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Minutes from Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors meetings, June 1988 - May 1989




1988 to 1989


Meeting minutes include reports from committees of the board, correspondence, and balance sheets.

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jhp000465. Temple Beth Sholom Records, 1945-2015. MS-00711. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors Meeting October 10, 1988 Minutes Car Donation: Gene stated a 1972 International Scout was given to the Temple. The mechanic Isabel took it to is offering $350 for it. Barry Eisen stated we should try and obtain other offers for it, with the $350 being the bottom line. Herb Kaufman made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:10 PM. Motion carried. Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Diana Kniazuk MOTIONS CARRIED 1. A motion to accept the September 6, 1988 Minutes as presented was made. Motion carried. 2. A motion was made to accept the first reading of the proposed contract for Rabbi L. M. Lederman. Motion carried. 3. A motion was made that Judi K. Steele of Steel and Associates be hired and her "Staff Development Proposal" be accepted. Motion carried. 10 ADDENDUM TO AGENDA BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING MONDAY - NOVEMBER 7, 1988 1. CORRESPONDENCE: a) Letter from United Synagogue of America Re: KRISTALLNACHT b) Letter from B 'nai B'rith Men Re: Chanukah party c) Letter from Barbara Kirsh Re: Holiday Reunion Party d) Letter from Norma & Phillip Wilensky Re: son's funeral and daughter's wedding. 2. REPORTS: a) Sisterhood report - Ruth Goldfarb Retyped letter from Norma J. Wilensky Dear Rabbi Lederman, Cantor Bergman Isabel Goldberg Board of Directors, etc. Thank you all dear friends for you kindness, courtesy, friendship to Phil, Terri, Bob and myself during the sad time in our lives with the loss of our beloved son Frank. I wish you had known him; he was such a fine wonderful young man. He was not only loved and adored by his family, relatives; but he had many many friends of every walk of life; touching everyone or he walked ten feet tall. I ve have truly lost one of the dearest loves of our lives, but we try to console ourselves that God did give us a beautiful gift of his life for twenty-nine years; truly not long enough. I also feel in my heart that someday we will al be together again. We were such a very close knit family. To change to another subject, Terri and Bob?s wedding was so very lovely. We thank you for your involvement in their happy event. We enclose a check to Temple Beth Sholom for $1,000.00 - Five Hundred we would like for Prayer Books in Frank's name and Five Hundred to buy books for the Library in honor of Terri and Bob Genzers marriage. Thank you for everything. Fondly, Phil & Norma Wilensky TEMPLE BETH 5HQLQM COMMITTEES FOR 19 88/19 89 ^^BOARD OF EDUCATION/ADULT MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE; ? b DU CAT I ON COMMITTEE: Etta Harmell, Chairperson Steve Greenfield, Chairman Steven Molasky Faye Steinberg Lenni Perry Elaine Steinberg Moses Smilovici Ben Mehr Allan Boruszak Melanie Greenberg Carol Treat JJ Cowles Janis Riceberg PRE-SCHOOL & DAY CARE LIASON: Joe Kadans Ronni Goodman Todd Marshall, Chairman Barbara Figler Wendy Roselinsky Elaine Steinberg David Funk Faye Steinberg ADULT ED. SUB COMMITTEE : Alan- RoseiIr?sky Laura Hess Allen & Marie Shapin Toby Rosenbush Maurey Pastor Debbie Levy John Klafter Phillips Karen Simon John Nasshan Jr. Dr. Gene Eisenman Martha Carp Shulman Dr. Irwin Glassman BUDGET & FINANCE COMMITTEE: Stan Schwartz, Chairman Gerald Welt Barry D. Eisen Ben Mehr Leo A. Wilner Irving Steinberg |CEMETERY COMMITTEE: 'Ruth Goldfarb, Chairperson Gerald Welt Allen Brewster Leo A. Wilner Jared Shafer David ^unk CONSTITUTION & BYLAWS COMMITTEE : HEBREW ACADEMY LIASON: JJ Cowles HOUSE COMMITTEE: Allen Brewster, Chairman Herman Youngman Steven Molasky LIBRARY COMMITTEE: Allan Boruszak, Chairman Sisterhood RITUAL S HIGH HOLIDAY COMMITTEE: David Funk, Chairman Faye Steinberg Allen Brewster Sam Gewercer Dr. Gene Eisenman Ira J. Goldberg Irving Fields Barry & Beverly Eisen Toby & Herman Rosenbush Al & Suzie Nahmias Mort Karsh USHERS COMMITTEE: Herb Kaufman Herman Youngman WAYS & MEANS COMMITTEE: Ed Bernstein, Chairman Allan Boruszak YOUTH COMMISSION: Beverly Eisen, Co-Chairperson Ben Mehr, Co-Chairperson Gerald Welt Ellen Samuels Melanie Greenberg Wendy Roselinsky Sari Greenberg JJ Cowles Debbie Epstein Robbi Wilner Marcy Welt Jackie Boiman Ira Goldberg Barry Eisen Marilyn Mehr Faye Greenspon Jill Zwerg Jason Edrick 'NOTIFY GENE GREENBERG, BARRY D. EISEN, RABBI, MEETINGS WITH THE EXCEPTION OF RABBI & CANTOR CANTOR & ISABEL OF ALL - BUDGET - NO NOTIFICATION AGENDA - BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING - DECEMBER 5, 1988 TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM 1. Open meeting with welcome to everyone. 2. Roll Call 3. Acceptance of minutes of last Board meeting. 4. Guests: None 5. CORRESPONDENCE: a) Letter from United Synagogue Re: Youth Scholarships. b) Letter from United Synagogue Re: Mission to Washington. c) Letter from United Synagogue Re: Chanukah Program. d) Letter from United Synagogue Re: Masorti Movement. 6. REPORTS: a) Report from Rabbi b) Report from Cantor c) Board of Education Committee - Steve Greenfield d) Budget & Finance Committee - Stanley Schwartz e) Cemetery Committee - Ruth Goldfarb f) House Committee - Allen Brewster g) Membership Committee - Etta Harmell h) Ritual & High Holiday Committee - David Funk i) Ways & Means Committee - Ed Bernstein j) Youth Commission - Beverly Eisen/Benjamin Mehr k) Pre-School Committee - Todd Marshall l) Sisterhood - Faye Steinberg, President m) Seniors - Herman Youngman, President n) Men's Club - Herb Kaufman, President o) United Synagogue Liaison - Jerry Welt p) Long-Range Planning Committee - Steven Molasky 7. OLD BUSINESS: u) Discussion: Passover Seder 8. NEW BUSINESS: 9. MISCELLANEOUS : a) Personnel Session 10. ADJOURNMENT : e n JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER OF LAS VEGAS, INC. PROFORMA BALANCE SHEET OCTOBER 31, 1988 ASSETS 1987 1988 Cash on hand and in banks (non-restricted) Accounts receivable: $ 79,482 $ 8,368. Current year 170,732 131,748 One year old 22,898 58,100 More than one year old 16,393 27,120 Cemetery lots 372,207 366,182 Israel bonds 48,200 48,200 Refundable deposit 2,000 2,000 Marketable Securities 244,147 244,147 Continental Bank Time Certificate 56,302 56,302 Nevada Savings & loan Association 10,027 TOTAL ASSETS(affecting day to day operation) $1,012,361 952,194 LIABILITIES Note payable-City of Las Vegas $ 367,423 $ 354,767 Rabbi's discretionary fund (72) 1,0 39 Brit Milah fund 2,134 2,134 Library fund 879 904 Indigent fund 16 16 Rabbi's Yizkor fund 2,439 2,4 39 Restricted cash funds 13,372 19,560 Accrued payroll taxes and insurance 360 320 Advance payments 5,9 89 3,625 TOTAL LIABILITIES $ 392,540 r~ 384,804 EXCESS OF OPERATING ASSETS OVER LIABILITIES 619,821 567,390 OTHER ASSETS: Restricted cash $ 78,355 $ 88,340 Property and equipment 1,141,367 1 ,167,151 $1,219,722 ii ,255,491 NET EXCESS ALL ASSETS OVER ALL LIABILITIES $1,839,543 $1,822,881 JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER OF LAS VEGAS, INC. STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES TEN MONTHS ENDED OCTOBER 31 19 8 8 1987 ANNUAL' 1988 BUDGET OPERATING INCOME $425,935 $430,595 $631,300 OPERATING EXPENSES: Religious service expenses 96,008 103,224 123,500 Ritual and High Holiday expenses 17,546 32,390 19,900 Religious school expenses 46,121 43,366 72,580 Office and administrative expense 134,871 159,217 251,175 3uilding and maintenance expenses 95,479 124,677 119,760 Adult education and conversion ? 2,078 7,250 Youth commission 6,288 20,330 24,530 Membership committee 951 284 l,Tl00 Bulletin 690 6,591 1^500 Publicity and advertising 1,863 4,823 2,500 Mashgiach 5,000 5,000 6,000 Indigent fund (J.F.S.A.) 2,000 3,000 3,000 Baby and Me ? 328 500 Master Plan 11,226 8,564 23,800 Rabbi's Shabbos dinner (net) 127 986 President's Ball 1987 100 Israel Tour ? 187 ___ Passover Seder ? 652 Singles ? 555 1,000 Sinai Cemetery expense 145 ? Scholarships ? 350 Search committee ? 1,007 United Synagogue Convention ? 6 30 2,000 418,415 518,239 659,995 7,520 (87,644) (28,695) Less Prior Period Religious Service expense ? 2,250 _ _ _ NET EXCESS OF INCOME OVER EXPENSES $ 7,520 $(89,894) $ (2 8,69 5) MEETING OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM .860 MONDAY EVENING - DECEMBER 5, 1988 Total membership as of October 27, 1988 4 - Out during the period October 27 through November 28, 1988 856 4 8601 861 Mr. & Mrs. Roy Belkofer, (G), four school age children Date joined: 9/18/86 - Reason: Moved Mrs. Lillian Blumberg, (A), no children Date joined: 8/16/83 - Reason: Moved Mr. Murray Gould, (A), no school age children Date joined: 4/20/77 - Reason: Deceased Mr. & Mrs. Jay Levy, (A), no school age children Date joined: 8/25/83 - Reason: Just wants a year off Joined during the period October 27 through November 28, 1988 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Gale, (G), two school age children Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Genzer, (G), no children Mr. & Mrs. Israel Sarfaty, (G), one school age child Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Willick, (G), no children Reinstated Mr. Sam Bender, (G), no school age children Total membership as of November 28, 1988 563 - General Members 298 - Associate Members TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING MINUTES MONDAY. NOVEMBER 07. 1988 Present Gene R. Greenberg Barry D. Eisen Ed Bernstein Stanley Schwartz Elaine Steinberg Dr. Allan Boruszak Allen Brewster JJ Cowles Beverly Eisen Ruth Goldfarb Herb Kaufman Sandy Mallin Todd Marshall Benjamin Mehr Steven Molasky Faye Steinberg Jared Shafer Present David Funk Guests Art Marshall Steven Greenfield Absent Oscar Alterwitz Etta Harmell Herman Youngman Gerald Welt Leo A. Wilner Gene Greenberg, president, called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. The roll was called by Isabel Goldberg. Those present, absent and guests are noted above. A motion was made and seconded to accept the October 10, 1988 Minutes as presented. Motion carried. CORRESPONDENCE Gene G reenberg asked for any comments on the following Agenda correspondence: (a) Letter from The United Synagogue of America informing Temple Beth Sholom of the projected 1989/90 dues assessment of $10,265. based on the congregation?s actual dues income data for 1986/87 provided to the Economics Committee, (b) A thank you note from Etta Harmell for the cards, flowers and prayers during her illness and a donation to the Synagogue; and Addendum correspondence: (a) Letter from The United Synagogue of America regarding the 50th anniversary of "Kristallnacht (night of the broken glass)" which marked the beginning of an organized pogrom against the Jews of Germany and Austria. It was requesting the Temple participate in a perpetual remembrance of a sister synagogue destroyed, (b) Letter from B?nai B?rith Nate Mack Lodge. In cooperation with the Jewish Family Service Agency, they are sponsoring a community Hanukkah Party on Sunday, December 4, 1988 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM at Temple Beth Sholom. The party is free. They are requesting everyone who attends bring a can of food which JFSA will distribute to those in need. Also a note thanking Isabel Goldberg for her help during the year with their activities, (c) Letter from Barbara Eisenberg Kirsh requesting a donation of $50 from the Temple toward a Holiday Reunion Party for Jewish young adults on December 25, 1988. Donations are being requested from other temples as well as the Jewish Federation, and (d) letter from Phil and Norma Wilensky thanking everyone for their kindness during their bereavement. ^ Gene Greenberg requested the Board read the letter from Barbara Eisenberg Kirsn requesting a $50 donation. Gene stated Ner Tamid and Federation have each donated $50. Gene recommended a donation be sent. Faye Steinberg seconded the motion. Beverly Eisen stated the people attending would be graduate students, college students and young adults from the Jewish community. They wanted to have a get together. Motion carried. Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors Meeting November 7, 1988 Minutes. Isabel Goldberg stated United Synagogue is asking the Temple, as a Synagogue to participate in a sister synagogue program. Gene referred the Board to the letter. Beverly Eisen made a motion that Temple Beth Sholom participate in the sister synagogue program. Sandy Mallin seconded the motion. Motion carried. REPORTS RABBI?S REPORT: Rabbi stated he spent about three and one-half hours with Etta Harmell and that she is recuperating well and hopes to be back in Las Vegas soon. She sends her love. A Kristallnacht program will be taking place in Reno on Wednesday; also a program will be at the Holiday Inn at 6:30 PM on that day. During the day a program will be held for teachers and students as to how to handle teaching about Kristallnacht. Edith Katz has been most instrumental in developing a group of people who have an interest and willingness to teach about the Holocaust in the Nevada school system. On Thursday, November 17, 1988 Frank Latell, a Christian minister, scholar, writer and leader, will be the guest speaker. He is from Philadelphia. A quotation/statement of his concerning the holocaust is "Jews have to choose to be pagans, Gentiles have to choose not to be pagans" taken from CHRISTIAN PROBLEM ACCORDING TO A JEW by Stewart Rosenberg. Dinner is by invitation only, the program starts at 7:15 PM. We are hoping synagogues all over the country will keep their lights on from sunset Wednesday to sunrise Thursday in observance of Kristallnacht. It is hoped that Jews in their homes will either keep the lights in one room on or have some light emanate from their home. He stated the Ministerial Association, composed of priests, ministers and rabbis, have requested church lights be kept on at the same time. Our Friday evening services will be directed toward Kristallnacht on Friday, November 11th. CANTOR?S REPORT: Cantor reported during November there will be two Bat Mitzvahs. On Wednesday evening, November 23rd, we will be having a joint Thanksgiving service with Griffith Methodist Church and everyone is invited. We expect a nice turnout. BOARD OF EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Steve Greenfield reported that at a teachers staff meeting he was requested to ask the Board to change the method of payment to the teachers. They are being paid by the hours they work after the fact, which is the first time it has been in effect. In the past, the salary was totaled for the year, divided, and the teachers received two equal pay checks a month. They prefer some division that will enable them to get even pay checks. Barry Eisen asked how it would be handled if a teacher missed work. Originally, the teachers were being paid before they went to work. They are part-time employees working six hours per work. They receive two days a year paid sick leave. The contract states they get paid an hourly rate. Isabel Goldberg stated the Board of Education Committee decided two years ago to adjust the teachers pay to pay them for the actual number of hours they worked each pay period, in their pay check immediately following those days worked. If they worked three days that pay period, they received their nine hours pay. It was not put into effect last year but was this year. If they are out sick, it would be docked from the next immediate pay check. -2- Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors Meeting November 7,1988 Minutes. Gene stated what has been done in the past is their annual salary has been divided. Gene stated the Board has to make the decision as to how the teachers are paid. There was some concern about how sick time would be handled, after the amount given had been used up. Steve Greenfield stated a compromise would be to delay the pay check two weeks. If they use sick leave or can?t work that could be deducted from the next pay check. Isabel stated this is not a problem for the front office. Jerry Welt made a motion to pay the teachers on a equal basis over the year; to be paid on a one pay period delay so that any absences can be deducted from their check at that point. Seconded by Ed Bernstein. Motion carried. BUDGET & FINANCE COMMITTEE: Stanley Schwartz stated the meeting that was called for Tuesday, November 7 has been postponed to November 28. The United Synagogue has sent the Temple a letter asking for their dues. Gene stated payment would be sent. CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Ruth Goldfarb - No report. HOUSE COMMITTEE: Allen Brewster stated he and Isabel met with representatives of Alarmco and three other companies. They were impressed with Alarmco?s presentation. Allen stated it would be too expensive to alarm every window and door. Allen felt the concerns were the office, sanctuary, gift shop, pre-school, kitchen and chapel. Price for office, sanctuary, gift shop, kitchen and chapel is $3,025 for 16 sensors and $65 per month for monitoring. Allen stated the alarms are wired into Alarmco. They would notify the police. Isabel stated she asked each company to give their recommendations as to what is needed so we could get different ideas. During the ensuing discussion Ed Bernstein stated he felt any parts of the Temple that can be desecrated should be secured, and felt the exterior lighting should be checked. Ed asked who was going to answer the alarm when it goes off at 3:00 am? Art Marshall asked if Lou Whitney from Alarmco had been contacted. The Temple could receive a better price from him. He is the owner. Isabel stated the detector being proposed is a heat and motion detector. If there is a change in temperature but no motion, the alarm will not go off. If there is motion, but no temperature change, it will not go off. Jared Shafer stated everyone should be aware the system could go off at 3:00 am, and please do not think you will receive instant response when the system goes off. Herb Kaufman made a motion that the House Committee spend up to $8,000 on the alarm system, smoke detectors and panic button for Temple security. Gene Eisenman seconded the motion. Motion carried. A question was asked as to how many break-ins there were and about the last one. Isabel responded there have been six break-ins in six years. The most recent was when a man went up to the caretakers window. Bars have since been put on the window. Ed Bernstein made a motion the House Committee decide what is needed - 3 - Temple Belh Sholom Board of Directors Meeting November 7,1988 Minutes. (including fire and panic buttons), obtain prices and have the work done. Gene Eisenman seconded the motion. Motion carried. Leo Wilner asked why the door is left open at the reception area. It was pointed out that it is a reception area and the second door into the inner office is always closed. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Report attached to agenda. Elaine Steinberg suggested one of the new members should be contacted for the Kol Nidre appeal. It was also suggested that "senile and in a home" not be used. Health reasons would be sufficient. RITUAL & HIGH HOLIDAY COMMITTEE: David Funk stated the only item he had to discuss was under "Old Business", item b) Time of Friday Evening Services. David stated that at the October Board meeting, the Ritual Committee was asked to consider the time of the Friday evening services, which they did. The Ritual Committee passed two motions that are being presented to the Board for their consideration: (1) We move the time of the Friday evening services from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM, and (2) For four consecutive weeks we have 7:00 PM services. Which means there would be 7:00 and 8:00 PM service. The feeling of the committee was that if there were two services exactly alike, then the membership could vote by attendance at either service. This would decide which time of services was better. Allen Brewster asked what would be wrong with a 7:30 PM service. David responded the Board asked the Committee to consider either 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM services. Ruth Goldfarb stated she is going to distribute a questionnaire at the November 16 Sisterhood meeting to find out which time they preferred. However, Gene informed her this item was going to be voted on this evening. Jared Shafer suggested there be four consecutive services held at 7:00 PM and then Four consecutive services held at 8:00 PM. Jared Shafer made the motion that Friday night services be held at 8:00 PM starting in January 1989. Beverly Eisen seconded the motion. Ed Bernstein asked about a 7:30 PM service. Allen Brewster felt 8:00 PM was too late. Leo Wilner stated it would not be fair to the Rabbi or Cantor to have two consecutive services. He did not feel a 45 minute service would be very effective. Jerry Welt felt that there should be one service at 6:00 PM every month or every two months for families with young children. Gene stated the motion was we return to 8:00 PM Friday night services beginning with the first Friday in January, 1989. Ten responded in the affirmative; eight opposed; two abstentions which go to the affirmative. Motion carried. Ed Bernstein made a motion that an early 6:00 PM Family Service be held the first Friday of each month starting in January 1989. Elaine Steinberg seconded the motion. Motion carried. WAYS & MEANS COMMITTEE: Ed Bernstein - No Report. - 4 - Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors Meeting November 7, 1988 Minutes. YOUTH COMMISSION: Beverly Eisen/Ben Mehr. Beverly requested those present read the report attached to the Agenda. The Budget has been put together and will be given to the Budget Committee. PRE-SCHOOL COMMITTEE: Todd Marshall - No Report. SISTERHOOD: Faye Steinberg stated Sisterhood has been working on putting together a Chanukah Bazaar for November 13 and 20, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The Gift Shop will also be open the full six hours. We will also be honoring Jewish Book Month at the Bazaar; educational games and toys, food and baked goods will also be for sale. Anita Lederman is chairman for the Chanukah Family dinner to be held on December 3. Anita has distributed tickets to all arms of the Temple. Anita informed Faye there will be Israeli dancers present. A raffle will be held later in the evening to help offset the low cost of the catered dinner which is $7.50 for adults and $3.50 for children. Herb Kaufman asked Faye if she had been contacted about the Chanukah party that is being held the next day in the Temple. Faye stated no one consulted her, but she heard about it. Sisterhood had planned this function at the beginning of the Summer. Herb felt perhaps this would take away from Sisterhood?s dinner. In response to Herb?s question regarding the Chanukah party being catered, Faye stated it was and that the price was exceptionally low on purpose so that a good attendance would be assured. Faye stated Sisterhood received a thank you note and a $200 donation from the Wilensky family for the help they provided during their recent bereavement. Ruth Goldfarb stated Sisterhood has decided it is time to have another kitchen. They would like to put it out for bid, Sisterhood can afford a good portion of the expense. Gene stated Sisterhood was requested to hold off on the kitchen pending the outcome of the long-range planning study. Ruth stated this had passed at the Board in previous motions. Jerry Welt made a motion that if this is part of the long-range planning, Sisterhood should be allowed to proceed by talking to Steven Molasky and his committee. Ed Bernstein seconded the motion. Motion carried. SENIORS Herman Youngman was not present - No Report. MEN?S CLUB: Herb Kaufman reported the dinner meeting at Herbie K?s was very successful. The Cantoral concert will be Sunday, February 5,1989. Herb stated Men?s Club will do a very extensive skit at the December 3rd Chanukah party. UNITED SYNAGOC.l JF. TIAISON-Jerry Welt. Gene reported Jerry Welt was recently installed as Regional Vice President. Jerry reported they just returned from the convention and that Gene?s presentation on the long-range master plan survey results was well received. Jerry reported they have come back with some solid programing and fund raising ideas. -5 - Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors Meeting November 7,1988 Minutes. OLD BUSINESS A) Long Range Planning Committee Steven Molasky - No Report other than they will meet with Sisterhood regarding the kitchen. D) Sound Enhancement System Isabel Goldberg distributed the infrared system which is a much clearer system than the radio frequency system for the hearing impaired. There is less interference with this system and a lot of Synagogues use it. Cost is approximately $2,000 and $116 per headset which includes a charger for every ten headsets. It would total approximately $3,200 with ten headsets. Isabel reported she was recently at a synagogue in Connecticut that had the system. When a person took a headset, they had to leave their driver?s license. Herb suggested selling the headset to them. Gene Greenberg asked if perhaps there was Federal grant money available or money from the Federation. Isabel will check into this. Ruth Goldfarb made a suggestion to table the purchase of a sound enhancement system for the hearing impaired and to find out if grant money is available from the State and, or Federal governments. NEW BUSINESS A) Passover Seder Gene Greenberg stated if the Temple is going to have a Passover Seder, then plans will have to be made soon. Gene stated that if at all possible it should be held at the Temple again, as long as it can be worked out. Herb Kaufman asked about The Caterers. Isabel stated they did submit a proposal last year but they do not have the pots, pans, dishes, glassware, silverware or any of the utensils needed for a Kosher Seder dinner. Isabel stated last year?s caterer provided all of that. Ed Bernstein asked why we don?t buy everything. Jared Shafer stated all the necessary items should be purchased and after Passover, cleaned and stored. Ed Bernstein made a motion that the House Committee or Ritual Committee solicit bids for the necessary Passover items to serve 350 or 400 people. Jared Shafer seconded the motion. Isabel stated there were approximately 350 people last year. Isabel stated part of the problem last year was the kitchen. We do not have a kitchen that can cook and serve food for large numbers of people. Gene stated that last year was more complicated because it was on Shabbat. The cooking time and time for things that had to be done was cut. This year we do not have the problem of Passover being on Shabbat. , , Gene reiterated that it has been moved and seconded that the proper committee investigate the cost of purchasing the necessary items to put on a Seder for 350 to 400 people here at the Temple. Motion carried. - 6 - Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors Meeting November 7,1988 Minutes. Gene stated the second reading of the Rabbi?s contract is needed. Herb Kaufman suggested that the second reading of the contract not be put into the Minutes and that a Personnel Session be called at this time. Isabel stated that last month we did not waive the reading, but it was considered as having been read the first time during the Personnel Session. Gene Greenberg stated a copy of the contract was mailed to each Board member. Herb Kaufman stated he did not receive a copy of the contract. PERSONNEL SESSION Minutes were not taken. Meeting Reconvened at 9:50 PM Barry Eisen made a motion to consider the second reading of the Rabbi?s Contract as having been read. Jerry Welt seconded it. Gene stated it was moved and seconded that the second reading be considered as being read. Gene Eisenman made a motion to accept the Rabbi?s contract as read. Jared Shafer seconded the motion. Motion carried. Ed Bernstein suggested there be a committee to look into the next contract and explore the problem s we are having with the Rabbi. The com m ittee could make recommendations as to how we can resolve some of those problems. Ed made a motion that the President appoint a Committee to work on those issues so we do not have the same problems for next year?s contract. Allan Brewster seconded the motion. Gene asked for volunteers and the following people have asked to be on the committee: David Funk, Sandy Mallin, Barry Eisen, Jared Shafer, Faye Steinberg, Elaine Steinberg and Ed Bernstein. MEETING ADJOURNED Minutes submitted by: Diana Kniazuk MOTIONS CARRIED 1. A motion was made and seconded to accept the October 10, 1988 Minutes as presented. Motion carried. 2. A motion was made that Temple Beth Sholom participate in the sister synagogue program. Motion carried. 3. A m otion was made to donate $50 for Holiday R eunion Party to be held on December 25,1988. Motion carried. 4. A motion was made to pay the teachers on a equal basis over the year; and to be paid on a one pay period delay so that any absences can be deducted from their check at that point. Motion carried. 5. A motion was made that the House Committee spend up to $8,000 on the alarm system, smoke detectors and panic button for Temple security. Motion carried. . 7 . Temple Beth Sbolom Board of Directors Meeting November 7,1988 Minutes. 6. A motion was made that Friday night services be held at 8:00 PM starting in January 1989. Motion carried. 7. A motion was made that an early 6:00 PM Family Service be held the first Friday of each month starting in January 1989. Motion carried. 8. A motion was made to allow Sisterhood to proceed with possible plans for a second kitchen by talking with Steven Molasky and the Long-Range Planning Committee. Motion carried. 9. A motion was made to have the proper committee investigate the cost of purchasing the necessary items to have our Seder at the Temple. Motion carried. 10. A motion was made to accept the Rabbi?s contract as read. Motion carried. 11. A motion was made that the president appoint a committee to work on issues regarding the Rabbi and work toward the next contract on a timely basis. Motion carried. 12. A motion to adjourn was made. - 8 - TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM 1600 E ? (M*y Boulevard ? Lia Vagai, ?auada 89 IW ? Phone (702) 384-5070 DR LOUIS M. LEDERMAN, Rabbi SIMON BERGMAN, Cantor ISABEL J. GOLDBERG, tixecuUve Director LEO A. WILNER, Executive Director Emeritus JOSEPH KOHN. Cantor Emerifui OFFICERS GENE R. GREENBERG President BARRY D. E1SEN First Vice President EDWARD M BERNSTEIN Second Vice President STANLEY SCHWARTZ Treasurer ELAINE STEINBERG Secretory September 29, 1988 NOTICE OF MEETING BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dear Board Member: BOARD OF DIRECTORS OSCAR ALTERWITZ DR. ALAN BORUSZAK ALLEN BREWSTER JJ COWLES BEVERLY EISEN DR. EUGENE E1SENMAN DAVID L. FUNK RUTH GOLDFARB ETTA HARMELL HERB KAUFMAN TODD MARSHALL BENJAMIN MEHR STEVEN MOLASKY JARED E. SHAFER FAYE STEINBERG GERALD M. WELT HERMAN YOUNGMAN Please be advised that the next regular meeting of the Temple Board of Directors will be held on: MONDAY EVENING OCTOBER 10, 1988 IN THE ENTRATTER SOCIAL HALL Committee Chairpeople please note: In order to heTp keep the meeting running on schedule, you are requested to limit your committee report to five (5) minutes. This does not include additional Board discussion. PAST PRESIDENTS JACK ENTRATTER' MEL EXBER DANIEL GOLDFARB OSCAR GOODMAN ALBERT G O O T MIKE GORDON STAN IRWIN LLOYD KATZ* HERB KAUFMAN JAKE KOZLOFF' HARRY C. LEVY JEROME D. MACK NATE MACK' ARTHUR MARSHALL STUART J. MASON MELVIN MOSS ABRAHAM J, SCH UR' JARED E. SHAFER HARRY WALLERSTEIN* JUSTICE DAVID ZENOFF Dacaaaad" Please make very effort to attend and be on time. I look forward to greeting you at the meeting. Cordially yours, GENE R. GREENBERG, President ENCLOSURES : 1. Minutes of the last Board meeting 2. Agenda for October meeting 3. Attendance record 4. Calendar of events for October, 1988 5. New Board listing MEETING OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM MONDAY EVENING - OCTOBER 10, 1988 Total membership as of August 30, 1988 Out during the period August 31 and September 28, 1988 Mr. Mel Becker, (G), no children Date joined: 9/15/88 - Reason: Angry at Temple Mr. & Mrs. Irving Devine, (G), no school age children Date joined: 8/12/80 - Reason; Moved M r . & Mrs. David Goldstein, (G), no children Date joined: 3/26/86 - Reason: Personal Mr. Martin Kravitz,(A), no children Date joined: 12/04/78 - Reason: Joined Ner Tamid Miss Dina Levari, (A), no children Date joined: 6/07/82 - Reason: Deceased Joined during the period August 31 through September 28, 1988 Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Berkley, (A), no school age children Ms. Shelley Copeland, (G), two school age children Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Einhorn, (G), one school age child Mrs. Thelma