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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, January 1992



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Ruth Fite, Executive Director January 1992 Sanford D. Akselrod, Rabbi Jeanne Schomaker, School Principal ? #Ai Chawnt K7CO 001 Lewis, President Terri Herman & Debbie Stadt, Bulletin Editors l?V?T ? bll?VQT 0/0/ Julie Gruber, Preschool Director Schedule of Services Friday. January 3 8:00 pjn. Shabbat Services Conducted by Cantorial Soloist Renee Campos Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood Friday. January 10 8:00 p. m. Shabbat Services Conducted by Cantorial Soloist Renee Campos Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood Friday. January 17 6:00 p.m. Fifth Grade Shabbat Dinner 7:30 p.m. Fifth Grade Shabbat Service Conducted by Rabbi Akselrad Oneg sponsored by the Fifth grade parents Friday. January 24 8:00 p. m. Shabbat Services Conducted by Rabbi Akselrad Rabbi Akselrad will give a spe?cial report on his recent trip to Israel Oneg sponsored by the Glovinsky Family in honor of David Glovinsky?s achieve?ment of Eagle Scout Friday. January 31 8:00 pun. Shabbat Service Conducted by Rabbi Akselrad Oneg sponsored by Sisterhood FLASH!! Rabbi Akselrad To Travel To Israel! Special report to be given January 24th. Rabbi Akselrad will be traveling to Israel Janu?ary 1st through 13th, on a special Rabbinic study mission. Rabbi Akselrad will be traveling via El A1 Airlines along with rabbinic colleagues from around the United States representing all branches of Juda?ism. During his stay, Rabbi Akselrad will be primarily in Jerusalem, although various excursions have been planned. In addition, Rabbi Akselrad will attend a six day convention, where he will be briefed by various Israeli dignitaries and Middle East specialists on current issues affecting Israel. These are extremely important times for the State of Israel. Over the past two years, Israel has had to cope with the massive immigration from the Soviet Union and Ethiopia, as well as the devastating impact of the Gulf War. Over the next few months Israel will continue to strive for peace with neighbors who have sought to destroy the nation since 1948. Rabbi Akselrad will deliver a special Congrega?tional Report regarding his trip at Friday night Shabbat services on January 24th. An evening not to be missed. In Memorlam We record with deep sorrow the recent passing of: Abraham Honig Beloved Uncle of Ruth Fite Yahrzeits January 3 Herbert Forman Edith Michael Gustav Schwartz Mary Bernstein Eugene Alexander David Katzman Samuel Stanley Pearson Ira Wallace Morris Hyman Ruth Lehrner January 10 Charles Martin David Levey Melvin Sanoff Isidore Kogon Grace Swissman Harry May Sadie Wagviech Harry Bouttenberg January 17 Belle Miller Elizabeth Kohn Alex Nester Abraham Chenchinsky Alan Garboos Samuel Swissman Marion Yarchever January 24 Elliot Bloom Morris Chenin Lena Rogers Martin Gerstler Manuel Hoffman Frank Schwartz Solomon Walrauch Nelson Werner Dorothy Werner Rae Israel Esther Minches Hyman Solowitz Hannah Sutton January 31 Fannie Schlesinger Sheldon Silber Gertrude Alexander B.J. Phillips A1 Moll Regina Newman Julius Glasser Harry Lader Ira Moss Ruth Koffler Anna ReichelCongregation Ner Tamid Rabbi?s Message ?A New Year?s Resolution: Watching What We Say? The holidays are a family time. We sit around the table with family we often haven?t seen for a long time. We eat ourselves silly. It?s catch up time, time to find out what our family and friends have been doing for the past year. But sometimes we find our conversation slipping from the informa?tional to, well, shall we say semi-informational? Well, let?s just say it, our conversation turns to GOSSIP! ?Did you see Uncle ...? I can?t believe he divorced his wife for that young thing!? ?Did you see what... was wearing? I can?t believe that she thinks she?s still 16!? ?Did you know that Cousin ... is finally off drugs? But is he into some weird things...? What were the lyrics to that song? ?Tis the season to be jolly, Tra la la...??! But the laugh is on us. For, to be honest, such conversation, although a bit more inviting at such occasions, occurs throughout the year, and is as old as humanity. Most religions have admonitions about our use of speech. Why? Most likely because speech is so fundamental to our ability to commu?nicate and share our hopes and dreams. But speech can do as much harm as good if we are not careful. I am reminded of the story of a king who held a contest in which he challenged the members of his kingdom to bring him two items, something terrible and something wonderful. One man searched, and brought him a baked tongue. He went out for the second item, and brought back ... a baked tongue! The king looked at the man and asked him ?Why have you brought me the same item twice?? ?Because/? answered the man, ? when the tongue is good, there is nothing betf?- and when it is bad, there is nothing more terrible.? ATTENTION: All 1993 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parants: The Temple office has sent infor?mation regarding scheduling your child?s B?nai Mitzvah date. Dates will be decided during mid-January, and parents will be informed of their child?s date by early February. It is ex?tremely important for you to return your date preference to the Rabbi. IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR B?NAI MITZVAH INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT SHERYL OR DEBBIE IN THE OFFICE AT 733- 6292. If you have any questions or special concerns regarding this pro?cess, please contact Rabbi Akselrad. Please note that dates for 1992 have already been sched?uled. If you have not already spoken with the Rabbi regard?ing 1992 dates, please do so im?mediately. FAMILY SHABBAT SERVICE January 17th Fifth Grade Shabbat Dinner Family Service 7:30 p.m. ? Please join Rabbi Akselrad and the Jr. Choir for a warm Family Shabbat experience. FUTURE FAMILY SHABBAT SERVICE DATES February 21, 1992..........................................Third Grade Shabbat Dinner March 20, 1992.............................................Second Grade Shabbat Dinner May 15, 1992 ..............................................Honoring Religious School Staff Please note these dates on your calendar so that you can join us in worship Page 2 CHAIRPERSON (S) Art & Beautification........ Break the Fast................. Budget............................... Goods & Services Auction Historian............................ House................................. Kol Nidre ........................... Long Range Planning..... Membership...................... Outreach........................... Passover Seder................. Publicity............................ Preschool........................... Religious School............... Ritual................................. Social Action...................... Special Events................... Ways & Means................. Youth Activities............... ...........................Yvonne Gordon .........Rita Malkin, Helen Zliser .....................Sheldon Rosenberg ....Dyane Kohnen, Lois Doctors .................................Sandy Ewan ..........................Harry Rubinson ...........................Michael Cherry .............................Ken Schnitzer ............................Dyane Kohnen .................................Lois Doctors ................................Phyllis Mark ..............................Kathryn Scott Denise Schnitzer, Debby Kaner .........................Denise Schnitzer ...................................Alan Mann ..............................Eileen Kollins ..............................Bonnie Kamer .....................................Jay Poster .........Dotty Gross, Randy Spoor President's Message First, Happy and healthy New Year to everyone. I hope we all grow wiser and more aware of what really has meaning in our lives: children, family, community and the state of our world. Looking back over our accomplishments in 1991,1 feel we should be proud of our growth. Our school has 210 students, our preschool has 14 children, 120 children participate in our youth activities, and our Temple family has grown to 380 members. We cannot rest on our laurels in 1992 - we must continue our growth and we must continually strive to improve the quality of our service to all. The first change you will notice in 1992 is the beautification of our front entry area. Sometimes one little thing causes a domino effect - perhaps it was our beautiful stained glass window. Our entry will be more attractive and following its completion, we will begin to improve the foyer area. Who knows where this will lead? We have some very real challenges for 1992. We need to continue the growth of our membership and we need to keep all of our ?old? new members. Retention is always a challenge and with this in mind, we are going to begin a Havorah program. If you are interested or have previous experience in Havurah, please contact the office. We will contact you soon. This is also a program to get more people involved - my continual adage. My last comment for this month - we are going to have a long range plan for facility growth and improvement. Abe Fox has certainly improved the kitchen! In addition to the huge commercial refrigerator and freezer, we now have a convection oven. Thanks Abe - we really appreciate your help. Best in 1992, __Cal___________________________________________________ RABBI?S MESSAGE (cont.) Speech. Communication. Words. Oh, so very important in our getting along with our fellow human beings, and for good reason. With the slip of a tongue we can hurt and maim just as surely as if we did it with a sword, while with a precisely given compli?ment we can give someone a wonder?ful good feeling, unlike any other, as if we had bestowed upon them a mil?lion dollars. As a Rabbi I find myself talking with a myriad of different people. I talk with people from all walks of life. People who are CEO?s and middle management. People who are lower on the rungs of the corporate ladder. I speak with volunteers, homemak?ers, and retirees; and I have noticed that there is a common lament which links all of these people together. The need for praise. It is usually expressed as follows: ?Rabbi, would it hurt my son/boss/ dad/friend/spouse to say a nice work? Rabbi, I am his father/co-worker/ friend/spouse. Can?t they take the time to say a kind work? What would it cost?? We are all looking, at one time or another, for that simple word, that simple kindness that can bolster our egos, and make us feel appreciated. But too often we are preoccupied, not with saying nice things, or even lis?tening to nice things, but with our criticism of others. Someone once noticed that there are three kinds of speech - the lowest is to talk about people, the next is to talk about things, and the highest is to talk about ideas. It is a good message to end this year of 1991, and an even better one to begin 1992. In the words of the psalmist of old: ?May the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart be ac?ceptable, be acceptable in thy sight, oh Lord.? B?shalom mmmmmmmm Congregation Ner Tamid Page 3 Sanford D. Akselrad RabbiCongregation Ner Tamid if"""............ ........ ^ Adult Education The Adult Education Commit?tee met on Tuesday, December 17th at the Temple and discussed a few of the possible programs for the rest of the year. Please watch the bulletin and your mail for further informa?tion. If you are interested in joining the committee, or have suggestions you would like the committee to con?sider, please call Debbie Stadt at 733-6292 or 898-6876. Lecture Series at Temple Beth Shalom The Dr. Harry L. Goldberg Lewish Lecture Series of the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas will once again present four outstanding speakers to the community begin?ning January 12th. This is the tenth year philan?thropic individuals and organizations have worked cooperatively to spon?sor outstanding scholars for our community?s education and benefit. Congregation Ner Tamid and Temple Beth Shalom take turns each year being the host facility. This year, all four lectures will be held on Sundays, 7:30 p.m., at Temple Beth Shalom, 1600 E. Oakey Blvd.; they are open and free to the public. The first lecture will be on Jan. 12th, with Dr. Dmitri N. Shalin, who will speak on ?Jews in Perestroika?. Dr. Shalin is a Russian emigre with a unique perspective on being a Rus?sian Jew. He has written many ar?ticles and spoken extensively on both Soviet issues and sociology, two of his major ares of expertise. With a strong academic background, Dr. Shalin is currently a professor of so?ciology at UNLV. This lecture will explain Jews and Perestroika, and will be based on his background, as well as a recent return trip to Russia. Dr. Shalin is an effective and charismatic speaker. Following Dr. Shalin will be Dr. Ralph D. Nurnberger on Sunday, Feb. 23rd, with the topic: ?Spectrum of U.S. Political Affairs?. ?Who Will Say Kaddish for Me?? is the next lecture topic by Rabbi Benjamin Alon Kamin on March 29th. Closing the Series will be Rabbi Laura Geller on April 26th, with the topic: ?The Role of Jewish Women Throughout the Ages?. For further information on the Series, please call Beverly Eisen, at the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, 732-0556. Membership News rF =^\ Community Lecture Series rr Please don?t miss this year?s Com?munity Lecture Series, to be held at Temple Beth Shalom. More infomation will be coming soon. -? ? J) HELP WANTED Congregation Ner Tamid is look?ing for a Temple member to serve on the Las Vegas Hebrew High Board of Directors. If you are interested, please call the Rabbi at 733-6292. ^ ^ (? Join Our Choir Choir is always welcoming new members. Come on Monday nights at 7:00 p.m. and join us! Our Temple is continuing to grow! We have lots of excit?ing events planned in the New Year. One of the programs we?re introducing is ?Dinner for Eight?. As a new member of Congregation Ner Tamid you will be invited to a member?s home for dinner. This will give us a chance to get to know you, and for you to share a fun evening! Scott & Lee Schreiber will be co-chairing this pro?gram. Watch for your invita?tion! Any new members inter?ested in joining our commit?tee, please contact Dyane Kohnen at 870-2204. We?re always excited about volun?teers! The Membership Commit?tee wishes you a Happy & Healthy New Year See you soon, Dyane Kohnen V.P. Membership V-...... ? Save up to 50% when you dine, go to the movies, theatre, sports events or travel. Hundreds of 2-for-l saving opportunities for every lifestyle. For more information call the Temple office at 733-6292 only $30.00 ocfertfcDLWMttifc f Page 4 (? ^ Sisterhood Gift Shop Check out our new merchandise: BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY AND GIFT ITEMS Don?t forget us for SPECIAL ORDERS! The gift shop will be open on Sunday mornings and by appointment. The office staff can also open the gift shop for you diming business hours. For an appointment, or more information please call: Phyllis - 458-8119 Mary - 456-4452 Vs ....................... ? ^ Rabbi Akselrad would like to be helpful to you and your family whenever possible, par?ticularly by visiting Temple members and their families when they are in the hospital or nursing home. The Temple of?fice tries to maintain a current list of those who are hospital?ized, so please call the Temple office to let us know when you are going into the hospital. Office # 733-6292. Thank Youiii To the Fox family for the wonderful donation of the con?vection oven To the Weissmans for their donation of books to our Library To Helene & Dee Smith for their donation to the Chanukah Bazaar To Cindy & Sandy Milmeister for their donation of wrapping paper for the Chanukah Bazaar To Bobbie & Cliff Bemay for their donation of a hot dog maker for the Chanukah Bazaar To the Kaner Family for their donation of a video tape recorder To Max & Ida Blumenfeld for their donation to the Rum?mage Sale To Thelma Karo for her do?nation of a file cabinet to the Choir To Sadelle & Henry Minsey for their donation of books for the Library To Cecilia Friedman for the donation of toys for the Pre?school To Mr. & Mrs. Barton for their donation for the Rummage Sale Temple Wish List L Books for our Library, 2. Incidental kitchen items or $100. 3. Floor scrubber or $150. 4. Commercial stove with grill top. 5. Fire-proof Filing Cabinets 6. File Cabinet for Choir. 7. Heavy Duty Portable Folding Platforms for our Choir or $425. Congregation Ner Tamid rr' ~ ? ^ s SCRIP c CAN R RAISE i INCOME P PAINLESSL DELIVERY AVAILABLE. PURCHASE SCRIP DAILY AND SUNDAY MORNINGS. CALL US IN THE TEMPLE OFFICE 733-6292 WE NOW HAVE AVAILABLE: SMITH'S, VON?S, k ALBERTSON'S! ^ ? - ----------J ................................?^ At most Friday night services, congregants can par?ticipate in a special way by accepting honors such as: lighting the Shabbat candles, dressing and undressing the Torah or saying the blessing before and after the Torah reading. The Temple gives any of these honors to syna?gogue members who enjoy participating in the Shabbat service in this special way. If any congregant wishes to have such honors, please call Sheryl at the Temple office (733-6292) so we can sched?ule your honors on a conven?ient Shabbat for you. V- ......-..............i NEED TO GET INTO THE TEMPLE? In case of an emergency, call our custodian, Cliff Jamerson, at 734-1460. Pa ere 5Congregation Ner Tamid mmma A LTOK M HWOTS IMSI rr Congregation Ner Tamid Celebrates Cb&nukmb On December 6th the Congregation came together to celebrate the light of rededication. The Social Hall was filled to capacity with families enjoying a beautifully catered Shabbat dinner and the sounds of Chanukah, serenaded by Sasha with his violin. The children sang and everyone had a wonderful time. Immediately before the service the children lit their hanukiyot, and the light from the burning candles lent a special quality to the evening. There was dancing in the aisles, led by the Rabbi and followed by all the children. Hester Katzman, a storyteller of renown, wove a magical tale of a small goat and a man who found themselves stranded in a haystack during a snowstorm. The children were enthralled, and Ms. Katzman and the entire evening was a rousing success. The next family service is January 17th at 7:30 p.m. The Fifth grade parents are sponsoring the oneg. Hope to see you there. ^? ............. ...................V A LOOK M WMTfS HO OOSM (r rr Goods & Services Golden Bid N?Buy Radio Daze It is never too early to start announcing CNT?s Step back with us to most exciting & fun fundraiser of the year. a time when a hot date Our 2nd annual ?Goods & Services: Bid N? Buy? was a walk down the lane, auction will be held May 9th, 1992. Mark your and a show was A SHOW!! calenders now and reserve that special date so you On February 29 we all and your guests will be able to participate in all the have a one-night-only excitement. chance to relive life when In order for this fundraising event to be a success, we need donations from all Temple members, their friends, or their contacts in the community. life was sweet and simple. Last year?s auction was an overwhelming success GOLDEN thanks to the generosity and hard work of our mem?bers. Our goals this year are much higher as the ?RADIO DAZE' Temple?s needs are greater. FEBRUARY 29 We will gladly accept donations of any goods or 7:30 P.M. services that can be auctioned off. Suggestions (though CONGREGATION the list is endless): trips, jewelry, clothing, sporting NER TAMID goods, show and sporting event tickets, t.v.?s, v.c.r.?s, computers, driving lessons, dance instruction, dog SOCIAL HALL training, baby sitting, airline tickets, etc., etc., etc. TICKETS: $5.00 CALL MAXINE GRATZ For further information, please contact co-chair- persons Lois Doctors (456-0915), Dyane Kohnen (870- 2204), or the Temple office (733-6292) AT 898-3592 ft . = Jewish Film Series UNLV Wright Hall (Room 103) Films Begin 7K)0 p.m. Free Admission ?Crossing Delaney? Wed., January 29,1992 Chariots of Fire? Wed., February 19,1992 ?Life Of Emile Zola ? Wed., March 25,1992 ?Fiddler on the Roof? Wed., April 22, 1992 ?Aixilon? Wed., May 27,1992 (tentative) ?Goodbye Columbus? Wed., June 17,1992 (tentative) Humanist, Professor of History, Marvin Feldman will discuss the theme and significance of each film and answer questions following each presentation. FOR INFORMATION CALL 732-0556 Sponsored by: Jewish Student Union & the JCC Without Walls Divisions of the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas Page 6 Congregation Ner Tamid fr fr BIRTHDAYS BIRTHDAYS Sam Alper Jessica Berger (cont.) Merrie Bigham Madison Levine Alex Borgelt Aimee Levine Jeffrey Boruszak Judith Lewis Emily Bossak Wendy Lewis David Cherry Harvey Lieberman Lori Tlumack Cobb Arthur Liebert Greg Corpodian Lynette Macauley Shaina Corpodian Kathleen Mahon Scott Davidson Gerald Mandel Lois Doctors Lillian Mandel Leslie Dunn Karen Marano June Dearden Edelman Hank Mrcuse Rebecca Eisenman Laurie McRitchie Thomas Eisenman Jennifer Mendelson Jack Erickson Benjamin Meoz Marilyn Etcoff Sadelle Minsey Sandy Ewan Howard Portnoff Stephanie Finkelstein Thomas Rodgers Randi Friedman Burton Rosenberg Neil Galatz Denise Rounds Marilyn GHovinsky Lynn Sasso Steve Glyman Lawrence Schnitzer Douglas Gold Allison Schnitzer Jerald Gold Jordan Schnitzer Allan Goldberg Hy Schwartz Steven Goldstein Phil Seltzer Mort Goldstein Scot Silber David Gordon Pearl Silverman Jeffrey Harbach Chris Simon Alan Hirsh Nathan Simon Carol Hoffman Helene Smith Margaret Hogan Bette Stahl Amanda Hogeg Maria Sudberg Enid Johnston Evan Sudberg Michael Kane Meredith Weiner Rena Kane Mae Weintraub Spencer Kaplan Andrew Wisnosky James Karlin Donald Yahraus Shelby Klein Stacey Yahraus Elliot Krane Wilfred Zliser Daniel Kravitz OOPS... Happy Birthday Jack Lehman to A1 Gerstler, we omitted Hope Ellyn Lerner his name from our Marla Letizia November birthday list 1 fr BULLETIN DEADLINE The deadline for the Congregation Ner Tamid Bulletin is the 13th of the previous month. For the Febru?ary bulletin the dead?line is January 13th. If you have items to be published in the bulle?tin, please get them to Debbie Stadt in the Temple office by this date. Anything arriv?ing after that date can?not be guaranteed pub?lication. Thank you for your cooperation. /f1 ANNIVERSARIES Donald & Nancy Colyar Mark & Sherree Dolginoff Robert & Lori Frankl Jerry & Laura Grau Joseph & Charlotte Kahn Steven & Barbara Kaplan Jack & Lulu Lehman Gerald & Roslynn Lemer Vernon & Gail Miller Skip & Pamela Rapoport Morris & Libby Raynes Andrew & Ruth Urban Julian & Lillian Wallace Wilfred & Helen Zliser V fr FAMILIES NEEDED FOR NEW COLLEGE PROGRAM Beginning this fall, the Jewish Family Service Agency of Las Vegas, will be starting the HOME AWAY FROM HOME PROGRAM for out-of-state Jewish col?lege students. The program matches students to ?friend families? in our community, who will help the students feel more at home while they are going to school in Las Vegas. If you would like to become part of this special program please call: JFSA 732-0304 or Sharlene Flushman 794-2888. V Sponsor an Oneg Shabbat Do you have a special occasion you wish to celebrate by sharing it with others, i.e.: birthday, anniversary, etc.? You can sponsor a Friday night Oneg Shabbat. What a nice way to honor your loved ones. You can also donate one or two cakes for any Oneg. Donor credit is given in the amount of $5 per cake. This credit goes toward your 'Donor Luncheon' hosted every year by Sisterhood. Please bring your cake or cakes to the Temple office and leave your name so you can be credited for your donation. Also, put your name, occasion, and the date you wish the cake to be served onto your cake box. Please call Alma Bernay, Oneg Shabbat Chairman at 645- 4124 for further information and thank you for your participation and cooperation._____________________________________________yj Paae 7 Congregation Ner Tamid If N\ Religious School Report Cards It?s been said that time flies when you?re having fun. Half the year is over, and it?s time for report cards already. They will be mailed to all parents this month. Our Religious School is still growing. Currently we are well over 200 students. Attendance is at an all-time high, and en?thusiasm is the word of the day. Our two new programs, Art for grades K - 3; and Drama for grade 3; are proving to be both fun filled and informative. Spe?cial thanks to Gail Taub and Terri Herman for their special art projects, and to Jennifer Gross and Lisa Kollins for their dynamic drama programs. Mark your calenders now ... (f~.......................-.......................... ^ [pyirto ?smllwall Sunday March 22nd 11:00 Parade for our annual Purim Carnival... 11:30 - 2:00 This year promises to be even more exciting than last year. Committees are now forming, join the excitement, get involved!! Call Jeanne Schomaker at the Temple Of?fice for more information, or better yet - stop in the Reli?gious School Office and sign up now. fr Passover Candy Our Religious School stu?dents will be selling Barton?s Passover candy this year. Or?der forms will be coming home sometime this month. It?s im?possible to find candy for Pass- over in Las Vegas. This will give everyone the opportunity not only to purchase this deli?cious candy, but also to support our Religious School. Preschool News ) SHALOM! We at Congregation Ner Tamid Preschool have had a very productive first four months. Our enrollment has been growing at a steady pace, and we look forward to more children in the coming months. In the past months we have had visits from the Police and Fire de?partments. The children (and the teachers) had a great time. We also had very special visits from Rabbi Akselrad for the holidays. The chil?dren enjoyed his stories, and couldn?t wait to share them with their par?ents and siblings. We are looking ahead to the rest of our first year, knowing it will be as wonderful as the first four months. We look forward to sharing our news with all the community. We still have Judy Caplan Ginsberg tapes for sale. Part of the proceeds from the sale of these tapes goes to our Preschool, so hurry and buy your tape. They?ll be on sale until the middle of January. Call me at the Temple if you need more infor?mation. For preschool information, please call: 733-6292. Until next time, Julie Levy Gruber mm tm? fr. TNT News In the month of November we went rollerskating. Almost every?body in TNT was there. We all skated and pigged out on candy! A lot of people played air hockey or watch other people play. We had a super time!!! We all look forward to our first meeting in 1992. Hope everyone had a good holiday. Bye! ^ Aimee Worth_________________jj MTTYNTTY For those of you who missed December?s event, you missed a good time! A movie, popcorn & candy..what more could you ask for! This month we?re meeting on Satur?day, January 25th. Meet us at the Temple at 8:45 a.m., we?re leaving promptly for a tour of Anderson Dairy. After the tour we?re all going out for breakfast. Bring $5.00 and have your Mom or Dad meet you back at the Temple at 12 noon. Final and last reminder...If you want to go you have to call us... Peter 362-4384 or Sheryl 873-7769 See you on the 25th! Your MTTY Advisors: Peter Schomaker & Sheryl Kogan ^ NTTY Although NTTY is always full of enthusiastic and energetic teens, we would love for anyone grades 9 - 12 to join us. NTTY has exciting programs, fundraisers, and socials, as well as an all around friendly atmosphere. NTTY participated on the SWFTY Winter Conclave. It was held in Scottsdale, Arizona on December 12 - 15. More details about the Conclave will follow in February. Congratulations to all the NTTYites for cremating BBYO in their recent soccer game. NTTY doubled BBYO?s score (2-1). V NTTLY Yours, Aleza K. Goldsmith P(Hebrew High I There will be a community wide dance for all Jewish teens, grades 8 - 12 on January 19,1992 at Beth Sha?lom at 8:00 p.m. The dance is spon?sored by Las Vegas Hebrew High and should be an awesome event! Registration for 2nd semester will be very soon. Registration forms will be sent in the mail to everyone on our list. If you don?t hear from LVHH by Jan. 5th, please call 732-0556. Second semester will begin on Feb. 6th, 1992. Classes will be held at Congregation Ner Tamid on Thurs?day evenings 6 - 8 p.m., with the 3rd hour optional. For more information please call 732-0556. ^ ................. Congregation Ner Tamid Sisterhood News The Congregation Ner Tamid Sisterhood Board met on December 12th at the Temple. We discussed the upcoming events, and heard the committee reports of Membership, Advancement of Judaism, Publicity, and Programming. The next board meeting on January 9th at 10:00 a.m On January 23rd we will have a general meeting in the evening, where Ramona Luckman of the Decorating Den will speak on Interior Design. We hope to see all of you there. Our Tribute chairs, Betty Schloss and Marni Diamond, wish to remind you that Sisterhood tributes are an especially thoughtful way to remember people with special events taking place in their lives. Please call Betty at 876-2678, or Marni at 456-8524 to make your tribute as soon as possible. Golden Radio Daze - our Sisterhood production scheduled for a one night only special presentation on February 29 at 7:30 p.m. - is really coming together. We still need quite a few people for the production crew. If you have experience in any area of the production of a stage show, or if you just want to be a part of this epic production, please call Maxine Gratz at 898-3592. We need you!!! ^......-................. ? 1) (r Cub Scout ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING All boys of Cub Scouting age are invited to attend, with their parents, an organizational meeting on Sun?day, January 12th. The meeting will begin immediately following Reli?gious School at the Temple. A light lunch will be served, and interested parents will be able to find out more about Cub Scouting. Cub Scouts are grades 1 - 5, grade 1 being Tiger Cubs, a parent/boy den. For more information, please call Michelle at 361-5215. BROTHERHOOD SPONSORS C.N.T. CUB SCOUT PACK 145 At a recent Brotherhood meet?ing, the Brotherhood board voted to sponsor a Cub Scout pack open to all boys of scouting age in the Temple. The Scouting presence at the Temple is currently only Cub Scouts, but as time passes we hope to add a Boy Scout troop as well. Watch your bulletin for the dates of the meetings. ^ 4 fr Sisterhood Campership Program The Congregation Ner Tamid Campership program is ready to begin for the 4th year. A session at Jewish camp is one of the greatest experiences a child can ever have. In addition to the opportunities to participate in a variety of sports, games, and art activities within a Jewish environment, campers can make friendships that last a life?time! Campers gain a sense of inde?pendence and self confidence. These children come back to us with a stronger Jewish connection. For these reasons our Temple Sisterhood has created a campership program. To find out more about what we have to offer, please attend a program on Sun?day, January 26th at 9:00 a.m. in the CNT Social Hall. We will have a special quest speaker and infor?mation on Jewish camps in the southwestern United States. We look forward to you joining us! Please RSVP to Dyane Kohnen at 870-2204. (r Sisterhood Tributes From Marlene & Irv Sherman to Esther Newman, Our sincere sym?pathy on the recent loss of your brother From Barbara & Dick Rosen to Rita & Herman Malkin in honor of the marriage of your daughter From Barbara & Dick Rosen to Helen & Bill Zliser, Thinking of you and glad you?re feeling better From Rita & Herman Malkin to Harvey Sanoff, Best wishes for a speedy recovery From Sisterhood to Harvey Sanoff, Best wishes for a speedy re?covery From Fran & Harvey Sanoff to Noreen & Gary Sternberg, Congratu?lations and best wishes on your son?s 21st birthday From Rita & Herman Malkin to Art Gellin, Our sincere sympathy on the recent loss of your brother From Fran & Harvey Sanoff to Bernice & Charles Etcoff, Congratu?lations and best wishes on the baby naming of your granddaughter, Courtney J Paae 9 Congregation Ner Tamid RABBI'S DISCRETIONARY FUND From Dr. Mark & Jennifer Ohriner to Tot Shabbat in honor of Bella & Michael?s Wedding From Heather & David Zabinofsky in honor of Heather?s con?version From Michele & Fred Reynolds in honor of