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Letter from Henry and Anita Schuster to Holocaust survivors regarding funds for activities, June 19, 2005


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HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS GROUP OF SOUTHERN NEVADA 3321 Uribe St. Las Vegas, NV 89129 Co-Presidents Henry D. Schuster Anita K. Schuster Vice President Dr. Bruno Borenstein Secretary Or. Ludwig Bauer Treasurer Jean Lesser Parliamentarian Sam Chinkes Photographer Willie Lebovic Board Members David Berkovits Harold Blitzer Ray Fiol David Gavrin Gina Klonoff Henry Kronberg Alexander Kuechel Lydia Lebovic Benjamin Lesser Perry Oehlbaum Pola Zimmerman June 19, 2005 Dear Holocaust Survivor, Several years back we applied for a grant from the Claims Conference for the Cafe Europa program. These funds are to be strictly used for socializing. We have gone on a bus trip to Death Vallev and have had many brunches and lunches. Our membership dues of $25.00 per year are being used for other purposes. Most of the money goes to support Survivors that need financial help. We have been working with Jewish Family Service of Las Vegas. We have their assurance that every dollar that we contribute will be used for the benefit of the Survivors only. Our money will not be spent on overhead for the Jewish Family Service. None of it will be used for case management. We do not want to know to whom they give the money. We send out statements every January and we make it perfectly clear that those that cannot pay the dues are more than welcome to be part of The Holocaust Survivor Group of Southern Nevada. This letter is an appeal to those that would like to contribute some money so that we can help even more people. You have the promise of the board of directors that the money will be turned over to the Jewish Family Service to be used for our Survivors. We do work with national Holocaust organizations that are advocates for the welfare of Survivors. We have the finest group of people in our community. Sincerely yours, Henjj^DTScnuster Co-president Anita K. Schuster Co-president Phone: 702.256.9277 Fax: 702.256. 9277 Please call first