
Ashok Adhikari, Computer Science
Akshitha Reddy Chintalaphani, Computer Science
Payam Ezatpoor, Computer Science
Alexis Dominique Pierre Fouche, Computer Science
Rajasimha-Rao Gannamaneni, Computer Science
Sneha Goswami, Computer Science
Bhaikaji Gurung, Computer Science
Sweta Gurung, Computer Science
Marc G. Mcelrath, Computer Science
AmyT. Nakatani, Computer Science
Sai Phani Krishna Parsa, Computer Science
Tirambad Shiwakoti, Computer Science Chandani Shrestha, Computer Science Nishit Shrestha, Computer Science Ashish Tamrakar, Computer Science Priyanka Thota, Computer Science
Master of Science in Engineering
Asmelash T. Beshah, Electrical Engineering
James Martin Bristow, Civil & Environmental Engineering Keith Cockrell, Mechanical Engineering
Westley T. Davis, Mechanical Engineering
Mayara A. De Souza Aquino, Civil & Environmental Engineering Cory R. Dow, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Farideh Foroozandeh Shahraki, Electrical Engineering Robert Klitzke, Civil & Environmental Engineering Benju Koirala, Electrical Engineering
Min Long Lan, Electrical Engineering
Ruixing Li, Electrical Engineering
Matthew 0. Maier, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Nima Mohseni, Electrical Engineering
Ebrahim Nabizadeh Shahrebabak, Mechanical Engineering Blake T. Naccarato, Mechanical Engineering Andrew Liam Poland, Mechanical Engineering
Neha Nitin Raste, Electrical Engineering
Louis Gerard Cusio Rotea, Electrical Engineering Kul P. Shrestha, Civil & Environmental Engineering Charikleia Tsagkari, Electrical Engineering
SiamakTumari, Civil & Environmental Engineering Marco A. Velarde, Civil & Environmental Engineering George Luther Wallace, Civil & Environmental Engineering Nikita Ramesh Wanjale, Electrical Engineering
Master of Science in Exercise Physiology
Sydney C. Spoon, Exercise Physiology
Elizabeth Ann Tanner, Exercise Physiology
Master of Science in Kinesiology
Giro J. Agnelli, Kinesiology
Courtney Josephine Alley, Kinesiology
Sophia Dayle Bradley, Kinesiology
Kori K. Jeffries, Kinesiology Kyle T. Lessard, Kinesiology Travis White, Kinesiology
Master of Social Work
Sarah Chen Alshaikh, Social Work Demetria Atkinson, Social Work Lauren Marie Ball, Social Work Georgina Billingsley, Social Work Matthew James Bommarito, Social Work Andrew Franz Bozzelli, Social Work Jamie Marie Briseno, Social Work Nikole A. Brooks, Social Work
Roel Kay Brosius, Social Work Emily C. Burden, Social Work Andrea Caballero, Social Work
Matt Carter, Social Work Glenda E. Cruz, Social Work Samone Signorete Davis, Social Work Sherida Latriece Devine, Social Work Allie Drake, Social Work Danny Duvall, Social Work Marcia I. Flores, Social Work Marie Francis, Social Work Emily Janett Garcia, Social Work Cassidy Lynn Glaiel, Social Work Kelly Gomez, Social Work Jenna Grant, Social Work Mariel A. Gueco, Social Work Anthony P. Hemmert, Social Work Manami Ishikawa, Social Work Daniel Issa, Social Work Maryam Jahangiri, Social Work Lea Elizabeth Johnson, Social Work Courtney Patricia Kaminkow, Social Work Amy Nicole Kvaal, Social Work Arielle Lynne Lewis, Social Work Frances Anna Lopez Young, Social Work Kimberly Joseph Lowe, Social Work Melissa Chan Meevasin, Social Work Tina M. Merced, Social Work Alana Moore-Smith, Social Work Deanna B. Moslander, Social Work Nakesha Latarsh Moultrie, Social Work Bruno Moya, Social Work Maryssa Nagata, Social Work Sarah Anne Oettinger, Social Work Amanda Partin, Social Work Felipe De Leon Payumo, Social Work Jacqueline C. Paz, Social Work Samantha Pope, Social Work Maricez A. Ramos, Social Work Emily S. Roberts, Social Work Richard Sanchez, Social Work Shirley Marie Savage, Social Work Patricia A. Scherer, Social Work Haley J. Sisneros, Social Work Brittany Joan Skorek, Social Work Denara Michelle Talley, Social Work Leila Tone, Social Work
Tamara Ubiparipovic, Social Work Emily Charlotte Warren, Social Work Sarah Wiederholt, Social Work Mario Diane Winrow, Social Work Hayley Marie Wisner, Social Work Jennifer Lynn WOODALL, Social Work Sivan Yaz-Roash, Social Work
12 2017 Commencement
2017 Commencement 13
School of
Doctor of Dental Medicine
Rizalyne Abdelnour, Dentistry
Tazeen Shazreh Ahmed, Dentistry
Deborah Albers, Dentistry
Payden Anderson, Dentistry
Peter Stephen Bonifatto, Dentistry
Ecsile Y. Chang, Dentistry
Lauren Z. Chao, Dentistry
Alan S. Cho, Dentistry
Jenela Marie Chow, Dentistry
Peggy Pj Chuang, Dentistry
Sang H. Chung, Dentistry
Evan D. Davis, Dentistry
Tyler A. Davis, Dentistry
Jessica R. Dick, Dentistry
David Hobson Diehl, Dentistry
Evan B. Ellsworth, Dentistry
Luzanne F. Ermita, Dentistry
Jessica Ann Etchell, Dentistry
Michelle Farnoush, Dentistry
Stephen G. Frugoli, Dentistry
Steve Bryan Garcia, Dentistry
Kory R. Grahl, Dentistry
Matthew Griffith, Dentistry
Caitlin E. Gunn, Dentistry
Freidun Hadi, Dentistry
Brian R. Hale, Dentistry
Devin P. Harr, Dentistry
Justina Marie Hernandez, Dentistry
Dung T. Ho, Dentistry
Trever Hoffman, Dentistry
Tram Minh Huynh, Dentistry
Debbie Jang, Dentistry
Jiyea Kang, Dentistry
Donna Karimzada, Dentistry
Wanni Lie, Dentistry
Christopher L. Ligon, Dentistry
Ji Kin Loh, Dentistry
Karina K. Ma, Dentistry
Julie A. Mercado, Dentistry
Kari Lynn Miller, Dentistry
Ryan Namiri-Kalantari, Dentistry
Clayton T. Neilson, Dentistry
Robert Nguyen, Dentistry
Xuan-Binh T. Nguyen, Dentistry
Heather N. Olson, Dentistry
Griffin D. Park, Dentistry
Harshal P. Patel, Dentistry
Keya V. Patel, Dentistry
Brady T. Petersen, Dentistry
Tracy Quynh Pham, Dentistry
Johnathan Phan, Dentistry
Jasmyn S. Pock, Dentistry
Daniel A. Reid, Dentistry
Neema Rosta, Dentistry
Jayjay Sapigao, Dentistry
Akanksha Sharma, Dentistry
Irina G. Sharp, Dentistry
Laurel Mira Shin, Dentistry
Eric Shyu, Dentistry
John N. Siivaroli, Dentistry
Blair T. Simeon, Dentistry
John Daniel Skipper Jr., Dentistry
Aaron J. Stoker, Dentistry
Sheronda Strider-Barraza, Dentistry
Ha-Lan T. Tran, Dentistry
Lluvia Valenzuela, Dentistry
Justin L. Wang, Dentistry
Joseph L. Weber, Dentistry
Austin Argyle Whetten, Dentistry
Kaylee K. Wonder, Dentistry
Chun Yin Wong, Dentistry
Minghe Zhang, Dentistry
Juris Doctor
Pamela Anda, Law
Hector Alonso Arevalo Jr., Law
Heather Armantrout, Law
Christopher Lee Blandford, Law
Edward Randal Bond, Law
Ronni Nicole Boskovich, Law
Adrienne R. Brantley, Law
Patricks. Caddick, Law
Heather Marie Caliguire, Law
Elizabeth S. Carmona, Law
Jose Emmanuel Carmona, Law
Garrett R. Chase, Law
Jordan A. Christensen, Law
Jonathan S. Chung, Law
Michael H. Coggeshall, Law
Nathaniel T. Collins, Law
Jada Cook, Law
Justin Allen Come, Law
Emily K. Cunningham, Law
Shannon L. Diaz, Law
Brad Duda, Law
Ann Dunn, Law
Emily L. Dyer, Law
Kimie Eacobacci, Law
David Ryan Efros, Law
Adam Ronald Ellis, Law Veronica Fink, Law Chelsea B. Finnegan, Law Betty J. Foley, Law Jessie Lee Folkestad, Law Matthew J. Frauenfeld, Law Paul A. George, Law Jessica Lynn Georgescu, Law Angel P. Getsov, Law Fargol Ghadiri, Law William J. Grigsby, Law Brandonn M. Grossman, Law Daniel R. Hansen, Law Sean Christian Hartlieb, Law Emily Ruth Haws, Law Marckia L. Hayes, Law Baylie A. Hellman, Law Jacob E. Hernandez, Law Keith J D Hightower, Law Michael T. Hua, Law Forrest Shane Jackson, Law Jacob P. Jackson, Law Chelsee Jensen, Law Kevin M. Johnson, Law Kristian T. Kaskla, Law Aarin Elyse Kevorkian, Law Kory Jordan Koerperich, Law Marta D. Kurshumova, Law Ashley Anne Lacher, Law Bradley L. Lipman, Law Caitlin J. Lorelli, Law Colton Taylor Loretz, Law James V. Lovett, Law Katherine C. Maher, Law Monica Martinez, Law Tye D. Masters, Law Kristen D. Matteoni, Law Michael Matthis, Law Michael Steven Matzke, Law Jason L. May, Law
Zavier Alice Clare Mcfall-Maycock, Law Yu Meng, Law
Grayson J. Moulton, Law John Tyler Mowbray, Law Mohammad Rashad Nasereddin, Law Benjamin Nemec, Law Shawna L. Nguyen, Law Daniel R. Ormsby, Law Andrea D. Orwoll, Law
Javier Jonathan Pacheco, Law Brianda T. Padilla, Law Jessie M. Papperman, Law Brianne Alana Perkins, Law Kevin J. Peterson, Law
Alyssa Nicole Piraino, Law Nicholas D. Pitaro, Law Audra J. Powell, Law Cassandra Mae Ramey, Law Lynnel Marie Reyes, Law Lena R. Rieke, Law Yasnai Caridad Rodriguez, Law Mayra I. Salinas-Menjivar, Law Robert Jennings Schmidt, Law Andrew J. Semprazik, Law Connor H. Shea, Law Douglas Heiner Smith, Law Nancy Ruonan Snow, Law Chelsea M. Stacey, Law Michael Z. Stannard, Law Mark R. Starr, Law Seth M. Strickland, Law Stace Taylor, Law Kenneth H. Tedford III, Law Therapathara Thantacheva, Law Agiimaa Tsogt, Law Piers Robert Tueller, Law Frank Urrutia, Law
Chase A. Van Oostendorp, Law
Adrian S. Viesca, Law Michael A. Viets, Law Taylor D. Void, Law Brittany L. Walker, Law Mackenzie Warren, Law Thomas M. Wells, Law Sarah Elizabeth White, Law Bre'ahn Lashethe Williams, Law Hilary A. Williams, Law Evan Thomas Wozniak, Law Kyle Wyant, Law
Susan Eileen Yates, Law
Master of Laws
Steven Joseph Brody, Gaming Law and Regulation Patrick Nelson Lambert, Gaming Law and Regulation Linda Ann Madril, Gaming Law and Regulation Richard S. Madril, Gaming Law and Regulation Theodores Perilis, Gaming Law and Regulation Timothy Edward Revero, Gaming Law and Regulation Lynn Ann Rutledge, Gaming Law and Regulation Michaela Soleova, Gaming Law and Regulation Brittnie T. Watkins, Gaming Law and Regulation Donna Marie Wittig, Gaming Law and Regulation
14 2017 Commencement
2017 Commencement
School of
Bachelor of Science
Alejandra Acosta, Kinesiological Sciences
Lindsey Marie Afifeh, Nutrition Sciences
Kathleen M. Agusto, Kinesiological Sciences
Jaime J. Alegre, Kinesiological Sciences
Mallorie Maritza Amezcua, Kinesiological Sciences
Joyce M. Amissah, Nutrition Sciences
Sapir Angel, Kinesiological Sciences
Brian Antflick, Kinesiological Sciences
Ayesha S. Apique, Kinesiological Sciences
Alexis Arrieta, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Danica S. Atienza, Kinesiological Sciences
Elizabeth Kay Atwood, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Sarah Baek, Kinesiological Sciences
Maria Celina Baligad, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Catherine Barahona, Kinesiological Sciences
Breanna Leigh Becker, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
David Beske, Kinesiological Sciences
Danielle L. Billmaier, Kinesiological Sciences
Tyler Blackwell, Kinesiological Sciences
Amalia Joy Blanco, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Garnet Agnes Blando, Kinesiological Sciences
Christopher A. Blonk, Athletic Training
Christopher A. Blonk, Kinesiological Sciences
Alyssa Joy Boman, Kinesiological Sciences
Svetlana Bozic Jurkovic, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Rachel Brock, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Logan T. Brown, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Avery Burton, Kinesiological Sciences
Joemar Buyao, Kinesiological Sciences
Rafael Lorenzo Cabrera, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Darrin Campbell, Kinesiological Sciences
Emily Mildred Casale, Kinesiological Sciences
Ryan William Castillo, Kinesiological Sciences
Shanice Chantal Chedi, Athletic Training (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Yen-Hua Chen, Nutrition Sciences
Laureina Q. Cheng, Kinesiological Sciences
Micaela Chewjalearn, Kinesiological Sciences
Kyle L. Chiu, Kinesiological Sciences
Jennifer R. Cuozzo, Nutrition Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Aricia Mercedes Dami, Kinesiological Sciences
Camille M. Davis, Kinesiological Sciences
Sarah Rebecca Demma, Kinesiological Sciences
Luisa Difalco, Kinesiological Sciences
Sarah M. Difuntorum, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Monina Dimaguila, Kinesiological Sciences
Julien Dragomir, Kinesiological Sciences
Desislava Hristova Etougova, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Truitt L. Evans, Kinesiological Sciences
Hiba K. Fakih, Nutrition Sciences
Sahar Fayad, Nutrition Sciences (Cum Laude) Marco Antonio Flores, Kinesiological Sciences
Gleicinara Andressa Fonseca, Kinesiological Sciences
Sydney L. Franklin, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Paul Francis Fromherz, Athletic Training (Cum Laude) Rebecca A. Fullington, Kinesiological Sciences Regan Fung, Kinesiological Sciences
Achiraya Gankhang, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Robert Joseph Gannon, Kinesiological Sciences
Audy Jayme D. Garcia, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Christopher E. Garcia, Kinesiological Sciences Sarah Marie Glanister, Kinesiological Sciences Sierra Anne Glenn, Kinesiological Sciences
Danyella Jessica Gonzalez, Kinesiological Sciences Jesse Gonzalez, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Anthony Gabriel Grajeda, Kinesiological Sciences Bianka Frances Griego, Kinesiological Sciences Jessica Carolina Guigni, Kinesiological Sciences Kadee Hancock, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Hoda A. Hassanieh, Kinesiological Sciences Tai Marie Hawkins, Kinesiological Sciences Trevor Robert Hunt, Kinesiological Sciences Ryan Vincent Javelosa, Kinesiological Sciences Jessica Rae Jensen, Nutrition Sciences
Rose Ann Jones, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Vanja Josipovic, Kinesiological Sciences
Travis Jin-su Kang, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Simarpreet Kaur, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Sean Kehl, Athletic Training
Michaela L. Kelsey, Kinesiological Sciences
Sara Elizabeth Kester, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude) Jesper John Laborete, Kinesiological Sciences
Katherine Anne Lackinger, Kinesiological Sciences Gloria Langstraat, Kinesiological Sciences Sora Julie Lee, Nutrition Sciences (Cum Laude)
Daniel Paul Levine, Nutrition Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) Luciana Lim, Comprehensive Medical Imaging Jennifer Marie Link-Cuadrado, Nutrition Sciences Ashleigh A. Livingston, Kinesiological Sciences Alexandra G. Lopez, Nutrition Sciences Elizabeth Lopez, Kinesiological Sciences
Ryan Christopher Lopez, Kinesiological Sciences Ainsley L. Lovejoy, Athletic Training
Yen H. Lu, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) Allison P. Lubsey, Kinesiological Sciences Heather Lee Madsen, Athletic Training
Christopher Joseph Ragadio Magno, Kinesiological Sciences Dillon J. Martin, Nutrition Sciences (Summa Cum Laude) Alicia Rae Martinez, Kinesiological Sciences
Kenneth Isauro Martinez-orendain, Nutrition Sciences
Dawn M. Matusz, Nutrition Sciences
Marissa Mayer, Kinesiological Sciences
Shelby Rogoway Mazon, Kinesiological Sciences
Ashley Ann Miller, Nutrition Sciences
Misty L. Miller, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University
Arnie-Gayle G. Miran, Athletic Training
Kellie Chiemi Miyashima, Kinesiological Sciences
Sandra Moore, Kinesiological Sciences
Emani Georgette Morgan, Kinesiological Sciences
Chelsea Marie Moya, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Brittney Dawn Mucikyan, Kinesiological Sciences
Kathryne I. Murphey, Kinesiological Sciences
Anamey D. Nava, Kinesiological Sciences
Emily Ann Nawroth, Kinesiological Sciences
Chloe Anne Nieves, Kinesiological Sciences
Lalisa Nopkars, Kinesiological Sciences
Ricardo Nungaray, Kinesiological Sciences
Thorn R. O'Dell, Kinesiological Sciences
Vernice E. Ollano, Athletic Training & Kinesiological Sciences
David Orr, Athletic Training
Douglas Gerald Ousdigian, Kinesiological Sciences
Cirimille Faye Galera Paglinawan, Kinesiological Sciences
Francesca Marie Paraz, Nutrition Sciences
Jonas Pelayo, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Lan Phuong Hoang Pham, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Brianna Rose Picone, Athletic Training
Amanda Leigh Pittman, Kinesiological Sciences
Sandra Yaneza Ponce, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Latisha Tamika Pryor, Health Physics
Christina Madelain Putrus, Kinesiological Sciences
Jesse James Jaime Garcia Quiazon, Kinesiological Sciences
Mizpah Gazmin Raga, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Timothy Joseph Rambo, Kinesiological Sciences
Regina Grace Ramos Ramos, Kinesiological Sciences
Gregory M. Reed, Kinesiological Sciences
Diana Laura Regalado, Athletic Training
Martha N. Regalado, Kinesiological Sciences
Jessica Nicole Reilly, Kinesiological Sciences
Troy Junior Remer, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Vajae Brandia Robinson, Kinesiological Sciences
Megan Nicole Rome, Kinesiological Sciences
Stephanie S. Ronquillo, Kinesiological Sciences
Stephanie T Rosen, Kinesiological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Geselle A. Rufin, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Jose Gustavo Sandoval II, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Carlos Santamaria, Kinesiological Sciences
Christian Reginald Santos, Kinesiological Sciences
Sonia Santoyo, Kinesiological Sciences
Kimberly Paige Scarlette, Nutrition Sciences (Cum Laude)
Laura Louise Schaffer, Kinesiological Sciences
Karleen Victoria Schlichtmann, Kinesiological Sciences
Michelle Andrea Schneider, Athletic Training & Kinesiological Sciences
Rondale Leslie Scruggs, Kinesiological Sciences
Mark M. Serrano, Kinesiological Sciences
Mark Shannon, Kinesiological Sciences
Teola Lee Shaw, Kinesiological Sciences
Jeff Morgan Sinacori, Kinesiological Sciences
Janiece M. Sistrunk, Kinesiological Sciences
Dominique Smith, Kinesiological Sciences
Vernon G. Sotto, Kinesiological Sciences
Lillian Gabrielle Spinello, Athletic Training
Paul Michael Spink, Nuclear Medicine
Shandrea Ny'cole Stampley, Kinesiological Sciences
Jaclyn D. Sumsky, Nutrition Sciences
Rodezza Sacayan Tabano, Kinesiological Sciences
Satomi Takahashi, Kinesiological Sciences
Sasipa Tipwong, Nutrition Sciences
Ashley Cassandra M. Tolentino, Kinesiological Sciences LisamarieTomassetti, Nutrition Sciences
Guillermo Fernando Trujillo, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Harnet K. Tsehaye, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Dulce V. Uriarte-Sanchez, Nutrition Sciences
Kylee Ann Vandenberg, Kinesiological Sciences
Nicole Lynn Varela, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Ashley S. Velazquez, Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Ana Villa, Kinesiological Sciences
Natalia Raquel Villa, Kinesiological Sciences
Ryan Jason Vinuya, Kinesiological Sciences
Donna Wachsman, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Dakota Joey Wadkins, Kinesiological Sciences
Louis Waterbury, Kinesiological Sciences
Steven Scott Wicker, Kinesiological Sciences
Jeremy Will, Nutrition Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Christopher James Wilson, Kinesiological Sciences
Alyssa Wing, Kinesiological Sciences
Anthony C. Wong, Kinesiological Sciences
Damian M. Wright, Kinesiological Sciences
Zi Yang, Kinesiological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Bachelor of Arts
Jeremy Ryan Adras, Economics
Meghan T. Azevedo, Economics
Eric James Beal, Economics
Michael Hubert Dillon, Economics
Elan A. Eldar, Economics
Andrew Michael Encinas, Economics
Alexandra Christine Ferguson, Economics
Nicholas Raymond Giuliani, Economics
Shirley M. Huynh, Economics
Sungmok Hwang, Economics
Tabetha M. John, Economics
Robert Lee Kohberger, Economics
Marshall A. Krakauer, Economics (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Jason M. Kreitz, Economics (Cum Laude) University Honors
16 2017 Commencement
2017 Commencement 17
Ruben Luna, Economics
Christian McCarran, Economics
Edris Mohsin, Economics
Tiffany Anne Patton, Economics
Michelle R. Robinson, Economics
Nicholas Sphar, Economics (Magna Cum Laude)
Mecca N. Walker, Economics
Laurie A. Wofford, Economics
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Nicole Ciara Kliu Adachi, Management
Irma Agacevic, Accounting
Alena Agapitova, Finance (Cum Laude)
Alena Agapitova, Real Estate & Urban Economics (Cum Laude)
Claudia M. Aguilar, Management
Christian Aleman, Economics (Cum Laude)
Marin D. Alexiev, Finance
Nadia Alexieva, Management
Malia Uilani T. Alfeche, Marketing
Juan J. Almanza, Accounting
Israel Alvarez, Management
Jonathan Thomas Angerman, Accounting
Jacqueline L. Aranda, International Business
Desirae Ardolino, Marketing
Ruben Arrieta, Finance
Christian Arroyo, Management (Magna Cum Laude)
Jessica S. Arslanian, Accounting
Seth Eben Asare, Real Estate & Urban Economics
Christian Valencia Astorga, Finance
Christian Valencia Astorga, Marketing
David Ataian, Management (Cum Laude)
Dilyana Antonova Atanasova, Finance (Cum Laude)
Melanie Atkin, Accounting
Angela M. Avila, Marketing
Sean Robert Avne, Management
Theo Babajanian, Marketing
Jakob Backover, International Business
Lateek K. Bailey, Marketing
Krystal Rose Balliet, Entrepreneurship
Zorrex A. Bangit, International Business
Zorrex A. Bangit, Marketing
Greta Bardos, International Business
Elisabeth Ann Bartel, Management
Nadege Barthelmy, Accounting
Charlina Ann Becker, Management
Jacob Becker, Management
Baru K. Belin II, Finance
Caroline Bello, Marketing
Annie E. Bellorin, Accounting
Annie E. Bellorin, Finance
William Barrett Benedict, Finance
Angelica Maria Bengochea, Marketing
David M. Bivins, Finance
Alyssa Ann Bowman, International Business
Brandi Bradshaw, Management (Cum Laude)
Gustavo Bravo, Management
Angela Marie Brown, Management
Kiara Brown, Marketing
Kyle M. Broyard, Management
Marlon Nico B Bulaong, Marketing
Oswin Truth Burnett, Accounting
Tamika Bush, Management
Gitana M. Cafasso, Management
Cashmere Lynelle Cameron, Marketing
Valeria Canales, Marketing
Marion P. Canestrier, Accounting (Cum Laude) University Honors
Jacob Carroll, Finance
Rey-Justin Sajor Castillo, Finance
Timothy Armand Dela Cruz Castillo, Accounting
Charissa Cazimero, Accounting
Lorenzo Armando Ceniceros, Management
Yuhsuan Cheng, Accounting
Chorlinda D. Chheng, Accounting
Yeojin Choi, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
David Cobian, Accounting
David Cobian, Finance
Massiel Cofino, Management
Orin S. Colegrove, Finance
Sidney James Collins, Economics
Rieziell-Marie Gomez Cortina, Accounting
Darek Brandon Costa, Finance
Daniel Costantini, Finance
Amena K. Crawford, Finance
William Crocker, Management
Nicholas Jaymes Cruz, Marketing
Deven Marie Cull, Marketing
Thomas R. Cunningham, Finance
Joselle Anne Custodio, Finance
Eric William Dahlin, Management
Sydney Alyssia Davis, Management
Fabiola De la Cruz Herrera, Finance
Andrea Marie DeBrino, Accounting
Joyce Deguzman, Finance
Raymond Del Rosario, Marketing
Christopher James Derbyshire, Finance
Jeremiah Jacob Dietz, Accounting
Margaret Donar, Accounting
Jordan Mckinley Eisinger, Economics
Naomi M. Ellis, Management
Jacob A. Epstein, Finance
Ibel M. Escalona, Marketing
Nestor Daniel Escoto, Accounting
Alissa Jill Eubanks, Marketing
Matthew A. Evans, Finance
Mark Evaristo, Marketing
Maris Eyasu, International Business
Jessica Farias, Entrepreneurship
Adrian Joel Favela, Accounting
Hana Feleke, Finance
Kyle V. Ferrara, Accounting
Jeffrey D. Fey, Information Management
Jeffrey D. Fey, Management
Taylor Danielle Finkelstein, Marketing (Cum Laude)
Raymond H. Finucan, Finance
Kevin James Fitzpatrick-crummie, Management
Mashon Reggina Flemming Tucker, Marketing
Kevin J. Flores, Accounting
Rosa Isela Flores, Accounting
* Jorge A. Fornos, Management
Kaitlyn Froetschel, Accounting
Tameka Frye, Accounting
Amanda Fuller, Accounting
Jessica Marcelo Gatchalian, Management
Erin Taylor George-kim, Management
Miriam Ghebremicael, Management
Christopher R. Girard, Information Management
Igor Glisic, Management
Dyllan Michael Godfrey, Information Management
Aaron Isaac Gonzalez, Marketing
Cesar Gonzalez, Accounting
Miguel Alejandro Gonzalez, Management
Jonathan Carlo Gosioco, Economics & Finance
Devon James Graff, International Business
David Griffin, Management
Nicholas Anthony Guillen, Management
Andrew-gregory Guinsatao, Finance
Brian Gustafson, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Jaklin Guyumjyan, Finance
Estifanos Haile, Accounting
Tyler Michael Hallmann, Marketing
Hilda Aguirre Halstead, Accounting
Albert Basil Hamika, Finance
Jullia J. Han, Marketing
Caio Victor Hanaoka Dini, Finance
Jacob R. Hansen, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Tatsiana Harker, Accounting
Arisa Henderson, Accounting
Daniel Cristian Heredia, Management
Cynthia Hernandez, Management
Vanessa F. Hernandez, Management
Yanick Lee Hickman, Finance
Ryan Thomas Hirsch, Accounting
Wyatt Morgan Holmes, Management
\ Tyler Dwayne Horne, Information Management
James Huff, Information Management
James Huff, Management
Eliana Hurtado, International Business
Michael Aaron Jacobs, Accounting
Dane M. Jonas, Management
Carl Victor Jonson, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Adriana L. Joseph, International Business
Daniel Sun Kang, International Business
Erdal Karabacak, International Business
Krystal L. Kelly, Entrepreneurship
William Ryan Kelly, Finance
Photchanicha Khowabut, Management
Nahee Kim, Marketing
Song Yi Kim, Finance
Paije Stallone Kimble, Marketing
Joshua Klimchak, Management
Sung In Ko, Accounting
Haley Vaughn Kornychuk, Management
Morgan Kosmicki, Finance
William Frederick Kreitler, Management
Ginger Kuang, Management
Joseph F. Kuhn, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Joseph F. Kuhn, Finance (Magna Cum Laude)
Hun Bong Kwon, Accounting
Phyo Kyaw, Finance
Manuel Lachica Landingin, Management
Amabell J. Lankford, International Business
Ying Lin Lao, Accounting
Derrick K. Le, Marketing
Son Due Le, Marketing
Christal Louise Lebaron, Accounting
Bianca Jade Lee, Finance
Samuel Jin Lee, Accounting
Jacob B. Leonard, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
David Lopez, Management
Francisco Lopez Martinez, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
David Luashvili, Finance
Vy T. Ly, Accounting
Matthew John Lynch, Finance
Kun Ma, Finance
William Francis MacDonald III, Entrepreneurship
Ernesto Araujo Macias, Accounting
Jessica Katherine Magallon, Management
Brandon P. Malenky, Finance
Christopher Malloy, Marketing
Cristal D. Marquez-Tovar, International Business
Sable Marsalis, Management
Jonathan Ryan Martin, Accounting
Leda Laura Martinez, International Business
Nathanael Jerome Mathre, Finance
Jason J. Maurer, Management
Jessica Elizabeth Mayo, Marketing
Lamont J. Mccue, Economics (Magna Cum Laude)
Laura Mary McFall, Management
Ryan Mcquillan, Management
Samuel Medina, Accounting
Briana Mendoza, Management
Rebeca Mendoza, Management
Celine E. Menist, Marketing
Christopher Alan Mercer, Management
Cindy Vianey Meza Velarde, Finance
Maria Nereyda Meza-Reyes, Accounting (Cum Laude)
18 2017 Commencement
2017 Commencement 19
Rocky Faranci Mezy Jr., Accounting (Magna Cum Laude) Obdulia Miguel, Accounting
Curtis B. Miller, Accounting
Holden Evan Miller, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Ryan Miller, Entrepreneurship
Narsi Mishel, Marketing
Scott C. Miyake, Accounting
Miyuki Kalli Miyamori, Accounting
Andres Molina, Marketing
Mitchell Ian Monroe, Entrepreneurship
Mohammed Ali Moten, Finance
Thomas Muije, Economics
Oscar Muniz, Finance
Bethany Myers, Marketing
Kai Tatsuo Naito, Management (Cum Laude)
Yuri Tiffany Naito, Accounting
Maria Clarence Y. Navarro, Marketing Aida Nazaryan, International Business Heather Christine Neckritz, Management Heather Christine Neckritz, Marketing
Milena Lyubomirova Nedelcheva, International Business Robert Andrew Nelson, Accounting
Nick Princy Ngouma, International Business
Tre Armani Norman, Marketing (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Erika Cecilia Oceguera, Accounting
Dagnew Mergia Oli, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Mami Ono, Accounting
Alison 0. Ordanza, Accounting
Alejandra Ortega, Marketing
Kurtis Michael Palandech, Management (Cum Laude)
Michelle Panko, Accounting
Aldrin Lawrence T Parumog, Accounting
Carlina Giuditta Pastrone, Entrepreneurship
Khrystal Payton-Scheels, Marketing
Jillian Pedri, Marketing
Emmanuel Penson-Gravel, Accounting
Karie M. Perea, Accounting
Kristin M. Piatkowski, Accounting
Joseph H. Polito, Finance
Krishil Pratap, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Tyler Michael Prough, Management
Alissa Riel Qassam Ali, Accounting Hai Qian, Finance (Cum Laude) Yao Qin, Marketing
Erick Ramirez, Finance
Erica Marie Reed, Accounting
Kahreen Reid, Finance
Kelsey Ann Tengco Remo, Marketing
Michael G. Rhoden Jr., Accounting
Keanu Joshua Rhodes, Accounting Khalon Richard, Finance & Marketing Taylor Valerie Richards, Finance Spencer L. Ridenour, Marketing
Pamela Rios, Entrepreneurship
Ariadna Del Carmen Rodriguez, Accounting David Romero, International Business
Jennifer Romero-Linn, International Business Joshua Clarke Roosendaal, Entrepreneurship Ashley Rosenberger, Marketing
Dayani Sucueylin Ruiz-Matute, International Business Benjamin Walter Rush III, Accounting
Krystal Blue Sagun, Accounting
Nicholas James Salami, Finance
Lyra J. Saldi, Marketing
Kendall Leigh Sandoval, Marketing Kyle Erickson Saxelid, Management Blake W. Schackel, Management Katrina A. Scheuermann, Accounting Tiffany Antoinette Schwartz, Management Benjamin K. Shamanis, International Business John Patrick Sheehan, Economics
Jennifer Remolete Silerio, Management (Cum Laude) Jordan R. Siminoe, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Tiana Auriel Sipe, Marketing
Dakoda Skenandore, Finance
Ana Griselda Smith, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude) Michelle So, Accounting, University Honors Jason D. Socia, Economics (Magna Cum Laude) Blake Whitten Sofich, Entrepreneurship Feven Samson Solomon, Marketing Brittney Lynn Stalbaum, Accounting
Savannah Rae Stallworth, Marketing Leonard Tone Steere V, Accounting
Skylar D. Stevens, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude) Alexander Roy Strate, Entrepreneurship
Spenser Michael Sullivan, International Business Rui Sun, Finance
Celine Teresa Taing, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude) Princes Martin Taj, Management
Jocelyn Kit Tan, Accounting
Teresa Tang, Accounting
Marguis Tshombe Dwayne Taylor, Finance
Robert Daniel Taylor, Finance
Sheena Rachelle Taylor, Finance Stephani L. Taylor, Accounting Goezde Tekin, Economics
GoezdeTekin, International Business Daniel Hisami Tokunaga, Management
Alexander J. Toma, Management Anthony Ross Tomaro, Accounting Kieran Y. Tomas-Miyashiro, Finance Ashley L. Torres, Marketing Daniel Tu, Finance
Adam Garabed Tufenkjian, Finance
Jenna Christine Tullis, Management (Cum Laude) Joseph Uhl, Marketing
Evan Umenhofer, Management
Petronella Gina Vamberi, International Business
Travis W. Vance, Management
Christopher Carlos Vaquero, Management
Taylor Vasquez, Finance
Vianey R. Vega Miker, Accounting
Jonathan Velasco, Entrepreneurship
Salvador Villa, Marketing
Gustavo Villa-Herrera, Accounting
Abigail C. Villegas, International Business
Jonathan D. Walker, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Jordan Janet Walters, Management
Jiahui Wang, Finance
Stephanie Shin Wang, Accounting
Brandy C. Ward, Accounting (Cum Laude)
Tyler Scott Weaver, Management
Rachel Weiss, Marketing
Alexander Cole Westland, Economics
Marley Williams, Finance
David Cody Winward, Finance
Katrina Camille Wistisen, Accounting
Kyle Leyu Wong, Marketing
Stephenie Katy Xayadeth, Accounting
Chang Xu, Finance
Ngasze C. Yau, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Nicole M. Yee, Marketing
Sandy Rene Young, Accounting
Sean Wattana Yrizarry, Accounting
Byron Andrew Yup, Accounting
Kristin R. Zamani, Marketing
Jorge L. Zamora, Accounting
Maggie Zhang, Finance
Yalu Zhang, Management
Galyna Zubko, Accounting (Magna Cum Laude)
Htet Y. Zuu, Finance
School of
Bachelor of Science
Ariel Aguilar, Health Care Administration
Dania Ali Awada, Health Care Administration
Kay Alison Baria Baptista, Health Care Administration
Casey A. Barber, Public Health (Summa Cum Laude) University &
Research and Creative Honors
Melissa R. Bartshe, Public Health (Magna Cum Laude)
Shirley D. Bonilla, Health Care Administration
Julierose Llave Borja, Health Care Administration (Cum Laude)
Nicole P. Brigola, Health Care Administration
Carmella Gabrielle Bugay, Health Care Administration
Joey-Anna S. Chevalier, Health Care Administration
Felicia Hyunmin Cho, Health Care Administration (Cum Laude)
Eliza Mae Carandang Cuenca, Health Care Administration
Natalia Seed Demoss, Health Care Administration Catherine N. Deocampo, Public Health (Magna Cum Laude) Mark Lorenz Domingo, Health Care Administration Mayra L. Dominguez, Public Health
Marnilo Dungca, Health Care Administration Ravina I. Em, Public Health
Alexandria Simone Evans, Public Health
Zandra Barnes Fernandez, Health Care Administration Rosmery Garcia, Health Care Administration
Brandy Michelle Gardner, Health Care Administration Ivanna Del Pilar Goicochea, Health Care Administration Gricelda M. Gomez, Health Care Administration
Raquel M. Gonzalez, Public Health
Zachary Ryan Gunier, Health Care Administration Kelly Laverne Heath, Health Care Administration
Dayana Noemi Hernandez, Health Care Administration Tina Marie Hugall, Health Care Administration Nathan Sana Inovejas, Health Care Administration Neil Patrick Insigne, Health Care Administration Natasa Iric, Health Care Administration
Farjana Jui, Health Care Administration Dan K. Kwon, Health Care Administration Saquoia Lewis, Public Health
Andrea Mandril, Health Care Administration
Priscilla Alexis Manrique, Health Care Administration Carly Evelyn Moore, Health Care Administration Sin Ng, Health Care Administration
Dominique Thanh Nguyen, Health Care Administration Kylie Meridien Ojers, Public Health
Katryne Tomato Opiniano, Health Care Administration Bandana Paija, Public Health
Neleida Pelaez, Public Health (Magna Cum Laude) Kasey Micah Phillips, Public Health
Kristin Elta Proto, Health Care Administration
Rocio Ramos Candelas, Health Care Administration Steven R. Rangel, Health Care Administration Shy-wyanna Daminquie Roberts, Public Health Kent F. Rockwell, Health Care Administration
Cristina Rene Romero, Health Care Administration Morgan Ann Rouw, Health Care Administration Lawrence Nartatez Sagadraca, Public Health
Erika Paige Samuelson, Health Care Administration Gabriela Sotelo, Health Care Administration
Marissa Iwalani Jane Tagatac, Health Care Administration Ryan Roxas Tisbe, Health Care Administration
Susan Elaine Valdez, Public Health
Yaritza Velazquez-Rodriguez, Health Care Administration Jonathan Trevor Wolfson, Health Care Administration Christina Yang, Health Care Administration
Valenteen Yousefi, Health Care Administration Jasmin Jessell Zapata, Health Care Administration
20 2017 Commencement
2017 Commencement 21
College of
Bachelor of Arts in Education
Christina Marie Bousema, Secondary Education
Hannah Jordan Kelley, Secondary Education (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Haley Michelle Ruzek, Secondary Education
Bachelor of Science
Kara Lynnae Adams, Early Childhood Education
Makele Allen, Early Childhood Education
Jordan Lee Andrews, Early Childhood Education
Miriam Annel Anglin, Human Services
Brittany Beverly Ashton, Human Services
Carla Ayala, Human Services
Keyosha Shajuan Bowden, Human Services
Mariely Bravo, Human Services
Meghan C. Burke, Human Services
Jade Elizabeth Casillas, Human Services
Jessica Kuuipo Cheney, Human Services
Urey Wai Cheung, Human Services
Megan Lynn Curry, Early Childhood Education (Magna Cum Laude)
Ciera Kathryn Dahlstedt, Human Services
Shelby Dale Detweiler, Early Childhood Education
Kailee H.T.L.R Dudoit, Human Services
Engelor Elusserre, Human Services
Shannon Lynn Fessler, Human Services
Monica M. Fleischmann, Human Services
Conny D. Gamboa, Early Childhood Education
Jessica Angelina Gomez, Human Services
Addy M. Gonzales, Early Childhood Education
Sidney Louise Hamilton, Human Services
Winter Hendel, Human Services
Jensen B. Hrusecky, Human Services
Patience Ashley Isom, Human Services
Dominique Janevski, Early Childhood Education
Tia Kamil Johnson, Human Services
Sarah Tiru Kidane, Human Services
Darya Koczela, Human Services (Magna Cum Laude)
Daniela Krstic, Early Childhood Education
Edit A. Lalli, Early Childhood Education
Latashia E. Lawson, Human Services
Michael Brian Leary, Human Services
Brooke Nicole Lederman, Human Services
Essence Lino, Human Services
Karina Lopez, Early Childhood Education
Cassandra Louise Manoogian, Human Services
Malori Hexa Mauck, Early Childhood Education
Erica Elizabeth Mota, Early Childhood Education
Janneth Nodal, Human Services
Marlene Aide Pedroza, Early Childhood Education
Jennifer L. Peers, Early Childhood Education
Omar Perez, Human Services
Summer A. Pfarr, Human Services
Sarah E. Racine, Early Childhood Education
Austin Rappazzo-Hansen, Early Childhood Education (Cum Laude)
Jeremy Tom Reeves, Human Services
Alicia L. Robinson, Human Services
Peter Nicholas Stefanou II, Human Services
Sara M. Stoeckinger, Early Childhood Education
Antwahn M. Taylor, Human Services
Krystal Vazquez Lara, Human Services
Sophia Veloz, Human Services
Megan Louise Watson, Early Childhood Education
Stacey R. Watson-Loffredo, Human Services
Felisha Wells, Human Services
Sadie Elizabeth White, Human Services
Karen Wilson, Human Services
Bachelor of Science in Education
Angelica Carimar Acosta, Special Education
Allison Agnew, Special Education
Javier Cary Alegria, Secondary Education (Cum Laude)
Briaunna Nichole Alexander, Elementary Education
Tania M. Alvarado, Elementary Education
Vannessa Apo, Secondary Education (Cum Laude)
Acel Arceo, Elementary Education (Magna Cum Laude)
Erica Arias, Elementary Education
Tyler Arsen, Secondary Education
Sara Marie Austin, Elementary Education (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Katelyn Ann Barnson, Elementary Education
Laura Vanesa Becerra, Elementary Education
Tricia-anne M. Becker, Elementary Education
Tori Madison Beckstead, Special Education
Victoria R. Begin, Elementary Education
Brooke Eliza Bergquist, Secondary Education
Eric Sammarco Billington, Secondary Education
Debbora Christine Binggeli, Elementary Education (Cum Laude)
Vincent Gene Castro Bognot, Secondary Education
Breanna Marie Brynjulson, Elementary Education
Zachary Thomas Cabanski, Special Education
Andrea Alejandra CamposCaceres, Elementary Education
Maria Ericka Carrillo-Herrera, Secondary Education
Stephanie Chase, Elementary Education (Cum Laude)
Yudid Chavez, Elementary Education
Hayun Cho, Special Education
Kayleigh A. Christy, Special Education
Rachel Clough, Secondary Education
Kevin Daniels, Secondary Education
Nicole Del Valle, Elementary Education
Hannah M. Dey, Secondary Education (Magna Cum Laude) University
Melanie Aleda Drown, Elementary Education
Marisa Elaine Findlay, Elementary Education
Clare E. Finley, Secondary Education
Kimberly Flores, Elementary Education
Francesca Rose Foti, Special Education
Kaelie Franks, Elementary Education
Lily S. Garcia, Elementary Education
Heather Marie Gesualdo, Elementary Education
Mayra Alejandra Gomez, Special Education
Callie Lynn Green, Secondary Education (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Jessica Leigh Gunderman, Elementary Education
Madonna Hakim, Elementary Education
Kristi Leigh Hartz, Elementary Education
Tanner Michael Hawkins, Secondary Education
Toni Catherine Haws, Elementary Education
Amanda Danielle Heller, Special Education
Summer Ann Horton, Elementary Education
Erin Rose Howe, Elementary Education
Kyle S. Huff, Elementary Education
Chunjie Hui, Elementary Education (Magna Cum Laude)
Erin R. Hurley, Elementary Education
Madison Nicole Johonnot, Elementary Education (Magna Cum Laude)
Cassondra Keven, Special Education (Magna Cum Laude)
Erika Kittelson, Special Education (Cum Laude)
Stephanie A. Kozelnik, Elementary Education
Alexandra Marie Lafon, Elementary Education
Amber Laforges, Elementary Education
Sarah H. Lee, Elementary Education
Ashley Marie Loubert, Elementary Education
Rena L. Martinez, Elementary Education
Joseph Gary Mayeux, Elementary Education
Megan Mcpherson, Elementary Education
Jeanette Lynn Mcquillan, Special Education
Kahli A. Meadows, Elementary Education
Gabrielle Julian Morris, Elementary Education
Kyle Murrell, Special Education
Amber Patricia Nielsen, Elementary Education
Kendra D. Norman, Elementary Education
Mayra Novoa, Elementary Education (Cum Laude)
Laura Kathryn Olsen, Elementary Education
Christina Pace, Elementary Education
Vanessa Alexandra Paredes, Elementary Education
Diza R. Parker, Elementary Education
Sabrina Antoinette Perez, Elementary Education
Tiffany Petty, Secondary Education
Kourtney Pridgen, Secondary Education
Gabriella Quarantello, Elementary Education
Monica M. Ramos, Elementary Education
Jasmine Rathel, Elementary Education
Mariah L. Rivero, Secondary Education
Karina Rodriguez, Special Education
Kattie Rodriguez, Elementary Education
Caroline Laura Saquido, Secondary Education
Albert Anthony C. Schutzman, Secondary Education
Preston Pierce Scott, Secondary Education
Adam Semel, Elementary Education
Stephanie Shadoan-Stramaglio, Secondary Education
Berenice Siliezar, Elementary Education
De Marcus Michael Small, Secondary Education
Kayli Smith, Elementary Education
Andrea Marie Spiller, Elementary Education
Kayla Nicole Stanley, Elementary Education
Lacey S. Suey, Elementary Education
Derrick Tabish, Secondary Education
Renee Kathryn Tesarek, Elementary Education
Tyler Erin Thurston, Special Education (Magna Cum Laude)
Daniel Tillman, Secondary Education
Sara Kristine Tinker, Elementary Education
Danielle Nicole Trudeau-lewis, Secondary Education
Kenna Marie Turner, Elementary Education
Katia Y. Uriarte-Sanchez, Elementary Education
Guillermo E. Vivas, Elementary Education
Megan Wagner, Elementary Education
Jessica Marie Ward, Elementary Education
Maureen Nicole Wheeler, Elementary Education
Alexandra Nicole White, Elementary Education
College of
Bachelor of Arts
Briton J. Frank, Computer Science
Michael Jay Niederhauser, Computer Science
Angel Adan Polanco, Computer Science
Florence Pearl Ternes, Computer Science
Chase H. Tobler, Computer Science (Cum Laude)
Bachelor of Science
Daniel Tewelde Asfeha, Computer Science
Amanda J. Austin, Computer Science (Summa Cum Laude) University
Trenton Connor Balogh, Computer Science
Joseph A. Bickner, Computer Science
Abraham Hueshun Cheng, Computer Science
Kyle L. Chiu, Computer Science
Daniela B. Chootong, Computer Science (Cum Laude)
Oswaldo Cisneros-Merino, Computer Science
Brian Thomas Cummings II, Computer Science
Blair C. Davidson, Computer Science
Alexies Fabian, Computer Science, University Honors
Danielle Fernandez de la Mata, Computer Science
Jarrett N. Greig, Computer Science (Cum Laude)
David Giancarlo Hernandez, Computer Science
Nicholas Chau Ngoc Huynh, Computer Science, University Honors Randolph Chau Bao Huynh, Computer Science
Aditya R. Ingle, Computer Science
Joy Sigarra Lamug, Computer Science
Jung Ho Lee, Computer Science (Summa Cum Laude)
Lily Lei, Computer Science
Alex Lubsey, Computer Science
Joel Macias-Venegas, Computer Science
22 2017 Commencement
2017 Commencement 23
Kaelan Christopher Mcintosh, Computer Science
John Moodie, Computer Science
Antonio Morales-Gallardo, Computer Science
John G. Orenza, Computer Science
Ronald L. Pai, Computer Science
Joshua Gerodias Sanchez, Computer Science
Aaron Carreon Sargento, Computer Science, University Honors Marco Antonio Serna, Computer Science
Theresa Marie O'. Sianez, Construction Management
Lester Andrew Smythe III, Computer Science Andrea M. Taylor, Construction Management Thomas Andrew Teren, Computer Science Michael A. Walker, Computer Science
Alexandra B. Washburn, Computer Science (Cum Laude) University Honors
Billy Wong, Computer Science
Beverly Ann Wood, Computer Science (Cum Laude)
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Andrea M. Aldana, Computer Engineering
Numan Allam, Mechanical Engineering
Steven Andra, Civil Engineering
Dominique Anguiano, Computer Engineering
Lisett N. Avelar, Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Edward Banas, Electrical Engineering
Srdjan Bosnjak, Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Ryan Briggs, Mechanical Engineering (Summa Cum Laude) Michelle Y. Chiu, Mechanical Engineering
Jessica M. Cole, Mechanical Engineering
Darryl Ray Corniel Jr., Mechanical Engineering
Kyle J. Deignan, Electrical Engineering
Nathan M. Enos, Civil Engineering (Cum Laude)
Chandon J. Esplin, Electrical Engineering
Julio Bryan Figueroa, Mechanical Engineering
Zachary Ryan Frank, Mechanical Engineering
Rene Aburto Garcia, Civil Engineering
James Blake Garner, Electrical Engineering
Michael A. Ghisilieri, Computer Engineering
Corwin C. Grigg, Mechanical Engineering
Rodolfo Apolo Gutierrez, Electrical Engineering
David Hale, Mechanical Engineering
Kyle William Hugh Hemenway, Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Henry, Mechanical Engineering
Tyler J. Huddleston, Electrical Engineering
David Hunt, Computer Engineering
Anthony Daniel Irizarry, Civil Engineering
Martin N. Jaime Viveros, Computer Engineering
Donaji Jimenez-Morales, Mechanical Engineering
Timothy M. Larsen, Electrical Engineering
Sally D. Lee, Mechanical Engineering
James Anthony Maliniemi, Mechanical Engineering
Corey Bryce Malinowski, Mechanical Engineering Lawrence C. Martinez, Mechanical Engineering
James K. Mellott, Electrical Engineering
Nicolas Michel, Mechanical Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Eric Clark Monahan, Electrical Engineering David Ryan Morris, Civil Engineering Nam Chan Nguy, Mechanical Engineering Co T. Nguyen, Electrical Engineering Davis J. Nguyen, Mechanical Engineering TrungT. Nguyen, Mechanical Engineering Derek Nhan, Computer Engineering Alvaro Orduna, Electrical Engineering Isaias M. Osorio, Computer Engineering Nathan Reed Petersen, Civil Engineering Allan V. Pineda, Electrical Engineering Alicia Qiu Cheung, Civil Engineering
Juan Carlos Quezada Jr., Civil Engineering
Victor Manuel Quintanilla Jr., Mechanical Engineering Francisco Javier Reynoso-Guzman, Mechanical Engineering Martha Rios, Civil Engineering
Angelica Rodriguez, Mechanical Engineering (Cum Laude) Martin H. Roque, Mechanical Engineering
Arnulfo Lubong Sadang, Mechanical Engineering Raheel Sadiq, Electrical Engineering
Alexander S. Santiago, Civil Engineering Daniel Sigler, Mechanical Engineering Stephanie A. Silic, Electrical Engineering Darius James Smith, Computer Engineering Staford D. Snow, Computer Engineering Calvin V. Suratos, Computer Engineering Melvin Suratos, Computer Engineering
Alexander Daniel Szepelak, Mechanical Engineering Derek Ta, Mechanical Engineering
Marques Devon Thompson, Mechanical Engineering Kay L. Van, Civil Engineering
Liza Danielle Vernon, Mechanical Engineering Samuel Luis Villanueva, Electrical Engineering Brandon T. Wade, Computer Engineering Cassandra Lynn Williams, Electrical Engineering Sara Marie Williams, Mechanical Engineering Isaac S. Wilson, Mechanical Engineering Brandon Winkel, Mechanical Engineering YetneberkTesfaye Worku, Electrical Engineering Yosemit Xolalpa Rosales, Computer Engineering Jonathan Michael Young, Computer Engineering
College of
Bachelor of Arts
Barry Hiroshi A Abarquez, Music Alyssa A. Alizor, Film
Haley M. Anderson, Theatre Arts Emilio Arboleda, Film (Cum Laude) Eben-Ezer Arias, Music
Abel Joshua Nolasco Asa, Theatre Arts
Cynthia K. Baggett, Film, University Honors Wayne J. Bailey, Film
Anthony Robert Blander, Theatre Arts Kevin James Blessing, Film
Cassidy-Ann K. Bonifacio, Theatre Arts Natanya Rey Boozer, Theatre Arts Vincent Patrick Briscoe, Film Dreeka Dreon Brown, Art Max Luis Bru, Film Stacy Mary E Burger, Dance Keven H. Campos-Celaya, Art Lee A. Cannarozzo, Art History Hunter C. Cannistraci, Film Samantha Dawn Carrillo, Film Veronica Lucero Castillo, Film Armando L. Cavallero, Film Kenneth B. Clemente, Film Margaret Grace Courter, Film Amber Marie Dagdagan, Theatre Arts Mathilda Q. Dao, Art Kinsey Diaz, Theatre Arts Jeremy Dietz, Film Louis Alan Douglas, Art
Devon Emanuelson, Theatre Arts Skylar D. Feist, Dance Talia Gavish, Film
Karen S. Gibson, Theatre Arts Eddie Gomez, Film Megan E. Hagstrom, Film Stephen G. Hauser, Film Tyler N. Howard, Film Kimberly Paige Hutner, Art Tiffanie Rose Ignacio, Film Aleksandra I. Ivanova, Theatre Arts Brandon Jackson, Art Patricia Jauregui, Art
Tiana Leshay Jones, Theatre Arts Kenton H. King, Film
Sarah Cady Knauss, Theatre Arts Sarah J. Kozloski, Film
Megan E. Lake, Music (Magna Cum Laude) Jeremy Jacob Lanner, Film Kyra Mykel Lehtinen, Film Robert A. Machado, Film Dondre A. Massey, Film Justine A. Masznicz, Film Breanna Mccallum, Theatre Arts
Connor Allen Mccarty, Film (Summa Cum Laude) Zach J. Mckee, Art
Leah A. Medina, Theatre Arts Barbara Jean Moos, Art (Cum Laude) Sam A. Murphy, Theatre Arts Grace L.W. Njoroge, Theatre Arts Nichelle Devon Nordahl, Art
Derek K. Nuno, Art
Nathaniel Edwards Oakes, Film
Amanda Ann Olson, Art
Tanya Romaine Olson, Film
Chrislaine Tino Paayas, Art History
Sheyenne M. Padilla, Art
Giovanna Sophia Pannullo, Dance
Casey Parker, Theatre Arts
Alma Noemi Perez, Film
Karla Pichardo, Film
Leidy Pino, Art (posthumously)
Patrick Tomas Quinn, Film
Brieanna Mykel Ramthun, Theatre Arts
Madeline Edean Schrenkeisen, Film (Cum Laude)
Michael David Scott, Film (Magna Cum Laude)
Matthew L. Shepard, Film
Pamela Lynn Simmons, Art
Jamaal (Mike) Smalls, Theatre Arts
Cassie M. Smith, Theatre Arts
Steven Waite Smith, Film
Brendan Vincent Soliwoda, Film
Hannah E. Stover, Art
Supathep Suksangasophon, Art
Junwu Tan, Film
Jesse Teta, Film
Maia Julianne Thielen, Music (Magna Cum Laude)
Joseph L. Thomas, Film
Quynhu Jessica Tran, Art
Amanda Jo Tyo, Theatre Arts
Brady A. Villamor, Theatre Arts
Sarah Rose Waller, Film
Sidney Mitchell Gerard Williams, Art
Tyler J. Wolfe, Dance
Shely Lashonda Wright, Dance
Michael C. Yee, Art
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Jessica Vanessa Alvarez, Art
Ryan Tetsuo Arakawa, Art
Georgia Maria Cotsis, Dance
Miranda Rene Evans, Dance
Hayley Louise Flora, Dance
Q'shaundra CJ James, Art
Ksenia Kozyreva, Dance
Eric Thai Le, Art
Lucinda Maria Luevanos, Dance
Kaitlyn Krystyna Marcus, Dance
Danielle Lou Moore, Dance (Cum Laude)
Danny Wei On, Art
Chanta L. Payne, Dance
Christian Taylor Peralta, Art
Courtney Lynn Rivas-De La Cruz, Art
24 2017 Commencement
2017 Commencement 25
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Vincent 0. Aldana, Landscape Architecture
Dangduy Vu Trinh, Landscape Architecture
Bachelor of Music
Eliysheba Ruwth Anderson, Music
Eben-Ezer Arias, Music
Alexander I. Baskin, Music
Gianni Becker, Music
Jevoi C. Blount, Music
Lacy Nicole Burchfield, Music
Sean A. Carbone, Music
Brandon L. Denman, Music
Heather Rose Elise, Music
Erika N. Hill, Music
Lindsay Johnson, Music
Shannon Lorraine Kaiser, Music
Jeremy James Klewicki, Music (Magna Cum Laude) University
Maria Kolesnik, Music
Breanna Nicole Lesure, Music
Taylor Leialoha Hikari Madrid, Music (Cum Laude)
Dylan B. Musso, Music
Ashlee Ruder, Music
Keoni Sailer, Music
Joseph J. Sanchez, Music
Megan E. Schnizlein, Music
Bachelor of Science
Arlene Arakelian, Graphic Design & Media
Maria X. Arteaga, Architecture
Christina Bahnan, Architecture
Donna Batilova Batilova, Architecture
Kwasi A. Boakye, Graphic Design & Media
Sara Diane Stuteville Brookshire, Architecture
Miriam Calderon-Garcia, Graphic Design & Media
Luis F. Carrillo, Graphic Design & Media
Meghan Nicole Cerone, Architecture
Hayaejin Chong, Entertainment Engineering Design
Debbie Correa, Architecture
Juan Cruz-Maldonado, Architecture
Jose Cuellar, Architecture
Scott William Davis, Architecture (Summa Cum Laude)
Roger B. Engle, Architecture
Tabitha J. Engle, Entertainment Engineering Design (Cum Laude)
University Honors
Claire Laurel Etchison, Architecture
Kristian Grapilon Fama, Graphic Design & Media
Jacob Salvador Foust, Graphic Design & Media
Omar Garcia, Architecture
Laura S. Garrison, Graphic Design & Media
Patricia Leigh Gonsalves, Architecture
Jennie Pauline Hall, Graphic Design & Media
Carrie L. Hope, Architecture
Jazmin M. Jones, Architecture
26 2017 Commencement
Seowan Jun, Graphic Design & Media
Wayny Le, Architecture
Soyoung Lee, Graphic Design & Media
Jessica L. Magdefrau, Graphic Design & Media
Lyanicka Ponce Marcos, Graphic Design & Media
Ruth Eugenia Martinez, Graphic Design & Media
Stephen Alexander Noonan, Graphic Design & Media
Rey-Vanjo Pablico Pamuspusan Jr., Architecture
Shasta R. Percival, Architecture (Cum Laude)
Roberto Piedra, Architecture
Anjenette H. Pineda, Architecture
Mike Oliver Puga, Architecture
Silvia Flor Quiroz-Perez, Architecture
Melissa J. Rand, Graphic Design & Media
Diana C. Rangel Hernandez, Architecture
Eduardo Sanchez, Architecture
Mallory Faith Savage, Architecture
Brandan Kirk Siebrecht, Architecture
Irene L. Summer, Architecture
Dane Ward Tidwell, Graphic Design & Media
Donovan C. Trimble, Graphic Design & Media
William Zheng, Architecture (Magna Cum Laude) University &
Research and Creative Honors
College of
Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts Management
Jade E. Adams, Culinary Arts Management
Jacqueline Jae Wells, Culinary Arts Management
Bachelor of Science in Gaming
Taylor John Ross, Gaming Management
Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration
Rhetwick Anthony Basu, Beverage Management
Alexandra Nicole Emery, Hospitality Management
Preston Fidler, Hospitality Management
Audrey D. Gainer, Hospitality Management
Sarah A. Horne, Hospitality Management
Min Kyong Jeong, Hospitality Management
Matthew Ryan Jones, Hotel Administration
Dong Eun Kim, Hospitality Management
Sung Taek Kim, Meetings & Events Management
Regina Kolesnikova, Hotel Administration
Vanessa K. Medrano, Hospitality Management
Soniya J. Mody, Hospitality Management
Hannah Park, Hospitality Management
Thomas Ricca, Hospitality Management
Seiko Candiz Santos, Hospitality Management
Vicky Serrano, Hospitality Management
Jieuri Shin, Hospitality Management Andrea Tarnai, Hospitality Management Clent D. Trammell, Hotel Administration AlexTsatourian, Hospitality Management Kenneth Charles Valadez, Hospitality Management Alexander Leland Wong, Hospitality Management Kyungah Yang, Hotel Administration
Bachelor of Science
Madeline M. Afusia, Hospitality Management Jordan L. Alcoran, Hospitality Management Noelito Bathan Aquino, Hospitality Management Cristian Aranda, Hospitality Management Angela Brianne Arkin, Hospitality Management Imani N. Baldain, Hospitality Management Julia Baldwin, Hospitality Management
Mia Leandra Ballesteros, Hospitality Management Hernan Banos Jr., Hospitality Management Samantha Amina Banz, Hospitality Management
Nancy Pamela Barreto, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Sable Maria Beck, Hospitality Management
Jessica Adanely Beltran, Hospitality Management Ryan Michael Berger, Hospitality Management Scott Carlos Bernal, Hospitality Management Tristan Marie Bolinder, Hospitality Management Alana R. Bonsilao, Hospitality Management
Erin Bowers, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Mora E. Brinckerhoff, Hospitality Management Brandon Thomas Brooks, Hospitality Management Jacob Clyde Budisantoso, Hospitality Management Natalie Marie Bulen, Hospitality Management Jairo Paulo Chio Calangi, Hospitality Management Janell T. Cameras, Hospitality Management Nicole Marie Candioglos, Hospitality Management Vicente Carrera, Hospitality Management Alexandria Marie Casal, Hospitality Management Yadira Casillas, Hospitality Management Alejandro Ceja, Hospitality Management Noah Cerezo, Hospitality Management Brett A. Chacon, Hospitality Management
Julia Faith San Miguel Chanco, Hospitality Management Aonan Chang, Hospitality Management Younna Chang, Hospitality Management Oi Ian Chao, Hospitality Management Calvin Chen, Hospitality Management Hsuan Chen, Hospitality Management Jiayang Chen, Hospitality Management Keyan Chen, Hospitality Management
Na Chen, Hospitality Management
Shuangshuang Chen, Hospitality Management Yitong Chen, Hospitality Management Mengya Cheng, Hospitality Management Wui Chon Cheong, Hospitality Management Yiu Hon Cheung, Hospitality Management Wan Wai Chiu, Hospitality Management
Ming Tat Marcus Chow, Hospitality Management Pei Zheng Jonathan Chu, Hospitality Management Morgan Cohen, Hospitality Management Kayla M. Colbert, Hospitality Management Tran Thanh Cong, Hospitality Management Alyssa N. Cordova, Hospitality Management Olivia June An Crick, Hospitality Management Kelvin Dalope, Hospitality Management Dylan Davidson, Hospitality Management Erica Joy Dela Cruz, Hospitality Management Nicholas E. Demet, Hospitality Management Polina Dermenzhi, Hospitality Management Hannah Elizabeth Devaney, Hospitality Management Arely Diaz, Hospitality Management
Roselyn Ganotisi Domingo, Hospitality Management Angela Re'nae Dorsey, Hospitality Management Harley L. Dubsky, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Jackson Dunn, Hospitality Management Zachary C. Earnest, Hospitality Management Estefania Escobar, Hospitality Management Nick Anthony Esposito, Hospitality Management Julia Fehervari, Hospitality Management Timothy Aaron Felix, Hospitality Management Yue Feng, Hospitality Management
Allyssa Juanatas Ferrer, Hospitality Management Cotton C. Fleming, Hospitality Management
Hayley Louise Flora, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Alicia Flores, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Erica Flores, Hospitality Management
Jacqueline Lissette Flores, Hospitality Management Ricky Pak Lun Fong, Hospitality Management Wenxing Gai, Hospitality Management
Weili Gao, Hospitality Management Yidan Gao, Hospitality Management Alfonso Garcia, Hospitality Management Esmeralda Garcia, Hospitality Management Karlea Nicole Garguile, Hospitality Management Justin Ryan Garms, Hospitality Management Adrian George, Hospitality Management
Adrian Francisco Gomez, Hospitality Management Kimberly Aracely Gomez, Hospitality Management Ryan Gregory Gonzalez, Hospitality Management Aaron Goo Goo, Hospitality Management Lu Guan, Hospitality Management
Noheli Carolina Gutierrez, Hospitality Management Justin Aaron Hammond, Hospitality Management Junsheng Han, Hospitality Management
Keiko Elizabeth Hartmann, Hospitality Management Mallory Lucille Hayes, Hospitality Management Kimberly Anne Hendrick, Hospitality Management Kristina Marie Hendrick, Hospitality Management Henry Edgar Hernandez-Leon, Hospitality Management Jessica J. Hillman, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Tina Thuy Hoang, Hospitality Management Jeremy Hofstein, Hospitality Management
2017 Commencement 2J
Ningwei Hong, Hospitality Management
Seongjae Hong, Hospitality Management
Shuyan Hong, Hospitality Management
Hau Ting Hsu, Hospitality Management
Xiaoying Hu, Hospitality Management
Yang Hu, Hospitality Management
Zhenkang Hu, Hospitality Management
Ziyan Huang, Hospitality Management
Ho Man Ip, Hospitality Management
Young Hwan Jang, Hospitality Management
Susie Lee Jeon, Hospitality Management
Hailun Jin, Hospitality Management
Yang Jin, Hospitality Management
Nikhil Cheriammannil John, Hospitality Management
Rachel Tucker Jordan, Hospitality Management
Sungwon Jung, Hospitality Management
Henri Matti Jussila, Hospitality Management
Matthew Joseph Kalekas, Hospitality Management
Kelsey Jaye Kaplan, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) University
Jake Marcus Keller, Hospitality Management
Jason Anong Khamvongsa, Hospitality Management
Kaylyn Marie Kidd, Hospitality Management
Anna Kim, Hospitality Management
Boran Kim, Hospitality Management
Edward Hansol Kim, Hospitality Management
Jiyoon Kim, Hospitality Management
Joo Hee Kim, Hospitality Management
Kyeungrea Kim, Hospitality Management
Suk Young Kim, Hospitality Management
Sun Hye Kim, Hospitality Management
Maxwell William Kirske, Hospitality Management
Krisinda K. Kiyonaga, Hospitality Management
Natalie Klock, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)
Kaitlen Cathleen Koch, Hospitality Management
Mio Kochi, Hospitality Management
Kevin Jakob Koehler, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Sang Moon Kweon, Hospitality Management
Ariel Gwendoline Larson, Hospitality Management
Megan Lawson, Hospitality Management
Derrick Kevin Lee, Hospitality Management
Hye Eun Lee, Hospitality Management
Joon Lee, Hospitality Management
Seung Jae Lee, Hospitality Management
Sharolyn Denise Lee, Hospitality Management
Soomin Lee, Hospitality Management
Sujin Lee, Hospitality Management
Sunu Lee, Hospitality Management
Chon Hong Lei, Hospitality Management
Ka Peng Lei, Hospitality Management
Victoria Inez Lenerd, Hospitality Management
Chi Hou Leong, Hospitality Management
Jorge Luis Leyva-garcia, Hospitality Management
Huang Li, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Jiaxin Li, Hospitality Management
Jun Li, Hospitality Management
Mengxuan Li, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Wangyang Li, Hospitality Management Heng Liang, Hospitality Management Qiumin Liang, Hospitality Management Ling Lin, Hospitality Management
Savanna Marie Lisle, Hospitality Management Chun Hung Liu, Hospitality Management Daniel Jin Liu, Hospitality Management Danni Liu, Hospitality Management Jiaying Liu, Hospitality Management
Tianjian Liu, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Benjamin Wong Livingston, Hospitality Management Desiree A. Lockwood, Hospitality Management Shanshan Long, Hospitality Management
Xiaomeng Lu, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude) Chuye Luo, Hospitality Management Gongjing Luo, Hospitality Management
Jiebin Luo, Hospitality Management Erin L. Machado, Hospitality Management Ashley Anne Mandarich, Hospitality Management Clara Elisa Martinez, Hospitality Management Jumana Faris Massis, Hospitality Management Kristal Amber Matthews, Hospitality Management Sydney N. Mayfield, Hospitality Management Jessica Ann Maynard, Hospitality Management Katelyn Marion Mckinnon, Hospitality Management Devin Matthew Meade, Hospitality Management Kadesha Toni-Ann Miller, Hospitality Management Tingzhao Ming, Hospitality Management
Krystal Mitchell Prager, Hospitality Management Caleigh Rose Morris, Hospitality Management Kiley Elizabeth Morris, Hospitality Management Teresa I. Muller, Hospitality Management Hiroka Nakamura, Hospitality Management Keliane Akie Nakamura, Hospitality Management Maria Clarence Y. Navarro, Hospitality Management John Norris Nazarian, Hospitality Management Prem S. Neelay, Hospitality Management Ethan Neustadt, Hospitality Management
Adriane Francine Nevarez, Hospitality Management Ruth J. Nguyen, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude) Thang Quang Nguyen, Hospitality Management Curtis Jendy Nicolaysen, Hospitality Management Valeriya Pavlovna Nogotkova, Hospitality Management Thomas Richard Noonan, Hospitality Management Anthony Nunag, Hospitality Management Molly O'Connor, Hospitality Management Liza Oraha, Hospitality Management
Benjamin G. Osheroff, Hospitality Management Maho Otsuka, Hospitality Management Tom Paco-Pedroni, Hospitality Management Luann Pagillo, Hospitality Management Nicole Elie Panaro, Hospitality Management Gi Won Park, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Sungmin Park, Hospitality Management
Jillian Alissa Pasqualotto, Hospitality Management Nichole J. Paulos, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Luis Pereira-Velasquez, Hospitality Management Meagan Anne Perkins, Hospitality Management Devyn G. Peterson, Hospitality Management
Joseph William Roy Peterson, Hospitality Management Minh Quang Phan, Hospitality Management Celina Outh Phem, Hospitality Management Jenny Neri Pineda, Hospitality Management Selena Pineda, Hospitality Management Qiuyi Pu, Hospitality Management
Brianna M. Purdie, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Baoyi Qin, Hospitality Management
Caitlin Danielle Raber, Hospitality Management Lisa Marie Rath, Hospitality Management
Ryan Addison Reasoner, Hospitality Management
Ruby Regalado, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude) Robert Raymond Ristau Jr., Hospitality Management Margaret J. Robinson, Hospitality Management Trevor Jordan Robinson, Hospitality Management Aramiko Rodriguez, Hospitality Management
Alyssa Gwen Romans, Hospitality Management Ryan S. Romero, Hospitality Management Jazmin J. Ruelas, Hospitality Management Amanda Karen Russo, Hospitality Management Jake Gerald Ruttenbur, Hospitality Management Alyssa Christine Sabio, Hospitality Management Daniela C. Sanchez, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude) Steven William Scamorza, Hospitality Management Jasmine Serrano, Hospitality Management Casey Ann Shea, Hospitality Management Michelle Shull, Hospitality Management
Chi leng Si Tou, Hospitality Management Jeremi Alexander Sitompul, Hospitality Management Thin Thin Soe, Hospitality Management
Narisara Somprasong, Hospitality Management Changhyeon Song, Hospitality Management Jiajun song, Hospitality Management Jieun Song, Hospitality Management
Madeline Paige Spry, Hospitality Management
Melinda Michele Stewart, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Jeromy Steven Stoks, Hospitality Management Peiqi Su, Hospitality Management
Sophie L. Suk, Hospitality Management Bingyi Sun, Hospitality Management Xiaoxu Sun, Hospitality Management Derrick Allan Takase, Hospitality Management Jhunelyn Patindol Talaid, Hospitality Management Justin J. Talaro, Hospitality Management Holly E. Tamboer, Hospitality Management Edwin C. Tan, Hospitality Management
Junyi Tan, Hospitality Management
Zhenni Tang, Hospitality Management
Tesia Tangonan, Hospitality Management
Matthew Thomas Tankersley, Hospitality Management
Kayla Keiko Tanouye, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Michelle Joy Taylor, Hospitality Management
Adelina Vladimirova Tchakalska, Hospitality Management
Kevin MarkTomac, Hospitality Management
Roxanne Toriz, Hospitality Management
Ha T T Tran, Hospitality Management
Silvia Trueba, Hospitality Management
Yuen Lam Tsang, Hospitality Management
Lindsey Nicole Vasquez, Hospitality Management
Jeremy Taylor Velarde, Hospitality Management
Giselle Venegas-De La Cruz, Hospitality Management
Merissa Lee Viviano, Hospitality Management
Michael Andrew Vricella, Hospitality Management
Hannah Caitlin Wall, Hospitality Management
Haocheng Wang, Hospitality Management
Jiaci Wang, Hospitality Management
Qianqian Wang, Hospitality Management
Sandra Wei Ying Wang, Hospitality Management
Yutao Wang, Hospitality Management
Jacquelyn Brianna Watson, Hospitality Management
Valerie Noel Weiderman, Hospitality Management
Jackson Henry Whitman, Hospitality Management
Holly A. Williams, Hospitality Management
Cheuk Man Mandy Wong, Hospitality Management
Connie Wong, Hospitality Management
Seak Hong Wong, Hospitality Management
Christopher Wrasper, Hospitality Management
Qianhui Wu, Hospitality Management
Yue Wu, Hospitality Management
Jianheng Xiao, Hospitality Management
Yuyang Xie, Hospitality Management
Keyi Xu, Hospitality Management
Heemo Yang, Hospitality Management
Xiaoxue Yang, Hospitality Management
Yudi Yang, Hospitality Management
Ngasze C. Yau, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Yuan Ye, Hospitality Management
Cliff Yeh, Hospitality Management
Brian J. Yi, Hospitality Management
Li Yin, Hospitality Management
Ethan Kwangtaek Yoo, Hospitality Management
Je Eun Yoo, Hospitality Management
Karen Youk, Hospitality Management
Jonah John Toribio Young, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum
Laude) University & Research and Creative Honors
Sean T. Young, Hospitality Management
Angeline Yu, Hospitality Management
Changsheng Yu, Hospitality Management (Magna Cum Laude)
Jae Yu, Hospitality Management
28 2077 Commencement
2017 Commencement 29
Sara Yun, Hospitality Management
Rongming Zhai, Hospitality Management
Boxiong Zhang, Hospitality Management
Shenghao Zhang, Hospitality Management
Shunran Zhang, Hospitality Management
Zhao Zhang, Hospitality Management
Chen Zhao, Hospitality Management
Yu Zhao, Hospitality Management
XinQian Zheng, Hospitality Management (Cum Laude)
Zhiyu Zheng, Hospitality Management
Yuhao Zhou, Hospitality Management
Yuqing Zhou, Hospitality Management
College of
Bachelor of Arts
Feruz Salih Abdela, Psychology
Javier L. Aget-Torres, Psychology
Jem N. Agustin, English
Skye R. Akina, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Sarah Alaba, English
Cassandra Love K Albano, Psychology
Tonya Renee Albert, English
Travis Sean Albert, Psychology
Sandra Michel Alcaraz, Political Science
Patrick Roque Alejaga, Psychology
Lea Cherlyn C Alejandro, Psychology
Alfa Alemayehu, Political Science
Lillehammer Allen, Anthropology (Magna Cum Laude) University &
Research and Creative Honors
Glenn Maxwell Anderson, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Karrie Nicole Andrews, Psychology
Audwin C. Angosta, Psychology
Joaquin H. Arcellana, Sociology
Eric George Archibald, English
Amber L. Arcia, Psychology
Blicon Renea Arroyo, Political Science
Tyler Arsen, English
Kelsie K. Baker, Psychology
Morgan Reed Baker, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Sammy Bakir, History
Brando James Barajas, Psychology
Dylan Barnard, Psychology
Ashlen May Barry, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Alexandria N. Bartlett, Psychology
Julian Rouse Batz, Political Science
Mathieu G. Beaubien, Psychology
Paige Nicole Becker, Political Science
Taylor Behring, Psychology
Ashley N. Beierwaltes, English
Chloe Rowe Bender, Anthropology
Kimberly Bendrick, Psychology
30 207 7 Commencement
Jerrell L. Berrios, Philosophy
Kristina Marie Beske, Philosophy (Magna Cum Laude) Research and
Creative Honors
Michael Henry Bibby, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Sherawn K. Bissen, Political Science
Samantha Rebecca Marie Bivins, Psychology
Marissa Marie Blodgett, Psychology
Connor J. Bodin, English
Alethea L. Boyle, English
Joseph Bradley, Psychology
Daniel R. Brady, Political Science
Berkley Tanner Bragg, Philosophy
Michael Joseph Bricker, Psychology
Hope Bringhurst, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science Studies
(Cum Laude)
Carlos A. Brown, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Steven Joseph Brown, Psychology
Evan A. Brunken, Political Science
Melissa A. Burczyk, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Jonathan Burt, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
(Cum Laude)
Kaleileihua C. Cabanas, Political Science
Edward T. Call, Psychology
Robert Anthony Capelli, Sociology
Sara Elena Valdespino Caplan, Spanish for the Professions (Magna
Cum Laude) University Honors
Nathaniel Ryan Carlson, English
Victoria Anne Carroll, Psychology
Jessie Castelan, Psychology
Reno Castrogiovanni, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Catherine Chan, Psychology
Ashley Chavira, Psychology
Claudia Chiang Lopez, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Courtney Ray Clawson, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Christa Lynn Clayton, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
Nicole Collymore, Anthropology
Asia Alyssa Cooper, English
Kwyn Marie Cooper, Sociology
Juan Cordova Salgado, Psychology
Arianna Corey, Philosophy & Psychology (Cum Laude) University
Andrea Corral, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) University & Research and Creative Honors
Brianna Kathleen Cotter, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Lauren Alexandra Crew, Psychology
Anne Kristine Croker, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science Studies
(Cum Laude)
Auzsane Unique Crowe Carter, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Multidisciplinary Studies
Cierra Rae Cuellar, Political Science
Joshua Ryan Cunningham, Psychology
Kristella M. D'Agostino-Call, Anthropology
Trisha Pari Davatolhagh, Psychology
Ashley R. David, Psychology
Aaron L Davis Jr., Sociology
Jessica Marie Davis, Psychology
Madison Jennifer Day, Anthropology
Patricia Ann Santelices Dela Cruz, Psychology
Richard Thomas Devivo, Political Science
Alyssa Marie Diaz, Sociology
Jair Diaz, Political Science
Seidi Yeudiel Diaz, Psychology
Tori Ann DiBona, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Maria Luisa Dimaguila, Sociology
Sarah E. Dimond, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Dylon Ahmad Dishari, Sociology
Emily Donar, Psychology
Bridget Dorcey, Anthropology
Mindy Melissa Drake, Psychology
Jessica Ann Drinkwine, Spanish
Andrew Duhaime, Psychology
Patricia E. Dumas, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science Studies
Ekaterina Dunfee, Psychology
Caley Jane Dunlap, Psychology
Miranda Elizabeth Dye, English
Shaun D. Dyreng, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Sylvia S. Earl, History
Kayla J. Ecker, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Jacqueline Maria Eddy, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Studies (Cum Laude)
Carl G. Eissmann, Psychology
Rachel Ellis, English
Lauren Ashley Ender, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Kelly Eppinger, Psychology
Dalyn Reed Erekson, History
Jacob M. Escoffier, History
Cassandra Renee Espinoza, English
Prinz Cedy Inocente Esteban, Psychology
Dianne F. Esteller, Anthropology
Taylor Brianne Everette, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Danielle Renee Fazio, Sociology
Ryan Ablang Ferido, Psychology
Jonathan David Field, Psychology
Sarah Renee Flagg, Psychology
Kasey W. Foley, Political Science (Cum Laude)
Rachel LYnne Forest, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Lauren A. Fousek, Psychology
Kala L. Fox, Sociology
Christina Fredrick, English
Kauwila M. Fujihara-Nagamine, English
Kahaowaiolu Fujimori, Psychology
Nicole Suki Fullmer, English
Elizabeth Gamboa, English & Spanish
Nina Marie Garcia, Political Science
Tatiana Garcia, English
Kenosha Jessica Deon Gee, Psychology
Jeremy Alan Geoffrey, Psychology
Karen S. Gibson, Psychology
Kyung Ok (Sofia) Gillman, Spanish (Cum Laude)
Tyler K. Gines, English
Ariessa Edith Givehand, Psychology
Maxwell D. Glasheen, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Eugene P. Go, Sociology
Madison Ashley Godard, Sociology
Jennifer W. Golden, Psychology
Rocio Isabel Gomez, Psychology
Jada Gonzales, Psychology
Dakota Gonzalez, Sociology
Dylan Gonzalez, Sociology
Jaime A. Gonzalez, Sociology
Jeanine Nicole Goubeaux, Psychology
Joseph Maximillian Pineda Gozum, Interdisciplinary Studies-Asian
Gambino Granada, Psychology
Kenneth Eugene Green Jr., Psychology
Victoria Lynn Greene, Sociology
Zachary Groover, Psychology
Amanda J. Guerrero, Psychology
John M.C. Gura, Sociology
Janice April Gurrola, Psychology
Hana 0. Gutierrez, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Mariam Soliman Habashi, Political Science
Scotia Hammond, Psychology
Vanessa Haroan, Psychology
Haleigh C. Harris, Psychology
Tyler Flynn Hart, Psychology
Hannah T. Hartman, Psychology
Jenna L. Hazlett, Political Science
Mark B. Hensley, English
Adriana Maria Heredia, Psychology
Jorge Mario Hernandez, German & Spanish
Jose Luis Hernandez, Psychology
Marclem Hernandez, Psychology
Vanessa Hernandez, Sociology
Briceida Hernandez-Toledo, Gender & Sexuality Studies (Magna Cum
Laude) University Honors
Cindy Gabriela Herrera-Charles, English (Cum Laude)
Jason S. Hilario, Psychology
Lauren Elizabeth Holloway, Psychology
Elizabeth Marie Honest, Political Science
Amanda Mariah Hosseini, Psychology
Brittany Cole Houston, Psychology
James C. Howard, History
Tyler Chanel Howard, Psychology
Shelly M. Huerta, Psychology
Marlen Gabriela Ibarra, Psychology
Yvette Ignacio, Sociology
Q'shaundra CJ James, English
Haley Ann Jaramillo, Political Science
2077 Commencement 31
Jessica Rae Jensen, Psychology
David Jae-Duk Jo, Psychology
Diana Puakina Johnson, Psychology
Kylie DeeAnn Johnson, History (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Kylie DeeAnn Johnson, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Nicole Yvette Johnson, Psychology
Taylor Nicole Johnson, English (Magna Cum Laude)
Taylor Nicole Johnson, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
Heather N. Jones, Psychology (Summa Cum Laude)
Tarzra Ann Jones, Philosophy
Jessica Lynn Jose, Sociology
Parth Joshi, Psychology
Roscoe Kala’i Kalilikane II, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Chloe Kang, Psychology
Ermin Kasapovic, German
Kenneth E. Keys Jr., Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Lisbeth Alyce Ruby Kimbrough, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social
Science Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
Felicia Kline- Gonzalez, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science Studies
Jeff Franklin Krantz, Psychology
Melissa Lynne Kuepper, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science Studies
Sara Kwiatkowski, Psychology
Winston Tepace Lacuesta, Psychology
Angela Yip Kee Lai, Psychology
Alyxa Yael Lamboo, Psychology
Annastasia Marie Larsen, Interdisciplinary Studies-Asian Studies
Mark G. Larubio, English
Leonard Medgine Launay, Psychology
Samantha Marie Lawrence, Political Science (Cum Laude) University
Lewis F. Lawson III, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Adrian Ferrer Leano, Psychology
Brittany Jo Lehman, Psychology
Brittney Lehtinen, Psychology
Ashley Michelle Lemaster, Political Science
Ahmad Tale Lewis, Sociology
Autumn Noel Lewis, Psychology
Paul Lewis-Nebot, Political Science
Wenjia Li, Anthropology
Emily Jean Liles, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Christina Lim, Political Science
Eileen Lin, Sociology
Katherine Eileene Linfield, Political Science
Massimiliano Liotine, Psychology
Andree M. Llerena, Psychology
Amanda Hope Loft, History
Cecilia Leticia Lopez, Psychology
Martha Erica Lozano, Sociology
Yun Cathalina Lu, Psychology
Lidia Lorena Lule, Spanish
Jazmin Luna, Political Science
Yessenia Madrigal, Sociology
Megan Rae Maguinness, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Zhuoya Mai, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Cassandra Majeskie, Psychology
Jacqueline Amber Maldonado, English
Kevin Man, English
Brooke Manley, Psychology
Julianne Brooke Manley, Psychology
Gregory Richard Manning, Psychology
Whitlee D. Manor, Psychology
Hirudinee Manukulasuriya, Psychology
Ana roxana Roxana Marbo-herrera, Political Science
Cristal D. Marquez-Tovar, Spanish for the Professions
Cassidy Ray Taylor Martin, English
Primrose N. Martin, Psychology
Sarah Michele Martin, English
Brittney Rose Martino, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Studies (Cum Laude)
Amanda Marie Marty, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Katherine Alexis Matzeder, Psychology
Theofania Mavrantonis, Psychology
Morgan Faye Mccallister, Psychology
Candice Elaine Mccallum, English
Connor Allen Mccarty, English (Magna Cum Laude)
Megan Mariah Mclaughlin, Political Science
Christina Nicole Mcnamara, Psychology
Jessica Leann Meader, Sociology
Alyssa Morgan Medina, Psychology
Desiree Mindee Leigh Melton, Psychology
Jacqueline Mendoza, Psychology
Neville M. Mensur, Sociology
Sara Jenay Meraz, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Natazsha Elaine Merritt, Psychology
Annette M. Miller, English
Cody Taylor Miller, English
Sky Lynn L Miller, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Jonathan Antonio Molina, Psychology
Jeanelly Moncada, Political Science
Saundra Renee Monroe, Sociology
Diana Cesilia Monsivais, Political Science
Leland William Monson, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Stacy Montes, Psychology
Jaslyn Monique Montoya, Psychology
Niroshini Moodley, Anthropology
Willy Carson Moyer, Political Science
Jacklyn Drew Murphy, Psychology
Chanel Murray, Spanish for the Professions
Shaquille Kevin Murray-lawrence, Interdisciplinary Studies-
Multidisciplinary Studies
Tyler Conrad Naegle, History
Luis David Nava, Political Science
Jonathan James Neighbor, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science
Katelyn Newman, Psychology
Brittany Marie Nickels, Psychology
Sarah Wagio Njoroge, Sociology
Matthew Norman, Psychology
Lindsay Norwood, Psychology
Edward Tyler Nostro, Psychology
Carolina S. Nunez, French
Ewelina Obrochta, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Hector Hazael Ochoa, Psychology
Cian Patrick O’donnell, Political Science
Christian P Ogata, Political Science
Genesis H. Olivares, Psychology
Alexia Maria Olivas-Lopez, Spanish for the Professions
Jacky C. On, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Kylie A. O'Rourke, History
Cynthia Ortega, Psychology
Andrew A. Ortiz, Psychology
Tyler Guy Oscher, Interdisciplinary Studies-Asian Studies
Rebecca Ann Ostfeld, English
Sarah Haley Ostrovsky, English (Cum Laude) University Honors
Briana Monique Ozuna, Sociology
Bernice Alexandra Padilla, Psychology
Michael Anthony Padilla, Anthropology
Yesenia Padilla, Psychology
Chalice-Maria Habon Pagulayan, Psychology
Annalisa Palmer, English (Magna Cum Laude) University & Research
and Creative Honors
Kayla Camaya Pamintuan, English
Theodore K. Pappageorge, Spanish
Michael Duane Parsons, English
Dalton E. Paul, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Taylor Nicole Pease, Psychology
Jacqlynn Patricia Peavler, Anthropology
Blaine R. Pennock, Gender & Sexuality Studies (Magna Cum Laude)
Blaine R. Pennock, Sociology (Magna Cum Laude)
David Elias Perez, English
Sergio Perez, Sociology
Maria R. Perkins, Psychology
Katrina Aysha Persaud, Psychology
Robin Elizabeth Peters, Political Science
Michael A. Pickard, Anthropology
John Joseph Pictum III, Political Science (Cum Laude)
Wayne J. Pirtle, Psychology
Cory Poindexter, Psychology
Loni Deon Pollard, Psychology
Justin Wendell Price, Psychology
Victor Alberto Quiroga, Sociology
Nawal Naveed Raja, Psychology
Noel Christina Raleigh, Anthropology (Magna Cum Laude)
Holly C. Ramella, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Nicole llvea Ramirez-delgado, English
Robin G. Rawal, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science Studies
Shannon B. Ray, Psychology
Orencio Reantazo, English
Derek Wayne Reed, Political Science
Marie E. Reff, History (Magna Cum Laude) Ariana Renick, English
Francoise Renteria, Sociology
Alexa Nicole Reveles, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies Edgar Adrian Reyes, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies Victoria Reyrao, Psychology
Maria Gabriela Ribera, Psychology
Remi Antoinette Ri'Chard, Philosophy
Christina Rivera, Psychology
Sara M. Rivero-Reeves, Political Science
Mariah Robinson, Philosophy
Imani Jhane Rodgers, English Armani A. Rodriguez, Psychology Cassandra Rodriguez, English Rafael Rodriguez, Psychology
Amy Stephanie Rosales, Psychology
Ilya Gabriela Rosales, Anthropology (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Karli Tokala Rouse, English Catherine Rozenek, French
Shana M. Salazar, Political Science
Hamna Saleem, Psychology
Rachel Jesse Salls, Psychology Brandon M. Salyers, Political Science Steve W. Sanson Jr., Psychology
Hadrien T. Saperstein, History (Magna Cum Laude) University & Research and Creative Honors
Hadrien T. Saperstein, Political Science
Caroline Laura Saquido, English
Mariana P. Sarmiento Hernandez, Sociology, University Honors
Kayleen Arquette Schenk, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary
Studies (Cum Laude)
Mandy Elizabeth Schoessler, English
Christopher Ryan Schroeder, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Alecia Rose Schumacher, Anthropology Elizabeth Katherine Sclafani, English Jeanette Serrato, Psychology
Sandanesia Rachelle Settles, Psychology Yashmeeta Sharma, Political Science
Sarah Jane Shepard, Psychology Sarah C. Shumsker, Anthropology Jessica Ann Siembieda, History Rachel R. Silva, Psychology
Ivy Carla Bagtas Simon, Psychology Raymond John Sivek, English
Frances E. Skeirik, Sociology
Ashley Alexandra Smith, Gender & Sexuality Studies Hurell Smith, Psychology
Jessica Christine Smith, Political Science Milinda Dae'Sha Smith, Sociology Tiara Suavae Smith, Psychology
Elsa Solano-Estevez, Psychology & Sociology Brendan Vincent Soliwoda, Political Science
Ana K. Soto-Arreola, Sociology
32 2017 Commencement
2017 Commencement 33
Maricruz Soto-Valdez, Psychology
Mitchell William Spaur, English
Tina C. Spencer, Political Science
David Stanley, English
Jason R. Stevenson, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science Studies
Vivian T. Stieb, English
Raven Elizabeth Stone, French
Anna Sukiasian, Psychology
Breanna Kaelynn Switzler, Political Science
Halima Mushtaq Tabani, Psychology
Daniel Joseph Tafoya, Anthropology
Jazmyne M. Taitano Simmons, Psychology
Ida Tajalli, Sociology
Yasmin L. Tamayo, Sociology
Brianne Louise Taormina, English
Carmela Dela CruzTayag, Psychology
Samantha Isabel Jenny Tellez, French
Rachel Jean Terhaar, Psychology
Jessica M. Testa, English
Natasha Thaweesee, Anthropology
Christine Thomas, Psychology
Brittany Anne Thompson, Psychology
James Thompson, Anthropology
Shelby Nicole Thompson, Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science Studies
Pengxiang Tian, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude) Research and
Creative Honors
Wilson Yutyeen To, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) University &
Research and Creative Honors
Brianna E. Tramont, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Stephanie Trinh, Philosophy (Cum Laude) University Honors
Evan Trueblood, English
Sara Cristeen Tullos, Psychology
Casey Leigh Turi, Psychology
Demi Rae Tuuk, Psychology (Cum Laude)
Craig A. Valdez, Political Science, University Honors
Pang Kou Vang, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Heron Vasquez, Political Science
Osbaldo Vasquez Del Mercado, English (Cum Laude)
Tony Venema, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Matshabelly M. Villegas, Psychology
Oliver Sarreal Viray, Sociology
Katherine Visconti, English
Amanda Gayle Vogel, Psychology (Summa Cum Laude)
David Vonderohe, Philosophy
Mecca N. Walker, Spanish for the Professions
Sydnei Monique Wallace Brumwell, Sociology
Sarah Marie Warren, Psychology
Jovanah Jade Watkins, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Zachary S. Wells, History, University Honors
Sarah Werman, Sociology (Summa Cum Laude) Research and Creative
Elisa Woinowsky, Interdisciplinary Studies-Multidisciplinary Studies
Daniel Wojtusiak, Psychology
Sarah Jihye Yoon, Psychology
Abba Yoseph, Sociology
Devyn Renae Zappia, Psychology
Leya S. Zewolde, Psychology
Chadnezar Zorrilla, Psychology
Kelly Frances Zufall, Psychology
School of
Bachelor of Science
Amado-alexander Adawag Agrisola, Nursing
Nasim H. Akbari, Nursing
Rowshanak Azarpour, Nursing
Janelie Kirstin Banagan, Nursing (Cum Laude)
Chase Barber, Nursing
Lauren Victoria Bedrock, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude)
Jonathan Daniel Berkabiie, Nursing
Samantha S. Berman, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude)
Israel Birhanu Beye, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude)
Gabriela Bonilla, Nursing
lleana Castillo Zamarron, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude)
Jennifer Anne Deguzman, Nursing
Virginia Ruth Fulton, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude)
Erriko Garcera Guimte, Nursing
Katrina Isla, Nursing
Debbie Barba Jalem, Nursing
Laurie A. Kosinski, Nursing
Anita Kuo, Nursing (Cum Laude)
Tasha Marie Leonhardt, Nursing
Keirvy Lipa, Nursing
Johana Elizabeth Medrano Rowe, Nursing
Rachel Miranda-Rivera, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude)
Janelie Allison Ng, Nursing
Kristin Victoria Olson, Nursing
Gabrielle Magdalena Ortiz, Nursing
Celes Camre Parks, Nursing
Rachel Elise Payne, Nursing
Jennifer Tindara Aloi Pitts, Nursing
Camille M. Randrup, Nursing
Tristan Ian Rojas, Nursing
Deoneo Serrano, Nursing
April Shann, Nursing (Summa Cum Laude)
Michelle Lynn Shoen, Nursing (Cum Laude)
Roxanne Iris Instrella Tolentino, Nursing (Summa Cum Laude)
Sally Helen Torres, Nursing
Pauline CN Vintapatr, Nursing, University Honors
Amber Dawn Wojciechowicz, Nursing (Magna Cum Laude) Joyce D. Yuan, Nursing
College of
Bachelor of Arts
Julie Marie Dotson, Chemistry
Bachelor of Science
Christopher M. Adams, Geology
Maja Aleksic, Biological Sciences
Macevans Almona, Earth & Environmental Science
Stephanie Nicole Anderson, Geology
Riyadh Hamid Atrah, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Tristan S. Bakerink, Biological Sciences
Abigail Banson, Biological Sciences
Sabrina M. Barakat, Biological Sciences
Ivanneth Beltran, Biological Sciences
Zachelle Berges, Geology
DagmaweT. Berhanu, Biological Sciences
Chad Bjornberg, Biochemistry
Rin P. Boonjue, Biological Sciences
Valerie Michelle Buckley, Biological Sciences
Joseph G. Cadiz, Biological Sciences
Edward T. Call, Biological Sciences
Myriam Euridice Cardoso, Biological Sciences
Dustin S. Carter, Mathematics
Adrian B. Castro, Mathematics
Carlos R. Castro, Physics
Olivia Chamnong, Biological Sciences
Austin L. Chapman, Mathematics
Michael Chen, Mathematics
Nae Meng Chen, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Dhruv Chokshi, Biological Sciences, University Honors
Hayaejin Chong, Mathematics
Joshua L Choung, Biological Sciences
Nicky Wei Ning Chung, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Justin Robert Collins, Chemistry
Cristien Corral, Biological Sciences
Jacob M. Cortez, Biological Sciences, University Honors
Nathaniel Paule Dabu, Biological Sciences
Jacob H. Davis, Biological Sciences
Valerie Nicole Day, Biological Sciences
Austin Ward Daykin, Physics
Shantelle J. Delos Santos, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) University
& Research and Creative Honors
Alison Deng, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Kimberly Lynn Desario, Biological Sciences
Kevin I. Dionisio, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Ma Alma Corazon P Dizon, Biological Sciences
Sotodeh Ebrahimi, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University
& Research and Creative Honors
Rachel Ellis, Physics
Chesley M. Estrada, Biochemistry
Paul Ferlazzo, Biochemistry
Kevin Finch, Biological Sciences
Kathleen Elizabeth Fletcher, Biological Sciences
Kenneth Waiho Fung, Biological Sciences
Angela H. Garcia, Geology
Michael G. Girmai, Biological Sciences
Xiaoshan Gong, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University
Aimee Gonzalez, Mathematics
Christina Grigorian, Biological Sciences
Jesus Moises Guerrero, Biological Sciences
Addison M. Guida, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University
Nicole-Amber Bustamante Guieb, Biological Sciences
Michael D. Gutierrez-Nery, Biological Sciences
Shahira Hamed, Biological Sciences
Wanravee Hernberger, Biological Sciences
Rebecca L. Humphrey, Earth & Environmental Science
Cameron T. Imahara, Biological Sciences
Lucas R. James, Biological Sciences
Amee Joshi, Biological Sciences, University Honors
Michael A. Kassela, Geology (Magna Cum Laude)
Shane T. Kiilarney, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Jin Kim, Biological Sciences
Tiffany Anne Koehler, Biological Sciences
Elizabeth Kong, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University
Alexandra Kerrina Kosmides, Earth & Environmental Science
Natascha C. Kotte, Biochemistry
Kharen Joy Medenilla Kuniyuki, Biological Sciences
Joung H. Kwak, Mathematics
Eric Andrew Lawrence, Biochemistry
Caroline Le Tohic, Biological Sciences
Carmen K. Lee, Biological Sciences
Christina I. Lee, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University
Patricia Lee, Biological Sciences
Rachel Lee, Biological Sciences
Marissa J. Leitel, Geology
Alexander Lin, Biological Sciences
Cecilia Leticia Lopez, Biological Sciences
Elijah James Lopez, Biological Sciences
Jose Lopez, Biological Sciences
Kevin Steven Lopez, Biological Sciences
Fernanda Patricia Loza, Biological Sciences
Bobby Ray Lucero, Chemistry
Kevin Luk, Biological Sciences
Kirstie Marie Mabitad, Biochemistry
D'Finest Madison, Biological Sciences
Justin C. Madriaga, Biological Sciences
Andres S. Madrid, Biological Sciences
Anubad Mahapatra, Biological Sciences, University Honors
Sharon Malwane, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University
Sebastian Meis Austria Manahan, Biological Sciences
Lawrence R. Mariano, Biochemistry
20 7 7 Commencement 3 5
34 2017 Commencement
Christopher Sean Martini, Geology
Timothy J. Massanari, Biological Sciences
Vipin Mathew, Biological Sciences
Jeffrey R. McPherson, Biological Sciences
Juriza-Chantelle Domingo Mendoza, Biological Sciences
Brandon C. Millares, Biological Sciences
Nancy Dinora Monzon, Biological Sciences
Elisha A. Morgan-Lange, Biological Sciences, University Honors
Amanda Joy Najarro, Biological Sciences
Yusuke Nakagawa, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Jade Pardo Navato, Biological Sciences
Juliette Nkammi Nganje, Biological Sciences
Kimberly Thien Nguyen, Biological Sciences
Phillip Hoang Nguyen, Biological Sciences
Daniel Ruben Nieves, Mathematics
Pascal Nilsson, Biological Sciences
Claudia Nolasco-Inga, Biological Sciences
Nemanja Novakovic, Biochemistry (Summa Cum Laude) University
Nemanja Novakovic, Biological Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)
University Honors
Christian R. Ortigoza, Biological Sciences
Sandra Ernestina Oviedo, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Jacob Robert Ozuna, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Yesenia Padilla, Biological Sciences
Bandana Paija, Biological Sciences
Diana L. Palacio, Biological Sciences
Alyssa Jane Panning, Biochemistry
Chalisa Pansin, Biological Sciences
Neha Kiran Parmar, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) University Honors
Reem Christine Patros, Biological Sciences
Khalia A. Payton, Geology
Sandra Ashley Perkins, Earth & Environmental Science
Marlee Poupard, Biochemistry
Audrey J. Rader, Geology
Sayem M. Reza, Biological Sciences
Carly Riehl, Biological Sciences
Micheal Rodriquez, Mathematics & Physics
Ashbinder Singh Saini, Physics
Monica Mora Sanchez, Biological Sciences
Jeremy Franco Santamaria, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Henry Matthew Rosario Santos, Biological Sciences
Carly Rose Saxe, Biological Sciences
Shaylene Kathryn Scarlett, Biological Sciences
Cody J. Schneider, Biological Sciences
Melissa Christine Schofield, Biological Sciences
Katherine Elizabeth Schultz, Biological Sciences
Lotf Ahmed Sennain, Biological Sciences
Aaron F. Singer, Biological Sciences
Grace Marielle S Singson, Biochemistry
Carli Tyler Smith, Biological Sciences
Jeremiah A. Smith, Geology
Jesus A. Solis-Leon, Geology
Hyunbae Son, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University &
Research and Creative Honors
Robert C. Springs, Geology (Magna Cum Laude) Research and Creative
Erin Stine, Biological Sciences
Randall Lee Strahle, Biological Sciences
Matthew Bruce Swan, Mathematics (Cum Laude)
Nicole K. Sy, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude) University Honors
Halima Mushtaq Tabani, Biological Sciences
Shannon Debra Tholson, Chemistry
Jinan Thomad, Biological Sciences
Brean Thompson, Earth & Environmental Science
Kaylee Cathleen Thompson, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Michael Gray Thompson, Mathematics
Raul Nicolas Torres, Biological Sciences
Sean G. Torres, Chemistry
Jim N. Tran, Biological Sciences
Ngoc Bich Thi Tran, Chemistry
Theresa Mong Tran, Biological Sciences
Tiffany Tran, Biological Sciences
Aaron M. Treston, Geology
Sara G. Trimidal, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University &
Research and Creative Honors
Stephanie Trinh, Physics (Cum Laude) University Honors
Patricia Louise Tuason, Biological Sciences
Jonah A. Tulowiecki, Biological Sciences (Cum Laude)
Robert Vargas, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude) University
Dillon Randall Virva, Earth & Environmental Science
Eris Olivia Williams, Biological Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Mitchell Jay Winters, Biological Sciences
Jessica K. Wong, Biological Sciences
Warren Blake Woo, Biological Sciences
Robel F. Workneh, Biological Sciences
Brianna L. Yee, Biochemistry (Magna Cum Laude)
Vladislav P. Zhitny, Biological Sciences (Summa Cum Laude) University
& Research and Creative Honors
College of
Bachelor of Arts
Zammir T. Abraham, Communication Studies
Courtney Nicole Adams, Criminal Justice
Christina Marie Aikens, Criminal Justice
Hannah Leah Alba, Criminal Justice
Alyssa A. Alizor, Communication Studies
Juriethe Girlie Altamirano, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Tanya Mar Alvarez, Criminal Justice
Laura Mariana Anchondo, Criminal Justice Karrie Nicole Andrews, Criminal Justice Fanny Veronica Angeles, Criminal Justice Alyssa Ann Antos, Criminal Justice
Alejandra Arrieta, Criminal Justice
Nathan Asselin, Journalism & Media Studies Matthew Abeyta Atencio, Criminal Justice
Brytnee Leigh Avery, Journalism & Media Studies Bianca E. Ayala, Criminal Justice
Michael Alexander Baglione, Criminal Justice Adrienne Jasmine Bailey, Criminal Justice Amanda Nicole Baker, Communication Studies
Dena C. Banning, Journalism & Media Studies
Laurents E. Banuelos-Benitez, Journalism & Media Studies Nadia Noel Basich, Journalism & Media Studies
Mary Jane Belleza, Journalism & Media Studies Danielle Bellini, Journalism & Media Studies
Eden Mirelie Bernstein, Communication Studies William Keith Bible, Communication Studies Marvin Omar Bonilla, Criminal Justice
Darcy L. Bower, Criminal Justice
Katie Ann Bowers, Communication Studies Darius James Bravo, Communication Studies Mariely Bravo, Criminal Justice
Conor Paul Bredin, Criminal Justice
Alexandra Carolina Brizzolara, Criminal Justice DeJha Brown, Communication Studies
Jowanna Letese Brown, Criminal Justice
Drew Kennedy Bryan, Criminal Justice Darby Marie Buckley, Criminal Justice Kimberly Bueno, Criminal Justice Taylor Devyn Bull, Criminal Justice Marisol Camiletti, Communication Studies Olivia Anne Campbell, Criminal Justice Zuzuki Fabiola Carlson, Criminal Justice Jordan L. Carter, Criminal Justice
Sheila Nicole Carver, Criminal Justice
Chanel Shanon Cassanello Moran, Journalism & Media Studies Dallas Cates, Criminal Justice
Kendra M. Cates, Communication Studies Gabriela Cervantes, Criminal Justice Tiffany Chen, Communication Studies Kirsten Nicole Chiles, Criminal Justice Ana Cisneros-Baca, Criminal Justice Yaoyao Claus, Criminal Justice
Abigail Scout Clifford, Communication Studies
Dymond M. Collier, Criminal Justice Jeffry Allen Collins, Criminal Justice Ryan Anita Conner, Criminal Justice Daniel Contreras, Criminal Justice Victoria Diane Corpuz, Criminal Justice
Andrea Corral, Journalism & Media Studies (Magna Cum Laude) University & Research and Creative Honors
Natalie J. Costa, Journalism & Media Studies
Audrey Un-Hae Crawford, Journalism & Media Studies
Michael Stephenson Crook, Criminal Justice
Raven Marie Crutchfield, Criminal Justice
Alexandra Lynn Cullors, Communication Studies
Maribel Davalos, Criminal Justice
Reyna E. Day, Criminal Justice
Mary Ariana E Decastro, Journalism & Media Studies
Rene Del Real, Communication Studies
Scarlet Del Real, Criminal Justice
Alejandro Delatorre, Criminal Justice
Isabelle D. Delgado, Journalism & Media Studies
Caroline Joan Denue, Communication Studies
Benhor Y. Dimalibot, Communication Studies
Jacqueline Estelle Dinger, Journalism & Media Studies
Joshua Austin Dinsmore, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude)
Igor Dosenovic, Criminal Justice
Timothy Dushe' Drake, Criminal Justice
Amanda Lee Ann Dunlap, Criminal Justice
Christian Charlene Earl, Criminal Justice
Jonathan D. Edwards, Criminal Justice
Cooper Scott Esmay, Communication Studies
Morgan Elise Evans, Journalism & Media Studies
Samantha Lauren Fairchild, Communication Studies (Magna Cum Laude)
Kayla Darlene Falco, Communication Studies, University Honors
Eric Fallejo, Criminal Justice
Barbara Farkas, Journalism & Media Studies
Carlos D. Fernandez, Journalism & Media Studies
Menyawncheyenne R. Fields, Criminal Justice
Daisy Flores, Criminal Justice
Jason Edward Fowler, Criminal Justice
Kala L. Fox, Criminal Justice
Michael E. Freborg, Communication Studies
Annelise Michaela Friedman, Criminal Justice
Lauren Gagnon, Journalism & Media Studies
Freddy Galvez, Criminal Justice
Cody Ganci, Criminal Justice
Anne Elizabeth Garcia, Journalism & Media Studies
Chelsea R. Garcia, Journalism & Media Studies
Shawn Magana Garcia, Communication Studies
Adriana Garcia-Cruz, Criminal Justice
Brittney Michelle Gideon, Criminal Justice
Juana Santos Gomez-molina, Criminal Justice
Ceasar G. Gonzalez, Communication Studies
Cristian G. Gonzalez-Perez, Criminal Justice
Joanna Granados, Criminal Justice
Erik Noel Granillo, Criminal Justice
Eliza Mahal Lynn Pasion Grant, Communication Studies
Aireka Griffith, Communication Studies
Genevieve Katherine Grippo, Journalism & Media Studies
Edemir Guerra, Criminal Justice
Albania Guido-Verduzco, Journalism & Media Studies
Kelsey Rae Gunther, Journalism & Media Studies
John M.C. Gura, Criminal Justice
Teresa Danielle Guzzetta, Communication Studies
36 2017 Commencement
2017 Commencement 37
Arash Hashemi, Criminal Justice
Shakeria Ashley Hawkins, Journalism & Media Studies
David Mel Hayes III, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Michaela Niambi Hayes, Environmental Studies
Eliot Aaron Heller, Communication Studies
Ijau Tyee Henson, Criminal Justice
Akira Javon Hernandez, Journalism & Media Studies
Marclem Hernandez, Criminal Justice
Haylee Hinton, Environmental Studies
Lisa M. Hoskins, Communication Studies
Vincent Hui, Criminal Justice
Jennifer Hurtado, Journalism & Media Studies
Lynsey Nicole Hutchins, Criminal Justice
Taylor Nicole Hyde, Criminal Justice
Edvin Ruth Praferosa Imperial, Journalism & Media Studies
Cindie Jean-Baptiste, Criminal Justice
Taylor Paige Johnsen, Journalism & Media Studies
Pierce James Johnson, Criminal Justice
Taylor Montgomery Jones, Criminal Justice
Suleyma Sofia Juarez, Criminal Justice
Bailey Rose Karas, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude) University Honors
Alexandra N. Kaui, Journalism & Media Studies
Samantha-Rose L. Keomalu, Journalism & Media Studies
Elizabeth J. Kettles, Journalism & Media Studies
Eunice Kim, Communication Studies
Bryanna King, Criminal Justice
Jeffrey Kinsler Kinsler, Criminal Justice
Caylee L. Kirby, Journalism & Media Studies
Wesley John Knight, Journalism & Media Studies
Briana J. Knowles, Communication Studies
Isadore Knox, Communication Studies
Sharon Lynn Kosach, Criminal Justice
Brynn Amber Krause, Journalism & Media Studies
Michael Jared Krueger, Criminal Justice
Peter W. Lacascia, Journalism & Media Studies
Brandi L. Lackey, Criminal Justice
Natalia Lancellotti, Journalism & Media Studies (Magna Cum Laude)
Cristina Maria Larkins-Cleveland, Criminal Justice
Brie-Anne Lavoie-Keirnan, Environmental Studies
Brittany Jo Lehman, Criminal Justice
Tatiana Liotine, Criminal Justice
Kira C. Logan-Saultz, Communication Studies
Prisma Nicole Lopez, Communication Studies
Bingxin Lu, Criminal Justice
Ruben Luna, Criminal Justice
Rene Macatangay, Criminal Justice
James Ian Macintosh, Criminal Justice
Devin Carrina Maduena, Criminal Justice
Daniel Mah, Communication Studies
Rico W. Mak, Criminal Justice
Anne Victoria G. Marasigan, Journalism & Media Studies
Makayla Dannin Marcotte, Communication Studies
Jiuseppa Adelina Marfoglia, Criminal Justice
Alexis Marks, Criminal Justice
Ashtyn Taylor Marlow, Journalism & Media Studies Eliana Martinez-Luna, Journalism & Media Studies Justin Douglas Masaniai, Journalism & Media Studies Travis James Masterson, Journalism & Media Studies Maday Matamoros, Criminal Justice
Richard James Mathews Jr., Criminal Justice Ryan Michael Mcaleenan, Communication Studies James Kristian Mccabe, Criminal Justice Franz E. Mcclure, Communication Studies
Heather Elizabeth Mcdonald, Communication Studies Dakota R. Mckinnon, Journalism & Media Studies Karina Mejia, Communication Studies
Bianca Mendoza, Journalism & Media Studies
Corynn Oceana Miller, Communication Studies (Cum Laude) Ian Michael Miller, Communication Studies Lametra Miller, Journalism & Media Studies
Cesar J. Miranda-Rodriguez, Criminal Justice Kimberly Ogladys Morales, Criminal Justice Alexander H. Mortel, Criminal Justice Kassandra Munguia, Criminal Justice Roberto Munoz Campos, Criminal Justice Chitavia B. Murph, Criminal Justice Nikki Z. Myers, Criminal Justice Andrea Na, Communication Studies Matthew Nardone, Criminal Justice
George Lloyd Naufahu-Talakai, Criminal Justice Luis Negrete, Journalism & Media Studies
Rebecca A. Nevarez, Journalism & Media Studies Diangelis M. Nieves, Communication Studies Kelechi Jessica Obi, Communication Studies Ewelina Obrochta, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude) Terry Lee Ochal II, Criminal Justice
Madison Nicole Olive, Journalism & Media Studies Brian Ortega, Journalism & Media Studies
Ashley Ortiz, Criminal Justice
Lorisha Leiko Kaholani Ota-perez, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude) Mallika Pauline Pal, Journalism & Media Studies
Joseph Palmer, Communication Studies Stephen J. Park, Criminal Justice
Renee Pedroza, Communication Studies Dora E. Peraza, Criminal Justice
Alex Bastian Perez, Communication Studies Jeremy Joshua Perez, Criminal Justice Karina Perez, Journalism & Media Studies
Valarie Ann Peritz, Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude) Robin Elizabeth Peters, Criminal Justice Wayne J. Pirtle, Communication Studies
Kateryna Pivtoran, Criminal Justice
Brianna Terese Plathe, Communication Studies
Elizabeth Ponce De Leon, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude) Corey Pool, Criminal Justice
Jamie E. Pool, Journalism & Media Studies Zachary Isaac Popowcer, Criminal Justice Jesse Thomas Portello, Criminal Justice
Sage K. Prado, Criminal Justice
Tamika Queen, Criminal Justice
Jessica Marie Ramirez, Criminal Justice
Rita Marlen Ramirez, Criminal Justice
Ashley Breann Ranan, Journalism & Media Studies
Joe Nelson Reid, Criminal Justice
Cristian Reyes, Criminal Justice
Carla Ruby Reynoso, Communication Studies
Karrison Armand Rimon, Criminal Justice
Jeremy Rincon, Communication Studies
Eliza N. Rincon Ortiz, Journalism & Media Studies
Debbie Lorraine Rios, Criminal Justice
Katarina Renee Roach, Criminal Justice
Jerrell D. Roberts, Criminal Justice
Anahita Baiti Rodriguez, Criminal Justice
Bianca Ivy Rodriguez, Criminal Justice
Jasmine Nelly Rodriguez, Journalism & Media Studies
Jose Luis Rodriguez, Criminal Justice
Christopher Eliu Rojas, Criminal Justice
Casey Raymond Rosenberg, Communication Studies
Saya Rosich, Communication Studies
Jessica Roybal, Communication Studies
Jessica Emi Sagawa, Journalism & Media Studies
Melissa Sanchez, Criminal Justice
Stephanie Anne C. Santana, Journalism & Media Studies
Tiago Silva Santana, Communication Studies
Austin M. Santos, Environmental Studies
Crystal Saucedo, Criminal Justice
Laura Saucedo, Journalism & Media Studies
Joseph Saywa, Criminal Justice
Pockets N. Schultz, Communication Studies (Cum Laude) University Honors
Anthony M. Scott, Criminal Justice
Brittany Senchak, Criminal Justice
James Shoung, Communication Studies
Kayla M. Sidenstricker, Criminal Justice
Paige S. Silva, Criminal Justice
Gianna Idabella Silvaggio, Journalism & Media Studies
Tiffany Small, Criminal Justice
Chynna Marie Smith, Communication Studies
Milinda Dae'Sha Smith, Criminal Justice
Tyler T. Smith, Criminal Justice
Kristen J. Sonju, Communication Studies
Jeanne Rochelle Arandia Soriano, Communication Studies
Cassandra Soto, Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude)
Nicole Joy Kehaulani Soto, Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude)
Ana K. Soto-Arreola, Criminal Justice
Taimi Sotolongo, Journalism & Media Studies
Andrew B. Spivak, Communication Studies
Abigail Katherine Stanley, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude)
Chasity Latish Starling, Criminal Justice
Sierra Elizabeth Stepp, Criminal Justice
Kellie Victoria Stewart, Journalism & Media Studies
Trevor Dylan Stoops, Criminal Justice
Axl Tatoy, Communication Studies & Criminal Justice
Lindsay Reed Taylor, Criminal Justice
Nebiyat Teffera, Criminal Justice
Emily S. Tipsord, Criminal Justice
Ryan Robert Todd, Criminal Justice
Michaela Mary Tomchek, Environmental Studies (Magna Cum Laude)
University & Research and Creative Honors
Rachel Tonnu, Journalism & Media Studies
Jasmine Lissette Torres, Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude)
University Honors
Marina Del Rey Triplett, Journalism & Media Studies
Alyssa Truesdill, Journalism & Media Studies
Sara Cristeen Tullos, Criminal Justice
Rayona Raquel Turner, Criminal Justice
Sharon C. Uche, Journalism & Media Studies (Cum Laude)
Elver Alberto Urriola, Communication Studies
Stacie Vance, Environmental Studies
Mike N. Vardakis, Journalism & Media Studies
Jessica L. Vargas, Journalism & Media Studies
Nicholas Alexander Vasquez, Criminal Justice
Jess Charles Vavricka, Journalism & Media Studies
Taylor Vesp, Communication Studies
Erica Villanueva, Criminal Justice
Nicole Michele Bourgeois Walker, Criminal Justice
William R. Ward, Communication Studies
Ebonee J. Watie, Communication Studies
Nicole Jasmine Webb, Communication Studies
Nicole Leigh Westover, Criminal Justice
Nina Melissa White, Communication Studies
Melissa Will, Communication Studies
Stephanie S. Willes, Communication Studies (Magna Cum Laude)
Collyn Briana Williams, Criminal Justice
Carla R. Wilson, Journalism & Media Studies
Sarena A. Woods, Journalism & Media Studies
Mimi Haimy Xu, Communication Studies
Carol Young, Communication Studies
Chloe Zubka, Communication Studies
Maxwell Stephen Zulfer, Communication Studies
Bachelor of Science
Charlene Boyer, Public Administration
Mckenzie L. Chambers, Public Administration
Jason Clinton, Public Administration
Alexia Nicole Cooper, Public Administration
Craig M. Cooper, Public Administration
Mike Dominic Aquino Cruz, Public Administration
Russ L. Day, Public Administration
Ryan P. Donahue, Public Administration
Breanna Martinique Dunn, Public Administration
Michael Takeshi Edgar, Public Administration
Ingrid Marie Fenley, Public Administration
Jolan Ferrer, Public Administration
Christine Marie Fields, Public Administration
Oneicia Shacoy Glover, Public Administration
Lori D. Grossman, Public Administration (Magna Cum Laude)
38 2077 Commencement
2017 Commencement 39
Lourdes Hipolito, Public Administration
Jamie Marie Holmes, Public Administration
Hazel Johnson, Public Administration
Justin Taylor Jones, Public Administration
Jelani Naeem Kamal, Public Administration
Nabil Mohamed Kassas, Public Administration
Chelsea Nicole Kornbluh, Public Administration
Nicole Lanzalaco, Public Administration
Phoebe London, Public Administration
Sonja L Long, Public Administration
Blanca Angelica Machuca, Public Administration
Leah Y. Mailman, Public Administration
Tia Camille McCoy, Public Administration (Cum Laude)
Andrea Na, Public Administration
Kenneth Nguyen, Public Administration
Vanessa Rae Peyton, Public Administration
Ignatius D. Porchia Jr., Public Administration
Julian Portugal Ramirez, Public Administration
Irvin Somera, Public Administration
Robert St. Marie, Public Administration
Ryan L. Studebaker, Public Administration
Kane Derrick Toomer, Public Administration
Shane Jeffrey Truesdill, Public Administration
Laura R. Weber, Public Administration
Ivy L. Wilson, Public Administration
Antonio Michael Zepeda, Public Administration
Bachelor of Social Work
Mary Louise Albert, Social Work
Victoria Alvarez, Social Work
Alexsandra Maritza Aranda, Social Work
Samantha Xenia Bravo, Social Work
Jenae Chantel Brown, Social Work
Jacqueline N. Cartwright, Social Work
Cherie Lynn Catlett, Social Work
Sheena Marie Cordova, Social Work
Vincent T. Delucia, Social Work
Kelsee Brijae Drew, Social Work
Deborah Espinoza, Social Work
Rebecca Denisse Espinoza, Social Work (Magna Cum Laude)
Amanda Marie Fantaro, Social Work
Jamie Lee Farrar, Social Work
Anita Frias, Social Work
Diana A. Garcia, Social Work
Catrina Grigsby-Thedford, Social Work
Ashley Brooke Gutierrez, Social Work
Mario Guzman, Social Work
Jessica Kailone Hughes, Social Work
Terry T. Knox, Social Work
Jordan Micheal Lesko, Social Work
Vanessa Ann Martinez, Social Work
Wanda Martinez, Social Work
Janet Frances Masanz, Social Work
Cecille Rupido Nazareno, Social Work
Ana Cristina Perez, Social Work
Justine Ann Perez, Social Work (Cum Laude)
Joclyn Monice Phillips, Social Work
Christy L. Rood, Social Work
Alejandra Simental, Social Work
ALMA MATER (Composed by Eric Whitacre, Lyrics by Thomas Leslie and Robyn Lemon)
Alma Mater, we praise you For spirit, the eternal flame. Strength which never falters, A tribute to your name.
Alma Mater, we thank you, Exalted Scarlet and Gray. Truth and wisdom from your Standard in our minds and hearts will stay.
Alma Mater, we cherish you. And in days that are yet to be, Our voices let us ever raise In honor, U-N-L-V.
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is proud to honor those who have served in the armed forces. Below is a list of veterans who are graduating.
Leacherlyn Alejandro
Vincent Hui
Adam Ririe
Julian Batz
Justin Kimm
Joshua Roosendaal
Robert Blanco
Jesper Laborete
Eric Roth
Zoe Bogikes
Soyoung Lee
Steve Sanson
Lauren Bolt
Leslie Lingo
Adam Semel
Leonard Castellanos
Lawrence Martinez
Bradley Sensibaugh
Scott Davis
Tanya Olson
Grace Singson
Bridget Dorcey
Jonas Pelayo
Denara Talley
Leonard Emanuelson
Katrina Persaud
Ryan Todd
Deborah Espinoza
Allan Pineda
Katrina Wistisen
James Garner
Zachary Popwcer
Damian Wright
Anthony Green
Hai Qian
Gregory Zemp
Charlina Beck
iff * x w
Terry Knox
Richard Sanchez
Jason Clinton
Emmanuel Penson-Gravel
Guillermo Trujillo
Jacob Escoffier
Sabrina Perez
Erica Villanueva
Gambino Granada
Kristopher Raines
Warren Woo
Mario Guzman
Shy-wyanna Roberts
Christopher Blonk
Jung Lee
Kyle Rodgers
Oswin Burnett
William MacDonald
Matthew Shepard
Carlos Castro
Bruno Moya
Leonard Steere
Orin Colegrove
Willy Moyer
Jan Von Herburt-Hewell
Danny Duvall
Diangelis Nieves
Billy Wong
Tameka Frye
Issias Osorio
Eric Archibald Seth Asa re Nicholas Banas Edward Bond Cassandra Boyer Sean Breckling Tara Broad Kevin Carpenter Carl Eissmann Alexises Fabian Jarrett Greig Chalice Haban
Yanick Hickman Nicole Jenkins Joshua Klimchak Adrian Leano Cecilia Lopez Christopher Malloy Julianne Manley Artur Maryamov Sarah Martin Travis Masterson David Morris Danny Murphy
Jonas Pelayo Johnson Phou
Stephan Pingel Tameka Queen
Gregory Reed Brittany Senchak Kayla Sidenstricker Raymond Sivek Jason Snyder Jason Socia
Jason Stevenson Jessica Stewart
Gannon, Robert
40 2017 Commencement
2017 Commencement 41
Franks. Wartman Doctor of Science
Malcolm Love Doctor of Laws
Dean E. McHenry Doctor of Laws
Herbert E. Grier Doctor of Science
Lt. Gen. FrankT. Mildren Doctor of Science
Nevitt Sanford Doctor of Humane Letters
Francis H. Horn Doctor of Humane Letters
Bob Hope Doctor of Humane Letters
Howard W. Cannon Doctor of Laws Del E. Webb
Doctor of Humane Letters
David Bruce Dill Doctor of Laws
Bishop Joseph Green Doctor of Humane Letters
Gov. Mike O'Callaghan Doctor of Laws
No degree awarded
Walker R. Young Engineer in Charge of Construction of Hoover Dam
Doctor of Science
Frank Church Doctor of Laws Frank Sinatra
Doctor of Humane Letters
Herman M. Greenspun Doctor of Humane Letters
John C. Mowbray Doctor of Laws Paul F. Sharp
Doctor of Humane Letters
BartJ. Bok
Doctor of Science Paul Laxalt Doctor of Laws
Daniel J. Boorstin Doctor of Humane Letters
Wayne Newton Doctor of Humane Letters
Donald H. Baepler Doctor of Science Frank Waters Doctor of Humane Letters
Lucile Bruner Doctor of Humane Letters
Rev. Caesar Caviglia Doctor of Humane Letters Frank H.T. Rhodes Doctor of Letters E. Parry Thomas Doctor of Laws Charles Vanda Doctor of Humane Letters
Simcha Dinitz Doctor of Humane Letters
Major Gen. Robert E. Kelley
Doctor of Science Jerome Mack Doctor of Laws Harry Wald Doctors of Laws
David P. Gardner Doctor of Laws Jihan El-Sadat Doctor of Letters Diana Ross Doctor of Humane Letters
John Theodore “Ted" Sanders Doctor of Letters Major Gen. R. G. "Zack" Taylor Doctor of Laws
Marjorie A. Barrick Doctor of Humane Letters Thomas T. Beam Doctor of Science Joseph N. Crowley Doctor of Letters
William Boyd Doctor of Laws Margaret Elardi Doctor of Humane Letters
Elaine Wynn Doctor of Humane Letters
Artemus W. Ham Jr. Doctor of Laws
James I. Gibson Doctor of Laws
J. A. Tiberti Doctor of Laws
Marvin Sedway Doctor of Laws
Steve Wynn Doctor of Laws
Christina Hixson Doctor of Humane Letters
Jean Nidetch Doctor of Science Fred W. Smith Doctor of Humane Letters
Takatoshi Takemoto Doctor of Humane Letters
Claudine Williams Doctor of Humane Letters Simon Zentner Doctor of Humane Letters
Kitty Rodman Doctor of Humane Letters
Richard Tam Doctor of Laws Melvin B. Wolzinger Doctor of Laws
Brian Cram Doctor of Education Robert Laxalt Author, Doctor of Humane Letters
Stanley E. Fulton Doctor of Laws
Denise Scott Brown Doctor of Letters John Goolsby Doctor of Laws Barbara Greenspun Doctor of Humane
Bob Miller
Doctor of Laws Robert Venturi Doctor of Letters
General Colin L. Powell Doctor of Laws James E. Rogers Doctor of Laws Louis Wiener Jr. (posthumously) Doctor of Laws
Richard H. Bryan Doctor of Laws Wole Soyinka Doctor of Humane Letters
William G. Bennett Doctor of Laws James H. Bilbray Doctor of Laws James R. Dickinson (posthumously) Doctor of Laws Donald D. Snyder Doctor of Laws EmilieN. Wanderer Doctor of Laws
John Irving Doctor of Humane Letters
Glenn Schaeffer Doctor of Humane Letters George Sidney (posthumously) Doctor of Humane Letters
Dr. Roman Zorn (posthumously) Doctor of Laws
Anthony M. Marlon, M.D. Doctor of Laws William C. McCool (posthumously) Doctor of Science Anthony E. Zuiker Doctor of Humane Letters
Mikhail Gorbachev Doctor of Laws Joyce Mack Doctor of Laws
Brian Lee Greenspun Doctor of Laws
Miriam Adelson
Doctor of Laws Carolyn G. Goodman Doctor of Laws Gary Loveman Doctor of Laws Robert L. Mendenhall Doctor of Laws
Regent Thalia Dondero Doctor of Laws
Andre Agassi Doctor of Laws
Kirk Kerkorian
Doctor of Humane Letters
Irwin Molasky Doctor of Humane Letters
Kenny C. Guinn (posthumously) Doctor of Humane Letters
Sarann Knight Preddy Doctor of Humane Letters
Edward J. Ted Quirk Doctor of Humane Letters
Kagemasa Kozuki, Doctor of Humane Letters
Joesph W. Brown Doctor of Laws Guy Fieri Doctor of Laws
James Christian “Jimmy" Kimmel Doctor of Humane Letters
Samuel S. Lionel Doctor of Laws
Fred B. Cox
Doctor of Science Carol C. Harter Doctor of Humane Letters
Diana Bennett Doctor of Humane Letters
Robert B. Griffith
Archie C. Grant
Albert E. Cahlan
A. L. Scott
Roger! Foley
J. Kell Houssels Sr. Bertha Ronzone
Cyril O. Bastian Harriett G. Spann Clare W. Woodbury
George E. Franklin Sr.
Reed Whipple
Leonard R. Fayle Sebastian Mikulich Richard F. Perkins
Judy Bayley Woodrow Wilson
James Cashman Jr. Juanita Greer White
James I. Gibson Paul D. McDermott (posthumously) Mary L. Woitishek
Alan Bible John F. Cahlan
Parry Thomas
Monsignor Thomas
Elton M. Garrett
Oran Gragson Mabel W. Hoggard
William W. Morris William Peccole
B. Mahlon Brown Addeliar Dell Guy Artemus W. Ham Jr.
Ruthe Deskin William V. Wright
Marion D. Bennett Sr.
Ann Brewington Harley E. Harmon Sr.
Marjorie A. Barrick Eileen Brookman
Irwin Molasky Thomas T. Beam
No award given
Bob Brown (posthumously) Rosemary K. Clarke William G. Flangas
William Boyd Donald M. Clark Fred Gibson Jr. John Moran
J. A. Tiberti
Florence Lee Jones Cahlan (posthumously) Herbert McDonald John F. Mendoza
Daniel F. Byron Charlotte Hill John H. Midby Vassili Sulich Joe Williams
Roger D. Foley James A. Gay III Kenny C. Guinn Johnny A. Ribeiro Jr.
Carolyn G Goodman Philip G. Satre Fred W. Smith
Reverend John J. McVeigh
Claudine Williams
Arturo Cambeiro (posthumously) R. Guild Gray Barbara Greenspun C. Kitty Rodman Eugene R. Warner
Stanley E. Fulton John Goolsby Arthur Marshall Mildred Remy Jesse D. Scott
Richard W. Bunker Mary "Mitzi" Hughes Louis Wiener Jr.
Jerome Blankinship William T. White
Robert! Bigelow Jack Cason Thalia Dondero
William Bennett James Cashman III (posthumously) Christina Hixson
Grant Sawyer (posthumously)
Donna Jo Andress Robert Broadbent Dr. Jerry Cade Paul Christensen Brian Greenspun
Ruby Duncan Wing and Lilly Fong Jean Ford
Sandy Miller Rafael Vega Melvin Wolzinger
Patricia Mulroy Milton I. Schwartz Stephen Wynn Elaine Wynn
Alice Turner William Vassiliadis
Elias Ghanem Wayne Newton Anthony Saville
J. Terrence Lanni William U. Pearson James and Alice Smalley
Tony Alamo Sr. Willliam E. Martin Donald D. Snyder
Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn Madison B. Graves II M. Kent "Tim" Hafen Michael Kinnaird Glen Schaeffer Jerry Tarkanian
Franny Forsman Jerry Keller Joseph M. Neal
Leonard E. Goodall Marie E. Stever Daly McMillan
Kevin Page
Ralph L. Denton Sara P. Denton Philip J. Kohn, Esq. Paul C. Page
Michael Gaughn Cathy Ray Edward D. Smith Bruce L. Woodbury
Rossi Ralenkotter Jackie Robinson Larry Ruvo Linda Smith Alden Levi Stewart
Sheldon and Miriam Adelson Jerry Bussell James"Bucky" Buchanan II (posthumously) Rev. Caesar J. Caviglia
James Rogers
Theron and Naomi
Goynes Anna Lou Call Peterson Genevieve Segerblom Richard Bryan
Carl Christensen Michael Goldberg (posthumously) Pat Lundall
Bob Miller Rachakonda Prabhu
William “Bob” & Anna L. Bailey Robert D. Faiss Pastor Paul Goulet
Monte & Susan Miller Raymond Rawson Michael & Sonja Saltman
Robert Schofield, Jr. Carolyn Sparks Bret Whipple
James Bilbray Robert & Sandra Ellis Gus "Billy” Flangas Gard & Florence Jameson
Anthony & Diane Pollard
Fred Albrecht (Posthumously) Mark Alden AmyS. Ayoub Shelley Berkley Bill D. Brady Nick M. Spirtos
Sheilagh Brooks
James Deacon
Marie-France Hilgar
Mohamed Yousef
Maurice A. Finocchiaro
Lawrence Golding
Darlene H. Unrue 1998 Catherine Bellver
1998 Joseph McCullough 2000 Virko Baley
Martha Knack
Mark Weinstein
Joseph A. Fry
Robert Boehm 2006 Hal K. Rothman 2008 Thomas C. Wright
Alan Simmons
Christopher Kearney
Dennis Lindle
Kenny Guinn
Carolyn M. Sparks
Kitty Rodman
Lucille S. Rogers
Harry Reid
Bonnie Bryan
Joseph Crowley Dema Guinn Bill Raggio
Donald D. Snyder Dina Titus
Morse Arberry, Jr.
Shelley Berkley Jay H. Brown Joseph E. Dini, Jr. Franny Forsman Philip M. Pro Landra Reid Larry Ruvo
Selma F. Bartlett
Joyce Mack Joseph M. Neal J.A. Tiberti
Claudine Williams
A. Somer Hollingsworth IV
Kenneth G. Ladd
Nevada Development Authority Michael A. Saltman
Sonja Saltman
Lynn M. Bennett
Carlos A. Garcia Dr. Jane Nichols John Robinson
City of Las Vegas Oscar Goodman Thom Reilly Bobby Siller
Andrew B. "Drew" Willison
Gasper Lazzara
Edward J. Quirk Hal K. Rothman
Deborah Faiman-Shoofey DanielC. Van Epp
Mark Alden
Madison B. Graves (posthumously)
Fred C. Albrecht
Jim Rogers
Chris Giunchigliani
JohnH. Midby(posthumously)
207 7 Commencement
20 7 7 Commencement 43
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Katie Humphreys, Chair Rainier Spencer, Associate Chair Larry Henley, Creative Director Lea Sexton, Director of Seating Kevin Coburn, Thomas & Mack Mike Newcomb, Thomas & Mack Brian Smallwood Carlos Fernandez Fred Tredup Jonathan Smith Joseph Dagher Kristene Fisher Marclem Hernandez Susan Ochoa Tony Allen Valarie Burke Vaune Kadiubek
John Wayne Arnold Miles Boulton Sofie Burton Jaime Carbajal Jr. Alysse Chavez Regina Dickerson Joe Ervin Nancy Esposito Tim Gauthier Dan Gianoutsos Samantha Grider Najia Haidery Daniel Henry Esther Herrera Julie Johnson Melaney Jones Lauren Layton Kathleen Lauckner Rimi Marwah Mark Padoongpatt Leann Putney Robin Rawal Abby Cruz-Reyes Andrew Reyes Karen Roop Jack Schibrowsky Miriam Seaman Derek Sommer John Starkey Tony Terrell Cheryl Tillotson Arturo Torres Marlon Urquico Oak Vichaikul Rochelle Walker Antonio Villegas
Pre-Commencement videos were prepared by journalism students in the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies.
Flowers and greens provided by English Garden Florist Published jointly by Reprographics/Design Services and Student Enrollment Services
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44 2017 Commencement
Welcome to the UNLV Alumni Family!
Dear Class of 2017,
Congratulations on reaching this major milestone in your life! You must be filled with pride, joy, and relief as you march across the Thomas & Mack stage to accept your diploma today. And we, your fellow alumni, share your excitement over your accomplishments.
UNLV has prepared you with the educational background and critical thinking you'll use throughout your life, wherever you may go. Indeed, your fellow alumni have employed their world-class education toward noble professions. We count among our distinguished graduates a Nobel Peace Prize winner, the creator of the hit TV
show CSI, a Food Network Star, a major league baseball first round draft pick, an ESPN sport journalist/ anchor, groundbreaking hip-hop choreographers, a "Killer" rock performer, and many, many more.
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I look forward to connecting with you at a future event and hope you will take full advantage of our alumni network and programs. On behalf of the more than 100,000 UNLV alumni, I congratulate the Class of 2017!
Patrick Smith '97 '01
President, UNLV Alumni Association
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