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Letter from Miriam Hoegland (Las Vegas, Nev.) to Vernon Bunker (Las Vegas, Nev.), February 17, 1964


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4&3 Dwnr Place I m Vegaa, flaw,, February 17, 1964 Mr. Veocnm Btmkar, 924 Las VNeogratsh, FNoturrvtnhd,a Boar Hr. Buskers Tsihnec Learee Vgergaatsi tAurdeea t Po. yTo.Au. aCnodu ynocuilr wfoeulllodw l Cilkaor kto C oesucntteyn d their Aoafs etrhaeb tlyeageins, laftourr ey.our fine work during the special session Showing the may problems whidh had confronted you during tha session, your dedicated efforts are vary such appreciated. Sincerely, Miriam Hongland Correa. Secretary cos M.M. Bishop Floors Dungan JT.a nHe.s GIo. dGbiobys on R. Guild Gray Bryan Hafon Helen Herr Joseph HeXnue MBresr.n aLr.d EP.o stiyne cn Jake Von Tobol