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Transcript of interview with David Broxterman by Dr. David Emerson, October 24, 2007






Need for engineering school explained; reluctance of engineers to stay in Vegas if education was not available; need for Air Force association to support program; FRGE group formed (Foundation for Resource Gains through Engineering); members included Bill Becker, Bob Gore; working with Nevada Association of Counties; media campaign. Gaining support of regents; mention of regents Lily Fong and Jack McBride; convincing legislature to support southern as well as northern school; engineering advisory council at UNLV; support from UNLV President Goodall; vice president of PEPCON on board; mention of Bob Weber, head of Nevada Professional Engineers Organization, and June Whitley, officer in telephone company. Personal background in military; need for technically trained professional engineers; currently administrative manager for Clark County School District (CCSD); time spent at Pentagon and TAC; graduate of Air War College; U. of Colorado for postgraduate degree in education; undergraduate work done at U. of California, Sacramento; tour in Vietnam; opinions on more rigidity in examination of instructors; opinions on negative and positive motivation for learning. Coming to Las Vegas; retiring from Air Force, 1981; formed private company, Logistics Technology Incorporated, to do hazardous materials work; hired to set up hazmat program for CCSD; stayed on to manage CCSD building program; currently creating energy-efficient mechanisms for schools; looking at alternative energy sources; working on green building certifications; many employees are graduates of UNLV engineering school. Maintenance of solar panels; working with Nevada Power; opinion of aesthetics of windmills; comments on efforts by FRGE to start engineering college; more comments on support from media, chamber of commerce, Nevada Development Authority, Nevada Association of Counties, university regents; passing reference to Runnin' Rebels; further mention of Bob Gore, Bill Becker, Fred Lewis, Tom Harden of PEPCON, and Hughes Summa Corporation.

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David Broxterman oral history interview, 2007 February 24. OH-00273. [Transcript]. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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An Interview with David Broxterman An Oral History Conducted by Dr. David Emerson The UNLV @ Fifty Oral History Project Oral History Research Center at UNLV University Libraries University of Nevada Las Vegas 2007 ©UNLV@ FIFTY Oral History Project