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Letter from Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas) to J. Ross Clark (Los Angeles), June 21, 1921






Bracken appraising Clark of a complaint by the City Commission to the Nevada Public Service Commission and its resolution.

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Box 1 Folder 1 J. Ross Clark Las Vegas Springs 1911-1921 59 PP


hln001044. Union Pacific Railroad Collection, 1828-1995. MS-00397. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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LAS VEGAS LAND AND WATER COMPANY OFFICES J. ROSS CLARK. PRESIDENT, Los ANGELES, CAL. PACIFIC ELECTRIC BUILDING F. A. WATERS. AGENT, C. P. SMITH, SECRETARY. LOS ANGELES, CAL. AND WALTER R. BRACKEN. VICE-PRES. AND ACT., W. H. LEETE. TREASURER, LOS ANGELES, CAL. LAS VEGAS. NEVADA LAS VEGAS, NEV. Las Vegas, Nevada, June 21, 1921. Mr. J. Ross Clark, President Las Vegas Land & Water Co., Los Angeles, Cal. Dear Sir: The enclosed resolution passed by the City Commissioners is self-explanatory, and while the complaint has no direct bearing on the franchise of the Las Vegas Land & Water Company, the Public Service Commission of Carson City, Nevada, do not know this, and I anticipate, should they take the matter up, it will be through our company. The pipe line from the springs to Main and Clark Streets, (which is the intake of the L.V.L. & W. Co.) is owned and maintained by the Railroad Company, and while I have no supervision over this line I have always looked after it the same as though it were our line, reporting needed repairs, etc., to the Engineering Department. The complaint was framed up by commissioners who never were over the pipe line, nor did they know anything about the actual condition of the same. It is true that for two or three days last week we had a low pressure of water on account of roots stopping up the vetrified sewer pipe line leading from one of the springs, but this has been thoroughly dragged by the Service Department and we now have a full head of water on the intake and a good pressure of thirty pounds and as much as it is possible to obtain from the gravity flow from the springs. Yesterday I had the Mayor of the City, and the Water Commissioner over every foot of the line from the round-house to the springs, and they both were very much agreeably surprised at the condition they found the line and water supply in, and from our conversation I feel sure they will rescind the resolution passed and send copies to the Public Service Commission. We do not, nor should not, guarantee them any stronger pressure than our gravity flow, and they have demonstrated beyond all doubt that with the one little Ford fire engine they can pump water from our mains and produce a pressure of from 70 to 75 pounds, and if they need more pressure for fire protection they Mr. J. Ross Clark -2- June 21, 1921. should purchase another fire engine or two. To avoid further trouble we should have the pipe line examined thoroughly, at least once a week, and see that we are at all times securing the full head of water, and not allow it to become in the same condition as last week. Another thing which should be regulated at once is the supply to P.F.E. Ice Plant. They are drawing on us with full 8" pipe line in order to save using their reservoir and pump, and during the hot weather this should be avoided, which should greatly help to maintain our 30 pound pressure. Believing that it is easier to avoid trouble with the different City and State Commissions than to work out of it after complaints are taken up, I want to follow out any advice which may bring about that end. Will you kindly advise. Very truly yours, WRB:LD Vice-Pres. & Agent. cc-W.H.C., C.F.M., F.R.McM.