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Minutes from Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors meetings, January 1957 - April 1963

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1957 to 1963

The meeting minutes of the board of directors of Temple Beth Sholom, then known as the Jewish Community Center of Las Vegas, Inc., include the proceedings of meetings held from 1957 to 1963.

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jhp000478. Temple Beth Sholom Records, 1945-2015. MS-00711. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

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MINUTES OP THE BOARD OP DIRECTORS, JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER OP LAS VEGAS.INC. January 7, 1957 Regular Meeting. A r egular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Community Center of Las Vegas, Inc. was called to order by Presi-dent David Zenoff on January 7, 1957 at 3:15 P.M. The following Directors comprising a quorum were present: David Zenoff Louis Mack Morris Engel Sam David A1 Goot Max Goot David Messing George Rosencrantz Harry Wallerstein Edythe Katz Ruth Irwin Murray Wollman - Honorary The following guests were also present: Merv Adelson - Building Fund Chairman Hy Goldfeld - Las Vegas Charities, Inc. Kay Wallerstein- House Committee Chairman Minutes of the meeting of December 17, 1956 were read and approved. Kay Wallerstein of the house committee requested that the Board of Directors reverse its position on rental for the Young Adults and the Jewish War Veterans. She also recommended that a curfew at 12:00 P.M. be authorized for meetings. She also recommended that she be permitted to raise the caretakers salary to $250.00 at some time in the future. David Zenoff reported that the pre-kindergarten School was at maximum enrollment of 100. The Religious Committee reported that no action had been taken on the recommendations approved at the previous Board Meeting. Merv Adelson reported that the Building Committee had cash on hand of $7,613.31. He also reported on progress of the Gin Rummy Tournament. He explained that the resort hotels were co-operating on the Tournament. He also stated that it was the opinion of his committee that the dinner to be held by Moe Dalitz for big gifts should be postponed until after the Tournament because of better ?rosDects of larger gifts if the tournament is successful. The build-ng Committee was also working on a deal for the 12 acres. The Chairman also stated that the entire community would eventually have to assist in various facets of the tournament and urged for complete co-operation of the membership. -j/f/7 2. First Vice President Melvin Moss arrived at 8:45 P.M. Hy ioli eld explained that the idea of the Gin Rummy Tournament originated with Harry Wallerstein. It was also explained that Oswald Jacoby had been engaged by Las Vegas Charities, Inc. for >250.00 per day with a maximum of #3,000.00, payable only if affair is successful. Hy Goldfeld also explained that due to a misunder?standing with the hotels a free ad in the Diners Club Magazine had to be cancelled; however, the misunderstanding was clarified and that the hotels were co-operating fully. Placards were being placed in all hotels and in air line offices. Publicity was being arranged with Walter Winchell through Gene Murphy. Merv Adelson announced that Sid Bliss and Lou Hanchon had agreed to honor the previous pledge of the New Frontier Hotel for ?$10,000.00. He also announced that no clearance had yet been ob?tained from the Post Office. The Building Committee also has good pledges of $27,749.00 Morris Engel noted that the Building Committee could obtain publicity on the tree planting ceremony planned for the Sunday School. Edythe Katz was excused at 9:15 P.M. David Zenoff read a letter from Morris Engel requesting informa?tion on insurance policies. The President announced that the Temple carried adequate insurance, and that he was turning all policies over to the Secretary. . The Education Committee reported on a letter received from Florence telin which letter is attached to and incorporated as part of these Minutes. L0uis Mack suggested that President answer letter for the Board of Directors. The Education committee also announced that the Adult Education Committee was continuing. Max Goot moved and Harry Wallerstein seconded a motion which was unanimously passed to authorize payment of $230.69 of bills sub?mitted for approval by the Secretary. A c opy of these bills is attached to and incorporated as part of these Minutes. Max Goot moved and Harry Wallerstein seconded the following motion: Resolved that Merv Adelson be elected to fill the unexpired term of Lloyd Katz who had resigned. The Motion was unanimously passed. Harry Wallerstein moved and ^ouis Mack seconded the following Motion. Resolved that A.E. Levinson be elected to fill the unexpired term of Director Harry Levy who had resigned. The Motion was unanimously passed. ft ?/?/**/ imp 3 a1 uoot reported that Jerry Mack had turned down an In?vitation to fill the unexpired tern of David Goldwater. H0 also reported that Ben Relin had not been contacted because of his aopar? problems in business, David Zenoft turned the chair over to Malvin Moss in order to nominate ;y Goldfeld for the Board vacancy. Hy Ooldfeld declined was then decided to contact Hank Greenspun for the remaining vacancy. Max Ooot moved and Louis Mack seconded the following Motion: Resolved that the action of the Board of Diredtors of the previous meeting assessing the Jewish War Veterans $50.00 for New Years Eve be rescinded. The Motion was unanimously passed. Morris Engel announced that he wished to introduce a By-Law aramendment which would limit the power of the Board of Directors to grant contracts of employment unless 12 Directors approved a one year contract and 15 Directors approved a con?tract for more than one year. Harry Wallerstein moved and it was passed 6-2 that this motion be tabled to the next meeting. President David Zenoff announced that he was appointing Ruth Irwin as Social Chairman and requested that she work on some plans which would encourage social activities at the Center. The Meeting was adjourned at 10:20 P.M. ? " Monday, January 1?,1956 ?o the Board Members of the Je-.*: h Community Cenv~- "^|| -M iressnti ng this conruinioation because I have*a aeeliiif of unfinished iiness concerning ny activities as orinci -il cf the Ji mrviay School during most of last year. Also because of my disagreement irith f ? > ? the choice of some of the personel and items of the Education Coimittee I feel it would be more fair to air my thoughts before the whole ^oard of which they are 1 part. Because of my 15 years of public school teaching and eight years of Sunday school teaching, I feel I am able to offer some guidance for the Sunday School which up to now seems to be lacking. Having been associated with the Sunday School I naturally was in a position to make observations more closely than others could ?which I should like to pass along for your evaluation. Since September I tried to present these points before the Board but because board of pressing business this hasbeen delayed until now which seems very late but"better late than never 1' First I shall take up the matter of Education Committee sub-committees. CURRICULUM - According to the bulletin this year's curriculum is essentially the same as last year's and appears to be a good one. There is one item- Hebrew dancing. How is this being accomplished, and what connection does it have with Sunday School teaching? Curriculum concerns, in simple Htoglish subject matter. j? subject natter across to the children is not a simple thin;;, but it must be made simple so that the children can assimilate it. If they cannot take it step by step the teacher must present it by half steps and in many varied ways so that the children will not only be receptive but interested. Teaching can be constructive or destructive which brings me to the subject of Ifi 38 i9N" \-i ? xJTV ?? A i un^VU V. ... h ee L. X Jsje\ r t,t their -1 irles ir /e been raised, w dch should improve tko quality of tba fenday School. I*triad to plant this ^AUT#hlSl3tiA(CM>^! partly because of m, L bopo. t t his is not enough. As far as I Kn&f, tnls conittee has sought out the new teachers, but nothing else, ff r ? ? Mothers have been saying, *My children are bored IrlSi S K^ay 'SikoolT^ftie bjggist I reason the children have not been interested in Sunday School is because the teachers have been ignorant of good teaching aethods. Before I came teaching had been done largely by workbook method which is deadly to the linri an d soul, and by coloring and cutting frci a printed manu JL which destroys creativeness and Interest, rfhen children are not actively engaged in creative work they develop sluggish work habits and become discipline problems, both of which have been plentiful at the Sunday School. T p resume these methods have been used because they were the easiest and the safest methods to put into the hands of an inexperienced faculty by a harrassed Sunday School head, also because of the ignorance of odern teaching methods. ? Last year I scrapped the coloring and cutting manuals in favor of creative art and handwork. I hoped thru teacher meetings and teacher education to this year scrap the workbooks, the teachers keeping only individual copies for their own reference. In this manner teachers teach children, not merely subject matter. While I was principal we had only four teacher meetings. Knowing the need to improve the teaching quality, I pressed the Rabbi for a time for fourth weting . a. vis always evasive. Therefor. I finally a* a tiw for an zoning rweting which 1 eyself could not attend due to my hoabend'a health which necessitated our being out of town. Thia weting was presided over by tb. Rabbi. ? This had to be done by the individual teachers in their classroom. This want the teachers had to knew how to teach a song. r ore, - a sned t e CJSrrtor if ? * - - hc er': MHino. . .... r wouldn t. This particular incident is of. a piece wit ? that* is characteristic of the nan it) Ms relation to the Sunday School and stems A / from a period before I appeared on the scene, I can only add that I believe he was further motivated by h is inability to teach and by his peculiar r.otion of in?vested authority. He stated that sinoe he was music head at the Center that sinking would be only -under his supervision!^ gsso-nbljr. On one occasion he a ked ne what right - had to teach a little girl a song which she sang for an assem?bly program as a solist with her class. Which song, incidentally, I had taught her and her class while substituting for an absent teacher. The Cantor demanded that I never do tkis again. I want to be very explicit in stating that the Cantor refused to submit the songs or the number of songs he intended to use in assembly either to the Rabbi or to me with the result that he used songs that were disturbing to the children causing discipline problems and disorderliness during his portion of the assembly period and made it impossible to schedule our assembly time. I suggested to the Rabbi that this problem be submitted to the Board. He said he would rather handle it in his own way. This troubled me,,but because of his newness in our community, I acquiesed. I did not wish to Jeopardise the Rabbi's position. I believe now that ny decision was wrong. Hot only did the Rabbi and I Continue to suffer because of the Cantor's lack of Cooperation but, which is more important, the children of the Sunday School siffered. The children should be the first consideration. Vhile I am on the subject of the Cantor in relation to teaching methods, let me advise you that while prevent Inn anyone else from teaching a song, he never taught a song himself. He merely plays the piano and sings, expecting the children to follow from the printed page. Usually he sits at the piano with his back tb TfiC children so he doesn't know who is singing or who isn't sinking; who is singing ight or singing rirnt. ??? never bx\l?ins to# ifaMller Bhrjlia':.; the unfamiliar Hebrew. He never dtnrlopj axpretaion or atiigiftg quality. noon encour. -e loud singing,,-r?r jfcrontnfl' id Mling, ?rd fro :u?n?ly looos temoer when the children are not- 4nihuist ie in their responses- for instance ien h e asks thee if they like a song. e completely ignores the little children. He has never, Xo nj knowledge, iol->efi then to learn a song or has chosen one on their level. For that reason one it is Just as well that the little children have been eliminated from the issembly. Furthermore the Cantor does not sing in key. This is dfinitely injurious o the children. It may handicap some children for life. '? '.' Thvsre is no committee for this. .'he kindergarten thru 3rd grades have been eliminated from assembly, rftiy? 'he reason, I believe is that they don't get enough out of it to make it worth-rhile. With the partitions up ther isn't enough room for then. Also it becomes easier to maintain order with a reduced number. he little children get a surprising amount out of assembly, except as in >ur case, in singing. Also they are the best behaved and therefore the most deserving. - b elieve it would be better to eliminate kindergarten from Sunday School mtirely until we move into larger quarters so they can have their own privacy ie 1ittle children need more than other ages, since they are easily distracted, tause kindergarten enrollment is always so much higher than the other grades, roup would free a great ieal more space for the other crades. ince it is the very first grade and the children are so young some are actually >t ready for school anyhow. Now, without the kindergarten in the assembly room, there would be only one rade conducted there for classwork, therefore there would be no need for the nv.elcjy and <? sightly partitions which are only a handicap for assemhly pro- ;rams, but w|?nin ana tne Dart it ions the onuarsri In grades T,2 arwj 111 *5 e i 1,1^) Wtifipate in the assembliss^^^ p?t do now. ;f:e HOTOMWJAW IIBRARY- NO Committee for this. It is high time a library was started for the Supdy* School. Idt>rtsting reading material would definitely stimulate our youngsters into an appreciation of Judiaism and in personally becoming good Jews. It might even be a reading haven fo*adults. It was *ny wish to start this library. I intended using ny Sunday School salary Tor this, which salary, incidentally. I have never received. gNROLiM&yr- I have been wondering how active the enrollment comittee^since ny children have not enrolled in the Sunday School this yearwj/fcp one has eniuired about this. spsciAi svairs- This committee, I presume is for special assemblies like iianukah, etc. In the interests of good education this committee can do the most good to concern itself merely with refreshments and to keep that very simple. The best assembly program is the one in which a maximum of children partici?pate with a minirum of ^reparation and fuss. It should be a direct result of actual classroom teaching and not A special display. 3t0hS- No committee for this, or perhaps the curriculum conmittee is handling this. Textbooks should be carefully examined and evaluated for content and suitability. New texts ; houd constantlybe reviewed. i, myself, should have preferred simpler context in some of our textbooks, but on the whole, considered them good, he are in need of good songbooks. Ir tynarvM^ A ili 1 H1IA \ mm otbmr m VI r\J u a J\ An I rdrtnk?n when I say there |fl nt least one individual on the Education rPff?^''tee *s n?t * nedbar of1least was not at the time of ; j T and did not vote ovon tho voicing opinions. Do you have the best selection of personal on the Education Committee! I, for one, was invited to attend the inception meeting of the education Corwittea why, he said, "Tou didn't fit in anyplace! }ty two sons, 8 and II, have been attending Hebrew School 2 years and 3 years, respectively. Prom this 1 nuke the following observations: For 3 years they havo been using the one single book which in ny estimation could be finished and done with by the average child in 3 months. Not until the 3rd year has my Ilyear boy been taught the Hebrew script by the 'antor. fhe younger boy started learning the Hebrew Script in his second year. The Cantor's wife is his teachwr. Thet^ounger child started learning script weeks ahead of his big brother. e 11-year- old has now finished with the beginners book and is reading from the sider- no vocabulary, no understanding, just lip work. This they nre doing rapidly. : don't see the value of this kind of teaching and if 1 could only find a good private teacher my two boys would not be "learning* at the Center. ke lantor's wife has said to me when 1 asked her about this, "What can I do? Svery once in a while I get a new child! Meaning that she holds the other children back to accomodate the beginners. That is not jood teaching. Any pro?fessional teacher will tell you that. There are country school teachers who teach kindergarten thru eigth grade in one room. They do not keep the elgtb graders graduating to accomodate the learning capacity of the kindergarteners. \A5\ac^?xo^=IGAJ8 3DA a thif& The Cantor1 V wife '. ? XJj>d and datifdl and sweet end I htf*e oven 0 A $W*V '&rsch is principal thi^ year. I >o^ieve you lost a good teacoer. 4AW In my opinion he is not ready for this position. He has, I believe, only had one year's teaching as a teacher even before he be^ee t**cher. and has not taught in Sunday School for a whole year. In assembly he is nervous and constrained. I believe you are pressing hi* prematurely. Later he could handle this Job. How can he give his teachers highly speel-diced help when he is Just learning this Job himselfT On your teaching I know of at least one person who has had more experience and ha^more stature for this difficult post. Although 1 did not acdoiplish all the things I should have liked, I believe I was resposible for some improvement. To facilitate so many children using such limited equipment and space and to improve discipline, I organized the coming and foing of each class, both for their rooms and for the assembly. This prac?tically eliminated children disturbing other classes because of tardiness or toilet. I believe 1 was responsible for orderly arrivals, dismiosals and assenblies; for an awareness of the necessity for self.respect for the respect of others. I believe that during my stay the children were happier by reason of improved behavior, as children always are, and that discipline problems were reduced to a negative quantity immediately upon wy arrival, which was what the parents and children wanted and the teachers enjoyed. Best of all there has been a carry?over of this condition since I have left which is due to good habits learned, both by teachers and pupils. This is also due to the fact that you now engage a stronger facuty. The Rabbi and I enjoyed eachother's full cooperation, but I know now that 1 did not have his confidence* This has left me sadly puzaled and disappointed in hi*. The reason I an putting this before you is because Ke evaded my many 1 e 0 J 5 J D W FH r i ft v?? ?beent fro* Sunday Schfyrt for many week* from February 195* p*.0 MN|| I ?n -/ >: oand was ecovered ?. <1 we we- V * ?> ? o r*t n to .3 togas, I spoke to the Rabbi and asked hi* if ha would like me to return to ^y duties. Ha said* "I*t me have a meeting with you first" THili'Htf^rtever did: However, II ca led him on the 'phone and reminded him of this. He said something e-vasive which 1 did not Guite understand about Harvey Hirach and 3emard Posin |and suggested that I come to help out in the office, which I refused. Uter I called the Rabbi again as it was the close of the school year, suggesting I rfe maet to evaluate the work done- how we could do better next year and the faculty for next year. We met, but the Rabbi was busy and tired, so I suggested we meet at another time , but I never again heard from him. I could not understand this attitude of the Rabbi's and consider it unprofession al. 1 feel I have an explanation due me, ..'as this attitude of the Rabbi's his own personal manouvering to replace me or was this at the request of the Board7 I was hired by the Board. Therefore I should also be fired by the Board. Why * was^I^jq^keyed around? Was 1 unsatisfactory? I want to know'. It might but to know^would do me a lot of good. JEWISH COWUHITT CSWT>H OF US VEGAS BILLS TO BE APPROVED BY BOARD OF DIRECTORS JANUARY 7. 1957 estern Heating & Ventilating,Inc. $54.40' ignal Super Service (Gas Indigent) 3.69 hilosophical Library, Inc. (Books O.K. by Rabbi) 3.45 o. Nevada Power Co. - Service to 12/l7/5o 44.00' ewish American Bookshop 4.41 " ood Center - Kitchen Supplies 3.31 o. Nevada Telephone Co. 14.63 s Vegas Valley Water District 4.B0 nion of American Hebrew Congregations 12.50 eresa D. Hubbell - Mimeoyrnphing 21.50 merican Assoc. for Jewish Education 10.00 Plaza Piano Craft - Dec. Organ 40.00 Calor Gas Service 14.00 Park Market - Calcutta Refreshments ^6?0a roiu>iHc pump H'MMAKY ANALYSIS OF RECEIPTS AM) DISBURSEMWTS - OCTOBER I, 193) TO JANUARY 4, 1957 ^ALANCE IN RANKS - SEPTEMBER 30, 1953 $ 51,640. 2 3 KCEIPTS - OCTOBER 1, 1955 TO JANUARY 4, 1957: ] C ontribution* $ 56,204.40 Interest 530.74 Loan* - Bank of La* Vega* 100,000.00 I Cln Runny Calcutta........ 979.66 Total Receipt* 137.714.88 JTAL CASH AVAILABLE $209,355.13 JISBURSEMENTS - OCTOBER 1, 1955 TO JANUARY 4, 1957 I Payment for Und 9 30,597.56 I Cone true t Ion Coete 167,267.86 3,053.52 Advanced to Gin Ruway Tournament... 317 .38 Total Disbursement* 201.73fr.92 LANCE IN BANK - JANUARY 4, 1957 $ 7.618.31 STATEMENT OF ASSETS AND LIABILITIES - JANUARY 4, 1957 ASSETS ln $ 7,618.31 ivances to Gin Runny Tournament 817.88 ^ 70,497.25 truetIon Cost* 167.267.86 Total Asset $246.201.30 LIABILITIES ie for Land 9 32,136.00 ?te Payable - Bank of Las Vega* 10 ).000.00 Total Liabilities $132.136.00 " 7 ^ ^ 7 /RW. jcLA^ty %*-<8*mk*k/ /AA* daM<^ /;'*; ";'?- <facc4 '[: y '' *' ^&t^Zj-c~P %<uA~*y //f X//* 7- /ou^ &261 A-^/ ^i l^~ r^jyt- 33^W ? '?> ? //crL> <' a*~a>^ (LjL^ IVWjl ,\jlX?7 Vv 0>^ui. .<rjtfJUJ8 \J -4-^ JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER OP LAS VEGAS. NEVADA MINUTES OP GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING JANUARY 22, 1957 A meeting of t he general membership of the Jewish Community Center 01 Las /egas, Inc. was called to order by President David Zenoff on January 22, 1957 at 3:45 P.M. The President introduced Merv Adelson, who was elected by the Board of Directors to replace Director Lloyd Katz. The President also announced that A.E. Levinson had been elected to replace Director Harry Levy, who had resigned. Harry Wallerstein, membership chairman, announced that iardner Greenman, Larry Mushkin and Irving Fields were actively at work in acquiring new members. Morris Engel, Jewish Education Committee Chairman, reported that excellent progress had been made in the Sunday School. He' publicly thanked the members of his committee who worked at setting up the Sunday School. Harvey Hirsh, Principal of the Sunday School, addressed the membership as to progress being made in the Sunday School. Louis Mack, Chairman of Religious Committee, reported that the committee is trying to encourage attendance at Services. President David Zenoff reported that the Pre-Kindergarten School was operating at full capacity and should realize a 35,000.00 profit for the year. Louis Bernkrant commented on the fact that the Pre-kindergarten School was teaching the students religious songs at Christmas time. A1 Goot reported that there had bee n reports of such songs but an investigation had revealed that only non-religious holi?day songs were taught. The President reported that there was approximately $15,000.00 in the bank. Merv Adelson, Building Committee Chairman, reported that the Sisterhood had donated $5,200.00 to the building fund. He also reported that there were $13,000.00 in collectible pledges for the building fund. He also reported that $979.66 was raised by the gin rummy Calcutta. The Chairman then outlined the details of the National Gin Hummy Tournament sponsored by Las Vegas Ch arities, Inc. He called upon members of the Congregation to render assistance during the Tournament. Hy Goldfeld, director of the tournament, rendered a report as to the technical details of the tournament. #2 Minutes January 22, 1957 <? -u W <?;yid rendered a financial report on the status o. trie building fund, a copy of which is attached to and incorporated as part of these Minutes. . .... President made an appeal to the membership to pay building fund pledges and to attend services. President David Zenoff reported that there had been a great deal of comment regarding the Rabbi and his contract and he requested that the membership discuss the Rabbi at that time. Louis Mack read the written report rendered by the Religious Committee. The various comments of the Congregation regarding the Rabbi are separately noted and incorporated as part of these Minutes. It was the opinion of the Congregation that these complaints be brought to the Rabbi by the Board of Directors and the Rabbi be given an opportunity to correct them. The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 A.M. Respectfully submitted, Morris Engel ? Indifferent?children Sunday School Shirley Babich Hold off talk now because Rabbi has not been contactec Larry Mushkin Conducted Bris with no Minion?Rabbi went on. Sam David ?No necessity to remind Rabbi?need a Rabbi who is an organizer. Louis Mack ?.....Goes around with chip on shoulder?does it with spite work-?Gave report of Roaick situation. Les Schwartz- -We deserve it, get Rabbi thrown out of another town. Get young Rabbi. Al Goot- Rabbi in Al's fathers Schule would not come to Las Vegas because of Fran Cohen? -Contact with Rabbi always pleasant. Rabbi has stayed through evening. Believes Rabbi. Harry Wallerstein??Please keep discussion tonight Sophie Katzman-???Through 3 Rabbis?not recorded respect. Mrs. Wiener Walk out on R abbi?this could be indifference Merv Adelson ??Father asked for Minion. Rabbi turned down- No Spiritual leadership. Mae Mushkin- ?Asked Rabbi if he could marry sister?will marry anytime, he said he would Will marry without Yarmelkie Max Goot- Rushed Arbor Day Program Suggestion Hearing Board Al Goot opposed Merv Adelson-suggest listening Mike Romich?Shouldn*t have to be told to do certain functions lack of activities?Arbor Day Percy Villa?Lack of attendance?Synagogue as good as Rabbi. Told son?a learned Hebrew School Rabbi said knows enough. Rabbi never encouraged children to attend. On three ocassions visited Rabbi?interested Rabbi organize Hebrew?would advance Rabbi names to pay so Rabbi could hire son and use boy?Rabbi turned down three times. Harry Wallerstein -1200 names not members?members give many complaints. Fran Cohen Wont attend because of Rabbi in meetings but conduct. Morris Engel Chanukah lights? Sunday School---no preparations for fall session. Kay Wallerstein ? flat salary Meeting adjourned at 11:00 P.M. MINUTES OK THE BOARD OP DIRECTORS JEWISH COWUKITT CENTER OP US 750AS.INC P.bru*ry 11, 1957 < Regular meeting. A r egular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Community Center of Us Vegas, Inc. was called to order by Presi?dent David Zenoff on February 11, 1957 at 3:10 P.M. The follow?ing Directors comprising a quorum were present: Sam David Max Goot Jake Kozloff David Messing George Rosencrantz Edythe Katz Ruth Irwin Fran Cohen Merv Adelson The Minutes of meeting of January 7, 1957 were read and approved. The President read a letter from the Jewish War Veterans containing a donation of $200.00 to the Building Fund. . A letter was read from Harly Harman indicating that the Temple does not have medical payment coverage in its liability policy. The President announced that twenty replies had been received on the letter requesting preference as to Conservative or Reform Services. The replies so far were too few to be indicative. Jake Kozloff reported that a sub-committee of the Building Committee had made a tour of the hotels regarding the Gin Rummy Tournament and that the home hotels had indicated that they were flying oeople in for the tournament. Ruth Irwin announced that the Sisterhood representatives to the Board of Directors were going to propose to the Sisterhood nembershio that the Sisterhood attempt to collect the delinquent Building Fund pledges. David Zenoff Melvin Moss Louis Mack Morris Engel President First Vice President Second Vice President Secretary IQhRESPONDENCE COMMITTEE REPORTS New Director A. E. Levinson arrived at 3:30 P.M. and was welcomed to the Board. //^ /?/;* /2 ? y i - ' o r r ^ o o r t e d t h a t t h e R e l i g i o u s C o m m i t t e e i n a c c o r d ?ance w the ?: the Congregation as expressed at the sr. . rv genera, meeting had requested a meeting with the Rabbi in ?r to go over the complaints expressed by members of the Con?gregation. The Rabbi asked the purpose of the meeting and when ar. o^.it was tc go over several complaints of the Congrega?tion, t e Kabbi stated that he had complaints against the Con?gregation and that he was resigning effective September 1, 1957. oss fit'ted that the resignation had been offered verbally and t.iat the Religious Committee took no further action rending a review of the situation by the Board of Directors. rv Adelson reported that local support of the tournament was better than anticipated and that the local banks were donating entries from Nellis. 6 OLD BUSINESS Morris Sngel moved that the By-Laws be amended to restrict the Board o: Directors from granting written contracts of employ?ment without 12 affirmative votes of Directors and further requir- *.::irmative votes to grant contracts in excess of one year. T h e m e t r t e r w a s d e f e a t e d 1 2 - 1 . Max Ooot moved and the Board unanimously Dassed a motion approving the payment of bills totalling 3629.39 submitted by the Secretary, except as to $49.85 U.A.H.C. bills Included therein. A copy ol bills submitted is attached to and incorporated as Dart of these minutes. NEW BUSINESS Louis Mack moved and Max Goot seconded a motion which would restrict the Board of Directors from granting contracts of em?ployment in excess of one year. After much discussion the motion was withdrawn. A di scussion next moved on the Religious Committee Report, are Koxloff moved and Sam David seconded a motion that the eligious Committee meet with the Rabbi and re-negotiate his con?tract. The motion was passed 3-1 with 4 abstentious. The President tabled to the next meeting a discussion as to clarification of dues in view of the annual election meeting being moved to May. The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 P.M. Respectfully submitted Morris Engel, Secretary JEWISH CQMHUNITT CENTFR BILLS TO BE APPROVED - FEBRUARY 11.1957 Southern Nevada Power Co. - Service to Jan. 17 City Janitor Sun^ly Co. (Supplies) Jack*3 Key Service Larry's Shoes (Shoes for Indigent purchased 3/23/56) Las Vegas Valley Water _ Jewish Ed. Committee of N.Y. J^t'nion of American Hebrew Con?. Sarret Teresa D. H. Hubbell - Mimeo. Lucile Fischer - Mimeo. Western Heating Vegas Heating - Check furnace So. Nevada Telephone Co. Plaza Piano Craft - Jan. Organ Hebrew Union College Clark Co. Elec. (Reoar. Coffee Urn k Switches) Jewish American 3ookshop Las Vegas Sun Signal Super Service Schnepp & Barnes (Calendar Silver State - Office Stationery /W*7 2( ft' regular Meting 375.50^ 12.07? 5.501 13.21f 4.30/ 3.SO 49.35 "f 19.93t 20.00# 23.50* 46.20 # 6.00 t 23.62 t 40.00 * 5.25 1 16.9$' 23.76' 16.55 * 5.26; 3.75 * 36.75 # iW.o|J 'rom Petty Cash - Hose (Approved by Mrs. Waller3tein J 8.11 Indigents (Jan) 21.00 We owe Greyhound Bus $100.00 (Payable in Advance) for ^nii^lents MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS jaffSFTToiMMtfY cF,WFL of OTT^.inc. March 11, 1957 Regular Meeting A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Community Center of Las Vegas, Inc. was called to order by President David Zenoff on March 11, 1957 at 3:15 P.M. The following directors comprising a quorum were present: President First Vice-President Second Sam David A1 Goot Max Goot Jake Kozloff David Messing George Rosencrantz Harry Wallerstein Ruth Irwin Fran Cohen Merv Adelson A. E. Levenson 0 1 t-f The minutes of the regular meeting of February 11, 1957 were read and approved. CORRESPONDENCE A letter was read from David Newberger requesting that he be reinstated to membership and that dues for prior years be waived.