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Speech transcript delivered to B'nai B'rith, 1970s



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Honorable ?or, . .Distinguished Guests and Friends: Wnniff 1 j irn tin intiffnrtT*!- mv parents Mr > . M r s ... Mam Milstein^ T / v T y / Y ^ & f t ^ my Aunt Lesa^ y**--? tn hnira ^ihfrm T"i1~i'i Each Eresident has the honor to give awards_of merit to Bfnai BfSith women that have perfermed outstanding deeds. Bernice Schiffman, would you please come forward: For doing such an outstanding job in membership, it is my pleasure to give to you this award. I am sorry that Irene Dvorak can't get one also, but Vice Presidents axgxR&ixxH sis^siixiiixifeis cannot receive roa awards. Tnak you Bernice o Annette Krame^please come forward: For your outstanding work as publicity chairman, thank you. Blanche Friedman please come forward: This merit pin is given to you for your outstanding work in money raising., Thank you so much. Would my last year's board please stand: I want to thank each and every one of you for helping me and serving BTnai - j k . B'rith this last term0 Tank you 7 KXK&X Tonite I stand before you again to accept the office of President, po lead the worn? of BT nal BTr1th_is^an h0nor. B1 nai B' r i th is a corporation, 11 pays _d 1 fl 1 dents' no t in_JLash , ^ but ln satlsFactTon and" servTce. Technically ~37tr~is~ H"nun-profit The profit going to g?rTned^by its widespread service,- A* ^enriched bv it a of positive values and humanitarian activies^K B1 r^frh BT th mg^T^rari^hes^ founded in_18 4 3 i t does bus: thru its WelTi^Io^edZa^d?Womens--ehapters. of which are s all over the world \ business thru its Kens lodges and Womens K Chapters BftxTafcxadi. t h r u o u t . . . ^ ^ corporation,has many branches, the B'nai B'rith You, .Organization^ the HiIIel Foundation, The Adult Jewish Education, ' i^MP^ ? ? ~ ^v^Lyu The Leo N. 7 evi / The Natl. Jewish Ho pp in Denver, Belfair Ui^n (fan -homo for children)? c (A/vCleveland - - - , the B'nai B'rith Child.rens Home in Israel, v O.ur services to the Arme? Forces.. n1c.f. tn luiuutf Uial, Is aumubudy Working for vou at nil B'nai B?rith Women as you know give of their servie ^ t h e March of Dimes, Cancer Societty, The T B Mobile Unit* I s n ' t it reassuring to know that there is somebody working for you all the time, combating Anit-Semitizim, Bigotry, Exposing hate movements, battling invasions of hmman rights That is the Adti-dTefamation League which is continually and uan all of ug^sothat every human being can have a better lifeJLin this United States You will notice at your table, the latest facts on the American Nazi Party^ I might add that all five men were"held to answer after a U day perliminary ms hearing by ludgy TTftftffinT They will be arraigned on June 4th. This means that lit that tTm?"have~to plead guilty or not guiItyv After their plea has been entered the Judge Will set the trial date which? must be no more then 60 days thereafter". ifcxixxEHKxtoasfcxgHaxs ?feaixfcfesxfe*i3tixTR?ii As a result of the -preliminary hearing for the fcxmsH 4 of the 5 men are charged with corns piracy to commit as suit and- as suit with a deadly weapono These. 4. ..are Krauss, Huss, MoLaugh1ia and-Hn 1 stein. J < The fifth man, Reeves, is charged inly with comspiracy to commit an assault^ wi th a deadlvjieapon. y ^ / r/c- y <i~ B'nai B'rith largest body of Jewish Men and ? L? Women in its structure of service for all mankinc^-3J-?a4-~?^ B'rith is not a closed-corporationc It is opened to you """we would like~"you to'^Join with us, wor# with us and serve with use You will find you've boughg a valuable share i n / B1 nai Bfrith Family of Service, s* ^ * r i ( \ _ _ _ / 7