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Meeting minutes for Consolidated Student Senate, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, July 5, 1977






Agenda and meeting minutes for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Student Senate. CSUN Session 6 Meeting Minutes and Agendas.

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uac000143. Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Records, 1965-2019. UA-00029. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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SENATE MEETING #5 July 5, 1977 I. Call to Order Meeting was called to order at 4:09 by Chairman Ken Holt II. Roll Call Roll call was taken by the CSUN Secretary. Members present: absent excused: absent unexcused: Rob Nielsen Chuck White Bob Biale Peggy Burnham De Ann Turpen Greg McKinley Bob Blaskey Gene Russo Ingrid Hegedus Marshal Willick Scott Hoover none Mike Whipple Dave Cavalieri Cyndi Vannucci Jim Bateman Iris McCowan Keith Terry Bobby Lawson Tom Keller III. Approval of Minutes The chair called for a vote on the approval of the minutes. Vote passes. IV. Open Discussion A. Executive Board Announcements 1. Radio Station Greg McKinley moved for a vote of confidence for the Radio Station. Seconded by Bobby Lawson. Discussion. Tim McRoberts answers questions. Greg McKinley called for the question. Motion to vote immediately passes. Motion passes. 2. USUNS Conference will be held July 29, 30, and 31. There will be four delegates from each college or university, the three executive officers and one senator. Interested parties should contact Scott after the meeting. Note: John Hunt is running for the presidency of that organization, and Ken Holt is running for the Vice Presidency. 3. Stipends Union Board Chairman and Activities Board Chairman will have their stipend requests included in their operating policies that they must submit to the senate. However, the Editor of the Yell must be appointed a salary from the senate floor. This motion will come up under new business. V. Committee Reports A. Activities Board Steve Francis reported that the board was getting their lecture series set up for the fall. Some possibilities that have been mentioned are: Ronald Reagan, Kreskin, Doug Hemmings, Leonard Nimoy, and others. B. Union Board Gene Russo reported that the first Union Board meeting was last week. He apologized for the heat in the building, but, in the future this building will be exempt from Dr. Baepler's mandate of 80° because of the fact that this building is rented out to off-campus organizations. There is still a vacancy on the Union Board, that being of the graduate student position. If anyone knows of someone who may be interested, please have them get ahold of Mr. Russo. 3. Constitutional Revision Committee Ken Holt reported that the next meeting will include a presentation of all the information available at this time. VI. Old Business None VII. New Business A. Senate Seat Nominations Both Bobby Sheppard and Jackie Spektor were nominated to the vacant seat in Arts and Letters. Bobby Lawson moved to vote by secret ballot. Seconded by Scott Hoover. Motion passes. Bobby Sheppard received 5 votes, Jackie Spektor received 9. Jackie takes her seat with the Senate. B. Presidential Appointments Voting on the last meeting's nominations. Colleen Newton, Yell Editor passes unanimously. McLain Bybee, Fred Albrecht, Nick Paul; Union Board pass unanimously. Chris Aldridge, Publicity Person, passes unanimously. Tom Keller, Activities Board, passes unanimously. Steve Francis, Sandy Hackett, Performing Arts Council pass unanimously. New Nominations to be voted on at the next meeting. Rob Nielsen, Activities Board Scott Lorenz stated that he will appoint a presidential ad-hoc committee to study travel of all CSUN officers, to adopt a general policy for CSUN, in conjunction with University procedures. Please see Scott if you are interested. The Chair entertained a motion to retain the editor of the Yell's salary at $250 for the year 1977-78. So moved by Greg McKinley, Seconded by Marshal Willick. Motion passes. Jerry Gatch moved that a committee be formed with one senator and the Accounting Association to go over the books of last year of the news-paper and lay out a possible format to go by this year. Seconded by Marshal Willick. Discussion. Colleen Newton asked Mr. Gatch if he knew of anyone who would be interested in being the Yell Business Manager, and if so to have that person contact her. Motion passes unanimously. Bobby Lawson asked for the chair's interpretation of who has the right to nominate people for a vacant senate seat. Mr. Holt replied that the constitution does not specifically state that another senator from that class or college has the only choice as to whom to nominate. Therefore, he ruled that nominations can come from the floor. Mr. Lawson asked for the Parliamentarian's ruling. Dr. Cassese's statement concur with Mr. Holt's. Bobby Lawson moved to challenge the chair. Discussion. Vote to challenge the chair fails with one abstention. Mr. Lawson asked if a move to reconsider the vote that put Jackie Spektor in her seat is in order. Dr. Cassese ruled that the only way to remove a senator or officer from their seat is either by impeachment proceedings or by recall. Mr. Lawson asked for impeachment proceedings. Motion to recess for 5 minutes by Marshal Willick, Seconded by Gene Russo. Motion passes. Mr. Lawson moved to start impeachment proceedings, on the grounds that Article VII, Section 4 of the constitution. The chair does not recognize these as pertinent grounds for impeachment and does not accept the motion. Mr. Lawson asked for the proceedings on the grounds of the qualifications of the candidates. Mr. Holt informed Mr. Lawson that to initiate impeachment proceedings, he would need some substantial grounds of which there are none. Mr. Lawson withdraws his motion. VIII. Adjournment Jerry Gatch moved to adjourn. Seconded by Gane Russo. Motion passes, meeting adjourned at 5:31 p.m.