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Photo appendix 1, interview with Susan Molasky by Barbara Tabach, March 11, 2014



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(L-R) Irwin Molasky, Marcelle and Robert Frey, Susan Molasky at Robert's engagement to Marcelle (1999) Susan's 70th birthday (L-R): Alan Molasky, Susan, Michael Frey, Gary Frey, Robert Frey, Steven Molasky, Andrew Molasky (2007-2009) Blended family portrait. Back row (L-R): Andrew, Beth, Irwin, Alan and Steven Molasky; front row: Michael, Robert, Susan and Gary Frey (2004) Grandchildren of Irwin and Susan Molasky: Michael and Jennifer Dias (2005) Grandchildren of Irwin and Susan Molasky: Lauren, Clary, Jennifer (1999) Susan Molasky's sons: Michael, Robert and Gary Frey (1987) Susan Molasky with her daughters-in-law: Catherine Frey, Marcelle Frey, Monique Frey (undated) Molasky's with matriarch Rose: Standing Irwin and Steven; front row: Andrew, Rose and Alan (undated) Irwin and Susan Molasky holding grandchildren, Jess and Jordan (2002) Irwin and Susan with granddaughters Lauren and Clary (1999) Beth Molasky with husband Kenny Cornell (2000) L-R (standing): Susan and Irwin Molasky, Gary Frey, Lorraine Borukh (Susan's late sister), Michael, Robert; Seated: Tamara Borukh and Shirley Borukh (undated) Alan Molasky (right) with wife Christy and children Josie and Jess (1999) Michael and Catherine Frey with Tamara Borukh (1990) Susan Molasky smoking a hookah in Turkey (2000) Molasky grandchildren clockwise from top: Michael, Jennifer, Clary, Lauren and Sarah (1987) Molasky children with father: Andrew, Alan, Beth, Irwin, and Steven (1987) Frey brothers with mother (L-R): Robert, Susan Molasky, Gary and Michael (1992) Irwin and Susan Molasky with grandson Michael (undated) Wedding day June 30, 1973 with friends Billy (left) and Jean (right) Weinberger, at the Desert Inn Golf Club (1973) Irwin and Susan Molasky in western attire (undated) Irwin holding grandson Noah at Build-a-Bear (undated) Susan Molasky and son Michael Frey wearing costumes from My Fair Lady movie set at a costume party (undated) Robert Frey with his two daughters, Ella and Eanna (undated) Irwin Molasky with grandson, Jess (undated) Irwin and Susan Molasky's grandchildren, Jordan, Jess, Hannah and Josie (undated) Irwin Molasky with grandson, Jess (undated) Irwin with his mother, Rose Molasky (undated) Frey brothers with their Aunt Lorraine Borukh (undated) Irwin and Susan Molasky's grandson, Noah (undated) Irwin and Susan Molasky's granddaughter, Jordan (undated) Irwin and Susan Molasky (undated) Susan Molasky with her three sons: (L-R) Robert, Gary, and Michael Frey (1980s) Irwin Molasky and Gary Frey (1992) Susan and Irwin Molasky with grandson, Jess Molasky, at Bar Mitzvah (2007) Susan and Irwin Molasky dancing at grandson Jess Molasky's Bar Mitzvah (2007) Susan and Irwin Molasky with granddaughter Jordan Frey (center) at her Bat Mitzvah (2006) Susan Molasky at granddaughter, Jordan Frey's, Bat Mitzvah (2006) Irwin and Susan Molasky (1979) Irwin and Susan Molasky (1996) (L-R) Robert Frey (child in front left), Hadji Borukh, Michael Frey, Tamara Borukh, Gary Frey (1971) Susan and Irwin Molasky (1993) Molasky and Frey families. Back row standing (L-R): Ken Cornell, Gary Frey, Andrew Molasky, Alan Molasky, Irwin Molasky, Susan Molasky, Robert Frey, Michael Frey, Steven Molasky, Kalani Wright, Jess Molasky. Seated 2nd row: Hannah Frey, Beth Molasky, Jordan Frey, Catherine Frey, Monique Frey, Christy Molasky, Marcelle Frey, Lauren Wright, Josie Molasky. Seated on floor: Noah Molasky, Sage, Ella Frey, Ayanna Frey (2000) Molasky family portraits (2000) Irwin and Susan Molasky wedding portrait, June 30, 1973 Irwin with his mother Rose Molasky, sisters Betty and Cel (1982) Irwin's children (L-R): Alan, Beth, Irwin, Susan, Steven, Andrew, at Irwin's honorary UNLV degree reception (2009-12)