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Newsletter from Congregation Ner Tamid, October 1991






Newsletter from Congregation Ner Tamid, October 1991

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Congregation Ner Tamid The Reform Synagogue of Las Vegas 2761 Emerson Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121 Ruth Fife, Executive Director Jeanne Schomaker, School Principal Terri Herman, Bulletin Editor October 1991 Tishri - Cheshvan 5752 Sanford D. Akselrad, Rabbi Cal Lewis, President Julie Gruber, Preschool Director Schedule of Services Friday. October 4 6:00 p.m. Kindergarten & First Grade Shabbat Dinner 7:30 p jn. First Grade Consecration Conducted by Rabbi Akselrad Oneg sponsored by the Godorov Family in honor of Jordon Godorov's Bar Mitzvah and Klein and Epstein wedding Saturday. October 5 10:00 a.m. Bar Mitzvah of Jordon Godorov Conducted by Rabbi Akselrad Oneg Sponsored by the Godorov Family in honor of Jordan's Bar Mitzvah Friday. October 11 8:00 p.m. Services Conducted by Rabbi Akselrad Oneg Sponsored by Sisterhood Friday. October 18 6:00 p.m. Sixth Grade Shabbat Dinner 7:30 p.m. Services Conducted by Rabbi Akselrad Oneg Sponsored by Sixth Grade Parents and the Giles Family in honor of Libby's Bat Mitzvah Saturday. October 19 10:00 a.m. Bat Mitzvah of Libby Goldstein Friday. October 25 8:00 p.m. Services Conducted by Rabbi Akselrad Oneg Sponsored by Sisterhood CHAI YEAR CELEBRATION 5752 marks a very special year in the history of Congregation Ner Tamid. Founded in 1973, Congregation Ner Tamid is now celebrating its 18th "Chai" year. In anticipation of this historical year, many special events have been planned. At Rosh Hashana the Temple unveiled a "Chai Monu-ment". Designed and created by local artisan, Nikos Gousdavas, the 8 foot by 8 foot Chai is made of the finest mahogany. Used to commemorate life giving events of the Congregation and the Commu-nity, the Monument is proudly displayed in the Temple Sanctuary. In 1974 with guidance from the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Dr. Gene Kirschbaum and Dr. David Wasserman along with a board of directors were elected to organize and lead what was temporarily named The Reform Jewish Congregation of Las Vegas". Shortly thereafter the name Ner Tamid, Eternal Light, was accepted. It was an exciting time for the new Congregation. During the next ten years the Congregation had to relocate several times in order to meet the increased demand for services to our members. The Congregation leased land from the Bureau of Land Management and in 1984 began construction on its present facilities. Through the support of our members and community the dream of our facility became a reality. Rabbi Sanford D. Akselrad has served as the spiritual leader of Congregation Ner Tamid since February, 1988. "I have often been asked by locals and by colleagues why I chose to come to Las Vegas." related Akselrad. "Admittedly when I first learned of the opening in Las Vegas I knew very little about the city. Upon doing some research Yahrzeits October 4 Edward Freeman Rebecca Shapiro Irving Corben Benjamin Mendelson Milton Roth man Mark Friedman Irwin Feldman October 11 H.N. "Jack" Hepler Harriet Myers Edward Sanoff Teri Lynn Seltzer October 18 Louis Frank Arnold Nathanson Sol G. Stillman Doris Soren Abraham Livenston Sylvia Kramer Annie Lader Howard E. Weidenfeld Herman Mintz Aaron Sachs Louis Goldberg October 25 Sally Schuster Blume Louis Schuster Steve Lieberman Fred Bradfield Henry Gutman Morris Alper Tillie Bycel Mollie Seltzer (cont. on page 3) Congregation Ner Tamid ? Rabbi's Message Anyone attending High Holiday services at our Temple this year must have noticed something very wonderful: We are bursting out at the seams! We are at our largest membership ever in the 18 year history of our Temple!! And too, our Religious School, already the largest in the State of Nevada, has over 185 students!! Such growth gives all of us at Congregation Ner Tamid a great deal to feel proud about. But growth presents our Temple with challenges as well. Growth taxes our financial resources. Growth implies that our Temple is not only growing, but that it is becoming more diversified in terms of its' membership. We are in the process of planning a variety of new programs. And of course, there is the continued process of integrating new members into the Congregation. How these, and other challenges will be met is up to each one of us. No single board, no single leader, no single Rabbi or administrator can do it all. Only by working together can we continue to keep our Temple strong and dynamic. Here are some suggestions on what you can do to help make Congregation Ner Tamid a "special place to belong": 1. Get involved. Bring your ideas, your enthusiasm, your suggestions to committee meetings and help make your Temple all that you want it to be. 2. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself to others at Services. So often we find ourselves talking only to those we know, unwittingly creating the feeling of a "clique" within the walls of the Temple. In actuality, most people find themselves most comfortable talking with those they already know. Many of us are a bit shy. Try overcoming this a bit and introducing yourself to someone you don't know. 3. Join one of our Temple auxiliaries. Be it Sisterhood, Brotherhood or Golden Chai, our auxiliaries welcome people to their membership. Each of these organiza-tions allows you to meet new people in an informal context. 4. If you have a child in school (or if you just love to be with children) volunteer to be a room parent, or ask our Principal how you can best help our religious school. 5. Be patient. It is very easy to judge an organization and ask why - "Why doesn't the Temple have this?" or "Why doesn't the Temple do that?" If you find yourself always asking these questions, let us know, or better yet, refer to suggestions one through four!! To one and all, to members new and continuing, welcome to a beautiful new year at Congregation Ner Tamid. Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi FIRST GRADE CONSECRATION On Friday, October 4th, the Religious School will hold the First Grade Consecration. This is a very special evening for this is the night that the First Grade will become consecrated Into the Temple. Each child will be blessed by Rabbi Akseirad and b e given a certificate honoring their CtoonUsteec!r ation President's Message Thank You! Thank You! Thank all of you. We have had a wonderful re-sponse to the New Year 5752. Our membership has grown to 375 families, our Kol Nidre Appeal was extremely successful, our religious school has al-most 200 students. What more can I ask for? That we all remember that this is our Temple family and we have to keep up with it. We must participate in its activities and keep planning for the future. The Temple auxiliaries (Golden Chai, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, and the various youth groups) have tremendous leadership and have booked interesting and fun activities for their calendar years. Please participate in one or more of these groups, you will be rewarded with new friends and a sense of belonging. These groups are always looking for helping hands. You will notice that there are many Temple committees that are active. Please find one that suits your interests and volunteer. The bulletin is your source of information, so read it carefully. Check with committee chairpersons if you have any new ideas or want to participate. We have had success and fun in the past, so we have even greater expectations for this year. Just a little reminder of coming activities (check with the office for times and chairpersons). The chairmen of various committees are looking for volunteers, let the office know that you are interested. October 6th Golden Chai / Temple "Good As New Sale" Temple New Member Event October 16th Sisterhood Fashion Show Remember that it is our 18th anniversary, our Chsu year, support your Temple by remembering your mitzvahs on our beautiful new *Chai'. I hope to see you all at some time during the month at Temple activities and/or at Friday Night Services. Shalom, Cal Page 2 Bar Mitzvah Hi. I am Jordan Keith Godorov. I am a true Las Vegas native, having been born in Sunrise Hospital. The reason I was born in the hospital is because I wanted to be near my mother! (My father told me to say that. Who is Henny Youngman?) Many people have helped me prepare for my bar mitzvah, and I espe-cially want to thank Rabbi Akselrad and Wanda Keith. One of my favorite things in life is my love of boats, that is why I like to refer to this occasion as really my 'boat' mitzvah! Seriously, I hope you can join my family & me at Congre-gation Ner Tamid on October 5th at Saturday morning services. Bat Mitzvah Hi! My name is Libby Goldstein and on October 19th I will become a Bat Mitzvah. I am an eighth grader at Greenspun Junior High School, and a member of the National Junior Honor Society. My interests include music... I have played piano since I was five years old and continue with my music studies today. As a member of the "Sign Design Theater" I have learned sign language and perform in sign language to music and dance. I am concerned about protecting our environment, and making the world a better place to live. I can't wait for the big day when family and friends will share with me and my parents, Jo Ann and Brad Giles, this joyous occasion. Tot Shabbat Mark your calendars now for this successful program once again this year. Tot Shabbat is a special Sabbath morning program designed for children 2-5 years of age and their siblings. Last year over 80 children participated in the Tot Shabbat program. Geared especially for younger children, Rabbi Akseirad will conduct a special abbreviated service for their children. Following services, children will participate in exciting arts and crafts projects and have lunch to complete a fun filled morning. Place: Temple Sanctuary Time: 10:00 a.m. Date: October 26th YES, WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE TOT SHABBAT AND OTHER PROGRAMS: NAME: ADDRESS: PHONE: ^CHILDREN'S NAME: CHAI YEAR CELEBRATION (cont. from page 1) I learned of the vibrant growth of the Jewish community and indeed the entire city over the past few years. I wanted to be in a city where I could make a difference and where I could serve as a guide in managing and facilitating the growth of a young congregation. Congregation Ner Tamid fits that mold." Akselrad notes that over the past few years his career goals have been more than met. Congregation Ner Tamid is now the fastest growing Reform Congregation in the West, with the largest religious school in the State. "Our membership is the highest in its 18 year history" notes Akselrad. " This is due in part to the natural timing of the cities's growth, but its is also due to the leadership and staff that has chosen to become involved with the Congregation. In just the last few years our program has expanded tremendously as has our staff. We have three auxiliaries, Golden Chai for seniors, Sisterhood and Brotherhood. In addition, we have Youth Programming for children ages 8-17. We have two choirs and three outstanding cantorial soloists who lead us during Shabbat Services." This fall the Congregation will launch a brand new Preschool serving families of children ages 3-5. "I have been asked since the first week I arrived in Las Vegas when I would start a Jewish preschool. I would tell people that the time was not yet ripe. Now, the time is ripe. The response to our new program has been very rewarding." Rabbi Akselrad notes with special pride two programs in particular that he and his Temple have brought to the Synagogue and to the City of Las Vegas. "A little over two years ago we launched an Outreach program to interfaith families. Now working in conjunction with Jewish Family Services we* have a community wide program that services over 100 families a year. The purpose of Outreach is to welcome and integrate interfaith families into the Jewish community and into congregational life. The second program I am especially proud of is the annual Yom Hashoah Observance (Holocaust Memorial Day). I noted immediately that in Las Vegas there were many many people who in one way or another had been touched by the Holocaust. I saw too that there were many who were ignorant of the teachings of the Holocaust. I felt it only proper that the Jewish community and the general community come together on a yearly basis to remember this devastating time in Jewish history." Currently Rabbi Akselrad and Congregation Ner Tamid are working with other Synagogues in the area to form a community Hebrew High program. This program will bring together students from all Jewish denominations. The purpose of the program is to provide ongoing socialization and study for local teenagers. And now we are celebrating another exciting year. When asked about this joyous event, Past President Mike Cherry said "As one of the founding members, it gives me great joy to be able to celebrate the Chai year with all our members. Our growth has been phenomenal. Today we have over 370 member families. Past President Ken Schnitzer commented recently "Over the past few years I have noticed a tremendous growth in our Temple and I am proud to be part of our Temple community in our eighteenth year. President Cal Lewis expressed all our feelings when he stated "It is quite an honor to have been chosen President during our Chai year. I know that with everyone's hard work and dedication we can make this a very successful year that will lead to another eighteen years." Paae 3 Congregation Ner Tamid ? COMMITTEE NEWS COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON(S) Art & Beautification Ywone Gordon Break the Fast Rita Malkin, Helen Zliser Budget Sheldon Rosenberg Goods & Services Auction Dyane Kohnen, Lois Doctors Historian Sandy Ewan House Harry Rubinson Kol Nidre Michael Cherry Long Range Planning Ken Schnitzer Membership Dyane Kohnen Outreach Lois Doctors Passover Seder Phyllis Mark Publicity Kathryn Scott Preschool Denise Schnitzer, Debby Kaner Religious School Denise Schnitzer Ritual Alan Mann Social Action Eileen Kollins Special Events Bonnie Kamer Ways & Means Jay Poster Youth Activities Dotty Gross, Randy Spoor Membership News... New Member Social This has been a wonderful High Holiday Season for our Temple! Congregation Ner Tamid has grown to 379 Temple Families. It is thrilling to see so many new faces at Services. With our recent increase in membership, it is very important for us to get to know you. A "New Member Social" has been scheduled to give everyone the opportunity to meet the Rabbi, the President of Congregation Ner Tamid, the Membership Committee, and for you as new members to meet one another. This event will be held at the home of Dyane and Sig Kohnen on Sunday, October 6th, at 6:00 p.m. We look forward to involving you in our many Temple activities, and know you will grow to love Congregation Ner Tamid as much as we do! L'Shana Tovah, Dyane Kohnen VP Membership Thank You's To Gail and Harvey Godorov for the two file cabinets and wood shadow box donated for the Religious School and Pre-school. To Mr. & Mrs. Abe Fox for the dona-tion of a commerical dishwasher for our kitchen. To Randi & Lee Friedman for their donation of toys for the Preschool. To Jennifer & Mark Ohriner for then-donation of toys for the Preschool. To Jackie McRitchie for the donation of toys for the Preschool. To the Weissman Family for the do-nation of a fax machine for the office. Rabbi Akselrad would like to be helpful to you and your family when-ever possible, particularly by visit-ing Temple members and their fami-lies when they are in the hospital or nursing home. The Temple office tries to maintain a current list of those who are hospitalized, so please call the Temple office to let us know when you are going into the hospital. Office M 733-6292 THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHOHELPED AT HIGH HOLIDAYS Renee Campos, Alan Hirsh, Lori Frankl and Jay Poster for helping to Conduct the Youth Services. Dr. & Mrs. Roger Simon and Dr. & Mrs. Joel Davidson for the dona-tion of the flowers for the bima for High Hobdays; Alan Mann for chairing the Ritual Committee and doing such an excellent job with High Hobday hon-ors; Mike Cherry & Sheryl Kogan for their tireless efforts to make our Kol Nidre Appeal such a success; Brotherhood for ushering at High Holidays; Sheryl Webb, Marilyn Glovinsky, Eileen Kollins for helping Ruth at the front door; The Membership Committee for helping the Temple make 375 mem-ber families; The Break the Fast Committe and their chairpersons, Helen Zliser and Rita Malkin; The Office Volunteers - Phil Selt-zer, Ida Aberman and Alma Bernay and Dyane Kohnen - we don't know what we would have done without you; The Custodian, Cliff Jamerson for a job well done and his helpers - Alan Hirsh, Andrew Gratz, Doug Stadt and Aaron Cohen for helping with chairs and risers. At most Friday night serv-ices, congregants can partici-pate in a special way by accept-ing honors such as: lighting the Shabbat candles, dressing and undressing the Torah or saying the blessing before and after the Torah reading. The Temple gives any of these honors to syna-gogue members who enjoy par-ticipating in the Shabbat serv-ice in this special way. If any congregant wishes to have such honors, please call the Temple office at 733-6292 so we can schedule your honors on a con-venient day for you. \ 4 Page 4 Congregation Ner Tamid Meal & Spiel Congregation Ner Tamid is again pleased to announce the popu-lar "Meal & Spiel". Meal & Spiel will be held on: Saturday, October 12 10:00 a.m. Rabbi Akselrad will meet with interested congregants in the Sanc-tuary for a short Sabbath service, followed by a small meal and a very timely discussion on the Torah por-tion or Jewish current event. Attention Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parents If your child should have a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah in 1992 and you have not already scheduled an appoint-ment with the Rabbi, please contact Sheryl, the Rabbi's Secretary. Students who will have a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah in 1993 will be sched-uled the beginning of January. More information will follow as we get closer to the date. Pictured above are (1-r) Adam, Noreen and Gary Sternberg along with Rabbi Akselrad. STAINED GLASS GRACES ENTRANCE The New Year was ushered in with a beautiful donation by the Sternberg Family, Gary, Noreen & Adam. Having walked up and down the pathway to the front of the Temple entrance for many years, the Sternberge noticed that the two large windows, one on the outside of the Temple, and the other on the inside Foyer area, would be ideal places for stained glass windows. So inspired, the Sternbergs donated the first of two stained glass windows to Congregation Ner Tamid. The window pictured above pictures a colorful eternal flame consistent with the sentiments expressed in the name of the Temple. Intertwined in the flame is the Biblical quote, "Blessed shall you be in your coming in...Blessed shall you be in your going forth". This quotation was selected because it expresses so well the feelings of welcome as people enter the Temple. Designed by renowned local artist Nadine West, the Art Glass Center beautifully executed her design. Gary Sternberg, who has done stained glass for many years, worked with Nadine and was confident that her design would be outstanding. The Temple wishes to thank the Sternbergs for their most beautiful and generous donation. We know that all who enter our portals will be inspired by the window's message. Due to an error, the following memorial was omitted from the Yizkor book: In loving memory of Marion Yarchever Delia Yarchever Joseph Yarchever Regina Cohen Remembered by The Yarchever & Heit families Gil, Regina, Matthew, & David We give our sincerest apologies. yj TEMPLE WISH LIST 1. Books for our Library. 2. Incidental kitchen items or $100. 3. Floor scrubber or $150. 4. Commercial stove with grill top. 5. Fire-proof Filing Cabinets 6. File Cabinet for Choir. NEED TO GET INTO THE TEMPLE? In case of an emergency, call our custodian, Cliff Jamerson, at 734-1460. Paae 5 Congregation Ner Tamid ? The Religious School Staff... Jeanne Schomaker Principal This is Jeanne's 2nd year as our Religious School Principal. She graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia and has taught for many years, both in the States and abroad. She brings with her a love for children and an enthusiasm for learning. Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi Dotty has been a member of this Temple for five years, and has served on the Board of Directors for the past two years. She has served as Chair of the Youth Activities Com-mittee, and is currently the Youth Director for all four youth groups. Dotty attended Florida Atlantic University and majored in Early Child-hood Education. She is currently taking Early Childhood classes at UNLV. She taught kin-dergarten last year in our Religious School, and is looking forward to doing the same again this year. Ileen Spoor 1st Grade Heen moved to Las Vegas from Los Ange-les in December of 1990. She has a Jewish Early Childhood teaching credential, and she taught preschool for six years at Temple Ram at Zion in Northridge, California. She acted as Youth Director for seven years at Temple Ner Tamid in Van Nuys, California. Ileen is mar-ried and the mother of three children. She is currently active in the synagogue. She is looking forward to teaching the 1st grade reli-gious school class for the second year here at Temple Ner Tamid. As our spiritual leader the Rabbi is an integral part of our religious school program. The Rabbi is actively involved in every grade level and is here every Sunday Morning. In addition, he conducts a special service for stu-dents each week. Rabbi Akselrad has taught hebrew and religious school at all grade levels for the past 13 years in California, Ohio, and Nevada. The Rabbi will be teaching ninth grade confirmation class which meets Tuesday evenings. Dotty Gross Kindergarten Susan Einhorn 2nd Grade Susan has been a Temple member since her family moved to Las Vegas from New Jersey. She is a member of Women's American ORT, and an active member of Ner Tamid's Religious School Committee. Already possess-ing an associates degree from San Jose City College, Susan is currently studying at UNLV to complete her bachelors degree in the field of health sciences. She is enthusiastic about teaching the second grade. Dee Harrison 3rd Grade Dee is new to Las Vegas from Los Angeles. She grew up in Arizona, where she had her formal religious training. Dee owns a jewelry store in the Meadows Mall... Gem One. "I hope to bring some fun in learning Judaism to my 3rd grade class." Lorel Jane Ehrlich (Lori) 3rd Grade Lori has lived in Nevada for more than four years. Lorel comes to us with 18 years of Early Childhood teaching experience, includ-ing A.M.I. Midwest Montessori training. She has worked with traditional as well as flexible and authoritarian teaching methods, and is currently working at the Early Childhood Co-operative Program with the Clark County School District. She has also done instruc-tional classes at Charleston Heights Commu-nity Center. She is looking forward to teaching our grade class. Ricky Mintz 4th Grade Ricky has lived in Las Vegas for about one year. He moved here from Los Angeles, where he obtained his bachelors degree in Speech Communication from Cal State. He is cur- Page 6 Congregation Ner Tamid rently involved in market research for the movie industry. Ricky is looking forward to teaching the 4th grade class. He hopes to make it a fun and exciting experience for the kids. at UNLV, and a lifeguard at Wet 'N Wild during the summer. "I am looking forward to my 7th season and wish everybody a Happy New Year." Dean Goldhammer 5th Grade Dean was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He lived there for twenty-two years before coming to Las Vegas. He teaches in the Clark County School District at Chaparral High School in one of their specialized programs. "I look forward to teaching the 5th grade this year at Ner Tamid." Goldie Fahava Steinberg Hebrew Goldie was born and raised in Bat-Yam, Israel. In 1984 her family moved to Las Vegas. Goldie is currently a senior at UNLV working torward a Pre-med degree. In addition, Goldie is working at Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging. Active in many activities in the Jewish community, this year Goldie will serve on the Board of Young Leadership of the Jew-ish Federation. Goldie is looking forward to meeting and working with both the Religious School staff and the students. Wanda Keith Hebrew Wanda will teach Hebrew in the 2nd, 4th and 6th grades. She will also be teaching pre-confirmation. She is employed by CCSD teach-ing third grade. She has a M. Ed. in Special Education. "I have been teaching Hebrew for many years. I look forward to a wonderful year at Congregation Ner Tamid." Cantorial Soloist Renee Campos Music Shelley Brooks 6th Grade Shelley is currently employed by Clark County as a 6th and 7th grade reading teacher at Greenspun Jr. High.. She has been in Las Vegas for one year. Prior to that, Shelley spent eight years in Dallas, Texas. She is a graduate of the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. She was born and raised in Boston, MA. She will be teaching the 6th grade reli-gious school class Melissa Glovinsky Hebrew Melissa will be teaching Hebrew and the B'nai Mitzvah class this year. She is a student Renee was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in California. She has sung profession-ally for 20 years. Among the temples she's served as Cantorial Soloist is Shir Chadash in Woodland Hills, California, where she sang for High Holidays. We're looking forward to hav-ing Renee with our Religious School. Gail Taub Art Gail is a new member of the community here in Las Vegas. She is an Arts and Crafts teacher at Lee Wards, and will be one of the Art teachers for the Religious School. She has participated in many school programs in Cali-fornia. She was a textile designer in New York, and in the south. She is now a member of American Women's ORT and Hadassah, and is looking forward to meeting her students. Terri Herman Art Terri has been a member of Ner Tamid for nearly four years. She has been the Bulletin editor for two years and has served on the Outreach Committee. Terri haB a B A . degree in product design from Michigan State Univer-sity. She is currently doing free-lance graph-ics, rendering, and interior drafting. She is also expecting her first child at the end of January. 1 am very excited about teaching art to this years Religious School students." Not Pictured Alan Hirsh Music Teachers Aides Andy Gratz Melissa Kaufman Brian Spoor Jennifer Gross Dustin Ferman Aaron Cohen Michael Giordano Jeremy Kohnen Paoe 7 Congregation Ner Tamid ? BIRTHDAYS Sanford D. Akselrad Hortense Alper James Arnold Harris Barnett Stephanie Cohen Nancy Colyar William Denton-Pratt Michele Diamond Beth Dias Loryn Dunn Scott Epstein Stephanie Epstein Lewis Etcoff Charles Etcoff Sally Feldman Ramona Fessler Joshua Flushman Abe Fox Richard Glasser Harvey Godorov Micah Goldsmith Miriam Gordon Elayne Gousdavas Steve Gratz Maxine Gratz Andy Gratz Jamie Greenspun Cody Eric Grobstein Henry Harrison Michele Johnston Fred Kallick Erin Kane Mark Katz Melissa Kaufman Richard Klamian Harper Klamian Judith Klein Lisa Kollins Martin Kravitz Shirley Kravitz BIRTHDAYS (cont.) Marilyn Lehrner Maria Levey Ira Levine Michael Levine Shira Lewis Phyllis Lewis Judith Liebert Shirley Marcuse Larry Miller Cindy Milmeister Michael Murillo Judith Mutnick Amanda Newmark Scott Ober Jay Poster Freema Robbins Janis Rounds Harry Rubinson Midge Rubinson Michael Saltman Denise Schnitzer David Schwartz Shawn Scott Cheri Serlin Marlene Sherman Leonard Simon Melissa Simon Jordan Slocum Kimberly Stein Alan Stone Frederick Treat Michael Treat Lauren Vogel Aimee Worth Daniel Zabinofsky Special September Belated Birthday Wishes to Michael Giordano & Amanda Stuart Tell & Kvell Did a member of your family receive a special honor? Was there a new birth, mar-riage, or special event in your family? Any member of the Temple who wishes to share a memorable event with the rest of the congregation is en-couraged to do so. Please type the infor-mation you would like to submit, along with an appropriate picture, and give to the Temple of-fice (or Terri Herman) before the 15th of the month. We will put it in the next months bulle- ^ tin (room permitting), JJ ANNIVERSARIES Thomas & Merrie Bigham Mitchell & Debra Cohen Arthur & Shirley Gellin Robert & Patricia Gittelson Randy & Lisa Goldhammer Shalom & Sherill Hogeg Steven & Linda Janovitch Sig & Dyane Kohnen Melvin & Helen Krauss Paul & Beth Rogers Peter & Jeanne Schomaker Bob & Adrienne Unger Howard & Susan Weiner ? ^ Sisterhood Tributes From: Audrey, Joel, Justin & Matthew Mishalow To: Dr. Bob Levin In memory of your beloved wife, Berniee. From: Rose Dunn To: Jack GasBer In memory of your wife, Shirley. From: Rose Dunn To: Marlene Sherman In memory of your father. From: Berniee & Charlie Etcoff To: Mr. Alan Scholl & Family In memory of your beloved father. From: Phyllis Mark To: Marlene Sherman In memory of your father. From: Rita & Herman Malkin To: Marlene Sherman In memory of your father. From: Phyllis & Cal Lewis To: Marlene Sherman In memory of your father. Sponsor on Oneg Shobbot Do you have a special occasion you wish to celebrate by sharing it with others, i.e.: birthday, anniversary, etc.? You can sponsor a Friday night Oneg Shabbat. What a nice way to honor your loved ones. You can also donate one or two cakes for any oneg. Donor credit is given in the amount of $5 per cake. This credit goes toward your Donor Luncheon' hosted every year by Sisterhood. Please bring your cake or cakes to the Temple office and leave your name so you can be credited for your donation. Also, put your name, occasion, and the date you wish the cake to be served onto your cake box. Please call Alma Bernay, Oneg Shabbat Chairman at 645- 4124 for further information and thank you for your participation and cooperation. JJ Page 8 Congregation Ner Tamid The Sisterhood Set by Rosalie Lipton We are avidly working (at a feverish pace) on the Chanukah Bazaar which is being held on Sunday, November 10th. It will feature our annual Ms. Kugel contest (men are welcome to participate), raffles, mouth-watering foods (potato latkes, bris-ket sandwiches, hot dogs, bagels and 'make your own sundae' bar), very inter-esting wares from our Sisterhood Gift Shop, and other events that are still be-ing planned. We are also going to have a 'wrapping booth' for merchandise, wher-ever it was purchased. We only ask that if you want an item to be wrapped, that you place it in a gift box, so it is easier to wrap. We all look forward to having a fun time. The chairpersons for this event are Maxine Gratz and Marci Samoiloff. Did you ever wish that you could be in the spotlight? Now is your chance! We are having a Variety Show which is slated for sometime in January 1992. If you are interested in appearing in this show (or working behind the scenes) please con-tact Maxine at 898-3592 or Marci at 254- 4202. When you are in the market for that special occasion (announcements or invi-tations), why not think of our Sisterhood Gift Shop? We also carry Mezuzahs, greeting cards, statuary, jewelry, table-cloths, and many other items of interest. By purchasing any of these items, you are not only helping the Sisterhood, but also the Temple. If you are interested in any of the above items, please contact Mary Fox at 454-4452 or Phyllis Lewis at 458-8119. Either chairperson will be happy to meet you at the Temple to assist you. We have some very exciting events planned for the months ahead (as al-ways). Until next month! Mitzvah Committee A Mitzvah Committee has been formed to aid sisterhood members in time of bereavement. If the need arises phone the office and they will call the chairper-son of this committee. Golden Chai Although no articles appeared in the last bulletin (sort of a summer vacation), Golden Chai has been