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Correspondence, Levi Syphus to Sadie George




Creator: Syphus, Levi




This folder is from the "Correspondence" file of the Sadie and Hampton George Papers (MS-00434)

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man000351. Sadie and Hampton George Papers, 1874-1944. MS-00434. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Dear Madam:- Messers Hepburn and Ritter duly executed the various papers in the salt deal and returned same to- the companys officials he^fe,And Mr Bonelli and myself,as officials of the company duly executed them on tioir.part of the company day before yesterday,and the said papers went into the escrow in First State Bank,at Las Vegas,yesterday. On the tenth inst,one of the four months will have gon by,and the other three will soon sp^ed away wherpon we shall either come into the $28,000.00 or finde out the whole thing is a fluke and get the ^rpperty back. I am very hopful,however, that these people mean business,and believe they will go through with the deal,and will be able to do it in spite of opposing Interests in the southwest. JSutl.yT h7otmha,sI,N9e28vada LMorss ASnadgieel eBs ,GCeaolrigfe. | ' The work on the magnesite for last year is now closed. Those parties who tentativley agreed with me to do $800.00 worth of road work for us, and which said work was to be of such character as would tend to the development of our claims and therefore apply thereon as annual assessment work,have/ failed to execute the agreement with u s ,under which we are to have an interest in the truck road,and/or in their railroad if,and when built, They did however do considerabley more than $1,000.00 worth of work on the road, and made out and signed a certificate to that effect,also to the effect that said road work was necessary to the development of certain of our claims,and that they had received $1,000.,000 from the owners of said claims. Therefore i t has been a big help,// //// nothwlthstanding that we have not yet gotten all I tried for from them ,and we may yet get the whole matter settled,In any .event we are ahead on the deal,because under the law,they could have compelled us to let them mp,ke the road over our claim, and we could not have- gotten as much out of it if we had gon to court as we have already gotten,and besides we would have had our- court expenses and attorney fees to paKy. Herewith I am inclosing for your inspecflon,a hurried copy of a letterwrltten to me by Mr Hepburn regarding purchase of the magnesite, and with it I am also inclosing for your inspection the copy of the letter I have this mail written Hepburn in reply to his said letter to me. By reading both you.will get the situation as it stands. We here feel,that if he means the $500,000.00 for the property alone we would better deal on his terms. And if he meansmy process with the property for the said $500.000.00,possibley we might better deal.the owners and myself to first reach an u .derstanding as to what I am to receive out of it for the process. I think,however,that he means his offer for the property alon, because I am strongley of the opinion these people may have a secrete process- under which they can'handle it, If so and they will deal I think we had better go to it-, unless, a better offer comes up before we h a h ""close the deal with him, providing,of course that all owners are willing. Let me know what you think of it? and I will advise you as towhat he is makin~ the offer for as soon as I hear from him. I hope the to get out fhether or matter may go. one way or the other very soon, for I am anxcious of this heat and perfect and patent my said process,regardless of not it goes with the magnesite. I15 in the shade,and no shade in some places* Very truly yours if COPY 508 Empire Bldg. Denver,Colorado June 27th,I928 Mr Levi W Syphus St. ..Thomas, Nevada Dear Mr Syphus | J g J advant of Mr Hepburns envelope to enclose in it this letter to you. As you know,! was fulley understood between set t ISMmi |j (I fei us that I was to on the sale of the Property to Mr Hepburn and that said comraission was to be paid as and when payments lo the. property were to be made to you. I expect a commission agreement to me for that commission of ten per-cent of the purchase price of the property to be executed at the same oime as „ou would execute an option to Mr Hepburn. Will you please write me seperatley in regard to this,at the same, timeyou >rite Mr Hepburn,in answer to his letter of eaven date. With kindest regards,I am. Yours very sincerely. Etinnena A Ritter . From Syphus. me with Hepbu \1 ^ d© Da i-i Hepburn or in pc over a J lets thj Will say that it was +his man Ritter who made contact for^ n. If we £eal with'Hepburn,the man Ritter can collect ihis save an except that we M induce him to take aless commission, ?y by dQ C lining to deal might ra ise the price li-i tu * It is my opinio; hing v ery much. He is .t end it 9 Yours ; wiwte h cHaenp biunrdnu cuenl--e-ss -h- e does so. JO r possiSbHlHyI enough to cover Ritters commission,in wJ^gJW n,however,that Hepburn wiki not trade ordicker of: the type who states what he will do and etc. |l Levi W Syphus V S t.Thomas|Kevada July I7th,1926 rV Mrs Sadie § George Los Angeles,Calif. m Dear Madam I do not have time to go up to see about that”One Share of stock" for you, perhaps it will he allright if I attend to it later on. But judging from your last letter I strongley suspect your statment regarding that "One Share" is a joak,and that there may he a haasomer maa going along on that trip to the Yosemity (?) otherwise I cannot account for your undue seems to he more than would arise from just an ordinary trip. There eurley must he something out of the ordinary,otherwise you would not he flinging your money about indiecriminatley as you are. If you look carefuley at 'my last letter to you, you will see that it should have stated (and probabley does so), that | you were owing on assessment work the difference between the total of what you had paid me on same,and the sum of §90,00,the cost of your portion of the last years work, 8 M 2 but instead of sanding me that sum which would be about $10.00 you send me a check for $90*00 | My recollection is,that when I was in your «itv von r>aJM on sent me city you paid me $30.00 in Dr Heels office,then you later $50,00 check,making a total of $60.00,leaving you owing Ten Dollars,and here you have sent me .00- 1 Since you h&ve sent said extray sum of $60.00 I am proceeding tc/spend it on the claims for this present years work,together with some of c>ur own as well, mfact we have now done near Two Hundred Dollars in value on this years work,and are going on with further expenditures. Our reason for so doing is; That some one might undertake to jump some,or all,of those Six claims to which the road work was applied as asessment work last year ( the year ending June 30th,I926;, Under the claim that said road work is not necessary to the development of the claims,and therefore would not apply as asessment work. They could not get away with it, but we would have to go to court to get rid of them. And,as you know, the time people do those kinde of things is a time when a sale on a property is being made,They will take advantage of ^ny kinde of an opening,under the hope of being For .’.-which reason we have deemed it advisable to for this present year done immediatley. If it is you to so spend your said $60.00 please advise me you next write me and 1 will return it to you. get bot off, some of the work t agreeable with that effect when V When wrriting please send me the copy of my letter to Hepburn which I forwarded to you in my last letter,as it is my office copy and I am desireus of keeping a copy of every letter I send him. I have a reply from him,to said letter,and he makes it plain therein,that he Means the $$00,000,00 for the claims alone. So that matter is cleared up* J have not heard from all of the other parties owning,up to this time, but he probabley will be given the option. Do not,however,delay your visit to eigne the papers, because I cannot have them ready before about the time you will return from your trip. There being eight or ten parties to the deal as there istfi and running for so long a time as it does,and also involving so large a sum: I intend that especial care shall be taken in preparing the papers, That means an expence of two or three hundred dollare for an attorney .to to m Salt 7 v assist me when | across with a yreek 0r ten days cdrrispondance commencee. If he does not kick over, I him the option or nota .For I have full Lake City. I propose to make Hepburncome with cash^at least, for the option, which ljieans him before the papers are dent know whether we will give confidence in my process .and t X! fulley believe we can make quite as good a deal as scon as I caiycliscloss it. But I think this a good bargain he is offering us. I believe he is with people who can put it over,and while g do not want to delay the deal account of my process,or hang my process on to the claims in | order to make them carry it. Yet I do believe he should come across with enough money to pay for draftin have immediatley. Very truly yourgsetting the papers,otherwise ny .money/Write ) ' y m m we will me here Vt*<) COPY Treaont Hotel Denver,Colorado June27th,I928 Mr Levi ® Syphus S t. Th oma s ,51 evad a ? Syphus :•* I sent you today b salt deal,properley signed. reg’stored snail the papers in regard I* J^rlved,fof to take up the matter of the magnesite deposit. o !, ! H H M tbI € % -he deposit is its « * and of donate of lime. I believe however, that this dJf 1 * 2 Could be ov®rooia© and in this regard, I understood that you expected b-/ noStUT^Sr°r X i ® application for its treatment r collect ightl^y,you, to be in you hands tola me that you would be ready for negotiate w|otuue * b>e wwil:li ngt o+tlhf°e,n Jrto" e?lketf maef tkenro wt h«/ our foorfm umlya vainds itt o toe nt/eoru —ianntdo ntehgaott iy-l u a lone for th exploitation of the deposit. ff°el Sbt®l fYlefrif' Sf are to pyoruljc yofuo r r thael iPsreo pheartty iot f wiolfl Ontea kHea lcfon Msiildleiroanb leD oltlimaer sa(n#d500,0001 5mJe2 &ma JnuifSacftfur eo uo^f tshea laPbrloeb l®pmrso duPcts »from fPthpi®s tmhaeg nceosmimteer cdieaplo seixtp,l oiitt awtiiloln baen for at l ast two years and maby 1 nger before any returns can be expected and for this reason, the first and second payment shooId be low. Th® following terms seem to me to 00 eminentley fare to you and to our associates:- *000*00 cash,four months from the date of the option ||0*000,00 , I y ar from date of Xsfetf payment § 100,000.00 rtrt 1100,000.00 HM #125,000.00 w" 2nd payment 3rd payment 4th payment 5th payment A royalty of £.40 per ton on all ore mined and treated, th royalty to he n xt payment after the ore has been mined and treated. to apply I will b lad to hear from you in answer to this letter at convenience, and with kinde regards, I am our earliest Yours ver truly Arthur E Hepburn m H i Mrs Sadie B George Los Angeles,Calif. St.Thomas,N evada .\ April jQth? ,$ Ir9 rS f•,c Dear Madam:- Just to say that it die now time for assessment wo?*rk to begin on the magnesite claims,And also to further say I am not in position financialy to either pay the sum I am owing you or <feo do your work for you on aocount thereof, It therefore seems it will be necessary for you to advise me what I am to do about employ!g a man to do your work and when I may promise him the money for it will be available. Now, isent that a cold blooded manner in which to adress q lady? Perhaps it will be some satisfaction to you,and perhaps soften tthe foregoing a little,if I now inform you,the parties who told you they were going to build the road by our property &re now on the job and have the work commenced. I have done several days running about, going b&ck and forth seeing to monuments on the claims,and deciding where their road shall cross the property,and in preparing a contract between them and us by which they are to have an easment for right of way for their road across our claims,for a period of twenty years, which contract is now nearley completed a^d will be sent on to you for signature in the course of a week or so.perhaps earlier. Under the law they can cross our claims with or without our consent,in order to reach their own, but I flatter myself that I have been a little diplomatic with them, with the result that we are to have an interst in the road, and in addition thereto,they are signing up to the effect,thay have received from us several hundred dollars in value for which they are to do work on the road for us to the extent of a like value,same to apply on our assessment work on certain of our magnesite claims, account of which your assessment cost will be lessened b seven thirteenths ,or thereabouts,cant say the exact amount untill we have gon further and I have their signatures to the contract , But as to the amount wwe realley have to do or pay for I should like to get that done and out of the way before it gets so warm, therefore upon your receipt and return of the contract I shall appreciate it if you will at that time advise me when you will be able to pay for such as it will be necessary far you to do. This party informed me something of the manner in which his parties or company had been abble to use our material in connection with other material for the production of certain wares,among which is ver„ y fine porcelain,a sample of which he will be able to show me in the near future; From all of which it looks as if we might have some business comming from them after a little time. Have not got any further with my eaperiments and do not have any time for them now. It sure will be a relief t& me if something comes a longto turn up a little money, for I am notable any more to hold a job of manual labor,and my bank account is hill. To date I have gotten no response from any of the parties with whome I took up the matter of disposing of the salt under the new heading, but possibley something may come on before a great while. In conclusion I will suggest,that if the parties back of this road work want terms on clay from you,magnesite I mean, do not quote them a figure umtlll after you hear from me again. . It is possibley I may get furtherlhJbr^iryi that will enable us to better gage what can be had thereby avoiding fixing the price to low. It is quite probable,however,that they will have to finance a corporation for building a plant before they wwill w&nt any of the material. Very tru^y your#