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Letter from J. T. McWilliams (Las Vegas) to William McDermott, November 29, 1902






McWilliams provides surveying information and recommends purchasing the springs that lay outside the boundaries of the Stewart Ranch.

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Box 1 Folder 2 File 60A - (Nov. 8 1902-Dec. 27 1907) pt. I LV Ranch


hln000785. Union Pacific Railroad Collection, 1828-1995. MS-00397. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Mr. Wm. McDermott, Dear Sir:- Las Vegas, Nevada, Nov. 29th. 1902. In reference to your request of today for data appertaining to the survey of the Stewart ranch property at this place. I will state that I find but three corners of the public land survey out of a total of twenty-eight, necessary to sub-divide the property legally, to be in good condition and safe to use. The property is 5-1/4 miles long of an average width of 1/2 mile, and a l l either abutting upon or on each side of sections I found in good condition the North 1/4 corner of and Northeast corner of section 36, and I established, from witness trees, by the f i e l d notes, section corner. . Section corners and do not agree within reasonable distances or courses with either the field notes or in projecting lines from the South boundary of township and seem to me to have been moved. Certainly the posts show age but neither one is set in xxx ground correctly, that is the numbers on stakes do not point to the proper sections, as do those on the Township lines. The entire North lines of sections 25 to 30 inclusive vary from 170 to 241 feet over the mile in distance from North lines of sections 31 to 36, and generally appear in good condition and indicate an error in original survey, which without other good evidence, will have to stand as found by me. The East 1/4 section corner of 27 cannot be found, the Southwest corner and south 1/4 of same section are also gone, and the Southeast corner of same section, as mentioned above, is very doubtful and looks at present to me as if it might have been purposely moved so as to place the creek all inside the boundary lines of the ranch. The U.S. Township plat shows the creek to run for a short way through the North 1/2 of Southwest 1/4 of section, a tract owned by others than the Stewarts. This may and may not be right owing to the point being a considerable distance from the four 1/4 corners of the section and the Deputy Surveyor may have sketched in the creek without taking measurements and courses to ascertain the correct course of creek. However, I will determine this creek matter and also the correct locations of the corners and lines of property within a day or two and show to your satisfaction on the ground the lines of the property. With reference to the springs in this valley owned by the Stewarts and outside the boundary lines of the ranch, I would very strongly recommend their purchase on account of the cattle business. If you buy the ranch and cattle without the springs, someone might buy up and fence in the other springs or the Stewarts could do so. In either case the cattle would be confined to the home ranch almost entirely on account of lack of water on the range. On completion of field work, I will furnish a plat showing in detail all information gathered therefrom, and which will include areas of all enclosures such as pastures, hay lands, orchards, etc. In view of the fact that my home is in this country, and to save me from making enemies of the Stewarts for stating truths, I trust you will see f i t to request your principals to treat all of above letter as confidential. Yours very truly, (Signed) J. T. McWilliams. U.S.Deputy Surveyor. 2