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Report, Description of flood control problems of the Meadow Valley Wash and Muddy River Water sheds - Clark and Lincoln Counties, Nevada, circa 1940




1940 (year approximate)


List of flood control features in the Meadow Valley Wash and the Muddy River Watershed.

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Box 4 Folder 43 Dam Construction Project: Pine & Matthew 1935-1947


hln000582. John Wittwer Collection on Agriculture in Nevada, 1898-1972. MS-00181. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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DESCRIPTION OF FLOOD C0NTR0L PROBLEMS OF THE MEADOW VALLEY WASH AND MUDDY RIVER WATER SHEDS - CLARK AND LINCOLN COUNTIES, NEVADA. ITEM NO. I. Spring Valley Reservoir site - storage capacity, approximately 5,000 ac. ft. This site if undertaken would be used for both water storage and flood control. There is a suggested move to place all range areas above this point under restricted grazing to encourage revegetation thereby reducing dangers of erosion and accumulation of flood waters. ITEM NO. II. Hamlite Flood Control Site - approximate capacity 8,600 ac. ft. This project i intended strictly for flood control only and would require rerouting of several thousand feet of Pioche Branch Railroad line. This site would drain as the map indicates all areas of Pioche and vicinity. This area likewise would come under restricted grazing. ITEM NO. III. Delmues, intended for both flood control and water storage -approximate capacity 14,000 ac. ft. This site has been given more serious consideration than any other in the area north of Caliente. The U.S. Army Engineers have full and complete data on this project. Should this project become a reality, it would control all flood water above this point with a possibility of diverting accumulated water of the Hamlite area (Item No. H) into Dainties* It should be understood that there isn't anything of record from authoritative sources regarding this last statement which makes it highly problematical. ITEM NO. IV. This represents but a wild guess. The thought has been advanced that there might be a possibility of diverting at least the peaks of floods from the Meadow Valley Wash over the divide into the Kane Springs wash. Flood waters thus diverted would accumulate in the proposed flood control-water storage site indicated by Item VII. on upper reaches of the Muddy River Drainage Basin. Note further comments that will come under Item VII. The U.S. Army Engineers are planning to check possibilities if meritorious. ITEM V. Known as the Saw Mill or Pine Canyon Flood Control. Storage cap. city under flood conditions approximately 3,700 ac. ft. and would provide protection against what is considered the major menace of the entire Meadow Valley Wash water shed in so far as damage to railroad and private property below that point is concerned.