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Meeting minutes for Consolidated Student Senate, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, April 12, 1977






Agenda and meeting minutes for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Student Senate. CSUN Session 5 Meeting Minutes and Agendas.

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uac000132. Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Records, 1965-2019. UA-00029. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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SENATE MEETING //28 April 12, 1977 I. Call to Order Meeting was called to order by the chair at 4:36 p.m II. Roll Call Members present Members absent excused Absent Unexcused Jeff Barta Dan Newman Joe Mann Sharon Baker Brad Peterson Leona Gonzales Bobby Lawson Bill Marion Tom Moreo Jim Bateman Jim Rafferty Mike Whipple Rich Cole Dominick Cirone Dave Cavalieri Andrew Sultan Debi Fields Tony Gwirtz Iris McCowan Greg McKinley Warren Stief Keith Terry Gene Russo Cathy McLaurin Ron McCormick Marshal Willick Tara Corcoran Joe Warpinski III. Approval of Minutes Motion by Keith Terry to approve the minutes as submitted and seconded by Greg McKinley. Motion passes with one abstention. IV. Open Discussion Pam Beury announces that there will be a free showing of Cousin, Cousine for all UNLV students will be provided by the Parkway Theatres April 14 at 4 o'clock. She also announced that we had received a thank you note from Mary Sudholt of the Learning Resource Center for the $1,500. V. Committee Reports A. Activities Board Scott Lorenz submitted contracts for Dixie Land Jazz Band for $1400 and the Mike Brake Trio for $600. Dan Russell moved to approve the Harry Reems contract, seconded by Marshal Willick. ' ' Discussion. Motion passes with three abstaining. B. Judicial Board It was reported that the Judicial Board decision had been handed down on April 11. It was to rerun the Presidential primary on April 21 and 22, 1977. Dan Russell stated that the Judicial Board did not operate according to the rules according to his opinion. Mr. Warpinski corrected Mr. Russell saying that the Judicial Board did indeed act in accordance to the powers it is vested with. Extensive discussion was held. C. Union Board Joe Warpinski asked that his report be postponed until after new business. D. Organizations Committee Marshal Willick submitted the UNLV Italian-American Club for recognition. Greg McKinley moved to approve, and the motion was seconded by Jeff Barta. Motion was approved with one abstention. Marshal also moved to approve the Campus Christian Fellowship. Seconded by Brad Peterson. Motion passes with two abstaining. E. Scott Lorenz Investigative Committee Bill Marion reported that the action taken by the committee was to send a letter of reprimand to Mr. Lorenz warning him of further action that would be taken if he persisted in his misuse of office. Bill Marion moved to approve the recommendation. Seconded by Brad Peterson. Discussion. Gene Russo called for the question. Seconded by Joe Mann. Passes with three abstentions. Motion to pass recommendation passes with three abstentions. The second half of the recommendation is submitted to the by-law committee. F. Election Board Sharon Baker asked for a five minute recess. Seconded by Joe Warpinski. Motion passes with one opposed and four abstentions. Meeting called back to order at 5:15 p.m. Sharon reported that the Election Board has thus far certified John Hunt as the winning treasurer candidate and Ken Holt and Paula Adamo as the two vice-presidential candidates to appear in the general election. This election also includes the class senatorial races. A discussion was had by the senators as to what would become of the Election Board and to their running the May 5 and 6 Presidential race. A suggestion to move on to new business was heeded. Sharon recommended to the Senate that because of the extenuating circum-stances of this election period, and because of the amount of overtime put in by herself and the board, that the Election Board receive a stipend of some kind. This is understood to be a one-shot deal. Dan Russell moved that the Chairman be allowed a $50 stipend and each member a $25 stipend. Seconded by Tony Gwirtz. Motion passes with one opposed and 4 abstaining. *Note: Pam Beury will not be receiving this stipend. VI. Old Business A. Presidential Report Dan Russell asks the Senate to take note of Jim Rafferty's victory as Hotel President. Dan also moves to give Jim the Infamous Done Good Award. Seconded by Gene Russo. Motion passes with one opposes and two abstentions. Dan reports that at the University Senate meeting he asked for the passage of a resolution that states that the University Senate give their support towards the continued existence of the Day Care Center. Mr. Russell added that the resolution was passed unanimously. Mr. Russell asked that the name of Clyde Dalton be removed from consid-eration for the opening on the Judicial Board with no offense intended to Mr. Dalton. *Note: Mr. Russell submitted the name of Clyde Dalton at the last Senate meeting. Extensive discussion was held to determine if the President had the power to withdraw an appointment, and also to the validity of his claim that he would rather place Mr. Dalton in a position related to the Radio Station. Senate Parliamentarian, Dr. Cassese, ruled that according to Sturgis, since Mr. Dalton did receive a letter of appointment and he had accepted the position with full powers as an acting Justice, that the Senate would have to vote on the acceptance of Mr. Dalton, therefore, Mr. Russell could not remove his name. *Note: Mr. Dalton spoke on this subject and he agreed that he had applied for a position on the radio station in addition to the Judicial Board. He added that he had accepted the position to the Judicial Board and was acting as such with full powers. Motion to approve Clyde Dalton to the Judicial Board by Dan Russell. Sec-onded by Joe Warpinski. Discussion. Call for the question by Tom Moreo. Seconded by Dave Cavalieri. Motion passes to vote immediately. Joe Warpinski requested a roll call vote. Jeff Barta No Dan Newman Yes Joe Mann No Sharon Baker Yes Brad Peterson Yes Leona Gonzales Abs. Bobby Lawson Yes Bill Marion Yes Tom Moreo Yes Jim Bateman No Tara Corcoran No Jim Rafferty Yes Mike Whipple Yes Dave Cavalieri No Tony Gwirtz No Iris McCowan Yes Greg McKinley Yes Warren Stief Abs. Keith Terry No Gene Russo Abs. Marshal Willick Yes Joe Warpinski Yes Motion passes 12-7-3. Dan Russell submitted Gene Russo to be the new chairman of the Constitutional Revision Committee. Mr. Warpinski resigned because of prior commitments. Dan Russell made a motion that the Senate transfer the $20,000 back to the Union fund. Seconded by Dave Cavalieri. Discussion. (Greg McKinley excused) . Joe Warpinski added that the transfer itself was done illegally and the Controller of the University, Wayne Williams, asked that it be transferred back. Marshal Willick called for the question. Seconded by Dave Cavalieri. Motion passed unanimously. Motion passes. Dan Russell moved to pass as a referendum to appear on the ballot the following statement: To insure a growing student voice in the area of athletics, would you be in favor of a mandatory athletic fee? Yes or No. Providing that the students are made aware of the statement beforehand. Seconded by Keith Terry. Motion fails 18-1-2 because of lack of proper ratio. Tara Corcoran asks that this motion be reconsidered, seconded by Tony Gwirtz. Motion to reconsider passes with two abstaining. Joe Warpinski called for the question. Seconded by Sharon Baker. Passes unanimously. Motion on referendum passes 19-1-1 with the required 2/3's. Dan Russell reported that he had letters put in the Senators boxes stating that he would like CSUN to pay for all personnel related to activities. He added that he would form a Presidential ad hoc committee to look at both CSUN and the Union's side of the story. He also asked that the Union hold off on hiring the Assistant Director until this committee had met and come up with a recommendation. Dan Russell moved to form said committee. Seconded by Dave Cavalieri. Motion passes to form committee. B. Yearbook Report Dan Russell reported due to Kevin Flaherty's absence. Dan made a motion that the senate give 100% support to the future existence of the CSUN Yearbook. Seconded by Marshal Willick. Call for question by Jim Rafferty, seconded by Sharon Baker. Motion passes. Motion to support yearbook passes. VII. New Business A. President Pro-Tempore Para Beury reported that due to an oversight on her part the Senate did not have a "legal" President pro-tempore of the Senate. She,therefore, opened nominations for that seat. Dan Russell nominated Gene Russo. Bill Marion nominated Joe Warpinski. Bobby Lawson nominated Marshal Willick. Marshal requested secret ballot. Brad Peterson requested roll call vote. Vote on the manner of voting: Secret ballot—15, roll call—3. Secret ballot vote totalled Gene Russo—9, Joe Warpinski—10, and Marshal Willick—3. Also one vote was cast for Donald Duck. Point of order by Dan Russell that the votes cast totalled 22, while we have only 21 senators present. Marshal withdraws his request for secret ballot vote. Jeff Barta Joe Dan Newman Joe Joe Mann Gene Sharon Baker Joe Brad Peterson Joe Leona Gonzales Gene Bobby Lawson Joe Bill Marion Joe Tom Moreo Joe Jim Bateman Gene Tara Corcoran Joe Jim Rafferty Gene Mike Whipple Joe Dave Cavalieri Joe Tony Gwirtz Gene Iris McCowan Joe Warren Stief Joe Keith Terry Gene Gene Russo Abs. Marshal Willick Abs. Joe Warpinski Abs. Joe Warpinski—12, Gene Russo—6, 3—abstaining. B. Union Board Joe Warpinski reported that after consideration to the recommendation of the senate that the Union Board not use the Conference room because of the planned radio station, the Union declined to takfe action on this matter. Perhaps the senate will come again when the radio station is more firm. He also reported that the Union voted to approve the screening committee report on the Assistant Director and assistant activities advisor. Tom Moreo asked what the letter concerning the UNLV Senior Awards Show is and why it was in the Senate boxes. Scott Lorenz reported that this is withdrawn. VIII. Adjournment Dan Russell moved at 6:20 p.m. to adjourn. Seconded by Keith Terry. Meeting adjourned UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS 4 5 0 5 Maryland Parkway Las Vogas, Nevada 8 9 1 5 4 University College Learning Resource Center (702) 739-3129 MEMORANDUM April 11, 1977 TO: All CSUN Senators FROM: Mary E. Sudholt, Director and Coordinator Learning Resource Center RE: CSUN Appropriation On behalf of the Learning Resource Center staff, I wofild like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for the recent CSUN appropriation of $1500.00. With the additional funding, we will be able to continue tutoring services through finals week. The Learning Resource Center is dedicated to the academic enrichment of students at UNLV. We are delighted to know that CSUN supports our efforts. MES/yc