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Minutes from Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors meetings, April 1992 - August 1992






Meeting minutes include reports from committees of the board, correspondence, and balance sheets.

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TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING MINUTES FOR APRIL 6, 1992 Present: Edward Bernstein Dr. Alvin Blumberg Jerome L. Blut Allen Brewster Barry D. Eisen Beverly Eisen Isaac Farrell David L. Funk Fran Levien Sandra Mallin Dr. Barry Markman Mitchell Ogron Paula Quagliana Herman Rosenbush Sharon E. Sigesmund Joyce Straus Leo A. Wilner Absent: Bob Arum Lt. Col. Steven Green Allen L. Shapin Jordan Primack Ed Bernstein, President, called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. Isabel Goldberg, Executive Director, called the Roll; those present and absent are noted. There being no additions or corrections to the March 2, 1992 Minutes, they were approved as submitted. CORRESPONDENCE: Ed Bernstein asked if there were any comments on the correspondence. Joyce Straus stated she felt only adverse letters should be put in the Agenda. Ed pointed out that complementary letters should be included as they are thanks for the work the Executive Director has done on behalf of the Board. Isaac Farrell stated he appreciated reading all letters received. Isaac Farrell asked about the March 10, 1992 letter received from Dr. Noach Milgram regarding a $250 fee for speaking. Rabbi Lederman explained that he called UNLV and asked if there was someone available who would like to speak at the Temple. Dr. Milgram accepted the request and spoke. Rabbi stated that when he was walking Dr. Milgram back to his car, Dr. Milgram did mention that he received $500 for his last speaking engagement. Rabbi stated he did not commit the Temple to an honorarium, and stated that if he was to be paid, it was a Board decision, not his. Ed asked the Board if they wanted to send Dr. Milgram an honorarium. No one indicated that Dr. Milgram should be sent any monies. Isaac stated he felt a letter should be sent to Dr. Milgram indicating the Board?s decision. Ed asked Isabel to send Dr. Milgram a letter under his signature. 1 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors April 6, 1992 Meeting Minutes PRESIDENT?S REPORT: Ed Bernstein reported Dennis Prager will speak on Black-Jewish relationships Friday evening at the Temple. Black judges, senators and assemblymen and women will be attending on Friday night. Ed asked if there are any other Jewish community leaders that should be invited to please let him know. Ed reported Dennis Prager will be speaking on Saturday after services and Saturday evening as well. Sunday morning is an "invitation only" function. Isabel reminded everyone to RSVP. RABBI?S REPORT Rabbi Lederman asked if there were any objections to his attending a Presbyterian funeral service for a man who had been married to a Jewish woman. None were expressed. Rabbi stated arrangements for the Passover Seder were progressing. Rabbi reported the 34th ESP service was held this past Friday and went well. CANTOR?S REPORT: The Cantor reported the ESP service format was changed. It was geared more to the child?s level and we had more control. Parents participated more. However, the acoustics in the gym were not very good. Cantor reported that there would be a 6:15 PM service prior to the 7:00 PM Seder on April 17. On April 25 at 11:00 AM, is Yizkor. April 30th is the Yom Hashoah Service. The theme is "Children of Holocaust Survivors." The Israel Independence Day program will be held in May. Ed asked that if any of the Board members had or knew of anyone who had sound equipment they would like to donate, to please contact Isabel. Ed thanked Sisterhood for the tables they purchased. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR?S REPORT: Isabel Goldberg stated the Rabbi, Cantor and she continue to meet every Monday and have already discussed the High Holidays. Isabel stated the office has been extremely busy in helping Sisterhood, Men?s Club, preparing for Passover, and preparing for the weekend with Dennis Prager. Isabel reported the convention she attended went very well and thanked the Board for giving her the opportunity to attend. BOARD OF EDUCATION REPORT: No Report. BUDGET & FINANCE COMMITTEE: Jerry Blut reported several letters have been sent out requesting payment of past dues, Kol Nidre Appeal pledges, ticket payments, etc. Isabel reported not a lot of money has come in, but she has received a number of telephone calls regarding the letters. Jerry reported a good percentage of people did not respond to the letters. Jerry reported a letter was sent out stating if their dues are not paid by August 31, they will not received High Holiday tickets. Ed asked what happens August 10 when someone says they want their sanctuary seats and they have not paid. Jerry reported they would lose their seats unless they have made other arrangements. Isabel then reported on the number and types of letters sent out. Isabel reported, due to the heavy workload, she has been unable to call everyone back who have left messages for her. 2 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors April 6, 1992 Meeting Minutes Isabel stated a personal note from her was put in a number of the letters. Jerry stated that after Passover we will need to go over the responses and decide what action will need to be taken. Isabel reported most people want to negotiate the dues down to a lower level. Most were Associate members. A number of Dues Reduction forms have been mailed out. Ed stated that with the Holidays approaching and Kol Nidre coming up, it is time to do something for Kol Nidre, and asked Jerry to chair the committee. Jerry stated he would work on it and asked the Board members to help him with it and to please contact him. Isabel stated that in July a reminder letter will be sent out stating dues are due by August 31. Leo Wilner reminded that caution will be needed so that those families that pay the day before the High Holidays will not be offended. FIVE YEAR PLANNING COMMITTEE: Isaac Farrell stated he would give the report for Jordan Primack. Isaac distributed a breakdown of the poll taken and stated the survey is for the Board?s perusal only. Seventy-three responses were received. The bathrooms were the one item that a majority felt needed to be addressed. To renovate the bathrooms would cost approximately $15,000, and that may not be in the best interest of the Temple to do now. In June the Committee will have some preliminary plans to present to the Board. David Funk felt the bathrooms should be renovated now. Isaac stated to renovate the bathrooms would cost $15,000, but the cost to paint them and "spruce" them up would be about $2,000. Ed suggested putting atomizers in the bathroom to help freshen them up. Isaac felt it would be in the best interest of the Temple to wait until June for the report before doing any renovating. HOUSE COMMITTEE: Allen Brewster thanked Fran and Sisterhood for the tables. Sandy Mallin stated the carpet in the Social Hall needs to be replaced as it is badly soiled in spots. Ed suggested the carpet be replaced with a floor or using commercial grade carpet tiles. Joyce Straus felt by replacing the carpet with floor we would not have to worry about food or beverages being spilled on the floor and staining it. Isabel stated the carpet will be cleaned in about two weeks and she has been assured they would be able to eliminate most of the stains. Ed stated if that did not work, then the House Committee should look into replacing the carpet with flooring or commercial grade tiles. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Joyce Straus reported a membership meeting has been planned for Tuesday, April 14. A Membership Coffee is being planned for May 14 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. All new members, prospective members and Board members will be invited. Joyce stated membership skills need to be worked on for the next year. Joyce felt there is renewed interest in Temple Beth Sholom due to the new ideas being generated. PROGRAMMING COMMITTEE: Paula Quagliana reported the first Interfaith meeting will be held May 5 and will be presented in a sensitive way. Rabbi Lederman suggested the announcement of the meeting should go out from the Board. In response to a question, Rabbi stated it is an outreach program 3 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors April 6, 1992 Meeting Minutes to inter-married couples. Ed stated the program was to better inform non-Jewish members of a family. The announcement will be sent under the auspices of the Board. PRE-SCHOOL COMMITTEE: Isaac Farrell reported the committee was still interviewing for a Pre-school Director, and a Kindergarten teacher was replaced. Isabel reported a number of tuition checks had been collected, but that some children were expelled because their parents had not paid the tuition. Beverly Eisen asked if there would be a Kindergarten class and first grade class next year. Isaac stated seven deposits had been received, and applications were also being taken. We are about 90% confirmed in having a first grade class and are in the process of obtaining a teacher. Isabel reported she received a resume today for the Director?s position. Ed thanked Isaac for his hard work. RITUAL AND HIGH HOLIDAY COMMITTEE: David Funk reported an invitation has been extended to Cantor Barr and Cantor Kohn for High Holiday services. Isabel reported Rabbi Labinger will give us until April 30 to make our decision. David reported the Committee suggested that we do not go into the congregation with a glass of wine. The wine is being spilled on the carpeting. Sandy suggested that out of town guests who come up on the Bima have their head covered. It was pointed out head coverings were available outside the sanctuary and on the Bima. SEARCH COMMITTEE: Edward Bernstein stated there was nothing new to report. He has spoken with Rabbi Netter who is unable to make a decision just yet. This will be discussed further in the Personnel Session. WAYS & MEANS COMMITTEE: Edward Bernstein stated he met with Flora Mason?s group of women who have been working on coordinating fund raising activities for the Temple. It is progressing and hopefully they will have some concrete programs soon. YOUTH COMMISSION Beverly Eisen reported the Youth Commission Meeting Minutes were included in the Board packet which also includes the Kinnus report. MEN?S CLUB: Herman Rosenbush reported a major fund raiser is being planned and that they were hoping for a generous response from the Board of Directors. Ed stated the film "Europa, Europa" will be at the Torry Pines theatre starting Friday and will run only one week. It is a film everyone should see. 4 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors April 6, 1992 Meeting Minutes SENIORS: No Report. SISTERHOOD: Fran Levien reported Sisterhood had a very nice Passover workshop. OLD BUSINESS: A. Cookbook: Isabel reported the cookbook is being reviewed very thoroughly. A letter was sent to those people who purchased a cookbook that printing errors were being corrected. Only two people asked for their money back. Ed reported different colored envelopes will be used in mailing out information from the Temple. NEW BUSINESS: A. Contract - Isabel J. Goldberg. - To be handled in Personnel Session. B. Israel Independence Day Booth & Ad: Beverly Eisen reported Israel Independence Day will be held May 3rd at the Sands. Beverly reported the Temple had three tables last year which held literature on Temple Beth Sholom?s programs and activities. In response to Ed?s suggestion that someone from the Membership Committee be there, Joyce stated someone will. Allen Brewster made a motion that Temple Beth Sholom purchase space for three tables at the Israel Independence Day function. Alvin Blumberg seconded the motion. Motion carried. Beverly then asked if the Temple would like to purchase an ad as was done in previous years. Isabel stated a full page ad was purchased in previous years. Joyce Straus made a motion that Temple Beth Sholom purchase a full page ad for the Israel Independence Day function in the amount of $250. The ad is to list the Day School and Pre-school. Beverly Eisen seconded the motion. Motion carried. C. Date for September and October Board of Directors Meetings: Board meetings will be held on Tuesday, September 8 and Monday, October 5. D. Annual Meeting and Installation: Dates suggested were May 20 for elections and June 14 (Sunday) for installation. Everyone agreed. E. Nominating Committee: Ed asked that if the Board had any suggestions, to please let him know. F. Computer Software: Ed reported a Temple member contributed $13,500 toward the purchase of computers. Ed stated software is now needed and quotes have been received in the price range of $5,000 to $8,000. Isaac stated it was extremely important that we have Temple software to ascertain the status of our receivables. Isaac made a motion that the Temple 5 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors April 6, 1992 Meeting Minutes allocate $8,000 for needed computer software. Alvin Blumberg seconded the motion. Motion carried. Isabel reported there are a total of 11 stations that needed to be computerized, but the Temple only has enough money to do seven at this time. Allen Brewster made a motion that the Temple spend $1,000 for a computer station for the Cantor. Seconded by Beverly Eisen. Motion carried. G. Memorial for Herman Youngman: Isabel suggested that a memorial plague be put up for Herman Youngman and his wife who had contributed so much to the Temple. Barry Eisen made a motion that memorial plaques be established for M r. & Mrs. Herman Youngman. Sherry Sigesmund seconded the motion. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM for Personnel Session. Minutes submitted by Diana Kniazuk CPS During the Personnel Session there was a discussion regarding filling the Board vacancy left by the passing of Herman Youngman. It was noted Rene Feinstein had informed the Board that she would accept the nomination if selected to fill the vacancy. The Board came out of the Personnel Session. A motion was made by Alvin Blumberg to nominate Rene Feinstein to the Board. Seconded by Jerry Blut. Motion carried. MOTIONS CARRIED 1. To accept the March 2, 1992 Minutes as submitted. 2. That Temple Beth Sholom purchase space for three tables at the Israel Independence Day function. 3. That Temple Beth Sholom purchase a full page ad for the Israel Independence Day function in the amount of $250. The ad is to list the Day School and Pre-school. 4. The Temple allocate $8,000 toward the purchase of needed computer software. 5. The Temple spend $1,000 for a computer station for the Cantor. 6. Memorial plaques be established for Mr. & Mrs. Herman Youngman. 7. To have Rene Feinstein fill the vacant Board position. 6 Eft ? EXCUSED ABSENCE ATTENDANCE _ PT5 rcpNT BOARD OF DIRECTORS - TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM A - ABSENT 1991/1992 ? ? t NOTE: ARTICLE V, SECTION 6 , OF OUR BY-LAWS, STATES AS FOLLOWS: ?ANY DIRECTOR WHO SHALL BE ABSENT FROM TWO (2)^ MAOBNSTEHNLTY FMREOEM TIFNOGUSR O(F4) THREE GUBLOAARR D MOOFN THDL1 YR EMCETEOTRISN, GSO R OF THE BOARD OF? DnIiRREFCCTTOOFR SDUUBRJINEGC T ANTYO FRIESMCOAVLA L YEFARRO,M WMIETMHBOEURTS HIRPE AOSON NATHBEL E BOCAARUSDE OFT HEDRIE^FCOIRO,R SS.H ALLA l BYE DIRECTOR WHO HAS BEEN SO ABSENT WITHOUT PROv^ A W U ^ IEN S .,ME OF REASONABLE CAUSE THEREFOR, SHALL BE SENT A LETTtR ^OUES. I* G SUC A STATEMENT.__ FAILURE BY THE BOARD MEMBER,, TO RESPOND * I - H ? * h ? RT . i TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING MAY 4, 1992 AGENDA 1. Open meeting with welcome to everyone. 2. Roll call 3. Acceptance of minutes of last Board meeting. 4. GUESTS: Melanie Greenberg, Board of Education Chairperson 5 . CORRESPONDENCE: a) Letter from United Synagogue Re: Biennial Convention change of date. b) Letter from United Synagogue Re: Regional awards. c) Invitation from University Center for Religion & Life Re: Fund raiser. d) Letter from Clark County Committee for the Aging Re: Fund raiser. e) Invitation from Israel Bonds & Dr. & Mrs. David Steinberg Re: Fund raiser. f) Letter from United Synagogue Re: "GET OUT THE VOTE". g) Material Re: CAJE Conference 6 . REPORTS: a) Report from President, Ed Bernstein b) Report from Rabbi c) Report from Cantor d) Report from Executive Director e) Board of education - Melanie Greenberg f) Budget & Finance Committee - Jerry Blut g) Five-year Planning Committee - Jordan Primack h} House Committee - Allen Brewster i) Membership Committee - Joyce Straus j) Programming Committee - Paula Quagliana k) Pre-School Committee - Isaac Farrell l) Ritual & High Holiday Committee - David Funk m) Search Committee - Ed Bernstein n) Ways & Means Committee o) Youth Commission - Beverly Eisen p) Men?s Club - Herman Rosenbush, Representative q) Seniors - Allen Shapin, President r) Sisterhood - Fran Levien, President 7. OLD BUSINESS: a) Discussion Re: Contract - Isabel J. Goldberg b) Discussion Re: Nominations for 1992 Annual Meeting 8 . NEW BUSINESS: a) Discussion Re: Formation of Installation Committee b) Discussion Re: Lag Ba-omer Picnic 9. MISCELLANEOUS: 10. PERSONNEL SESSION: 11. ADJOURNMENT: Temple Beth Shoiom Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for May 4, 1992 Present: A bsent: Edward M. Bernstein Dr. Alvin Blumberg Bob Arum Dr. Barry Markman Jerome L. Blut Sharon E. Sigesmund Allen Brewster Barry D. Eisen Beverly Eisen Rene Feinstein Isaac Farrell Also Present: Gerald Welt Herb Kaufman Melanie Greenberg David L, Funk Lt. Col. Steven Green Fran Levien Sandra Mallin Mitch Ogron Jordan S. Primack Paula Quagliana Herman Rosenbush Allen L. Shapin Joyce Straus Leo A. Wilner Ed Bernstein, President, called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m. Isabel Goldberg, Executive Director, called the Roll; those present and absent are noted. There being no additions or corrections to the April 6, 1992 Minutes, they were approved as submitted. Correspondence: There was a question as to why a "non-invitation" was included with the Board package. Ed replied that any time a solicitation is received by the Temple, it is copied and passed on to the Board. Ed Bernstein asked if there were any comments on the correspondence. In reference to the Clark County Committee for the Aging "Take a Senior to Lunch Day", It was moved that the Board purchase a table in memory o f Herman Youngman, at a price of $125. The Motion was seconded and carried. R abbi's R e p o r t : Rabbi Lederman announced that the Las Vegas Hebrew High School will hold its first graduation on May 28 at 7:00 p.m. in the main Sanctuary at Temple Beth Shoiom. He stated he is very pleased with this group and that they had worked very hard. Rabbi further stated that there have been a number of namings, funerals and births in the last few months. The largest amount of couples calling are those where the mother b:\tbs\board\5-4-92 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors May 4, 1992 Meeting Minutes is Jewish and the father is not Jewish. Rabbi stated he discussed with Barry Eisen, David Funk, Ed Bernstein and Cantor Bergman a conversion situation. A member has three children. The youngest child, a son, has a girlfriend who is not Jewish. She is, however, pregnant by him and is expecting in January; she is also in remission from cancer. This couple wishes to be married, but she has not yet completed her education to convert. The Rabbi recommended that the girl go to mikvah at once and that he marry them right after that; then he will train her as a Jew. The Board agreed. Rabbi Lederman advised the Board that the Yizkor service for Pesach was extremely well attended, both by members and non-members. The Yom HaShoah program was standing room only. Confirmation is traditionally on the first day of Shavuot; this year it will be Sunday morning, June 7. The religious school graduation is Sunday, May 24. Rabbi Lederman told the Board that Stephanie Bergman will graduate from the University of Judaism on Sunday, May 17, 1992. Rabbi Lederman advised the Board that the Reverend Peter Vaught, from the Griffith United Methodist Church, will be leaving in June to move to Phoenix. Isabel suggested to Ed that Dr. Vaught be invited to Shabbat services on May 29 and be asked to deliver the serman. The Board will sponsor the Oneg Shabbat afterwards, in his honor. In the Sanctuary, Ed would like to make a presentation to him. Isabel also advised that Dr. Vaught gave a commitment to her that we could always use the facilities for the High Holidays. C a n t o r ?s R e p o r t : Cantor Bergman suggested that at the May 29 service, we also invite Reverend Vaught?s congregation and choir to attend in his honor. Cantor reported that there are scheduled one bar and one bat mitzvah for the month of May. On May 24 will be the 7th grade graduation. On May 31 the Religious School has its closing exercise. The April 30 Yom HaShoah program was very well attended and was the best ever. He was extremely pleased. The Cantor extended to Beverly and Barry Eisen a thank you for their hard work on the Israeli Independence Day celebration. Cantor Bergman informed the Board that he would be at the Cantor?s Convention in Ft. Lauderdale from May 8 through May 14 and that Cantor Kohn will cover his duties on Shabbat, in his absence. Ed Bernstein extended a thank you to the Cantor for his work on Yom HaShoah. / / I I b:\tbs\board\5-4-92 2 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors May 4, 1992 Meeting Minutes EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR?S REPORT: Isabel Goldberg stated she, the Rabbi and the Cantor continue to have their Monday morning meetings at which they discuss the type of things the Rabbi and Cantor just spoke about when they gave half her report. Isabel advised the Board that she has scheduled vacation time in June to attend a week-long seminar in New' York, leading to an FSA (Fellow in Synagogue Administration). The theme this year is "Strengthening the Jewish family in the Changing Synagogue Community", sponsored by the National Association of Synagogue Administrators, discussing a number of pertinent issues. It will take place at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Isabel has a copy of the information available, if any Board members are interested. b o a r d o f e d u c a t i o n r e p o r t : Melanie Greenberg reported that at the upcoming picnic, the stafTof religioius school teachers will be honored. Toby has made announcements of new and exciting changes for next year. Melanie expressed her hope for continued and further success. BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT: Jerry Blut reported the deficit for the current quarter is less than it was for this quarter one year ago. Regarding collection of membership dues, Jerry reported that dues are up $12,000 from one year ago. Collection of receivables is up over $7,000. There remains a deficit of $23,000 +. Four different types of letters were sent to members to collect receivables, depending on the age of the delinquency, the nature of the delinquency, etc. There are 370 members in some form of delinquency. Of those 370, 220 responded (8 brought current and 38 dropped their memberships). Adjustments in the amount of $14,150 were made by Isabel to certain individual arrearages, depending on the circumstances. There was a discussion regarding people not contributing financially; perhaps they should be dropped from membership. Isabel reminded the Board that the members have been told if they are not brought current by August 1992, they will not receive tickets for the High Holiday services. The Board expressed its desire to give Isabel direction to be stronger with past due members. A discussion ensued regarding the imposition of a penalty if dues are not paid on time. This was previously rejected by the Board as not being appropriate. Melanie Greenberg queried that if a member dies owing dues, are we able to make a claim against that person?s estate for the dues. Since there is no consistent policy on collecting, the Board suggested waiting until after Jerry Blut?s plan is implemented before b:\tbs\board\5-4-92 3 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors May 4, 1992 Meeting Minutes going further. Joyce Straus suggested that when someone dies, the office send a condolence letter and ask for a contribution in the name of the deceased. Isabel advised that the office does send a letter but does not make a solicitation for money. Isabel suggested that she provide a breakdown of the 150 people who did not respond to the series of "dunning" letters. She suggested sending a "nice" letter now advising they will receive no tickets in August for the High Holiday services if their dues are not brought current. Rene Feinstein recommended that the Board develop precise policies to handle the arrearages. She suggested board members then make phone calls to those members who are in arrears, and that the Board back up Isabel on decisions she makes regarding those members. The Board has never had a firm policy regarding arrearages. Some of the arrearages are older than two years; some members make arrangements and then do not follow through; some make partial commitments. A larger committee is needed to make the phone calls. Jerry Blut advised that if necessary, the entire Board is willing to call. The Board should know who owes money, but should also be made aware that some stories are not to be made public. Rene Feinstein then asked who would like to volunteer for the committee, to contact delinquent members. Ed asked if there were any additional volunteers for Jerry?s committee. Jerry replied that no volunteers were needed, since the entire Board would make the calls, if required. No calls will be made until the Committee meets and makes a report on the status of collections next month, and make its recommendations at that time. An announcement will also be made at the annual membership meeting that people will be dropped from the membership roll if dues are not paid. Jerry Blut, Isabel Goldberg, Leo Wilner, Isaac Farrell and Ed Bernstein will meet to discuss the report and recommendations. H e r b K a u f m a n : Herb Kaufman stated that he had been approached by a congregant who complained to him about the fees charged by the Sisterhood for hosting the Oneg Shabbat and Kiddush. The congregant wished to host an extended Kiddush and received a quote from Blanka for $1,500. When she complained to Fran that the price was too high, she was given another, lower quote. Herb said this was a woman who wished to make a donation of $750 to $800 and was advised that it was not enough money. Herb also said the Sisterhood is supposed to have a printed, published price list, but none can be found. He also stated the prices charged are unrealistic, stating $1,500 for an extended Kiddush, plus $125 for the china is much too high. Fran replied that the Sisterhood money paid for purchasing new china, silver and tables. She also said the Sisterhood runs the catering like a business; it takes many people to prepare the Kiddush. Herb replied that the Men?s Club would gladly do the labor for free, and that the food cost is less than $400. He feels that the Sisterhood is driving people away. b:\tbs\board\5-4-92 4 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors May 4. 1992 Meeting Minutes Isaac Farrell asked how the funds were handled and that maybe a professional catering company should be hired. Ed Bernstein replied this was a matter that should be resolved at a Sisterhood meeting. Herb replied he is not a member of the Sisterhood. Fran stated that in the past, fee adjustments have been made. Herb still insisted that he wants to see a published price list; Fran replied she will provide one. Herb will have the congregant contact Fran to discuss the matter with the Sisterhood. Mitch Ogron asked if we lose members over the cost of the kiddish. If the Sisterhood has received only one complaint, then we should not bother. He also asked and was told that if no one sponsors the kiddish, the Temple -- not the Sisterhood ? pays for it. Herb stated the price list should be given to bar and bat mitzvah families while their child is still studying. Some families want to have the bar and bat mitvahs at the Temple but cannot afford it. It is possible that the Temple or Sisterhood do not hear the complaints; people just go somewhere else. The general consensus was that if the Sisterhood can get the money, fine; if people complain, then the Sisterhood will resolve it. Beverly Eisen stated that while she was president of the Sisterhood, at the beginning of the year she would send a letter to the parents advising them that the Sisterhood can provide all levels of catering. If the parents have problems, they w'ere invited to call and discuss their concerns. Ed Bernstein proposed a fact-finding committee and asked for volunteers. Beverly Eisen volunteered to work with Fran on the problem. Paula Quagliana made a motion to ask the Sisterhood to put together a schedule and bring it back to the Board. Mitch Ogron seconded the motion. Motion carried. PACIFIC SOUTHWEST REGION REPORT: Jerry Welt reported that the Region wished to thank Beth Sholom for its help in planning for the regional convention in November 1992. Unfortunately due to Comdex the convention had to moved out of Las Vegas, until Sunday, November 22 at the Los Angeles Hilton Hotel. The Bet Midrash program is scheduled for Sunday, June 14, a study session, at the University of Judaism. All arms of conservative Jews will participate. Forty of the 68 congregations in the region have signed up and are sending participants. Marcy and he went to the National Koach Convention in Washington, D.C. in February. There wrere 75 college students representing 45 universities. Our Democratic (Reid, Bryan and Bilbray) delegation was universally liked by all attendees and was a nice presentation for the stale. Jerry asked about the voluntary Mercaz contribution being placed on the Temple statement. Isabel replied that a letter must go to the congregant asking permission to put such a voluntary contribution on his or her statement. Jerry Welt said the Region is b:\tbs\board\5-4-92 5 Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors May 4, 1992 Meeting Minutes working on a membership application that is legal, moral and ethical which will call ior a voluntary contribution provision. A question was asked if the Board had ever voted on twinning with a sister Masorti congregation in Israel. Jerry replied that he is not aware that a vote had ever been taken. At the Regional office, he will find out how to do that. At the October conference they will be discussing international Judaism. FIVE-YEAR-PLANNING COMMITTEE REPORT: Jordan Primack presented an outline of what the Five-Year Planning Committee is going to present to qualified designers who would then return with a proposal for the next meeting. Because of the interest in the bathrooms, Jordan prepared some recommendations. The bathrooms require light-duty remodeling, reutilization and upgrading. After study, it appears that most of the problem is the odor, resulting from rotted materials. He does not have an exact number and has heard from $2,000 to $15,000 to repair. Rather than launch into a major remodeling, he suggests looking into something to hold over until the complete make over takes place, perhaps six months to a year. Jordan asked if it is the Five-Year Planning or House Committee that deals with the bathrooms? Ed replied that the Sisterhood has agreed to pay for the bathrooms and it comes under the House Committee. The Committee tried to focus on the design criteria. The outline touches on the kitchen facilities, HVAC facilities, Youth Lounge, Social Hall, remodeling of the office, clergy offices, educational requirements, Kolod Center and Sisterhood gift shop. The Committee?s intention is to go out in the next week and make the initial solicitation to qualified design professionals. The updated timetable indicated that two qualified design teams have expressed interest in the project (Richard Luke Architects with Larry Nelson Structural Engineering, and Wallace Engineering). In May the Committee will present the criteria just discussed, and in June the Committee will attempt to make a presentation to the Board. If Ed wants a special meeting to discuss these, he should let Jordan know. The Board discussed how to consider the proposals. Ed said the Committee should review the proposals and make a recommendation to the Board. Jordan stated that when the presentation is made to the Board, then the first (preliminary) phase of the p