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Commemorative Journal honoring Flora and Stuart Mason, published by Temple Beth Sholom, 2008



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1 Commemorative Journal J i \ V ^ 2008 TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM FLORA and STUART MASON A SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE MADE A TREMENDOUS IMPACT ON OUR COMMUNITY A N D S Y N A G O G U E WE HOPE YOU CONTINUE CREATING A BETTER FUTURE. Dr. Leon & Faye Steinberg \ Dr. David & Betsi Steinberg Steinberg Diagnostic ^ Medical Imaging Centers Wh ere Imaging Revolves Around You" . Welcome to Temple Beth Sholom's Annual Gala Special Thanks Rob Sheridan, Cashman Photo Destinations by Design Ira Ellis, Ira Ellis Photography Marc Finkel Four Seasons Hotel The Chaplin ?t Matushevitz Families, Southern Wine 8t Spirits Rick Moore Et Ezra Bekhor, Van Cleef 8t Arpels Dinner Chairman Abbie Friedman Sandy & Stan Mallin Ruth Goldfarb Lynn & Arne Rosencrantz Sara & William Mason Betsi & Dr. David Steinberg Honorary Dinner Committee Lovee & Robert Arum Robin & Danny Greenspun Susan & Irwin Molasky Adele Baratz Julie & Andy Gruber Pia Exber-Morris & Alan Morris Caryl Berg Priscilla & Abe Hodes Marci & Rob Murdock Marcia & Lawrence Bergenfield Andrew Katz Melissa & Mitch Ogron Congresswoman Shelley Berkley & Mimi Katz Jessica & Josh Pianko Dr. Larry Lehrner Nancy Katz Sharon & Stephen Pierce Bonnie Berkowitz Barbara & Ron Kirsh Marcy & Dr. Steve Saxe Carlos Blumberg Irwin Kishner Toni&Ken Scholl Arlene & Jerry Blut Lil & Henry Kronberg Marci & Ed Seltzer Florence Bolatin Yvette & Ellis Landau Florence & Melvin Shapiro Ruth & Allen Brewster Sue & Scott Langsner Mona & Charles Silverman Charlene & Dr. Tony Carter Carol & Joel Lubritz Linda & Lou Silvestri Shirley Chaplin Barbara & Jim Lukasiewicz Naomi & Art Sloan Helen & Robert Feldman Joyce Mack Elaine & Irv Steinberg Gloria & Mark Fine Judy & Ron Mack Faye & Dr. Leon Steinberg Susan Fine & Max Spilka Jayne & Arthur Marshall Lara & David Stone Kevyn & Cantor Daniel Friedman Gwen& James Mason Edythe Katz Yarchever Brad Friedmutter Randi & Adi Matushevitz Ruth & Mel Wolzinger Carolyn & Oscar Goodman Blanche & Phil Meisel Carol & Jeff Zucker Liz & Rabbi Felipe Goodman Beth & Neil Miller Melanie & Gene Greenberg Debbie Miner A Message from our President Dr. David Steinberg & his wife Betsi Congratulations on being honored at our Temple Beth Sholom's Annual Gala!! From the bottom of our hearts, Betsi arid I cannot^ think of two more deserving people. Stuart, both you and Flora have been so instrumental in the succesJ? of Temple Beth Sholom. Your hard work a/id dedication have contributed greatly to the strength of Conservative Judaism in Las Vegas. As we sat in that little breakfast cafe in Sun Valley discussing the two of you as honorees, I knew that Temple Beth Sholom had made a great choice. You and Flora are great role models. Many others join us in applauding and celebrating you and your family's achievements. With our deepest respect and admiration. Betsi & David Steinberg Temple Beth Sholom Board of Direetors 2007-2008 Officers Clergy & Administration President First Vice President Second Vice President Secretary Treasurer Immediate Past President President Emeritus Dr. David Steinberg Priscilla Schwartz-I Sara Mason Jeffrey Michelman Ellis Landau Edward Seltzer Sandra Mallin Directors Abbie Friedman Blanche Meisel Irwin Goldberg Steve Saxe Ed Kainen Teri Thienhaus Felipe Goodman, Rabbi lodes Daniel Eli Friedman, Cantor Barrie Modlin, Executive Director Jon Mitzmacher, Director of Education Yonina Schnee, Assistant Director of Religious Studies Jennifer Zukowski, Director of EC Education Phyllis Margolis, Controller Julie Fox, Program & Information Management Carol Jeffires, Assistant to the Clergy Myrna Hills. Receptionist Sheila Gualberto, Accounting Assistant Honorary Board Member Women's League Men's Club Sharon Pierce Kim Memar I Iarvey Gitel RABBI FELIPE GOODMAN "loro *rn p oro>D a m Dear Flora and Stuart: It is both an honor and a privilege to have you as the Temple Beth Sholom 2008 Gala Honorees. Throughout the years Temple Beth Sholom has been blessed with dedicated leaders among its members. Through your personal example you help our congregation set a standard of excellence through which we can measure both dedication and vision. For the past 10 years I have seen our congregation grow and transform itself not only into one of the leading congregations in the State of Nevada but also into one of the most outstanding and vibrant synagogues in the Conservative Movement. In no small measure thanks to you and the wonderful support you have provided us with, we are now able to look ahead into the future with plans of renewed strength, vitality and relevance. As long as you stand by our side like you have always done there is no doubt in my mind that God will continue to carry us from strength to strength. Thank you for providing our Temple with your time and energy, your efforts have translated themselves into unquantative acts of Tzedakah and Gemilut Hasadim. May God grant you and your family many years of health and joy, may you be showered with all the blessings that we can find in this world and may we all continue to be inspired by your exemplary life. e-mall: website: www.bethsholomlv.ofg OSCAR B. GOODMAN MAYOR CITY OF LAS VEGAS 400 STEWART AVENUE LAS VEGAS. NEVADA 89101 VOICE 702.229 6241 FAX 385 7960 TTY 702.386.9108 EMAIL WEBSITE www lasvegasnevada gov TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM ANNUAL GALA DINNER APRIL 6, 2008 Dear Friends: It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Temple Beth Sholoms annual gala dinner honoring Stuart and Flora Mason! As part of the Honorary Dinner Committee, Carolyn and I would like to offer our sincere congratulations to Stuart and Flora Mason. Stuart and Flora have been exemplary members of Temple Beth Sholom since joining in 1965 upon their arrival to Las Vegas. In fact, Flora was the first woman ever elected by the general membership to the Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors and Stuart is Past President of the Board. They have been extremely active members and have been instrumental in various developments over the years. Founded in 1946, Temple Beth Sholom has made great strides and continues to grow in membership. You should be very proud of the tremendous work you and your members do in our valley. Thank you for taking an active interest in our great city. Again, congratulations on this momentous occasion. It is residents like you that continue to make me the Happiest Mayor in the Universe! I truly love my job and our community and I appreciate your efforts to help make Las Vegas an even better place to live. Sincerely, Oscar B. Goodman Mayor City of Las Vegas American Gtyof the Year* * TheCitytfLas Vegis nxjxwdthe World Leadership Amivdfor Arrvriam City cf the Year, maddition to aiwrdsfar our CentermiaJ HiUs Master Planned Ginpus arrlourAltemztiwFuels Ptvgam More dxm 400 cities across the world presented projects in a vide rang: cfactivities, hi$i$Mg the very best modem city leadership. Ct JOHN ENSIGN NEVADA U n i t e d S t a t e s S e n a t e WASHINGTON, DC 20510-2805 April 6,2008 Dear Friends: I am pleased to offer my congratulations to Flora and Stuart Mason on being recognized by Temple Beth Shalom for the significant impact they have made not only upon Temple Beth Sholom but also throughout the southern Nevada community. For more than four decades, the Masons have been actively involved in their Temple family and in the community at large. They have generously shared their time, talents, and resources with the numerous boards and organizations which have been the fortunate beneficiaries of their dedicated efforts. I am honored to have this opportunity to commend the Masons for their passion and commitment and to offer my heartfelt appreciation for the difference they have made. Please accept my best wishes for a memorable and successful evening. Sincerely, HARRY REID NEVADA MAJORITY LEADER M n i t c d ^ S t a t e s S e n a t e WASHINGTON, DC 20510-7012 April 6, 2008 Temple Beth Sholom 10700 Havenwood Lane Las Vegas, Nevada 89135 Dear Friends: It is with pleasure that I welcome you to Temple Beth Sholom's 2008 People of the Year Gala honoring Flora and Stuart Mason. In 1946, Temple Beth Sholom opened it doors as the first formal Jewish congregation in the Las Vegas Valley. Over the years, Beth Sholom has changed in size and location but its tradition of offering a place of worship, friendship, education, and kinship for Conservative Jews has remained steadfast. On behalf of a grateful community, I would like to thank Rabbi Felipe Goodman and all of Temple Beth Sholom's congregants for helping to make Southern Nevada a better place. Tonight we arc honoring two extraordinary Nevadans who have dedicated their time talent and resources to bettering the lives of Southern Nevadans. Flora and Stuart, I would like lo extend my heartfelt congratulations to you on being honored this evening and I commend you lor your tireless support of Temple Beth Sholom and countless other worthy causes in our community. I wish you all a wonderful evening. Sincerely, /J^Vxy ^ARRY REID United States Senator CONGRESSWOMAN SHELLEY BERKLEY April 6, 2008 Temple Beth Sholom 10700 Havenwood Lane Las Vegas, Nevada 89135 Dear Friends: It is my great pleasure to congratulate Flora and Stuart Mason as they are honored tonight by Temple Beth Sholom. Temple Beth Sholom has once again made an excellent choice to honor the Masons for their tireless work in our Southern Nevada community. Flora made history as the first woman ever elected to the Board of Directors of Temple Beth Sholom. She has also been actively involved with the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, Boy Scouts of America, Junior League, the Anti- Defamation League and the Lied Library at UNLV. Stuart has played a vital role in the development of our dynamic city, working on such projects as Caesar's Palace, The Hilton, Bally's, the MGM Grand Hotel and Theme Park, the Desert Inn, and the Stratosphere, to name just a few. Together, Flora and Stuart also were co-founders of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Las Vegas. I am delighted to join Flora, Stuart, and their wonderful family and many friends and supporters in publicly acknowledging and recognizing their outstanding contributions. As last year's honoree, I know how meaningful this is to Flora and Stuart. Mazel Tov on an honor well deserved. Sincerely, SHELLEY BERKLEY Member of Congress NOT PRINTED OR MAILED AT GOVERNMENT EXPENSE o n blessed to have family and friends who have supported us in times of sorrow and in times of joy. STUART ( X FLORA FRIEDMUTTER GROUP IS PROUD TO SUPPORT V TEMPLE SHOLO C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S FLORA & STUART MASON ON T H I S WELL DESERVED HONOR F H I E D M U T GROUP A R C H I T E C T U R E / I N T E R I O R D E S I G N / B R A N D I N G S T U D I O S S P E C I A L I Z I N G IN M U L T I - U S E P R O J E C T S H O T E L S - C A S I N O S ' R E S T A U R A N T S ' E N T E R T A I N M E N T ' H I G H - R I S E R E S I D E N T I A L NEW YORK. NY P 212.453.4445 NEWPORT BEACH. CA P 949.574.7710 ATLANTIC CITY. NJ P 809 407 0047 -WWWFGIVCOM ? BILOXI. MS P 228.374.1750 SOUTH BEACH. FL P 702.736 7477 DUBAI. UAE P +971 4 319.9157 l<~(r)ke sole meaning e is to serve Anonymous KHS&S Contractors is proud to support Temple Beth Sholom and is honored to pay tribute to Flora and Stuart Mason. We congratulate the Masons on receiving this honor, and thank them for their countless hours of support to the people of our community. CONTRACTORS 702.597.3200 REINFORCING THE SOUTHWEST Las Vegas Office 6655 S. Eastern Ave. Los Vegas, NVB9119 phone; 702.873.4733 fax; 702.876.6966 California Office 10840 Norwalk Blvd. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90470 phone: 714.492.7082 nturysteelinc .com fax: 714.492.7088 P A N O R A M A T O W E R S PANORAMA GROUP & H A L L I E R P R O P E R T I E S SALUTE FLORA AND STUART MASON FOR T H E I R DECADES OF SERVICE AND C O M M I T M E N T TO THE LAS VEGAS COMMUNITY. WE ARE A MORE VIBRANT CITY BECAUSE OF T H E I R MANY EFFORTS. P R O P E R T I E S Mazel Tov and Best Wishes To our Special Friends FLORA & STUART MASON You both truly deserve "Persons of the Year " Recognition For your Devotion, Caring, Insight And LEADERSHIP in your TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM Roles And in the Jewish & Secular Community Lovingly, Faye & Dr. Leon Steinberg M/e saCute <FCora and Stuart Mason for making a difference in the fives of so many. *We are so proud to 6e aSCe to caCC tfiem our friends. Congratulations. Love from (Diane e? (Bo6 (BigeCow CONGRATULATIONS FLORA and STUART! Thanks for all you do for us, and for our community. We love you, Julie and Andy Gruber CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for everything you've done for Las Vegas. Don & Madeleine Andress, Tim and Denise Cashman Thank yQU for the example of your lives. What Art!!! Love, Your Nieces and Nephews "And, above all (let your children) build a life as if it were a work of art." Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel in an interview with NBC's Carl Stern Thank you for providing a tremendous foundation for our company. We appreciate all your efforts and unending support for the Las Vegas Jewish Community. ? ave Blectric 3755 W. HACIENDA LAS VEGAS, NV 89118 PH: (702) 798-2970 FAX: (702)3740 SILVE R STATE MARBLE 3avid Alkop ? Silver State Marble CONGRATULATIONS FLORA & STUART CEDCO COMMERCIAL License # 0059370, 0059371, 0059372, 0059373, 0059374 215 E. Warm Springs, Suite 104, Las Vegas, NV 89119 Phone (702) 932-2014 ? Fax (702) 361-8281 EMail: M A CtwgtolttEatfwifl m a wdi-detmed him T O V PwcMa & Ate Hodu Flora & Stuart Congratulations On A Well Deserved Honor! Gloria & Mark Fine Congratulations to the builders of our town and temple, Flora and Stuart Mason Whatever good things we build end up building us . . . Jim Rohn There are not enough words in the world to describe how we feel about Flora & Stuart and our friendship of 50 years! Congratulations and Love Nancy and Jimmy Morgan Stanley Morgan Stanley is proud to support Temple Beth Sholom and Congratulates Flora and Stuart Mason Michael Novick Josh Pianko Senior Vice President Senior Vice President Portfolio Manager Portfolio Manager 3800 Howard Hughes Parkway Las Vegas, NV 89169 702-737-8114 Investments and services are offered through Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated, member SIPC. ? 2008 Morgan Stanley COut z a i t i s it (long xatuIatLom (Qn ? 1 ?T(J? onot and a t f Jt ^Zftianfi HJou j-oi ^lJou% <zJ\/\arL\j ^Lfzci'ii of^SZUJLCE, to ( D a i ^ J z m f i b and. to ( D u i Community ^L/vsttz and Jlandaxi Congratulations on being honored this evening. Your love and respect for your community is an inspiration to us all. Irwin and Susan Molasky and The entire Molasky Family To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. ?Anatole France 1 i I ? GM Monarch West and Monarch Industries would like to congratulate Flora & Stewart Mason on their many major accomplishments in Las Vegas. We want to thank them personally and wish them continuous success. We are glad to know them and be part of their team. 4c Best Wishes, GM Monarch West Custom Architectural Millwork GM Monarch West LLC Architectural Millwork 5380 S.Valley View D-2 Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 597-2230 Phone (702) 597-2238 Fax * MONARCH INDUSTRIES, INC. Monarch Industries Inc Architectural Millwork 99 Main Street Warren, RI 02885 (800) 669-9663 Phone (401) 247-5603 Fax t 'C.on.g'catulat Ion* ( f / o t a a n d g t u a t t ( / t a & o n ( f t o m ^ a n a and tyicto* ( f u c h b and the ( f a m i l i e s o f H E H e l i x E l e c t r i c Constructors Engineers 3078 E. Sunset Road Suite 9 Las Vegas, NV 89120 Tel: (702) 732-1188 Fax: (702) 732-4386 Visit Us At Lie. #0053810 SAY THE 7 WORD... IT S FASHION FOR FUCHS SAKE! H i bi From Fit Model To Full Figure... Find Your Fashion 24/7 @ BOUTIQUE / STUDIO 1616 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, Nevada 89104 Tel: 702.367.4747 Fax: 702.382.4111 1.888.88.FUCHS I * "We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give" Winston Churchill * * i * i * gest f i s h e s * Jeff $ cgarol Zucker 7* TKom and V a d . KJ&a have faucet the imfaontOMt KJe one da ftioud and tacky ta (facet fa Aove. Sana and 'Sill, (fan cutd a a d ovdia U c^teataeM ^dMt. ftlavie, "Dcuti cxwtc L Congratulations The Ogron Family Melissa, Mitch, Jordan & Alexandria c ? c c -1 _r c -1r ~c -1_ r? -_1 cr _ ?~ _- 1 c r ? >.t< ?.??. rr t _r c zr?t?h < 1 vs&t G l o b a l p a c i f i c C o n s t r u c t i o n , | n c Specialty (Contractor ( j l o b a l I s l a n d , | n c Tools, Spas, Water fire features M a r t i " & ^)on5 Architectural Millworl<- I C e s s m a n ( j r o u p fainting, faux finishes f a c i f i c j ^ a b W o r l c s , | n c Metal fabrication ]t is w i t h g r e a t pleasure and p r i d e t o honor a n d salute y o u b o t h f o r y o u r c o n t i n u e d leadership, involvement, and d e d i c a t e d y e a r s o f service t o our communities. Yo u r m c > r a ! c o n t r i b u t i o n s will impact us f o r e v e r and y o u r involvement in d e v e l o p i n g t h e landscape o f [_as V e g a s makes it legendary worldwide. 2900 East fatrick Lane, 5 u i t e ^A Las Vegas, NV I 20 T- 702.5^4.+^ 31 f . 702.3^4.3520 r c ? c W e sincerely c o n g r a t u l a t e y o u both! Y o u r f r i e n d s at ( j l o b a l ( j r o u p ?V V J ^ J F may be those who do most Northern Trust proudly joins in honoring Flora and Stuart Mason and their commitment to Temple Beth Sholom. Northern Trust Reed Radosevich ? 702-304-6800 1995 Village Center Circle ? Las Vegas, Nevada Northern Trusr Bants ore members FDIC. ?2008 Northern Trust Corporation. JAE SCHMUTZ, D.J. HANLON & THE ENTIRE MARQUIS JET/NETJETS FAMILY WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE FLORA & STUART ON THEIR INCREDIBLE CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE COMMUNITY NETJETS MARC a r t l i g h t s To flora and Stuart: % build cities and bring life to its people is an amazing thing. Mazellov on your accomplishments Blanche andVhilMeisel Mazel Tov to Flora and Stuart Mason For a Lifetime of Commitment and Volunteerism to our Temple and Community SSS&sHt t f Women's League of Temple Beth &holom DESTINATIONS. DESIGoNipn^isH 91 |1 dbd Is proud to support Temple Beth Sholom Maze I Tov Stuart & Flora Mason Q 702-798-9555 ? 901 grier drive-lv ? d e s i a n i n a t i o n s e r v i c e s tfbtfn Sjn npxn V i p n hp tibipn vrgn npSp Sp There are three things that sustain the world: Justice, truth and peace. (Avot 1:19) Dear Flora and Stuart: There are people in this world who follow the traditions and values of our People. You embody them! You are an inspiration to us all. Rabbi Felipe Goodman Cantor Daniel Friedman The Professional Staff of Temple Beth Sholom We, ate U&nosied to- Gele&siate the, OutitandinG, A<duev&me*iti ol tf-losia Gvnd StuGSit MGAXM, r: ~ zf /si r Security Techno/og/es One Company. Fast Solutions F A S T is a technology integrator that will be setting the standard for turnkey design build, low voltage system solutions in Nevada. Our commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction, service, training and support is unparalleled in our region. Our success during these times will grow through provision of product solutions that represent the best technological value at a fair and competitive price. We take great pride in our expertise, striving at all times to exceed our customer's expectations. We conduct our business with honesty and integrity, and concentrate on building long-term relationships. 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Structured Cabling Telephone Systems - Home Theater Lighting and Automation R2W, a great team for a great result Southern Nevada's premiere low-voltage contractor Singopcxa Boston Las Vegas New York Princeton Philadelphia Washington, DC Vanderweil is proud of our ongoing relationship with Flora & Stuart Mason on various projects including the Venetian Tower, the Venezia, and the Palazzo Resort Vanderweil Engineers is a multi-disciplinary consulting engineer firm specializing in me following services for buildings, central heating and chiller plants, power generation, and transmission and distribution (T&D) design. We have 58 years of expertise In the following areas: ? Mechanical ? utility Systems ? Telecommunications ? Sustainable Design ? Fire Protection Morrie? Ranoiuara Bouon UftMriranl Hotel Baton. MA Congratulations! Stuart and Flora Mason tzonoz ijouz [zadzz^tiL^, aommLtnzznt and to tliz community. ^Lfouz many aontziljutioni and aatzizuzmznti tzawE liqnijiaantty Ijznzf-itzd tlzoiE around you. U^ouytai and d\!\axy c/j-nnz Q^iznt To Flora & Stuart Mason, Congratulations on being recognized for your remarkable contributions to the community. You're a professional and personal inspiration to us all. Barbara & Jim Lukasiewicz FLORA & STUART MASON Mazel Tov on this special honor ? With love throughout decades, Mike, Bonnie, Jessica, Mackenzie & David Lally I N C O R P O R A T E D 3040 S. Valley View ? Las Vegas NV 89102 ? (702) 228-1510 ^We congratulate flora & Stuart Mason and the community they serve ADERHOLT SPECIALTY COMPANY, INC. (C(0)NCGM\TU1LA\T][(0)NS to IFIoirai & Stuart Mason On Being honored at the Temple Beth Sholom 2(0X0)8 Gala Tharikyoiui for your tireless efforts and ccoiuiinifiess (coimlbrilbiuttioinis to oiuur ccominmuinity Joyce Madk 5hank you fat all you've, done fat owe famiCy. With Caae, Steve, Meatfiex, tDyJtcui, Qcviy,, fojidcui <? ?et {Bake* Help communities. Change lives. We congratulate Flora and Stuart Mason for this well deserved honor. We applaud you for your continued support of Temple Beth Sholom as well as your community. Cltl let's get it done" ? 2008 Citigroup Inc. Citi and Arc Design is a registered service mark of Citigroup Inc. Let's Get It Done is a service mark ot Citigroup Inc. m Mazel TOY! XTemple Beth Sholom & Congratulations Flora & Stuart Mason Your Favorite Congresswoman Shelley Berkley Visit my website at P a i d f o r b y Berkley f o r C o n g r e s s Fiora c3 Stuart "How wonderful it id that nobody need wait a dingle moment before starting to improve the world" Anne Frank You have made a difference in our lived and the lived of all you touch through your generodity and kindnedd. You truly have improved the world. You are a guiding light to all of ud and we love you dearly Arne and Lynn Rodencrantz Dr. Marcud Rodencrantz Dr. Emily Whitcomb Dr. Amy Rodencrantz SYSTEMS Specialty Electrical Contractor^ NV Lie. #46072 * Unlimited Complete Design & Build Services Available Electrical Security &CCTV Fire Alarm Voice/Data Fire Suppression Sound&Video G & G Systems 4340 W. Hacienda Ave. Tel. (702) 798-0995 Las Vegas, NV89118 Fax (702) 798-6584 Congratulations to this year's Honorees Flora & Stuart Mason Full Service Electrical Contractor providing clients with the commitment and knowledge that is needed in today's demanding marketplace. Maze I Tov Temple Beth Sholom Men's Club "rfkeye Is h-v yctn'M kettey joy ike k&drt tliMt Avwi* AtiA Ltjiifrtf people, i*p> John Andrew Holmes, |r. ArCon is pleased to support Temple Beth Sholom, and we congratulate Flora and Stuart Mason as recipients of this honor. Your support to the people of our community has made a real difference in many lives. ARCON 702.262.9962 'PManA in owt Jlcu 1/eytte community ? We're proud of you, Flora & Stuart Mason - and celebrate you and your good family with the honor bestowed tonight. Wishing you and yours all the best - Your friends @ Klai Juba Architects . . . "afP*""' MMPPHP mgm**' JKMi SME STEEL SME Steel would like to join Temple Beth Sholom in honoring Flora & Stuart Mason. SME Steel Utah 5955 West Wells Park Road West Jordan, UT 84088 SME Steel Las Vegas 5210 W. Patrick Lane, Suite 200 Las Vegas, NV 89118 In honor of Flora and Stuart Mason. We thank you for your unwavering contribution to our community. HANSEN MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS, INC. * STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE * OLD-FASHION WORK ETHIC * QUALITY PRODUCT * PRIDE IN CRAFTSMANSHIP A LEADER WITHIN THE MECHANICAL AND PLUMBING INDUSTRY SINCE 1954, THE NAME SYNONYMOUS WITH THE EVER-CHANGING SKYLINE FOR INSTALLATION AND FABRICATION OF SOPHISTICATED MECHANICAL AND PLUMBING SYSTEMS IN THE LAS VEGAS AREA. Hansen Mechanical Contractors An EM COR Company Hansen Mechanical Contractors, Inc. An EMCOR Company 6325 So Valley View Blvd Las Vegas, NV89118 Phone: 702-361-5111 Fax: 702-361-6753 NV Lie: 10838, 10838A, 0033348 FLORA AND STUART / o r more than 35 years,you have been steadfast in your commitment to finding a cure for diabetes. Your efforts have bettered our lives and the lives of those we love. We are inspired by your passion and generosity. On behalf of all of the children and families living with diabetes, thank you for making a difference. With love and respect, Pia and Alan Morris and Family Chris and Cathy Nordling and Family JDRF, Nevada Chapter Congratulations Flora & Stuart Mason as Temple Beth Sholom's "Persons of the Year Nevada , ? Association The Stone Family services, i,,.. David, Lara, Andy, Allison & J a r e d Congratulations Flora & Stuart On Your Much Deserved Honor Henry & Lillian Kronberg SCHECHTER D A Y S C H O O L L A S V E G A S CxwtyuUulatiatM J[ma and Stuwtt Maaan The Judy & Ronald Mack School of Religious Studies Jftank you /W atl you da! TEMPLE BETH SH0L0M Thank you Stuart & Flora For Spinning us to the Next Level of Excellence Sue & Scott Langsner i n c D a v i J V MEMORIAL CHAPEL & CEMETERY SOUTHERN NEVADA'S ONLY FUNERAL CHAPEL & CEMETERY EXCLUSIVELY DEDICATED TO THE JEWISH COMMUNITY L l ^ k ' Congratulations to Flora & Stuart Mason! lifer Ohriner, Family Service Director 2697 East Eldorado Lane ? Las Vegas, NV 89120 Phone: 464-8570 ? Fax: 464-8579 ? Actions speak louder than words and your actions benefit so many Maze I Tov Ruth Goldfarb & Family jm Congratulations 7lota & Stuart Mason Maici & ZJLSdtyt S CONGRATULATIONS L'DOR V'DOft Congrats Charlene & Tony Carter Diane & Harry Brandise Judy & Ken Keltner Jack & Shirley Biegger Jenny Oakes Congrat&u lations Mazel TOY Irwin Kishner & Family a<: & a<. Civil Engineers and Surveyors Providing Civil Engineering Services in Southern Nevada Since 1988 Master Planning Survey Site Development Traffic Hydrology Flood Control Wastewater Water 2101 South Jones Boulevard, Suite 120 Las Vegas, Nevada 89146 (702)248-8000 - (702)248-8070 fax some communities never stop growing. because some people never stop giving. We're proud to salute Flora and Stuart Mason, Temple Beth Sholom's 2008 People of the Year. From Wolfgang Puck. Tom Kaplan. S David Robins and Joe Essa. , ? Wo fgang Puck spago i CUT I lupo I chinois 3 postrio 1 woltgang puck bar & grll FINE DINING CROUP Congratulations Flora & Stuart on this well deserved honor Love, Robin and Abby "FLORA AND STUART" You are a winning combination for the Las Vegas community and Temple Beth Sholom! "Mazel Tov" Bob & Joni McMonigle Dear Flora and Stuart Mazel Tov on this well deserved honor Our Community is lucky to have you. Lotty and jerry Polls Illisa, Eric and Kylie Polls Karen, David, Anthony, and Alex Polls Mazel Tov Flora and Stuart Thank you for making our desert bloom! Much love, Melanie and Gene <?? GRADY & C V ASSOCIATES c/Y INSURANCE SERVICES (702) 360-4056 2400 Cimarron Rd #120 Las Vegas, NV 89117 Cxm^uUidatiattA <C Stuwd Mason! &*am yrnvt ffiiencU (It MORRISON SECURITY 262-0096 ////' Manpower "We help individuals and organizations succeed" Congratulations to Flora and Stuart Mason for your dedication to Temple Beth Sholom and the Jewish Community Andy and Bea Katz EVERYBODY DESERVES TO FEEL THIS GOOD. BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF POSITIVE CHANGES, m (LWeightWatchers In support of Torah Education in Las Vegas MAZEL TOV Stuart & Flora Mason Thank you for the positive changes you have made. 432-6683 tion?l Inc. All righto re?er*ed M p l o t * . A 1 Z E 1 Congratulations on this L well-deserved honor. We're proud to count you T as our friends! 0 $ V % J t M y Vi/ho s a y s yov cai\'t choose yovr f a m i l y ? 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STUART MASON FOR T H E I R UNTIRING S U P P O R T O F A N D I M P A C T ON T H E L A S V E G A S COMMUNITY MAZEL TOV ThMdcyous foryotw ouitstmduuj support of our cowiisHMicty okcC Froi^o Th^ CkAfUifiy AdlSt X^^Al^^/i^t^^^ G^r^VAQtA To our sister and brother-in-law. We love and respect you for your philanthropic efforts to enhance the Las Vegas Jewish community! We are proud to join that community in honoring you! With love and admiration, Nate and Annie Joe and Tomasina