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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, November 2006



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Monthly Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid A Special Place To Belong "Shabbat Unplugged" November 3rd AT 7:30 PM At King David Cheshvan/Kislev 5767 November 2006 Volume XX No. 11 9 Experience Shabbat Like Never Before! Something with a new sound, A NEW LOOK, A NEW FEEL! 16th Annual Interfaith Forum 2006 Sunday, November 19 ? 7pm - 9 pm The Baha'i Center, 7035 W. Oakey "Genesis: An Open Reading and Account of the Creation Story" Join Rabbi Akselrad for an interfaith dialogue, along with Father Bill Kenny of Christ the King Catholic Church, Dr. Tommy Starks of Sj^thern Nevada Baptist Association, Dr. Aslam Abdallah the L? ctor at Islamic Society of Nevada and Mr. Mark Ravanbakhsh of The Baha'i Faith Center. For information, contact the temple office. Inside 2 Rabbi's Message Upcoming Events 3 President's Message 4 Youth News/B'nai Mitzvahs 5 Cantor's Message 6 Exec. Dir. Message 7 Adult Education 8 Yahrzeits/Memoriams 10 Birthdays/Anniversaries 11 Calendar 13 Monthly Programs 15 Sisterhood/Men's Club 16 Tributes 20 Worship ScheduleShabbat Unplugged Begins November 3rd! Rabbi Sanford D. Akselrad In the latest edition of the CCAR Journal, the official professional journal of the reform rabbinate, there was an interesting article on a study of congregational desires when it comes to worship. In many respects this article confirmed what many of us know intuitively. Some people want more Hebrew, others less. Some want more transliteration; some feel it is anathema to learning Hebrew. Others want music that is soaring and inspiring, and others want music that is "singable?. And of course many wanted "the service that I grew up with". With this spiritual conundrum it's a wonder that any particular service can fulfill all of the needs of those present! Those who have attended services over the last year have noticed that we have gradually been changing some of the style of our service. We have tried to meet the needs of "our" congregants. Often we do pass out transliterations of prayers, and Philip has tried to integrate more singable memories while balancing this with songs that are beautiful to listen to. With the opening of our new Temple at the end of February 2007, we will begin experimenting even more with styles of worship. Looking ahead we will be using the soon to be published Mishkan Tefillah- the new prayer book of the reform movement. We will be having some Sabbaths where there will be more than one offering and sometimes at an earlier and a later time so that families have choices as to when to attend. We will be experimenting with varied musical instrumentation as well as more creative forms of prayer such as meditation, guided explanations of prayers, and more congregational participation. Towards this end, this November begins a brand new type of service for our Congregation which for now we are entitling "Shabbat Unplugged". About a year ago the board realized the success of our Shabbatone service which occurs the second Friday of the month. They tasked Philip and I to come up with an additional sound to inspire our Congregation. With the help of our student rabbi, Cookie Olshein who has created a beautiful siddur for us to use, I think we are onto something very, very special. This service will have a variety of musical instruments but none will be electric. It will combine a variety of Jewish musical styles that are very singable, and inspiring, lending us to be more mindful and contemplative in our prayers. We are a spiritual people. And I don't think one form fits everyone, nor does it fit us every time. As comfortable as the familiar is, sometimes prayer is to make us uncomfortable and thoughtful. And too, sometimes, prayer is to prod us on our spiritual journey so that we can find a new path to God and our inner self. I think that this will be such a service. So please encourage your entire family and friends to join us for our first "Shabbat Unplugged" service on Friday, November, 3. We will be offering this service several times throughout the year. May this offering from our hearts enter yours. And together may we find our way to the sacred. $ December Attractions $ 12/1 R/S Family Service Gr. 4-6 7:30 pm 12/2 Tot Shabbat @ GV Library 10:30 am Judaism 101 -V?ahavta Noon 12/8 Shabbatone Service 7:30 pm 12/11 Adult Ed Second Mondays 7:00 pm 12/15 First Night of Chanukah 12/16 Menorah Lighting at The District 6:30 pm d WWW.LVNERTAMID.ORC >President - Marla Letizia m letizia@B VP Administration - Harry Sax VP Ways & Means - Michael Unger VP Youth & Education - Beth Falk VP Ritual - Del Acosta dacosta6@cox.nct VP Member Recruitment - Jay Poster VP Member Retention - Marsha Goldberg VP Social Action - Cindyjensen Treasurer - Gregg Solomon Corporate Secretary - Yvonne Gordon Trustees Michele Fcndell M mfcndcll@cox.nct Barry Lewisohn Jorclie Primack Debra Cohen Stacey YahrauS'Lewis Daryl Alterwitz daltcrwitz@cox.nct lllisa Polls Craig Kurtzman Mark Bromberg Laura Bailey, Sisterhood President CNTS is tcrhood@cox. net Stu Solomon, Men?s Club President Megan Stolberg, NTTY President Mcganl22@cox.nct T em p le B o a rd T e m p l e P r e s id e n t , M arla Letizia my biggest pleasures with the Men's Club, wonderful, caring, to pass our faith onto the hands of our sons As President, one of so far was meeting To stand amidst these intelligent men driven the shoulders and into was truly an inspiration. To see and feel the ' ' T - \ 1 concern for bringing Jewish Ritual to our | y ? | 'young men and to have serious conversations about the future of men in the Synagogue was an incredible experience. Encouraging participation and membership growth for men at CNT was an ongoing topic throughout our discussion. Jewish women of the 21st century have been given the gift of voice and strength within our religious community and we cherish this offering. This however, is not meant to supersede the strength of men, but rather to allow us to work hand in hand to build a community of togetherness and joy. It is with these thoughts in mind that I embrace and encourage all to come forth, to share personal talents and spiritual teachings and take on the honor of guiding our youth on the difficult path of becoming one within our society and our Jewish community. We all know that this is the future and it is up to us to be the force that allows our children to grow strong and dedicated to the teachings of our faith and to be embedded in our culture. Wishing all of you a great holiday season! A Warm Welcome to Our PsS-| Newest Members! Sharon & Steven Strasser, Vivian & Richard VanDuzen, Rosalind & Steven Flans, Susan & Steve Lang, Jerry Miller, Barbara Hergott, Erika Tannenbaum, Nanette & Brett Wachman, Shirli Brautbar, PeterLaChapelle, Phyllis & Sid Miller, Lisa Koenig, Leslie Freud, Pearl Anton ?( N ovember 2006 3) I am in 7th grade at Leavitt Middle School where I excel in math & guitar. I play La Cross for my school as well as a club team. My other hobbies include roller hockey, boogie boarding, snowboarding, skateboarding and golf. My mitzvah project is creating a team and running in the Turkey Trot to raise money for Families of Fallen Soldiers. On my bar-mitzvah day my parents Frank and Lelia along with my sister Katie, my grandparents Mort and Sal Friedlander, Tom and Miki Zerod and the rest of my family and friends wall join me on the bimah. I am so proud to be a part of Congregation Ner Tamid and the Jewish community. Nov 5 Nov. 7 Nov 12 Nov 21 Nov 23 Nov 26 Dec 1 Dec 3 Dec 5 Dec 10 Dec 16 DATES TO REMEMBER 3rd Grade Family Ed Day - regular Religious School for all others Gesher (10-12 grade) at CNT office No Religious School/No Confirmation - Veteran?s Day Weekend Gesher (10-12 grade) at CNT office No Religious School - Thanksgiving No Religious School - Thanksgiving 4-6th grade Family Shabbat @ King David 6th Grade Family Ed Day - regular Religious School for all others Gesher (10-12 grade) at CNT office 5th Grade Family Ed Day - regular Religious School for all others Hanukkah @ the District Craig Rosen Education Director November is a time to give thanks - our Religious School faculty has been hard at work preparing lessons and developing a warm welcoming classroom of learners. We have a wonderfully diverse group of teachers some who have been with us for many years and others just coming to teach for the first time. One thing they all have in common though is a true love of what they are teaching. I've had the pleasure of walking into classrooms and hearing our students singing and performing skits. I've seen our students eyes open up as they learn something new, create a special art piece, or simply share the morning with a Jewish friend. Religious School is not like it used to be....on any given Tuesday or Thursday, we use computer programs to enrich our lessons. While we bring a creative approach to our A curriculum, the core values remain the same. Our" 2nd grade families had the opportunity this past month to engage in the study of Jewish Values. Among the values they studied were the values of "Ahavat Ha-Beriot" (the love of all of God's created beings). They also learned the value of "Chesed" (having compassion for others, especially those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable). The 2nd grade parents became teachers as they shared with their children the teachings of Moses Maimonidies and his ladder of Tedakkah. It was a wonderful family day! Family education doesn't only have to happen in Religious School for we all can be teachers of Torah. On this holiday when we gather with friends and family, take time out to discuss how Thanksgiving could be considered a Jewish Holiday. I'd be interested in hearing what you come up with....send me an email so we can share some of your teaching with others.Just a -~<JS Philip Goldstein, Cantorial Soloist Be sure to be at the premier of our Shabbat Unplugged service on Nov. 3rd, at King David Chapel. It is a new and spiritually meaningful service that will touch your heart and soul with music. The sound is unique and the experience will move you. The mood and melodies will range from meditative to uplifting. The musical instruments will be acoustic and not electric (hence, unplugged). These sacred songs span centuries and continents. They weave together the diverse threads of the Jewish experience. You will hear Sephardic and Ashkenazic melodies, Hassidic niggunim (songs without words) and the music of the Middle East. Together they mark a journey through the powerful beauty of Shabbat. In its way, this music challenges the belief that religious authenticity requires one unchanging form. It is the living music of our people from all the corners of the world. This is the music of many traditions finding new expression. It is the ancient speaking to the present. Please join us on November 3rd at 7:30 p.m. for this distinctive and wonderful Shabbat service. Sunday, November 19 ~ 9:30 am - 2:00 pm At Temple Office ~ Hosted by Gift Shop Come Check Out An Extension of the Gift Shop! We Have All Your Holiday Needs - $5 & up! Menorahs, Candles, Gift Ideas for Everyone! Fund-4-Youth Chinese Auction! Krispy Kreme Donut Cards - $10 each % No-Raffle Raffle - $36 donation gets you a $20 Best Buy Card N ovember 2 0 0 6 5 ) TEAMWORK! Irv Duchowny, Executive Director As you read this, I am either on a plane to Toronto to my annual NATA (National Association of Temple Administrators) conference, or I am already there. The reason I mention this is that, as your Executive Director, I am on a wonderful list-serve with 400 other Executive Directors/Administrators of the Reform Temples, and they are a wonderful, supportive, intelligent and helpful group. Whenever there is a question about temple life, temple customs or culture, or anything about temples in general, I can pose a question and within just a day or so, get at least 20 or 30 responses - and this goes for all of us. The expression that I use is that "it can be lonely at the top, but not if you have company". Very true in this case, with others who have had these same issues/questions/topics come up in their careers - why reinvent the wheel, when there are supportive friends out there, willing to help. The convention allows me to meet face-to-face with my colleagues, those who I've met (or not), but have been long-distance friends all year round. Invaluable experiences, invaluable friendships, invaluable assistance and guidance for each other. I want to relate this to our own wonderful Teamwork at CNT. Starting with a wonderfully smooth-running High Holiday service experience at Green Valley Ranch Station, I want to especially thank Mary, Karen, Lynette, Roberta and David for making everything that we had to do go so smoothly. I also want to acknowledge Philip, Craig, Cookie and Rabbi for their participation in leading our services. I also want to acknowledge Joe Hasson, Charline Padgett and Alex Peluffo of the Green Valley Ranch staff, ensuring everything that we asked for was there, on time, and done correctly. I want to continue by thanking our VP of Ritual, Del Acosta, for going "over and above" in his volunteering of his double-duties of not only helping enormously before, during and after services, but for also being in our Adult Choir. Thanks go out to the Choirs, Lillian and Ed our accompanists, John our Choir Director and Lori Frankl and the Teen Choir. Without this TEAM EFFORT, we could not have done such a fabulous job of providing the quality of services we did this past HH season. THANK YOU! In addition, we had some wonderful congregants who donated the services of the shuttle vans that we used from the remote parking lot, as well as other generous congregants who donated funds for the labor for the shuttles, plus, as usual, Nannies and Housekeepers for donating those services, Bloomer's Florists for donating the flowers for the Bimah and ushers, our Men's Club for ushering, and Sisterhood for providing the Challah and juice as we all left services on Yom Kippur. Definite Teamwork, and THANK YOU all! Next up on the agenda - our Gala weekend, and once again, this will be a marvelous success, due to the hard-working corps of volunteers we have, dedicated to making sure that the opening weekend of our new temple, our new facility, will all go smoothly. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to be a part of this wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime experience - contact me now and we'll see how best you can help in insuring our successful opening, the last weekend of February 2007. Join the Fun! Share the Experience! Be a part of our New Start! TEAMWORK - that's what it's all about. d WWW.LVNER.TAMID.ORG >Negotiating the Holiday Season: ^ Discussion on the "December Dilemma" Saturday, November 4th 4:30-6:00 p.m. With Rabbinic Intern Cookie Olshein A discussion focusing on issues facing inter-faith families affected by the winter holiday season. The program will end with a brief "Champagne Havdalah," marking the end of the Shabbat. Program will be held at the temple office, is FREE of charge and open to all inter-faith families. For planning purposes, please RSVP to Roberta Unger at runaer@lvnertamid.ora or call the office at 733-6292. Judaism 101 Liturgy Series Saturday, Nov 4 @ noon The Full Kiddush Saturday, Dec 2 @ noon The V'ahavta Join Rabbinic Intern Cookie Olshein and learn the blessing or prayer's meaning and background. NO Hebrew is required, transliterated text provided. RSVP before the Thursday prior to each class and receive a CD containing the prayers/ blessing to be discussed. You can RSVP to Roberta Unger at the temple office or email her at VP not required but appreciated. If not, we I not have a CD for you to take home. ----------------------- Adult Education Second Mondays Are Back! November 13 7:00 pm Eastern European & Klezmer Music Learn about the origins of Klezmer music - it?s form and instrumentation, and it?s modern revival. Listen to musical examples from a variety of Klezmer styles. 8:00 pm SPINOZA Spinoza?s devastating challenge. He disputed Maimonide?s belief that reason and faith could be reconciled. December 11 7:00 pm Book club with Tom Friedman?s ?From Beirut to Jerusalem ? (please read prior to class) 8:00 pm Moses and Mendelssohn.... Want to remain Jews, but believe that Judaism has to be tailored to better fit the culture at large while remaining unique. Classes will be held at the temple office, are FREE and open to everyone! Pre-registration is appreciated. RSVP to Roberta Unger at 733-6292 or via email YIDDUSH CLUB Remember listening to your parents and grandparents talking to each other, and everyone else, in Yiddish? The expression and passion of Yiddish as a language compares with nothing else. Thinking about those days brings back such loving memories for many of us. Wouldn?t it be wonderful to pass these memories on to the next generation? If your interested in being part of a Yiddish Club (we?ll begin with meeting once each month) please contact Roberta Unger in the temple office 733-6292. N ovember 2 0 0 6 7 ) 1 Yahrzeits Nov 10 Nov 17 Nov 24 Lena Cohen Jeanette Beer Arnold Bennett n Nov 3 Sophia Eisner Ben Berman Pearl Bennett 1 Jack Bass Ida Freidman Irving Black Albert Berman Shirley Boyers Ida Friedman Barnett Board Rebecca Best Sam Bronstein Edie Glasser Viola Bowler Frieda Brothman 1 Lorelei Cracraft Sadye Goodman Seymour Brooks Bess Butwinick Mollie Etkin Marie Gordon Roz Caan Becca Cohen Nathan Etkind Abraham Grossman Jeanette Chaddick Lena E Cohen ?1 Minnie Fleekop Abraham Heit Charline Cooper Melvin Eliasberg Irwin Gellin Bradley Dee Isen Parilee Crum Sylvia Eliasberg .'V| Robert Gilmore Lewis Jaffe Sara Rosenblit Dreiman A dele Epstein Gay Gold Marks Levins Irving Goldstein Murray Freeman Thelma Goldstein Rose Luwisch Louis Klene Sidney Gates 1 Samuel Greenspun Juliet Mark Bert Kollins Anna Goldberg Betty Miller Greenstein Benjamin Mattes Max Kollins Eleanor Goldberg 1 Anna Heytow Martin Michael Myron Kushner Dorothy Goldman 1 Fred Jonas Anna Paiewsky Lillian Leboff Jennie Goldstein ':?1 Jack Koplin Annette Polasky Abraham Levine Miriam Gordon | Robert Latter Lena Rakov Esther Levy Barney Gothelf Milton Markowitz Jessie Ritchie Harry Levy Jack D Israel Morris Rabin Fay Rosin Harry Luwisch Helen Jaffe || Morris Ratner Evelyn A Ruggiero Nola Milliken Marvin ?Tiny? Kaplan Celia Rosen Hector Santiago William Moses Jerome Levey .->1 Sara C. Schuman Marilyn Waller Lance Maxim Parnas Helen Mendelson I Herman Sheld Eugene Watson Bertha Rockoff Jack Michaels 1 Claire Simon Harry Stone Alex Ruiz Wilbert Schwartz Herbert Pomerantz Daniel Sanoff ??1 \ ?1 3 1 ,3 ? j-3 Annilee Watt Howard Weidenfeld Paula Weinberg Sidney Yuman Edwin Weinberg Gloria Schwartz Rose Shapin Frieda Shaw Murray Shaw Arthur Spatt Martin Susson Bess Weinberg Jesse Wert INMEMORIAM: Jenny Ingber, beloved aunt of Scott Henry Charles Etcoff, former temple member, beloved father of Lew, beloved father-in-law of Marilyn Philip Levy, beloved father of Michael, beloved father-in-law of Bonnie, beloved grandfather of Megan, Jonathan and Brandon Ellen Rosenbloom, beloved cousin of Fern Chenin Harris Goldstein, beloved father of Matt, beloved father-in-law of Nichole and dear grandfather of Sam and Hanna Leo Beigelman, beloved husband of Ethel, beloved father of Sheila Kaufman, beloved father-in-law of Norman and beloved grandfather of Melissa WWW.LVNERJAMID.ORG > Congregation Ner TamicTs New Home: What's Happening? How Can I Help? The High Holidays have past and as our Congregation looks forward to the weekend of February 24th and 25th, these two very predictable questions are frequently heard: What's Happening? * Building Fund contributions and pledges continue to come in as the construction nears completion. * Planning for our opening weekend events are well underway: - Our Gala Dinner will be held Saturday, February 24 - Consecration and Torah Walk will be on Sunday, February 25 followed by a day of fun and activities! How Can I Help? Drive by our new campus at 55 N. Valle Verde. Park across the street and take it all in. Place an ad in the COMMEMORATIVE BOOK which will be distributed throughout the entire opening weekend and aftewards, to prospective new members. If you'd like to join a committee to work on the Opening Weekend, contact the Temple office at 733-6292 or Opening Weekend Chairpersons Sharna Blumenfeld at or Yvonne Gordon at Many hands make for light work. Look through your pictures and momentos for CNT Memories for the Commemorative Book. It's going to press soon and we'd like as many of your pictures and "remember when" stories as we can! Get them to the office or email them to Yvonne Gordon at Finally, take a moment and feel really good. We have each contributed to our new home in some way - it's taken all of us to get to this point! N ovember. 2006 9) November Birthdays 2nd- Mr. Rand Capp David Shapiro 3rd-Joshua Capp Danny Michelin 4th-Alana Adler Ms. Hilary Crowley Mrs. Suzanne Goldstein Eliana Gorov Mrs. Armina Hansen Mrs. Sandie Weiss Amya Werner 5th - Mr. Harry Alter Michelle Chenin Hannah Lapidus Dr. Barry Markman Brittany Markman Jacob Strong 6th -Mr. Keith Alterman Mrs. Natalie Berger Mrs. Mary Jo Boyer Ms. Katherine Selinsky 7th - Mrs. Debbie Levy 8th- David Goodheart Joshua Knox Billy Mahon Miranda Rosen Kaitlin Shapin Mrs. Gail Skolnik 9th - Mrs. Nancy Barasch Ms. Shirli Brautbar Mrs. Jennifer Cohen 10th- Mrs. Susan Charon Jacob Friedlander 11th-ZacharyBerk Mrs. Ann Brandt Mr. Coleman Lehrman Mrs. Jackie McRitchie Mrs. Sue Slocum Mr. Richard Zeitlin 12th- Mr. Randy Farrow Mrs. Shirley Weiner Ms. Rona Zerlin 13th- Omri Blit Gabriel Milano 14th - Mrs. Debra Cohen Dr. Mark Drucker Jordan Kabins Joshua Kabins Mrs. Shari Wachs 15th -Mr. Ruben Goldstein 16th-Ms. Leslie Jensen Ms. Judi Morris Mrs. Antoinette Osgood Mrs. Glori Rosenberger Mrs. Ruth Urban 17th- Mrs. Jacqueline Chenin 18th - Mr. Arthur Cohen Mrs. Rose Dunn Mrs. Debra Kaner Michael Manning Mr. Gerald Marks 19th - Ranen Lardent Mr. Michael Levenberg Devin Skoll 20th-Bradley Alhadeff Jacob Epstein Kimberly Karp Harmony Letizia Mr. Earl Monsey 21st- Mrs. Linda Eisner Mrs. Margaret Parnas 22nd-Mrs. Marlene Birch Mrs. Rita Goldstein Mrs. Bessie Levy Mr. Sidney Marco Ms. Jamie Nordella 23rd-Matthew Bailin Devyn Lehrman Mr. Harvey Sanoff Mr. Jonathan Sparer 24th- Dr. Joel Charon Mrs. Pat Gorman Noah Morris Mr. Matthew Shulman Ms. Sarah Smith Mr. Mino Vaturi 25th - Lanie Cohen Mrs. Lori Pelham Mrs. Pearl Rouzaud Mrs. Lisa Tenner Mr. Walter Tuzinski 26th- Mrs. Ruth Granich 27th- Jonathan Cohen 28th- Matthew del Valle Mr. Gary Goodheart Mr. Stephen Greenberg Mrs. Barbara Hergott Mr. Kenneth Herman 29th- Alexis Beresid Mr. Solomon Kamm Mrs. Susan Nadelman Mrs. Brenda Paul Mrs. Fay Schoenfeld Mrs. Rebecca Skoll 30th- Matthew Cadish Dillon Chenin Jason Glyman Mrs. Celia Skoboloff Mrs. Adrienne Unger TELL & KVELL Mazel Tov to Judi & Kelly Morris on their son Noah being elected President of the 5th grade at Kay Carl Elementary School. He believes this will show well on his ?record? when he runs for President of the United States. Noah has also been chosen, along with 40 other students from Nevada, to be a part of People to People Student Ambassadors. He will go to England and France for 2 weeks this summer and will visit Buckingham Palace, The Louvre and Eiffel Tower along with many other interesting and historical stops. November Anniversaries JNov1 3*epken ?$ 3??^- Cteenber'g ]Nov/Z ^Jefftey Ss Cada sJona;> JNov 3 Leonafd Ss Catel 3pe-kfoK 3Kj<3t4 Ss <Jenny IngeKman JNoV 3 T^obed- Ss Mindy Pola^ky JSov? 3andy Ss Sylvia hay man Pavid Mi^teki Si Linda AlleKwi+^-Mi^teki TSovii T^and Ss Lexy Capp JSovlZ Laon Ss "J~kalma PAa/ca JWis AWk?t> eena WeinbeK^i Lawtence Ss Lynn 3^^c? Miekael Ss l^obeda LSrsge.r' ]Nov/l7 Pkilip Ss l^konda Cold^fein JWia 5* anlay Ss PeVedy CanfeK All an Ss Pafk 3^kl T^vzi Pavdd Ss Pad^ate JNalk an Gaofftey Ss Cacilia 3ckaflar' sjame^ Ss Palla 3ckola^ Gilbed VatekeVer' Ss Edylka Votekev/ar' TWzz Pavid Ss ParLate Packed Mate Ss Catelyn T^vjbin^fein JWZ4 PovjI Ss Lanate3^idman JSon/ZS 3^pk an Ss 3vi?an ^Jo^apk Palar' Ss Cotel l^av/aan CaoK^a Ss 3 ketYi 3w^ey TMcvZ^ P ovig Ss 3tac&y Coken "f^ick Ss La\jten Coleman Ss Mede LaktVnan ]NovZ7 Ertc Fi^keK6 ^jvilie Pado-Fi^kaK Miok ael Ss Pabbie McPe/moff Edgar' Ss Faye Peterman ?Wza Lwin Ss Li^a 3imork }NovZ9 3^Ve Ss Maxine Gtef^ Paniel Ss T^obin Gteen^pvjn 10 WWVV.LVNERJAMID.ORGNovember 2006 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday 1 Thursday 2 Friday 3 Saturday 4 R/S West 4:30 pm JACS 6pm Shabbat Unplugged! Shabbat Service 7:30 pm Bible Study 9 am Minyan 10 am Torah Study 11am December Dilemma 4:30 pm Josh Knox Bar Mitzvah 5 6 7 8 9 io 1 1 R/S 9:15 am Confirmation 12:45pm Sisterhood Board Meeting 10:00 am Hebrew 6:30 pm Adult B/M 7:30 pm Conversion 7:30 pm R/S East 4:30 pm Gesher HS Program 6:30 pm R/S West 4:30 pm JACS 6pm Rosh Chodesh 6:45 Shabbat Service 7:30 pm OFFICE CLOSED Veteran?s Day Bible Study 9 am Minyan 10 am Torah Study 11am Jacob Friedlander Bar Mitzvah 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 NOR/S NO CONFIRMATION Hebrew 6:30 pm Adult Ed 2nd Mondays 7pm Adult B/M 7:30 pm Conversion 7:30 pm R/S East 4:30 pm R/S West 4:30 pm JACS 6pm Shabbatone Family Service 7:30 pm Bible Study 9 am Minyan 10 am Torah Study 11am Tot Shabbat @ GV Library 10:30am ? 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 R/S 9:15 am Confirmation 12:45pm Chanukah Shopping Extravaganza! 9:30-2 pm TNT Bowling Hebrew 6:30 pm Adult B/M 7:30 pm Conversion 7:30 pm R/S East 4:30 pm Gesher HS Program 6:30 pm Men?s Club Board Meeting 6:30 pm OFFICE CLOSED Happy Thanksgiving Shabbat Services 7:30 pm OFFICE CLOSED Bible Study 9 am Minyan 10 am Torah Study 11am 26 27 28 29 30 Dec. 1 2 NOR/S NO CONFIRMATION Hebrew 6:30 pm Adult B/M 7:30 pm Conversion 7:30 pm R/S East 4:30 pm R/S West 4:30 pm JACS 6pm World Aid's Day Gr. 4-6 Shabbat Family Service 7:30 pm Bible Study 9 am Minyan 10 am Torah Study 11am Liturgy 101 Noon 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R/S 9:15 am Confirmation 12:45pm ? Hebrew 6:30 pm Adult B/M 7:30 pm Conversion 7:30 pm R/S East 4:30 pm Gesher HS Program 6:30 pm R/S West 4:30 pm JACS 6pm Rosh Chodesh 6:45 pm Shabbatone Family Service 7:30 pm Bible Study 9 am Minyan 10 am Torah Study 11am Jennifer Cadish Bat Mitzvah ?( N ovember 2 0 0 6 l l ) Choice or Chosen? My J ewish J oumey By: Lynette Solomon 1 was asked to write an article for the Temple bulletin explaining how I decided to chose Judaism as my religion and way of life. I thought ?No problem, I?ll get out my essay I gave to the Beit Den when I converted and it will be done.? Right? Wrong! I found when 1 read my thoughts from that time in my life 1 have grown tremendously as a Jewish person. Here is my essay and then we?ll talk.... My Jewish journey started as an exploration. My husband is Jewish and we had decided to raise our son Jewish, but I knew nothing about the religion. When a friend saw an advertisement for ?A Taste of Judaism? taught at Congregation Ner Tamid I took it as a sign from God to take a look. After a few classes I realized I was finding more similarities, than differences, to the way I personally viewed God. It was during my Introduction to Judaism that I realized 1 had always prayed directly to God, never through anyone else. Maybe that was why I felt I never fit in at any other place of worship I had visited. When I started attending Shabbat services I realized this was a time to rejoice. Every Friday was a reason to celebrate, not regret. Judaism was beginning to fit better and better. As we continued to study I thought I would never get all the holidays straight. But 1 kept plugging away and as each one occurred it made more sense. Still it was a lot to learn and I felt intimidated at times. Now came the time to bring the traditions into our home. Friday night is becoming very special. We go to services and celebrate another Shabbat with our friends and then bring those feelings home with us. lighting the candles and being able to say the prayers by heart is a great feeling. I want those feelings and actions to be my son?s childhood memories. (J2 WWW.LVNER.TAMID.ORG )--------------------------------------------- I have found more and more of our friends are Jewish and it is wonderful to have such a strong common bond. 1 hese friendships and acceptance gives me a sense of belonging I never had before. Contrary to my earlier apprehensions, living ?Jewishly? is my way of life. My reasons for choosing Judaism are simple: 1 am a Jew because we are God?s chosen people I am a Jew because the traditions are the same for many centuries I am a Jew because we believe in one God I am a Jew because I want my son to view the world through Jewish eyes I am a Jew because we teach tolerance?It is the way to peace That was November 2000, now let?s fast forward to 2006. I cannot remember not being Jewish. I love Jewish discussions, foods, get the picture. I now work for the synagogue, my husband is President of the Men?s Club and my son attends Sunday School and Hebrew School. I love helping people and making a difference and Judaism brought that out in me. Why did I Choose Judiasm? I think it is more realistic to say it chose me; it just took me awhile to realize it. Read A New Journey Every Month! To Share Your Journey, Contact Roberta Unger at the Temple Office 0JACS *pm at Temple Office Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent persons and Significant others will once again be meeting at the temple office every Thursday. Rosh Chodesh/Women's Study SECOND FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH 6:45 pm at King David Memorial Chapel Join us before services for a provocative women's study group. We will discuss holidays, lifecycle events, the women in the Bible and how they effect our lives. Presentation topics and speakers vary monthly. Ongoing Monthly Programs ------- An Oneg Sponsorship was pledged by: For as little as $36 you can honor someone special and help Sisterhood. If you?d like to make a donation, forms are available at the temple office. Sisterhood thanks you for your continued support. Do you have a family member or friend who is hospitalized? Rabbi Akselrad would like to help you and your family by visiting Temple members and friends of our congregation who have been hospitalized. Due to confidentiality laws, there is no notification from the hospitals. Please contact Karen at the temple office 733-6292 when a family member or friend M hospitalized. Shabbat Transportation For Seniors Now Available! Transportation to the first Shabbat service of each month here at CNT for any senior citizen wanting to worship in the Las Vegas/Henderson area. Please contact Roberta Unger in the temple office 733-6292 for more information or to make arrangements for a ride. This program is coordinated by the CNT Chesed Committee through a grant from the United Jewish Community /Jewish Federation of Las Vegas. For information on the Alzheimer's Support Group please call 617-6430. We'd like to keep in touch with our College students, in-town or out, and we need your help. Please send us your students name, mailing address and email to so we can reach out to them. The best way for us to keep you informed of everything going on and where is via e-mail. If you're not receiving the Shabbas e-mail, Roberta doesn't have your address. Please e-mail her at or call her at the temple office 733-6292. Don't miss out! ?( N ovember. 2 0 0 6 13^ Tribute Form Please use one form for EACH Tribute (Please print clearly) FROM: Name: Address: TO: Name: Address: MESSAGE: ---------------------------------------------------'N Make checks payable to CNT Send completed form 6 check to: Congregation Ner Tamid 2920 N. Green Valley Pkwy, Ste. 521 Henderson, NV 89014 Questions? Contact the