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Photographs of Las Vegas Hostel sign, Las Vegas (Nev.), March 3, 2017



Creator: Soto, Nicole




The Las Vegas Hostel sign sits at 1322 East Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. Information about the sign is available in the Southern Nevada Neon Survey Sheet.
Site address: 1322 E Fremont St
Sign owner: Downtown Lodging LLC
Sign details: This building was originally constructed in 1973 for commercial living accommodations and motel purposes. Previous to the Las Vegas Hostel opening in late 2014/early 2015 it was USA hostel whom used the sign box that the Las Vegas Hostel currently uses today. They have 38 rooms of different variety and 158 beds as a cheaper option that the hotels. They also offer packages to do tours of surrounding places such and the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. They also claim to be the only Hostel in Las Vegas with a pool.
Sign condition: 4.5- The sign box was recently repainted and the plastic portion of this sign is relatively new and both still are in good condition
Sign form: Pylon
Sign-specific description: This sign has a reddish/pink steel beam base. There are two sign boxes the top one is a rectangle shape and the bottom one is a oval-rectangular shape. Currently the top rectangle box does not have any signage in it but if it did it would be a plastic or steel sign that would be down lit by an LED spotlight. The bottom one has a plastic back lit sign with the hostel's logo. Their logo entails "Las Vegas Hostels" in modern bright colored block fonts. The "Las" letters are a bright orange, the "Vegas" letters are a magenta pink, and "Hostels" in a bright light blue.
Sign - type of display: Plastic Back lit sign
Sign - media: Steel and Plastic
Sign - non-neon treatments: LED and Plastic back lit signage
Sign environment: On the Intersection of East Fremont St and 14th street. A few blocks from the Fremont East District but is in a neighborhood with many different motels though many of them are currently closed
Sign - date of installation: The sign boxes have been up like this since at least 2007 but with different logos within the sign boxes
Sign - date of redesign/move: Late 2014/ early 2015 they repainted the beam and boxes of the sign and inserted the Las Vegas Hostel logo.
Sign - thematic influences: Since this sign was re-purposed and redesigned it shows how Vegas is constantly changing but can reuse old signs from previous properties.
Sign - artistic significance: The bright colors in the sign show that they are going for a modern vibe which works since they opened in the past few years and have events such as pool parties that appeal to the youth that comes through Vegas.
Survey - research locations: Las Vegas Hostel Website, Assessor's page, google maps satellite and roadside view
Surveyor: Emily Fellmer
Survey - date completed: 2017-09-09
Sign keywords: Plastic; Backlit; Steel; Pole sign

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neo000158. Southern Nevada Neon Survey Records, 2002-2018. PH-00401. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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