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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, October 2002



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CoQgregatict) Ncr Tatpid Tan T3 n5np The Reform Jewish Congregation of Las Vegas ...A Special Place to Belong October 2002 - Vol. XVI No. 10 Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi Jennifer C. Weiner Assistant Rabbi Bella Feldman Cantorial Soloist Stewart Blumenfeld President 25 Tishrei - 25 Heshvan 5763 Irv Duchowny Jacqueline Fleekop Lois Bergman Andrea Brunner Executive Director Education Director Preschool Director Bulletin Editor Chanukah Bazaar The Annual Chanukah Bazaar spon?sored by Sisterhood, will be held on Sunday, November 3rd, in the Social Hall. The fun begins at 11am and will continue until 2pm. As always, our bazaar gets bigger and better ev?ery year. A raffle drawing will be held to bene?fit the Sisterhood Fun-D for Youth Pro?-ams with spectacular prizes! One Bng you can always count on is a mouth-watering lunch prepared by the Party Shop. The Gift Shop will be open with a sensational selection of gift items. You won't want to miss the crowning, of Ms. Noodle Kugel, Ner Tamid's award winning contest! Bring your family, bring your friends to this years fun and festive Chanukah Bazaar. To reserve a booth or enter the Ms. Noodle Kugel Contest, please call Arlene Kagan 307-8982 and Darlene Vaturi 869-3989 CNT's Second Friday Family Musical Shabbat Services are back! Beginning: October 11, 2002 at 7:30 PM 4th & 5th grades will be singing with the band. Don't miss the Shabba-Tones in action! Please Note: Our temple office is closed Thursday, October 10th for a much needed maintenance day. We will reopen on Friday October 11th. ?Jl'Uin eh Otji v SAVE THESE DATES! November 16 Saturday CNT Mensch of the Year Gala Fundraising Dinner November 17 Sunday CNT Mensch of the Year Golf Tournament For more information please check out page 4. In This Issue... Worship Services 2 Rabbi's Message 2 Message from our President 3 Religious School/Preschool 5-6 Auxiliaries 7-8 September B'nai Mitzvah 9 Anniversaries 18 Birthdays 18 Tributes 19-20 In Memoriam 15 Yahrzeits 21 (the Bulletin is published monthly) 4A SpeciaC Place ?To Belong?S Worship Services Conducted by Rabbi Sanford Akselrad, Rabbi Jennifer Weiner, & Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman Friday October 4 Shabbat Services Jade Soresman Bat Mitzvah 7:30 p.m. Oneg sponsored by the Soresman Family Saturday October 5 Casey Miera Bat Mitzvah 10:00 a.m. Kiddush sponsored by the Miera Family Bible Study 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Minyan and Torah Study 10:00 11:00 a.m. Friday October 11 Family Service with the Shabba-Tones 7:30 Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood Saturday October 12 Sean Mayman Bar Mitzvah 10:00 a.m. Kiddush sponsored by the Mayman Family Bible Study 9:00 am. To 10:00 a.m. Minyan and Torah Study 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Friday October 18 Shabbat Services 7:30 p.m. Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood Saturday October 19 James Jacob Bar Mitzvah 10:00 a.m. Kiddush sponsored by the Jacob Family Bible Study 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Minyan and Torah Study 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Friday October 25 PLEASE NOTE Office Closed for Nevada Day Shabbat Services 7:30 p.m. Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood Saturday October 26 Alexis Marshall Bat Mitzvah 10:00 a.m. Kiddush sponsored by Vivica Marshall and Todd Marshall Bible Study 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Minyan and Torah Study 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. j Rabbi?s Message MGo and Study!? The classic story of Rabbis Hillel and Shamai have a young man wanting to convert come to them individually seeking to know all of Judaism-?on one foot?. While Shamai lacks the patience to explain the core of Judaism in simple terms, Hillel is commended for stating, ?What is hateful to you, do not do unto others. That is the whole Torah.? What is often forgotten in the retelling of this famous story is the last few words. Hillel actually said, ?...That is the whole Torah-now, go and study!? Go and study. That is the key to Jewish continuity and survival. It is also the key to our own personal growth as Jews. The new year is often a time of great motivation. How very often do I hear the words that are music to the rabbinic ear, ?Rabbi, I am determined to learn more about what it means to be Jewish-where do I start?? As I am sure most of you have heard by now, one of my goals in our new facility will be to establish a Center for Adult Jewish Growth and Learning. This stems from the realization that adults learn differently than children; and also that creating a proper learning environment will truly enhance the learning experience. As with all goals, we need to start now to set the ground work for what will truly be a special place to study. In the months ahead I encourage you to pay close attention to the bulletin and other publicity that will highlight many new and varied course offerings for adult Jewish education. Our new adult education chair, Dr. Bruno Borenstein will be working with our adult education committee to provide some exciting offerings with teachers new to our Congregation. There is but one thing that these teachers will need: students! Please make it a new year?s resolution to get involved in learning a bit more about Jewish history, culture and language. A sampling of some of our current offerings include our Shabbat morning bible study, minyon and torah study. On alternate Tuesdays I have offered for many years, a noon Torah class. On Thursday nights Rabbi Weiner and I will be teaching beginning and advanced Hebrew reading, along with basic Judaism, conversion and adult b?nai mitzvah class. In this bulletin you will find information about our current offerings on spirituality and the meaning of prayer. Look for classes in the months ahead in Jewish literature, astrology, and bible. In February you will be treated to one of the most outstanding multi talente 4 scholars we have ever had in our community. Danny Messeng-composer, writer, singer, actor will present an amazing weekend of song and spirituality. So, please make this year?s resolution one to be a bit more learned and committed to our faith. Your children will learn from your example, and you too will find in learning about Judaism that there is much to know about the most compelling issues of our times. Looking forward to studying with you in the months ahead, Sanford Slfsefrad Check out the Adult Education Classes on Page 11 Congregation N e r Tam id October 2002 Temple Board Members r. Stewart Blumenfeld President :orr Stolberg VP Administration Gookie Lea Olshein, esq VP Membership Ira Spector Hillary Torchin Mindy Wadkins Gina Polovina Ira Miller Doug Unger Lynn Sasso Maxine Molinsky Yvonne Gordon Beth Bromberg Aimee Knox Cecilia Schafler Stacey Yahraus Marla Leyizia Leon Marco Jordan Primack Ruth Urban Howard Layfer Samantha Willey Sandy Pittle/Herman Steiner Drew Levy Bob Unger Esq. Jerry Gordon Esq. Cal Lewis Eileen Kollins Kenneth Schnitzer Dr. David Wasserman Dr. Steve Kollins Hon. Michael Cherry Jr. Bernard Farrow UGENE KlRSHBAUM* uavid Goldwater* Rabbi Sanford Akselrad Rabbi Jennifer Weiner VP Religious Activities VP Education & Youth VP Member Activities VP Social Action VP Ways & Means Treasurer Secretary Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Sisterhood Brotherhood NTTY Golden Chai PastPresident Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Ex Officio Ex Officio Saturday, November 16 CNT Mensch of the Year Gala Fundraising Dinner $250.00 Sunday, November 17 CNT Mensch of the Year Golf Tournament $150.00 For tickets or to advertise in the journal book please call 733-6292. ESSAGE FROM OUR TEMPLE PRESIDENT A CASE OF INTERNATIONAL DISCRIMINATION Over the years, the sight of Israeli ambulances and paramedics racing to help victims of terrorism has become standard fare on U.S. television. One doesn't need to have the sound on to know that the locale of the tragedy is somewhere in Israel because no?where else do the ambulances and the paramedics exhibit a bold red Magen David. Israel's Magen David Adorn (MDA, the Red Star of David), founded in 1929, is its equivalent of our own American Red Cross. Not long after the State was created, MDA applied for membership in the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and its closely related parallel organization, the Internation?al Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRCRC). Both had ten criteria that had to be met for any new national society asking to join the international federation. These dealt largely with statements of mission and procedures, but one concerned the use of an identifying emblem. When the International Committee of the Red Cross was established in Geneva, it took as the organization's emblem an inverse of the Swiss na?tional flag, which is a white cross on a red field. Hence, the familiar red cross. When Israel's MDA applied to IFRCRC for membership, it easily met the nine criteria relating to mission and procedures, but asked if it could, in deference to the Jewish character of the nation and the symbol it had been using for more than 20 years, use a red Magen David as its emblem rather than a cross. Although a red cross had been the original symbol of the international or?ganization from its first days in 1864, by 1876 a few national societies? notably Egypt and Turkey?were using a red crescent, recognizing their own basically Moslem societies. In 1929, the ICRC changed its rules to accept the red crescent and also the red lion and sun then being used in Persia (before it became Iran) as the offi?cial symbols of its member societies. In 1949, to prevent proliferation of symbols within the humanitarian or?ganization, ICRC decreed that, while those agencies using a red crescent or a red lion and sun could continue to do so, all other national organiza?tions joining ICRC from that point on had to use the familiar red cross or a red crescent. Thus, in 1950, MDA was told it could join only if it used the red cross emblem. Despite its protestations that the cross is a Christian religious symbol, for more than 50 years the Red Magen David has been denied full status as a mem?ber of the ICRC. Instead, it has been offered ?observer" status, which means that, although it can partici?pate in discussions and collaborate with other members, it cannot vote on issues before the ICRC. Thus, Israel joins the company of Eritrea, Tuvalu, and the Comoros as states that cannot be full members. It also joins "Palestine", which is not even a state, in its observer status. In a certain pigheaded way, at least ICRC is consistent: Kazakhstan is being denied full membership because it wants to use a combination of the cross and crescent, recognizing both predominant religions of its people. This persistent denial is quite inter?esting, since ICRC has made at least one exception that we know of: in the ?30s and '40's the Nazi govern?ment of Germany incorporated a swas?tika into their red cross emblem. The German Red Cross was not expelled for this action. To its credit, for nearly 20 years the American Red Cross has been working to help MDA gain admission to ICRC, to the point where it has continues on page 4 October 2002 A Special Place To Belong continued from page 3 even been withholding its annual dues for the past two years. Congress has passed several resolutions urging ARC to continue to push hard on Israel's behalf. Not surprisingly, most Arab states are pressuring ICRC to keep Mb A out. The Inter?national Committee and the Federa?tion have come up with several schemes by which to offer MDA and other new organizations full member?ship, including allowing Israel (and oth?er states) to use a diamond emblem if they don't want to use a cross. The Israelis have rejected that of?fer and the issue of full recognition is still up in the air. Jewish and Palestinian paramedics who service both peoples based entirely on humanitarian need. The rapid response by MbA staff to terrorist events has saved many lives in the past and, unfortunately, is bound to save yet more lives before peace falls over Israel. Every terrorist act produces many more wounded than killed and those people rely on MbA staff and equipment to keep them alive long enough to get to a hospital. You can help, if you care to, by con?tributing to the American Red Magen bavid for Israel at 6345 Balboa Blvd., Suite 112, Encino, CA 91316. In the meantime, MbA goes about its business of saving as many vic?tims as it can. With its 550 ambu?lances and 9,000 volunteers, MbA also responds to thousands of traf?fic accidents and other events such as civilian medical emergencies all over the country every year (if you've driven in Israel, you know that there are plenty of meshuggeh drivers to watch out for). And in recognition of its status as one of the most technologically advanced humanitari?an assistance agencies in the world, MbA has been asked many times to help with disasters in all parts of the world. In 1999 and 2000 alone, for example, MbA responded to di?sasters in Greece, Turkey, Indone?sia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. In addition, ironically at the request of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Creesent Societies? the very people who won?t accept the magen bavid symbol?asked the MbA to help reorganize the Kosovo Ministry of Health Blood Services bivision into an effective and effi?cient unit. In the past, MbA has cooperated with the Palestine Red Crescent Society in trying to save Palestinian lives in the West Bank. Recently, however, it has become too dangerous for Israeli ambulances to go into the primarily Palestinian areas. Moreover, the PRSC has used its own ambulances to further vio?lence by transporting bombs and ter?rorists. (The IbF has documented a few cases.) On the other hand, in Jerusalem many ambulances continue to be staffed by mixed teams of B'shalom? Stezvart I 111 II Teiedaun Live at the Orleans! Back by popular demand- the amazing Debbie Friedman! The Las Vegas Board of Rabbis in cooperation with Hillel at UNLV is sponsoring a special concert to raise funds for Israel on October 14th at 7:00 p.m. at the Orleans Hotel. Tickets available at Temple office. For those who know Debbie?s music, it has become a treasured part of their lives. Congregation N e r Tam id ??JUjwjjfk <?/ die, QJ-mv ? Long time Las Vegas gaming executive and developer Ed Nigro is being honored as Congregation Ner Tamid?s first ?Men: the Year? at the Four Seasons Hotel, black tie dinner is Nov. 16. ?Mensch is a Yiddish word meaning a good hearted and caring individual who is honorable, decent, has character and is highly admired,? said Rabbi Sanford Akselrad of Congregation Ner Tamid. ?The finest thing you can say about a man is that he is a mensch and that?s how all of us at the Temple feel about Ed.? According to the Rabbi, he suggested Nigro when temple board members were discussing whom the honoree would be. The feeling, and eventually the vote, was unanimous. ?Ed Nigro, though he isn?t Jewish, has touched our Congregation and many of our congregants over the years,? said Rabbi Akselrad. ?He has demonstrated qualities that are embraced by Judaism ? qualities such as charity, community and loving kindness. He is one of the few non- Jews on our ?Wall of Honor? because of his tremendous assistance when we were building our Sanctuary in 1995. He gave us valuable advice and even solicited major gifts. He is a special guy with a big heart. We?re very proud to have him as our first honoree.? Ira Miller, event chairperson, said the dinn^ is a fundraiser to assist the synagogue meet its strategic goals, expand its services, and to better serve the Congregation and growing Jewish community. ?Just like Las Vegas and Henderson, Ner Tamid is growing and we?re being asked to do more for our congregants and community,? said Miller. ?We don?t want to say no and will not say no. That?s the purpose of a synagogue. Besides, this is going to be a fun evening and Ed Nigro is very deserving.? The weekend continues with a charity golf tournament on Sunday, Nov. 17. Nigro will tee off at noon and lead the tournament that includes hole prizes, all green fees, cart, complimentary lunch, and an awards party at 5 p.m. Nigro has been part of the community for 31 years. During his first career in Southern Nevada, Nigro was with Del Webb Corporation rising to Chief Operating Officer for its six gaming properties in the state. Following that, he operated the Aladdin Hotel & Casino, was on the Board of Director of the Elsinore Corporation (Four Queens Hotel & Casino), and owned and operated numerous other hotel/ casinos. For the past 15 years he and hu^k sons, Mike and Todd, have been engaged in continued on page 10 October 2002 Religious School News Religious School Calendar October 2002 Sunday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 1 2 3 6 b 9 10 13 15 16 17 20 22 23 24 27 No R/S 29 30 31 No R/S 11th - 4 & 5 grade Shabbat Every year it seems that things happen the same way: Leaves on the trees turn from green to red and the sheets on our bed change from plain cotton to flannel. Even in Las Vegas where October is an almost perfect month, we begin to feel the fall chill. The Sunday afternoon ride to Mount Charles- |en isn?t to escape the heat or to look for pinecones or to Pile a sled. It is to see the beauty of the trees. Every year the High Holy Days pass and we begin thinking almost im?mediately about Thanksgiving and Chanukah. September was fdled with apples, honey, shofars blowing, decorating the Sukkah and the rewinding of the Torah. It was also filled with the sad thoughts of 9-11 and what is happening in Israel. By being part of a community and our congregation, we brushed away the sadness to let hope into our hearts. By being part of the Jewish people we allowed faith to give us comfort. We all know somehow we will get past the difficult times. We realize if we have tomorrow, we have a chance to heal and fill our lives with new friendships, love and dreams. As families we must remember to take time to enjoy each other, and the world around us. By attending the Debbie Friedman concert we will feel the spirit fed by our pride as a Jewish people. The second Friday of the month Shabbat service, with the Shabbatones, add to vibrant memories of Shabbat that will last throughout the week. Religious School feeds our minds and souls. Things change and things stay the same. It is all part of the pattern of our lives. Change can be good. Stability is comforting. Change is an adventure. Come along with me for a great adventure?LIFE. Shalom, Jackie Torah 2 U We live in an age of convenience. We e-mail and we use the Internet for almost everything. It sometimes makes us feel as if the personal touch is missing. Torah 2 U is a program for adults that comes to you. Several friends get together to Study Torah in someone?s house. The portion is discussed in an informal manner. Then the evening seems to take off on a magical journey of its own with everyone sharing their opinions and learning with each other. We conclude with some desserts and beverages. If you are interested in being part of this program contact.. .Jackie Fleekop at the Temple office 733-6292. October 2002 A Special Place To Belong cut m#?Heei ahb kim?crcarteh It?s hard to believe that the High Holy Days are behind us and fall is just around the comer. We are all getting acquainted with our new school friends and teachers. Our students will be celebrating the Columbus day Holiday (All about those 3 ships) and the History of our great State of Nevada on the 31st, the day we were admitted to the union. Last month was a very busy one here at the preschool. It was a pleasure watching the children say the blessings over ?Apples Dipped in Honey? as they savored each bite of the sweet holiday treat. Our youngsters all got to blow the Shofar ( Ram?s Horn) and it was delightful to hear the sounds these little ones made from this traditional instrument. We made Shana Tova Cards for our parents and even our friends and wished each other a hearty L?Shanah Tova Tikatevu. The children had a taste of the round challah with raisins and we all said we are sorry to each other, for things we had done that were not so nice, last year. We said we would be kind to each other and our parents this new year of 5763. Our classes took the traditional Tashlick walk to cast away our sins. It was sure an interesting experience hearing how each of these 2-5 year olds expressed their feelings of hope and renewal this most holy time of the year.. Our classrooms are filled with exuberant and delightf? youngsters who enjoy coming to school and sharing a learning experience with their peers and dedicated teachers. Our staff is proud of the accomplishments of our students in this first few weeks of school. The children are all learning their ABC?s, numbers letters, shapes, colors and how to use a scissors, pencil, and glue. We are all enjoying computer, music and Spanish, Next month we will be preparing for Thanksgiving and our annual Thanksgiving Day Feast. Lois ?Bergman Early Education Director WANTED Substitute kindergarten teachers needed. Must be licensed in the State of Nevada. Call Lois Bergman, 733-6292 for further details. Braden, Zachary, Jordan, A lex & Nikki working on a project Oryea, liana, Sydney, Danielle & Michael (in back) ready for school The kids listen to a story Jordan Carter blows the Shofer Congregation N e r Tam id October 2002 Auxiliaries <^L?t?.z/zoocl d\(scvi 4*4* 4? 4?4> 4?^4?t4*4* Shalom, Thank you to all our new members who have joined and our members who have rejoined. Our membership drive has been a tremendous success thanks to Membership Vice Presidents, Sheryl Chenin-Webb, and Donna Willey. Thanks also to Lori Emptage and Fern Percheski for their work behind the scenes. Watch for a full story and pictures on the Paid-Up Luncheon in next months bulletin article. What a wonderful New Year Sisterhood has planned for you. Sandy Stolberg and Maxine Molinsky are working on the finishing touches of Sisterhood?s program schedule, putting together many exciting and new programs. We are gearing up for Sisterhood?s community-wide Hanukah Bazaar scheduled for November 3rd. You won?t want to miss this special event. Many new vendors and time of our regulars with great new merchandise will be ere. Arlene Kagan and Darlene Vaturi, Vice Presidents of Ways and Means, have promised that this will be the best bazaar ever! Marilyn Polovina Bulavsky is working hard gathering some fabulous raffle prizes. The raffle tickets should be arriving soon. Be sure to watch for them, as you won?t want to miss the opportunity to take a chance on some great gifts and support Sisterhood?s FUN-D 4 Youth. Of course there will be fabulous food, cooked by our Party Shop under the direction of Frances Klamian. Remember the mouth-watering brisket? You won?t want to miss that or the great noodle Kugels and latkes. We are calling all chefs. Please enter the Ms. Noodle Kugel contest. It?s a lot of fun and a great opportunity to show off your culinary skills. Please contact Darlene Vaturi 869-3989 for an entry blank and rules. The Hanukah Holiday Bazaar will also be your first opportunity to buy Sisterhood?s Cookbook, hot off the press. Great recipes from many of the women you know. Please come to Shabbat services on November 1 and sample recipes from the book at the Oneg. Lynette Solomon and Sherri Speaker have been working diligently on this project and are excited about previewing the cookbook in this way. We need your help. It is not too late to purchase Robinson- May coupon books with great discounts and a chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree at their new store in the Fashion Show Mall. Their grand pre-opening preview is set for October 22. Many Sisterhood Board members are selling the coupon books for $5.00 each. One hundred per cent of the proceeds will help Sisterhood continue to provide support to CNT. Please contact me to purchase a book or help us with the sales. The Misheberach Tallit project was a tremendous success. I want to thank Fern Percheski for heading up this project and covering the many details involved in getting this going, and Rabbi Weiner for all her creativity, spiritual guidance and support. Sisterhood owes a big thanks to the following women who shared their talent, time and TLC on this project to create some beautiful tallits: Janet Schlesinger, Susan Rodin, Debbie Hallerman, Kris Meyer, Leah Sichel, Arlene Palmer, Sandy Pittle, Gloria Helpern, Rita Malkin, Susan Charon, Betty Strauss, Maxine Gratz, Fern Percheski, Maxine Molinsky, and Ruth Urban. Check our website for the most up to date information on Sisterhood programs. Maxine Gratz has worked very hard to put this together. Our website address is Please feel free to call me at 768-8529, or email me at if you have any questions about Sisterhood. I welcome your comments and suggestions. My Best, Hfyltfi Sisterhood Congregation fA[er ?Tamid A Special October 2002 Place To Belong Auxiliaries Continued Men s Club With A Little Help From Mv Friends ? I have a great idea for the Men?s Club paid up dinner,? said Don Marcus. ?Let?s invite the Mayor to speak? ?Sure,? I said, while thinking there is no way the Mayor is going to come on a Sunday night to address a Men?s Club group. Guess what? I was proven wrong again. Time after time I?m amazed at what a creative and hard working group of guys we have. It?s hard for me to delegate and let other men get the job done, but I?m learning the more I do delegate the better results we achieve. The paid up dinner, Sunday October 20lh is a good example of what I?m talking about. Beginning with an idea from the Rabbi, it grew with hard work by many people, to become a great success. I asked Rabbi Akselrad if he had any ideas how we might increase our membership. He told me he had just met an executive at the Gold Rush Casino who would be willing to donate steaks to the temple. ???Why don?t you have something like Sisterhood where everyone who pays their dues can come to a free dinner?? he suggested. I presented the idea at a Board meeting and Joe Jolcover said he?d be happy to chair the event. Someone else suggested that real men Bar B Q . That?s when Don Marcus said he?d get a speaker. The rest is history. Stu Solomon did his usual creative job of publicity and Alan Nathanson got out the mailings. All I did was take the credit. Ident -a- Kit The same story is true for the kids Ident- a- Kit project. Irv Duchowny and I were talking about some of the things he had done with his former temple brotherhood. As he discussed the Ident- a- Kit project I became excited. Missing children are a terrible tragedy and this idea could help save a kid who might disappear. It was a major undertaking. Could we do it here? I told Alan Popowcer about the idea and he volunteered to take it on. Once again his crew did all the work and had great success. The reaction to the project has been so positive that I?m sure this will become an annual event. Speaking of annual events (pretty clever transition), I want to thank everyone who made Holiday Ushering and the Sukkah raising such successes. All I did was explain what needed to be done and I had plenty of volunteers. We all had a lot of fun and everyone did a great job. Becoming Number One We have many projects still to be accomplished this year. I?m happy to see that many new members are volunteering and becoming involved. Although the year is young, you have already helped the temple and the community in many ways. I promise to stay out of the way and let you build the best Men?s Club in the country. Shalom 9-foward Layfer President Congregation N e r Tam id The Future of i\er Tamid Congregation Ner Tamid is a place where we have always celebrated who we are, where we came from and where we ar^ going. Recently, most of the discussion overheard amonj congregants has been with the regard to the last of these, where is our temple going? Answering that question literally: Today there are no streets, as a matter of fact; there is barely a path. Native creosote bushes, bursage and yuccas dot the landscape. Gentle winding washes meander through the site giving no clue of where they begin or end. To the west of our future home the foothills of the Spring Mountains frame our ever beautiful desert sunsets. The desert holds so much symbolism for us as Jews and so it seems quite appropriate that a stretch of sand become the new home of Congregation Ner Tamid. We are in escrow on a piece of land located just west of the beltway and West Sunset. In the not so distant future, this will be a place where the sounds of trickling water will sooth those seeking solace in a lush and protective healing garden. Where parents and grandparents will cheer their kids on as they play ball on the CNT ball field and the laughter of families and friends gathering together to celebrate a wedding, baby naming or B?nai Mitvah will ring out in a park-like setting. The buildings, rich in texture, color and light, will be laid out in a campus fashion, linked by courtyards and open spaces. A new Biet Tefilah will offer an intimate atmosphere for services and small weddings. Imagine shabbat services under the stars oif warm October night- the planned amphitheater will make tha* possible. Even though Rabbi Akselrad enjoys joking about teaching classes and looking out at a room full of adults in desks built for 10 year olds, the new campus will ultimately house separate education facilities for adults and children as well as a state of the art preschool. Our teenagers will at last have a lounge they can truly call their own. For our older, perhaps retired members, a place to meet, dedicated to their activities, interests and needs. The sanctuary will be both warm and inviting and yet also be able to comfortably accommodate our High Holiday needs. And of course, there will be a kitchen that will make Frances smile. These are just a few images of the endless promise and potential our new campus holds. Although we, as a congregation, have been developing the ide: of a New Campus for CNT for quite some time, the process is sti in its infancy. Many decisions are yet to be made and not everything can happen immediately. The first phase of our new campus is scheduled to open for High Holidays 2005. We are very lucky to have the great vision and inspiration of Rabbi Akselrad and Rabbi Weiner leading us on this ambitious journey. The path ahead is long and actually very dusty right now, but the dream is becoming reality. (These thought contributed by Cecilia Schafler, a 30-somethin landscape architect, mom, and CNT congregant.) October 20C Jade Soresman October 4, 2002 Casey Miera October 5, 2002 My name is Jade Soresman. I am in 8th grade and go to Becker Middle School. I will become a Bat-Mitzvah on October 4, 2002 and I am very proud of it. I enjoy dancing and spending time with family and friends. I am a straight A student and I am a member of the National Jr. honor Society. I look forward to having family from Aus?tralia, South Africa, Israel and California. Please come and celebrate my simcha with me. Hello! My name is Casey Miera. I can?t wait until my Bat Mitzvah and neither can my family and friends. I am also waiting for one of the best times of my life and it?s taking forever to come. I am a 7th grader at Sig Rogich Middle School. I am on the school dance team and love playing soccer. I have been playing soccer for 7 years. Now you know all about Casey Miera, the soon to be Bat Mitzvah! Sean Mayman October 12, 2002 James Jacob October 19, 2002 Shalom, my name is Sean Mayman. I attend the Las Vegas Day School where I have many friends. Playing sports and watching UCLA football are my favorite things to do. I will be called to the bimah and become a Bar Mitzvah on October 12, 2002. I am very excited about sharing this special day with my family and friends. Alexis Marshall October 26, 2002 Hi, my name is Alexis Victoria Marshall. I am fourteen years old and I go to the Meadows School. My hobbies are playing soccer, listening to music and hanging out with my friends. I like going to the movies and playing with my dogs. October 26, 2002 will be a very special day that I ('ill always remember not only because it is my Bat Mitz- Ith, but what a great occasion to celebrate with my fami?ly, friends and loved ones. Hi my name is James Jacob. I wil