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Newsletter from Congregation Ner Tamid, March 2015






Newsletter from Congregation Ner Tamid, March 2015

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A Special Place to Belong Congregation Ner Tamid on the Greenspun Campus for Jewish Life, Learning & Spiritual Renewal VOLUME 30 NO 3 March 2015 Adar-Nisan 5775 A Potluck Pinner and FROZEN Puriw Shpiel* Wednesday, March 4,2015 Pinner begins at 6:00pm Join us as we gather together for a delicious potluck dairy dinner, singing & art projects. Shpiel begins at 6:45pm Following dinner our Religious School students take us on a magical Purim journey. Open to all, please feel free to come dressed in your favorite costume! Bring a box of pasta to use as your grogger and then it will be donated to a food bank. We will cap off the evening with some wonderful hamantaschen. *Please note that Hebrew School and Gesher on Tuesday, March 3 and Tot Shabbat on Friday, March 6 will be replaced by the Wednesday, March 4 Purim program. Congregation Ner Tamid's Purim Carnival Sunday, March 8, 2015 from 11:00am- 2:00pm Bring the Whole Family - Games, Food and Fun! W, New this year Balloon Pop Fundraiser Come check it out! Wristbands 1 for $15 or 2 for $25 ( for all games including Games 2U) Cash Only Items: Animaland, Pizza, Pretzels, Churros, Mishloach Manot Gift Boxes, License Plates Tile Painting Ticket Only Items Hot Dogs, Nachos, Popcorn, Cotton Candy Frozen Treats, Soda, Bottled Water CNT's Religious School will end at 11:00am so all the students can enjoy the celebration. CNT Traditional Family Passover Seder Friday, April 3 at 6:00pm Create a New Tradition and have your Passover Seder with your family and friends at the CNT Family Seder. No Mess, Nothing to Clean just come and enjoy the evening as Rabbi Akselrad & Cantor Hutchings retell the story of Passover. Traditional meal will be served: Gefilte fish, matzo ball soup, roasted chicken, vegetables, potatoes & more. Your payment is your reservation and must be received by March 16 for the following pricing: Temple Members:Adults $55 per person Children 6-12 $25 per person Children 5 & under Free Non-Members: Adults $75 per person Children 6-12 $30 per person Children 5 & under Free After March 17 price increases by $10 per person. IBirthday Bash & Cantor Hutchings' Installation To Everyone who made our 40th Birthday Weekend so special, We would like to thank you for making this occasion one of the most SPECIAL ever! We hope you had a wonderful time and enjoyed the memories and created some new ones! The gala was one of our best and we appreciate your support For those of you unable to attend,, we missed you and hope you will join us next year as we have already begun planning something terrific because Congregation Ner Tamid is putting the "FUN" in fundraising! A special thank you to joyce Sperling, chair, and her wonderful committee, and to the staff. Everyone worked tirelessly to make this such special night to remember! AMessage from Rabbi Akselrad Welcome Shabbat Services Friday, March 6 Shabbat Service 7:00pm Guest Speaker Maria Letizia Friday, March 13 Shabbatones Musical Shabbat 7:00pm Guest Cantor Goldman Friday, March 20 Shabbat Service 7:00pm with Anniversary Blessing Friday, March 27 Shabbat Service 7:00pm Friday Shabbat Services are led by Rabbi Sanford Akselrad and Cantor Jessica Hutchings. Service begins at 7:00pm unless otherwise noted. -ON THE INTERNET-WWW. LVNERTAMID.ORG Saturday Morning Torah Study - 8:45am Shabbat Morning Minyan - 9:45am Our Jewish Heritage - 11:00am Every Saturday unless noted in the monthly calendar. Torah study & Our Jewish Heritage meets in the Kantor Family Library and Morning Minyan meets in the Solomon BeitTefillah. * Note earlier service time As I sit down to write my rabbi's message in the middle of February, the glow of our 40th anniversary weekend, the Cantor's installation and Congregant of the Year celebrations are with me still. This year has been filled with much joy and unique opportunities to celebrate and honor the dedication of our staff and members. March picks up in a slightly different direction. It is all about Purim! Or as the old joke describing Jewish holiday observance noted, "they tried to kill us; we won; let's eat!" We are trying something a little different this year as we observe Purim on the actual night of Purim itself for a family fun evening involving children of the religious school who are featured in a Purim Spiel based on "Frozen"! created by Cantor Hutchings. Food, fun projects and excitement galore will be what fills our Temple Wednesday March 4th. And of course we will have our Purim Carnival on Sunday March 8th! I will also be doing a bit of traveling on behalf of the congregation this month. At the beginning of March I will lead a delegation to AIPAC in Washington D.C. Netanyahu is the featured speaker and the need for Israel Advocacy could not be more urgent. Later in the month, I travel to Philadelphia for the annual Central Conference of American Rabbi's convention. The CCAR represents reform rabbis throughout North America. This year we elect Denise Eger as our President. She has been at the forefront of fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ community and a dear colleague. The focus of the convention will be on human rights as we return to Philadelphia marking the 25th anniversary of the CCAR's original resolution in support of civil marriage for LGBTQ community. Finally, at the end of the month I am off to NYC with this year's confirmation class. Those of you who have supported the bake sales on Sunday morning have helped provide scholarship opportunities for children wanting to attend, and reducing the price of the trip for all the students. We will be going to Ellis Island, the Tenement Museum, the Lower East Side, Katz' Deli, Ground Zero, and celebrate Shabbat at Central Synagogue among the many trip highlights. Speaking of travel...Cantor Hutchings and I will be leading a Congregational trip to Israel, July 3-12 2016! Yep, our trip is NEXT SUMMER. So plenty of time to plan this in your travel schedule. It will be an incredible experience. For folks who have already gone, we have some amazing new experiences, and for first timer's this is a wonderful way to get to know Israel and make life long friends within the Congregation. More info will be forthcoming soon. As the saying goes, "Be Happy it's Adar!" May this month bring you and your loved ones happiness and joy. B'shalom, Rabbi Sanford Akselrad Anniversary Blessing Friday, March 20 at 7:00pm Join us for a special anniversary blessing! Wednesday, March 4 Purim Program *Please note that Hebrew school and Gesher on Tuesday, March 3 and Tot Shabbat on Friday, March 6 will be replaced by the Wednesday, March 4 Purim program You may have heard I turned the big 3-0 a couple of weeks ago. It was a bit scary, a bit awesome, and a big reality check. A third of my life is over; there is no turning back... but would I want to turn back if given the option? There are times I think a redo would be quite nice, and there are times I wish I could see my future. The present, however, is where living is the most exciting. If we keep thinking, I'll just be happy when I graduate. I'll just be happy when I get married. I'll just be happy when I have children. I'll just be happy when my kids are out of the house. I'll just be happy when I lose 10 lbs. I'll just be happy...when...when...WHEN...? Then we are always awaiting happiness and never being happy in THIS moment. This beautiful, wonderful, bittersweet moment. In my 20s I learned, Im ayn ani li mi li? If not NOW, when? This month, I thought it might be useful to share with you ten other lessons I've learned in my 20s... 1. Surround yourself with love. You are worthy of giving love and being loved. If you aren't receiving love from a family member or friend, the relationship isn't worth your heartache. Make an effort, but know when it's time to say, goodbye. 2. Take risks... Financial, educational, love, commitment, take the risk and keep on swimming. Have a goal in sight and if you fall, try again. If you fall and can't get back up, don't beat yourself up, you'll find a purpose to this detour in your life. 3. When you're feeling like sulking or beating yourself up, turn those emotions around by doing something kind for someone else. I promise, you'll feel better. 4. Don't sweat the small stuff. It's not worth it. Life is too short. 5. Finish what you started. 11 years of higher education after high school is no joke. I could be a doctor by now! Every single September, I gave myself 100 reasons why I didn't need to finish my grad programs. But pushing on was the BEST decision I ever made. 6. Marriage is not always butterflies and candy apples. It's hard work. But love is worth it, and there are way more good times than there are bad. 7. Don't forget to laugh. When times get tough, I get serious. Way too serious. And I just want someone to walk into my office and make me laugh. 8. Take care of yourself and enjoy your life. It goes hand in hand. Workout your body. Put good nourishing colorful things in your mouth, AND make sure you include the occasional (even daily) sweet treat. Life is sweet, why not taste it? Take mental health days. They are so important. Study hard, and workout that brain. Push your creative abilities to the max, try new things, and take time for YOU. $25 "foot" massages are my best friend, shopping trips and regular visits to the spa, hair, and nail salon are a must. Feeling good about yourself can't be beat, so make sure you sock away a little gelt to take care of you? guilt free. 9. Be YOU, and don't apologize for it. God made you... Insecurities, big butt, wacky personality and all. Just embrace it. 10. GIVE! Give of your time, your heart, your money, and your ears. You couldn't possibly know how much the people around you need you. Giving pays it forward, creates good vibes, and is necessary to keep the world turning. Give the most tzedakali that you can, help your friends, and make a difference. Here's to 30! B'shira, Cantor Jessica Hutchings ? Cantor Rachel Goldman will be our Guest Cantor on Friday, March 13 at 7:00pm featuring the Shabbatones. Cantor Patti Linsky will be our Scholar in Residence on April 24 & 25. See back page for more details. Saul Kaye will be our special musical guest on Friday, May 15 at 6:15pm Jacky Rosen, Temple President 2014-2015 Temple Board Jacky Rosen, President jackysrosen @gmail. com Mindy Unger-Wadkins, VP Administration mindywadkins @me. com Bruce Familian, VP Ways & Means famdev@familiandev. com Rob Levrant, VP Education & Youth Ievrant4 @cox. net Jack Katz, VP Ritual Jacque Walton, VP Membership Recruitment pjacksp @msn. com Shawn Willis, VP Membership Retention sha wndamaria @gmail. com Cindy Jensen, VP Social Action ckjensen @cox. net George Freed, Treasurer george.j. freed @gmail. com Pam Poster, Corporate Secretary pkposter@ interact, ccsd. net Rabbi Sanford Akselrad, Senior Rabbi rabbak@lvnertamid. org Trustees Del Acosta delacosta 1014 @gmail. com Jolie Brislin Harry Fagel Donna Higo Gary Kantor Lisa Katz Shana Korman Jodi Kurtzman Larry Lehrner Jim Mason Joyce Sperling Matthew Weinberger Michelle Blank, Sisterhood President meblank08 @aol. com Janet Duda, Sisterhood President janetduda @ Michael Unger, Men's Club President pmomike @aol. com Past Presidents Bob Unger Bruce Matza Harry Sax Maria Letizia Scott Stolberg Dr. Stewart Blumenfeld Drew Levy Jerry Gordon Cal Lewis Eileen Kollins Kenneth Schnitzer Dr. David Wasserman Jeff Kahn Dr. Steve Kollins Hon. Michael Cherry Dr. Bernard Farrow "Eugene Kirshbaum 'David Goldwater "deceased Wow, it is only March and already we have had an action packed year. We have celebrated with Beatles Shabbat, had many wonderful reunions as we marked Ner Tamid's 40th birthday, welcomed Cantor Hutchings officially back home and honored our amazing Congregant of the Year, Fay Schoenfeld. We look forward this month to a "Frozen" Purim Shpiel on March 4th, an action packed Purim carnival on March 8th and more tile painting parties, such as "Tequila and Tile" for our "40 Years of Simchas" wall mural project. Later this year we will be unveiling our mural project, and we want your memories to be a part of it, so please check the bulletin for the painting party dates to get your families in on the fun! During this anniversary year, we will be telling our stories from the bimah and mounting them on the walls. Speaking of walls, you may have noticed the photos displayed outside the Social Hall. My thanks go out to Bruce and Sarah Familian and Wendy Dreitzer for scanning, printing and framing. I also need to thank Jeremy Hutchings for his perfect picture hanging. So please be sure to stop and take a look through the photos to find yourself and your friends. If you see groups that are missing and you have that photo, bring in a copy and it will go on the wall. I am also asking for other pictures for part of our ongoing history project. You will see some drop boxes around the synagogue for you to deposit them (be sure they are copies, they cannot be returned). We are planning some additional poster projects and I would love for all your families to be included. This 40th year is all about history, what has been created, what we are creating now, and what we hope to create in the future. As part of our future, we have formed a Founders Legacy Community. Anyone who pledges this year to place CNT in their will or estate plan will become part of this wonderful Legacy community that will insure our future success. To date, we have over 40 families who have made that commitment. Later this year, Dr. Larry Lehrner, who chairs this committee and his wonderful wife, former Congresswoman Shelley Berkeley, will be hosting an open house at their home for more information, so be sure to look for the date soon. If you have already made a pledge or would like to, please contact the office so you can be included in the ever growing list and special events for our Legacy Founders. I look forward to seeing all of you this spring as events at Ner Tamid continue to blossom under the love and guidance of Rabbi Akselrad, Cantor Hutchings, and all of you. Your participation and love is what continues to make Ner Tamid a "Special Place to Belong". May we go from strength to strength in the next 40 years. B' shalom, Jacky HELPING CNT THRIVE Our Jewish heritage is vibrantly observed and celebrated at Congregation Ner Tamid. We are a leading synagogue in lifelong learning, worship, social action and Chesed - our caring community. During times of joy and sadness, our members are well-served and supported by unequaled pastoral care by our strong clergy team. We are working now to sustain and strengthen the programs, support and community activism that is so vital to our congregation's success. We want to be a CNT that is not only vibrant and healthy, but also one that is secure in its future. We all have an obligation to help provide and support the fiscal needs of this institution that has played an important role and has enhanced our own lives immensely. We need to help keep this synagogue fiscally strong for generations to come. With this in mind, we have been meeting with temple leaders and members at large who are committed to helping CNT thrive long into the future. We hope that as you consider charitable giving in your estate planning, you will realize how essential your gift is to invest in the future of our CNT community. Your gift will help strengthen our lifelong learning programs, build on our vital social action efforts, and update our physical facility or other endeavors that our temple operating budget simply cannot cover. Your gift will help us grow our outreach to those who are unaffiliated, and be a caring community for our members. Over the coming months and years, as we campaign for a growing legacy fund, we will together bequeath a legacy to those who will come after us, strengthening CNT's enduring pursuit to be "a special place to belong". Your commitment to the legacy campaign will help ensure that we remain a strong presence and lead our Reform Jewish community for generations to come. Thank you in advance for pledging your involvement in this campaign and a gift to our legacy fund that makes you proud! Anyone who pledges this year for our 40th anniversary becomes part of our "Legacy Founders' Circle." To make a pledge or learn more, please call Linda Rosen, Finance Director at 702-733-6292, ext 203 or email 40 Years of Simchas Congregation Ner Tamid is celebrating 40 Years in the Desert. We would like you to join us as we decorate the exterior walls with 40 Years of Simchas. The mural will be made of 6-inch ceramic tiles designed and created by you, our CNT members, to commemorate a simcha in your family that you wish to share with the community. These tiles will be mounted as a permanent mural. Sunday, March 8, Purim Carnival 11:00am- 2:00pm While the kids are playing stop in and paint your tile. Tile: $36 - purchase 3 and receive the 4th tile free! Saturday, March 14, Tequila & Tile 6:30pm - 8:30pm Spend an evening with friends and join us for Tequila and Tile Painting. $40 includes tile, tequila and snacks. No additional fee for guests, donation accepted, 21 & over please. Pre-purchase tile online at Noj- All hepves i^e^p- C-J^es. March is Red Cross Month. Every donation you give helps us do more of what we do. Congregation Ner Tamid 55 North Valle Verde Drive Bloodmobile Sunday, March 8, 2015 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM During the CNT Purim Carnival To schedule your appointment or for more information, please log onto and enter the Sponsor Code: CNT LV or contact Beth Bowman at (702) 733-6292 or by email at or Rachel Ekman at (702) 522-3986. Cantor Rachel Goldman will be our guest Cantor on Friday, March 13 at 7:00pm featuring the Shabbatones Cantor Rachel Goldman, a native of Los Angeles, began her vocal training as a coloratura soprano at a young age, spending a majority of her childhood in the highly-acclaimed Los Angeles Children's Chorus. Before reaching college, she had already sung on some of the largest stages in LA, including the Hollywood Bowl with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in five operas with the Los Angeles Opera. Cantor Goldman graduated Summa Cum Laude from the American Jewish University in 2010 with a degree in Classical Jewish Studies, BA, after several years at University of California Santa Barbara, where she studied both Vocal Performance and Italian Studies and was selected for a summer residency in the Loire Valley, France. Ordained at the Academy for Jewish Religion, California, in May of 2014, she holds a Masters of Jewish Sacred Music from the same institution. She is also set to receive a second ordination as Rabbi and a Masters of Rabbinic Studies in May of 2016. She served for over seven years at Congregation Beit T'Shuvah, a synagogue and full inpatient addiction rehabilitation center that incorporates Jewish teachings. There, she had the opportunity to orchestrate services ranging from classical to high-spirited rock and Jazz with full band, as well as working with recovering alcoholics and addicts as a spiritual counselor and even preparing some for adult B'nai Mitzvah. Cantor Goldman is also currently part of a project called Guys and Meidels, a collaborative show which, along with three other young LA-based cantors (Cantors Marcus Feldman, Samuel Cohen, and Shira Fox), melds traditional Chazzanut and other Jewish music with new and exciting modern sounds and unique harmonies to unite different generations of Judaism in concert. She is beyond thrilled and honored to be a part of this event alongside so many respected and talented colleagues. Thank you to a IT our TentpCe Vofuntzers: Rich Bale, Matt Cadish, Carrol Carter, Paul Chenin, Elaine Chernikoff, Florence Cohen, Renee Diamond, Lori Frankl, Carolyn Friedner, Ruth Golden, Sandee Herlands, Harvey Katz, Hester Kremer, Shirley Kouffman, David Linefsky, Maxine Marcus, Chris Meeks, Maxine Molinsky, Allan Nathanson, Jennifer Neeman, David Reiner, Anne & Larry Sandell, Miriam Shacter, Harrison Sheld, Ellen Sonenthal, Sandy Stolberg, Amanda Underwood, Michael Unger, Vivian Van Duzen, Sheryl Chenin-Webb, Shawn Willis, Joan Wolberg, Jennifer Wood. Tfiank you to our wonderfu f Sfiabd)at Vshers: Marlene Acosta, Del Acosta, Carolyn Friedner, Marilyn Goldstein, Jack Katz, David Linefsky, Cathy Linefsky, Jacky Rosen, Jacque Walton and Shawn Willis. We value each and every volunteer, if your name has been left off the list please contact Beth Bowman so that we can acknowledge you properly. Tfiantz you to our Oneg Sponsors! In honor of the 40 Year Shabbat Service: Ann Brandt, Everett Campbell, Brenda & Jerry Cutter, Janet & Paul Duda, Sandy & Roger Ewan, Ruth & Harvey Golden, Susan Goldstein, Maxine & Steve Gratz, Florence & Gard Jameson, Florence Kind, Shirley & Tony Kouffman, Hester Kremer, Jodi & Craig Kurtzman, Larry Lehrner & Shelley Berkley, Kathy & Bill Mahan, David Moses & Lisa Roberts, Peter Pizor & Cindy Schmidt, Anna & David Robins, Beverly & Robert Shafran, Ellen & Alec Sonenthal and Nanette & Ira Spector. Ross Family in honor of their daughter Sara's Bat Mitzvah & Cantor Hutchings' installation. Freed's Bakery in honor of Fay Schoenfeld-Congregant of the Year. CNT Sisterhood Celebrate your simcha by sponsoring an oneg. Contact the Temple office at 702-733-6292. Save the Date Save the Date Yom Hashoah Service Annual Family Picnic Sunday, April 12 at 4:30pm Sunday, May 17 At CNT Elder Care Academy & Seniors Social Club ELDER CARE ACADEMY Sunday, April 26 from 10:00am - 12:00/Noon hosted by CNT Social Action Committee and Nevadans for the Common Good ? A study by Stanford University showed that 40% of Alzheimer's caregivers die from stress related disorders before the patient dies. ? More than 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 every day for the next 19 years. ? Two thirds of the people who reach the age of 65 will need some type of living assistance in their lifetime. ? An estimated 44 million Americans age 18 and older provide unpaid assistance as a caregiver to family members and friends of all ages. Why should it matter? It may be you nozv or it will he you in one of these caregiver roles. Who should attend - past caregivers, current caregivers and those who may become caregivers and want information for themselves, friends and family members. This is an educational seminar only that will provide you with helpful information and valuable community resources. PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD AND SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY No cost to attend and light refreshments will be provided Your registration in advance before April 22 is greatly appreciated. Please contact the Temple office at 702-733-6292 Seniors Social Club Lunch & Guest Speakers & Activities Wednesday, March 11 at Noon for lunch. Following lunch our speaker will be Charles Boone, who will talk about "The Benefits of TEA for Health and Healing". This is an eye opening experience so to speak, "I took his course and wanted to pass some of this information along". Charles is extremely knowledgeable about this topic. Please RSVP by Monday, March 9 On Wednesday, March 25, at Noon for lunch. Following lunch 'The Readers Theater" will perform. They will make us laugh which we all need. Please RSVP by Monday, March 23. Program is complimentary for CNT Members and $8.00 for guests. RSVP to Joyce Herlands at 702-733-6292 ext. 213 or Life Long Leaning and Programs Cinema Connection Presents Shining Through (1992) Thursday, March 26 at 7:15pm 132 min - Drama | Romance | Thriller - 31 January 1992 (USA) An American woman of Irish, Jewish- German parentage goes undercover in Nazi Germany. Director: David Seltzer Writers: Susan Isaacs (novel), David Seltzer (screenplay) Stars: Michael Douglas, Melanie Griffith, Liam Neeson Amazing Women Wednesdays, March 11,18, & 25 at 6:30pm Book Club: Monday, March 23 at 4:00pm Israeli Hot Topics "My Promised Land' Wednesday, March 18 at 6:30pm Mitzvah Crafters Tuesdays, March 3,17 & 31 at 10:00am Wednesday, March 18 at 6:30pm Sunday, March 22,2015 from 1:30 to 4 PM, the Board of Rabbis of Southern Nevada will be sponsoring "Death with Dignity Act, Should it be Passed by the Nevada Legislature...a Jewish Perspective" at Temple Beth Sholom. The planned schedule is : 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM Registration 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM Breakout Text Sections-to be facilitated by Rabbis from the BORSN 2:45 PM - 3:00 PM Break 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Panel Discussion in Sanctuary. Our Jewish Heritage Every Saturday at 11:00am Purim for Adults Wednesday, March 4 at 7:30pm Torah Study Every Saturday at 8:45am NextGen & JewEL Passover Seder at CNT Saturday, April 4th at 6:00pm Join JewEl & NextGen for a fun twist on Passover tradition and celebrate with a Bob Marley themed Seder. Combine traditions from all over the world with snarky wit, pop culture references, and surreal interactive rituals with hilarious, Bob Marley twist. Limited Seating! Pre - Purchase Price by March 16, I $25 individual ticket, $40 for two tickets ~M C Y T After March 16 & at the door $40 per person . N fc A I Register online at www. 1 rltaiSSTtEL Pub Quiz Nacho Daddy Henderson Location Wednesdays! Quiz starts at 7pm (in the Bar). Let us know if you can come so we can reserve enough seats. 9925 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV 89183 Pinot, Pizza & Painting March 21, at 6:00pm at CNT Join Nextgen for painting & fun! $35 per person. If you want more information about any of the programs or membership please contact Melissa (Glovinsky) Lemoine, NextGen coordinator at mlemoine@lvnertamid.ora. Men's Club CNT Sisterhood News PRESENTS a fascinating morning of Las Vegas casino history with Michael Green Ph.D. Temple Social Hall Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 9:30am Michael Green is an associate professor of history in UNLV's Department of History. He has written several books on the Civil War, Lincoln, Nevada history, Las Vegas history, and the history of our casinos. Dr. Green also serves on the Board of Directors and is a researcher for the Mob Museum. Dr. Green is active in writing and speaking in the community, and writes the "Politics" column and blog for Vegas Seven, "Nevada Yesterdays" and KNPR. Get ready to be entertained, educated and awed! Refreshments will be served. PASSOVER BASKETS FOR SENIOR LIFELINE CLIENTS PLEASE HELP US COLLECT PASSOVER ITEMS FOR OUR COMMUNITY'S MOST NEEDY SENIORS MATZO GRAPE JUICE EGG NOODLES GEFILTE FISH MACAROONS MATZO MIX NUTS/CANNED FISH Volunteers needed to help with Audio Visual equipment for setup, clean-up and camera duty during services & special events. Please contact Beth Bowman at 702-733-6292 for more information. Some technical skills needed. Our Sisterhood together with Hadassah Southern Nevada held our Women's Health Conference, Health Women... Healthy Lives on Sunday January 25th. With over 60 ladies attending, the day was wonderful and inspiring. Thank you to Susie Sernoe for coordinating this day along with Hadassah. To the vendors and speakers, we thank you very much. And to all who attended, thank you! Save the Dates Tuesday, March 24 at 6:30pm - Book Review with Rabbi "The Fixer by Bernard Malamud". Program will be held in the Social Hall, dinner will follow. We have books for sale in the Gift Shop! Tuesday, April 7 at 6:30pm Women's Passover Seder" Flier insert in this bulletin Sisterhood has a wonderful Gift Shop. We have beautiful merchandise for all occasions at very affordable prices. Please support it and tell your family and friends. The money made from our Shop goes to support our youth, community and Synagogue programs. Looking forward to seeing you at our events. Michelle Blank and Janet Duda, Presidents Mark L. Fine Family Judaic Gift Shop Come in, visit our store and see our beautiful selection of Judaica items for all occasions. Jewelry, Tallit, Mezzuzahs, Children's items Gifts, for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Weddings and more! "New merchandise arriving all the time" Gift Shop Hours Friday Evening ~ 6:15 pm ~ 6:55 pm (40 minutes before services) Sunday Morning ~ 9:15 am ~ 12:30 pm Tuesday Evening ~ 4:30 pm ~ 6:00 pm By Carolyn Friedner Cell 423-6077 Please note: Gift Shop will not be open Sundays or Tuesday nights when religious school is not in session. In Loving Memory of: Remembered by: In Loving Memory of: Remembered by: Evelyn Scher Gert & K. Sam Moldave Ralph Ginsberg Larry Ginsberg David Kline Lois G. Kline Annabel Rivkind, Fannie Glasser Harold Glasser Evelyn Simon, Irene Dwosh Marcy & Jack Simon Louis Katz Jeffrey Katz Morris & Sarah Goldstein Phyllis & Gary Jacobs Lee Pearson, Ruth & Andy Urban Emilie Wanderer, Sewell Susler, Max Blumenfeld Sharna & Stewart Blumenfeld Andrew Urban Brett Howard Goldstein, The Sprague Family Noreen Sternberg, Bess Gary Sternberg & Martin Gerstler, Albert Sundilson Mary Lou Burbine Goldstein Sharon Ryan Inez Levy Dora Klessman Jack & Marcy Simon Morris Waltman Marsha Lewis Moe Berger, Herb Jean Tobman & Max Gordon Reba Saiger Tobman, Julius Corn Family Arthur Anhaltzer Laurie Engel Louis Kouffman Shirley & Tony Kouffman Seymour Esbin Toby & Martin Esbin Samuel Emmer DeeAnn Emmer & Max Blumenfeld Adelaide Alter Steve Rowland Melvin Sanoff Denise & Neil Edwards Thelma Rouzaud Henri Rouzaud Rose Gross, Michael & Sheila Drayster Fink Elizabeth Yaffe William Yaffe Sophie Drayster Jack Wolosin Kathy Werstein Rose Levenberg Miriam Levenberg Dora Silverman Ruthe Winner Iris Stevens llise & Erik Bagger Isabel Flores Gilbert Flores, Jr. Jennie Gerstler The Sprague Family Harry Saul Richard & Vivian VanDuzen, Harry Alter Adelaide Alter Greg Levine, Carl & Julie Toth, Amanda Slee Rose Lite Sheila & Norm Kaufman, Anne & Harry Schwartz Iris & David Torjman Rose Dunn, Louis Katz, Ethel Beigelman Freema Robbins Harry Kaufman Sonny Spiwak Florence Stern, Abraham Aaron Esther Esbin Noreen Sternberg, Florence Weinstein, Morris Schiller Tootsie Popowcer Dorothy Werner Ruth Pessin Anne & Larry Sandell Florence Stern Eileen Kollins Sam Schulman Renee Diamond Rae Lewis Tishkoff Phyllis & Cal Lewis Douglas Ritchie Susan Fine Annette Solomon Lynette, Stu & Alex Solomon Louis Davidson, Pearl Davidson Anita & Rachel Moody %ing David Memorial (garden This unique memorial pays respect to our loved ones in a special way. The six triangles form one of our most ancient symbols, a Magen David, which has long been cherished as a symbol of protection. It also represents a tie to tradition and history. In the post-Holocaust world, six also serves as a reminder of the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. The triangular ledges are made of fine granite and will be etched with the names of loved ones along with their date of passing. Spaces to remember your loved ones are available and the King David Memorial Garden provides a calm and serene venue to acknowledge and pay respect to their lives. Contact the Temple office at 702-733-6292 for more details. NerAdonai Nishmat Adam...The Light of God is the Soul of Man ~ Proverbs 20:27 Tributes Tributes for March 2015 Adult Education Fund Bernice Lazar Birthday Bash Oneg Sponsors Larry Lehrner & Shelley Berkley Shirley & Tony Kouffman Renee Diamond & Family Everett & Carol Campbell Dr. Peter J. Pizor Hester Kremer Ann Brandt Jodi & Craig Kurtzman Sandy & Roger Ewan Cantor Hutchings' Discretionary Fund Phyllis & Gary Jacobs Esther Esbin The Koppel & Goldheim Family's Shirley & Tony Kouffman Pearl & Hank Rouzaud Linda Rosen Chesed Shirley & Tony Kouffman General Fund Carolyn Friedner Marcy & lack Simon Lifelong Learning Fund The Saxs: Stuart, Lauren, Jeremy, Jorie & Kathy Toby & Marty Esbin & Family Prayer Book F