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Audio clip from interview with Waldemar Jackson conducted by Claytee D. White, May 5, 2013

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Audio clip from interview with Waldemar Jackson by Claytee White on May 5, 2013. Jackson talks about how he secured job at Marina Hotel and was laid off after a strike.

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Waldemar Jackson oral history interview, 2013 May 06. OH-00931. [Audio recording] Oral History Research Center, Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevad


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She insisted that I go in to Raleigh Hills. When I went in Raleigh Hills, I met a gentleman who was going because his wife wanted him to. He was an older Italian dude. I started telling him about needing a job and everything. He was a boss at the Marina, the Marina hotel. He got me on as a slot floor man. Unfortunately, they had the dreaded strike where the change girls walked out. As a slot foreman, I ended up being a change guy for about a week. After that, they had to let some of the slot floor men go. That happened by seniority, and I was the one to go. It was really funny-I mean really funny-to see all the guys that wore suits every day to work. When the strike came and the women walked out, we all told our boss that we drew the line at wearing the belts. We were not wearing the belts. [The boss said,] "You can push one of the change carts. I don't care, but I need change people." We got heckled a lot. Of course, you had change girls outside with their picket signs and everything.