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Memo from A.W.F. to Walter R. Bracken in response to C. R. Gray's letter about the Stewart Ranch property, August 1, 1929






One particular part of the lands purchased from Helen Stewart was apparently for right of way and terminal facilities since it does not have any water rights associated with it.

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Box 10 folder W18-1-1 Las Vegas Ranch - General 1929-1930


hln000772. Union Pacific Railroad Collection, 1828-1995. MS-00397. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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SUMMARY MEMORANDUM TO MR. BRACKEN IN REPLYING TO MR. GRAY'S LETTER. August 1st, 1929. Mr. W.R.B. Referring to the following questions asked by Mr. Gray, the answers as far as files will indicate are as below: (with assistance of Mr.Adamson and Mr .Barry's office) Sub-paragraph (a) : The Stewart Ranch (Now L.V.Ranch) exclusive of a 4-acre burial plot, was conveyed to Wm. A. Clark BY Helen J.Stewart, by deed dated December 8,1902 -Deed Audit No.442- for consideration of $55,000. This conveyance included the rights to the waters of Las Vegas Creek with the exception of four (4) Miner's inches which was reserved by Grantor for use in irrigating the burial plot. By deed dated July 2, 1903 (Deed Audit No.803) William Clark conveyed the property, (including the water rights, to the S.P. L.A. & S.L. RR Co.. By deed dated May 8,1905, (Deed Audit No.828) the Railroad Company deeded to Las Vegas Land & Water Company all that portion of the Ranch situated south-easterly of our present right-of-way line. Conveyance to the Water Company did not include any water rights. Records do not develop the exact purpose for which this property was purchased, however,it appears that Mr.Clark purchased property to secure water supply available in the farm of large springs, and for its potential use as terminal facilities- the fact that the railroad company has retained title to the water bearing portion of the ranch and all,water rights secured from the Stewarts by Mr. Clark, would indicate that the securing of the Water Rights was largely responsible for the purchase of this property by the Railroad Company, together with the fact that the Railroad company needed a part of the ranch for right-of-way and location of its terminal facilities. Sub-Paragraph (b) Area - 697 acres,more or less, Improvements- Pipe line was renewed in 1927-from Springs to Ranch (W.R.B. letter to EE Calvin June 4,1927- Calvin's reply June 8,1927) Barn was built in 1927- (E.G. Adams-Storekeeper mailgram Jan. 31,1927) Sub-paragraph (c) $28,560.25 total amount of Land Company's investment in Ranch. Sub-paragraph (d) Leased for 10 years to Joseph Foremaster. Rental Received in 1928......$2,500.00 Tenant pays cost of maintenance of buildings, upkeep of ranch in a manner consistent with good farming, and orcharding, repairing all fences,ditches,-and other improvements thereon. Lessee - pays all Insurance, - (in favor of lessor on all buildings on ranch prior to and as of 11-6-1926 In favor of Lessee on all buildings erected by lessee during term of contract of November 1, 1926. Taxes- Paid by the Land Company,- Amount of taxes 1928......$1,365.77 AWF.