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ADDENDUM TO STATUS REPORT: March 14, 197 2 JUNE HOTEL PROMOTION Reported by: Mr. Ed Kelly - KELLY & REBER, INC. 1. The total mailing of the 400,000 is-designed to reach an income group of above $15,000 per year in Los Angeles County and Orange County. There are more than 800,000 people in this high-income category in the two counties. We are selecting only the top half of this group for our initial mailing. The high end of this group consists of approximately 15,000 people earning above $50,000 per year. 2. The mailing would start in the first week of May and continue throughout the month with approximately 10 ,000 invitations mailed each day. SPRINGSPREE concludes on the 16th of June and the free midnight shows will not be offered after that date. The mailing schedule might be revised once the phone calls begin and we can evaulate the response. A mid-April mailing would not be advisable because this would not leave time to do an adequate printing job and there are some questions as to whether an April invitation would have the effect we are looking for in June. 3. It will take the Donnely Company three days to "stuff:", address, seal and stamp the 400,000 mailing.