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Minutes from Temple Beth Sholom Board of Directors meetings, 1995-1996



1995 to 1996

Meeting minutes include reports from committees of the board, correspondence, and balance sheets.

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jhp000470. Temple Beth Sholom Records, 1945-2015. MS-00711. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

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TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM ANNUAL MEETING OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS May 21, 1996 MINUTES T he A n n u al M eetin g o f The B oard o f D irec to rs w as called to o rd er by J e ro m e B lut, P re sid e n t a t 7 :0 0 P.M. ATTENDANCE: P r e s e n t: A b se n t: Adele B aratz Dr. H ow ard B aron J e ro m e B lut, P re sid e n t L arry B row n R u th G oldfarb G regory K am er S a n d y M allin Dr. G ary M arkew ich R ose R ap h ael S h e ld o n R ap h ael Dr. S te v e n Saxe F aye S te in b e rg J o a n n e S te v en s C o n n ie W olzinger PAST PR E SID E N T S: A llen B rew ster H erb K au fm an S tu a rt M ason S T A FF: S u z a n Loeb, E x ecu tiv e D irec to r Leo A. W ilner, E x ecu tiv e D irecto r E m e ritu s L ouise S p iv ack , S e c re ta ry J ill F la n z re ic h M ort G o ld stein M itch ell O gron PR ESID EN T?S REPORT : M r. B lu t w elco m ed R abbi K ideckel, C a n to r B erg m an , S u zan Loeb, E x ecu tiv e D ire c to r, Leo W ilner, E x ecu tiv e D irec to r E m e ritu s a n d co n g re g a tio n a l m em b ers to th e m e e tin g . He th a n k e d e v ery o n e for th e ir e ffo rts d u rin g th e p a st y ear. He n e x t th a n k e d th e E x ecu tiv e C o m m itte e a n d B oard o f D irecto rs. He s ta te d : ?th is h a s b e e n a m o st p ro d u c tiv e , if n o t h e c tic y e a r. Y our D irecto rs a re th e m o st d e d ic a te d g ro u p o f v o lu n te e rs th a t I h av e ev er h a d th e h o n o r to w ork w ith . O nly P age 2: th o se o f y o u w ho h av e s a t o n n o n -p ro fit b o a rd s know th e e ffo rt an d c o m m itm e n t n e c e ssa ry for th e ru n n in g o f a s u c c e ssfu l b o ard . T h ese in d iv id u als s ittin g in fro n t o f y ou to n ig h t h av e g iven tire le s s ly o f th e ir tim e , sw eat a n d m o n ey to ste w ard th e T em ple d u rin g th e la s t fiscal year. O nce ag ain , I w a n t to p e rso n a lly th a n k e a c h a n d ev ery o n e o f th e m fo r th e ir e ffo rts .? Mr. B lut n e x t in tro d u c e d th e B o ard m em b ers a n d re m u n e ra te d th e ir a c c o m p lish m e n ts th is p a st y e a r. G regory K am er, 1 st Vice P re sid e n t, in c h arg e o f th e p e rso n n e l c o m m itte e a n d u p d a te d th e E m ployee H andbook; S an d y M allin, 2 n d V ice P re sid e n t, in s tru m e n ta l o n e v e ry T em ple c o m m itte e ; R ose R a p h a e l, S e c re ta ry , w ho h e lp e d m an th e office u n til a n E x ecu tiv e D irec to r w as h ire d a n d se rv e d as C h a irp e rso n o f th e N o m in atin g C o m m itte e ; L arry Brow n, T re a su re r, w ho h a s o v e rse e n th e fin a n c ia l tra n s itio n o f th e T em ple a n d k u d o s to R o b e rta B row n fo r to le ra tin g L arry ?s u n se lfish n e ss o n th e T em p le?s b eh alf; Dr. H ow ard B aro n , C h a irp e rso n o f th e B oard o f E d u c a tio n , w hose c o m m itm e n t to Je w ish e d u c a tio n h a s re s u lte d in o u r h av in g a n o u ts ta n d in g school; E rica B e re n t c o o rd in a to r o f th e T em ple P u rim c a rn iv al; J ill F la n z ra lc h w ho h a n d le d p u b lic ity , a d v e rtisin g a n d th e n e w sle tte r; R u th G oldfarb, c h a irp e rs o n o f th e m em b e rsh ip c o m m itte e a n d h e lp e d c o o rd in a te o u r d u e s sc h ed u le ; M o rt G o ld ste in for m a n n in g th e office d u rin g th e in te rim p erio d u n til a n E x ecu tiv e D ire c to r w as h ire d ; M itch O gron w ho h a n d le d th e Kol Nidre c am p aig n ; Dr. S tev e S ax e, an d h is wife M arcy, for th e fash io n show fu n d ra isin g ev e n t; F aye S te in b e rg a n d L eon for h o stin g th e R ab b in ical c a n d id a te s , p rep a rin g food fo r th e P u rim c a rn iv a l a n d alw ays b ein g th e re for th e T em p le; J o a n n e S te v e n s PTA P re sid e n t a n d lia is o n b e tw e en th e B oard a n d sch o o l; C o n n ie W olzinger C h a irp e rso n o f th e By-law s C o m m itte e ; Dr. G ary M arkew ich, M en?s C lub P re sid e n t a n d h is g roup w ho h a n d le d a m o st su c c e ssfu l Y om H aS hoah M em o rial C andle P rogram , p lu s, in n u m e rab le o th e r e n d e av o rs fo r th e T em ple; A dele B a ra tz , S iste rh o o d P re sid e n t, for th e g ift sh o p , p rep arin g th e o n e g sh a b b o ts, s p e c ia l S h a b b a t K id d u sh s a n d m u ch m o re. Mr. B lut d e v ia te d fro m th e a g en d a a n d tu rn e d th e m e e tin g o v er to Adele B a ra tz . M rs. B aratz th a n k e d Mr. B lut for h is e n d e av o rs a s P re sid e n t. S he ad v ised th e m em b e rsh ip t h a t S is te rh o o d ?s y e a r h a s b e e n su c ce ssfu l. T h e ir fund raisin g e v e n ts en ab led th e m to sp e n d a p p ro x im a te ly $ 1 0 0 ,0 0 0 . T h eir m o n ey h as b e e n u s e d to red o th e T e m p le 's k itc h e n , th e re fu rb ish in g o f th e p re-sch o o l, cooling th e sm a ll sh u l an d th e lib rary . S iste rh o o d gave th e S olom on S c h e c h te r Day S ch o o l $ 2 ,0 0 0 for sc h o la rsh ip s. M rs. B aratz p re s e n te d M r. B lu t $ 1 0 ,0 0 0 as th e ir y e a rly ob lig atio n , p lu s, a n a d d itio n a l $ 5 ,0 0 0 to be u se d for sp e c ia l p ro je c ts. M r. B lu t th a n k e d S iste rh o o d fo r th e ir c o n tin u e d in v o lv e m e n t an d s u p p o rt. M r. B lut in tro d u c e d th e rem a in in g B oard m em b ers, e n u m e ra tin g th e ir e n d e a v o rs; S h eld o n R ap h ael, F a c ilitie s C h a irm a n a n d S en io rs P re sid e n t, w ho h a s o v e rse e n th e im p ro v e m e n ts in o u r b u ild in g ; A llen B rew ster, im m e d ia te P a st P re s id e n t, C em etery C h a irp e rso n a n d c o n s ta n t re so u rc e p erso n ; Leo W ilner, E x e c u tiv e D irec to r E m e ritu s, w ho c o n tin u e s to be involved in im m ea su rab le w ays; H erb K au fm an a n d S tu a rt M ason, P a s t P re s id e n ts for th e ir c o n tin u e d su p p o rt. ELECTION: M r. B lut tu rn e d th e m e e tin g o v er to R o se R ap h ael, N o m in atin g C h a irp e rso n , w ho ex p lain ed th e p ro ce ss o f e le c tin g five n ew m em b e rs to th e B oard o f D ire c to rs. S he Annual Meeting, 5/21/96, Minutes continued: 2 P age 3: a p p o in te d five te lle rs , Dr. H ow ard B aron, A llen B rew ster, S tev e Saxe, Adele B aratz, a n d A rlene B lu t to c o lle c t a n d c o u n t th e v o tes. M rs. R a p h a e l in tro d u c e d th e c a n d id a te s n o m in a te d by th e N o m in atin g C o m m itte e : LARRY BROWN RUTH GOLDFARB RO BERT MURDOCK SHELDON RAPHAEL ELAINE STEINBERG T he n o m in e e s e a c h in tro d u c e d th e m se lv e s an d s ta te d w hy th e y w ere se e k in g a p o sitio n o n th e B oard o f D irec to rs. T he n o m in a tio n s w ere n e x t o p e n e d to th e m em b ers. M rs. R ap h ael ex p lain ed th a t th o se n o m in a te d m u st be a m em b e r o f T em ple B e th S holom for one y e a r a n d in good s ta n d in g . E rica B e re n t n o m in a te d S uzie N ahm ias, se co n d e d b y A1 N ahm ias. N o m in atio n a c c e p te d . F ra n L evien n o m in a te d H erb K aufm an, se co n d e d by D iana D aw son. N o m in atio n a c c e p te d . M rs. R a p h ael a sk ed fo r m o re n o m in a tio n s. B eing no f u rth e r n o m in a tio n s , R u th G oldfarb m ade a m o tio n t h a t th e n o m in a tio n s be clo sed . M o tio n se co n d e d an d c a rrie d . M rs. N ahm ias in tro d u c e d h e rse lf a n d sp o k e o f h e r re a s o n s for w an tin g to be on th e B oard. M rs. L evien in tro d u c e d Mr. K au fm an a n d sp o k e o f h is c re d e n tia ls . M rs. R a p h a e l ex p lain ed t h a t in a c c o rd a n c e w ith th e by-law s, A rticle VI, N o m in atio n s & E le ctio n s, S e c tio n 3 . . . ?To v o te for a c a n d id a te , a m em b e r shall p lace a n ?X? o r o th e r a p p ro p ria te sym bol o p p o site th e n a m e , b u t no m o re o r less th a n th e n u m b e r o f D irecto rs to be e le c te d ; o th erw ise th e b allo t is v o id ,? The m e e tin g w as te m p o ra rily a d jo u rn e d a t 7:4 5 p .m . fo r th e v o tin g a n d c o u n tin g o f b a llo ts. M r. B lu t re c o n v e n e d th e m e e tin g a t 8 :0 5 p.m . M rs. A dele B aratz read th e r e s u lts o f th e e le c tio n . T h e five new ly e le c te d B oard m e m b e rs are: Annual Meeting, 5/21/96, Minutes continued: LARRY BROWN RUTH GOLDFARB HERB KAUFMAN ROBERT MURDOCK ELAINE STEINBERG GOOD AND W ELFA RE: M ilto n S c h w a rtz su g g ested we c o rre la te o u r m e e tin g s w ith th e o th e r o rg an iz atio n s to e n s u re b e tte r a tte n d a n c e . S u z a n Loeb, E x ecu tiv e D irec to r, s ta te d th a t sh e h ad rec e iv e d c o n firm a tio n a n d c le a ra n c e o f th is d a te , w ith sig n a tu re , tw o m o n th s ago. 3 A n n u a l M eetin g , 5 / 2 1 / 9 6 , c o n tin u e d : P age 4: Mr. S ch w artz a sk e d if it w as a p p ro p ria te a t th e a n n u a l m e e tin g for a b u d g e t to be p re s e n te d to th e m em b e rs. Mr. B lut e x p la in ed th a t th is w as n o t n o rm al p ro c e d u re , b u t, it m ay be good p ra c tic e in th e fu tu re . Ms. R enee F e in s te in q u e stio n e d w h a t th e T em ple d e fic it w as a n d how m an y m em b e rs a re in th e T em p le. L arry B row n s ta te d th a t we a re in th e p ro ce ss o f a n e x te n siv e fin a n c ia l re o rg a n iz a tio n . T h e c o m p u te r in fo rm a tio n is b ein g u p d a te d , a s a re th e m e m b e rsh ip lis ts. M r. B row n w ill p e ru se h is re c o rd s an d s p e a k to Ms. F e in ste in a fte r th e m ee tin g . G regory K am er s ta te d th a t we have 140 full d u e s pay in g m em b ers a n d 2 6 0 su b sid iz ed m e m b e rs. M rs. R a p h ael s ta te d t h a t th e re h a s n e v e r b e e n a n y irre g u la rity in th e fin a n c e s, b u t, p e rh a p s m isin fo rm a tio n . VISION: Mr. B lut m ad e c o m m e n ts a b o u t w h a t h a s b e e n tra n s p irin g a t th e T em p le. H ig h lig h ts o f h is c o m m e n ts w ere: * all b ills h av e b e e n p aid; * we h a v e a full tim e R abbi, C a n to r, E x e c u tiv e D irec to r, O ffice Staff; * 10 m em b e rs h av e d o n a te d $ 2 0 0 ,0 0 0 .0 0 to be u s e d fo r o p e ra tin g e x p e n se s; * e n c o u ra g e d n o n -b o ard m e m b e rs to b eco m e involved; * s u b s ta n tia l b e q u e st fo r lim ite d p u rp o se o f new fa c ility ; a n d * c o m m itm e n t by m an y m e m b e rs to m ove th e T em p le to th e W est. T h ere b ein g no f u rth e r b u s in e s s , G regory K am er m ad e a m o tio n to a d jo u rn , se co n d e d by A rlene B lu t, c a rrie d u n a n im o u sly . R e sp e c tfu lly s u b m itte d , L ouise S p iv ack S e c re ta ry 4 TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM BOARD OF DIRECTORS 5/6/96 MINUTES PRESIDENT?S-REPORT - Jerry Blut: The meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by Jerome Blut, President at 7:00 P.M. ATTENDANCE: Mort Goldstein Gregory Kamer Dr. Gary Markewich Dr. Steven Saxe Faye Steinberg Joanne Stevens Rose Raphael Sheldon Raphael Connie Wolzinger PAST PRESIDENTS: Allen Brewster Ed Bernstein Herb Kaufman STAFF: Present: Absent Adele Baratz Dr. Howard Baron Erica Berent Jerome Blut, President. Ruth Goldfarb Larry Brown Jill Flanzraich Sandy Mallin Mitchell Ogron Leo A. Wilner Suzan Loeb, Executive Director Louise Spivack, Secretary Board of Directors (5/6/96) continued: Page 2: MINUTES: Rose Raphael presented the Minutes to the Board. Connie Wolzinger made a motion to accept the Minutes as presented, it was seconded, voted upon and carried unanimously. The first order of business was the introduction of the new Temple Secretary, Louise Spivack, by Suzan Loeb. Mr. Blut welcomed guests Toby and Herman Rosenbush. Mr. Blut next discussed the Rabbinical Search Committee?s efforts. He thanked everyone for their efforts. He reiterated that the Committee would like the Board members to attend at least one service over the weekend. The Rabbinical candidate for the weekend of May 10th is Rabbi Berger. He stated that the Board interview of the Rabbi will take place at 10:30 a.m. Sunday as it is Mother?s Day. Additionally, he thanked the Sisterhood and the Men?s Club for their help in providing food. Mr. Blut thanked Dr. & Mrs. Leon Steinberg for hosting the visiting Rabbi this past Shabbat. Next, Mr. Blut stated that the Summerlin Corporation contacted the Temple office today regarding the land acquisition. They will be forwarding a letter to the Temple office regarding this matter. Upon execution of the documents a Building Committee will be formed to meet with architects to proceed in formalizing plans for the new Temple. Mr. Blut announced that May 21st will be the Annual Membership Meeting. He urged the Board members to attend and would like to present to the congregation a ?thumb nail sketch? of their accomplishments. Additionally, five new members will be running for the Board. They have been asked to present their qualifications to the congregation, also. Mr. Blut informed the Board members that Suzan would be available to assist them if they needed her help in preparing a summary of their accomplishments. Mr. Blut next stated that a new telephone system will be installed on Tuesday, May 7, 1996. He thanked, Facilities Chairman, Sheldon Raphael for his untiring efforts on the Temple?s behalf. Board of Directors (5/6/96) continued: Page 3: Mr. Blut next announced that the Bulletin deadline is the 15th of each month. He urged chairpersons to submit written information ASAP so the congregation will remain informed of all activities. Lastly, thanks were extended to Sisterhood for the Rummage Sale which was held this last weekend. He advised everyone there will be another Sale June 2nd from 9-3. CANTOR?S REPORT - Cantor Simon Bergman: Cantor Bergman advised the Board that he spoke to our second candidate, Rabbi Berger, regarding his participation in our services on Friday and Saturday, May 10th & 11th. Additionally, he has spoken to Rabbi Rubinger, our third candidate. He stated that as we get closer to his designated weekend, May 17th/18th, they will coordinate their efforts. He next announced that the 7th grade graduation will take place May 23rd; Confirmation on May 24th; Yizkor, May 25th, 10:30 a.m.; Bat Mitzvah of Abra Eisenman, daughter of Becky and Dr. Gene Eisenman May 27th; May 31st the teachers will be honored at Shabbat Services and the Jr. Choir will sing; and June 1st, Bar Mitzvah of Darin Pokroy, son of Esther and Dr. Neville Pokroy. Faye Steinberg questioned whether the Bimah would be decorated for Shavout. Toby Rosenbush stated it was her intention to do so. She and Mrs. Steinberg will get together and coordinate this effort. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR?S REPORT - Suzan Loeb: Suzan reported that Pearl Savitt, Hadassah President, has asked if Hadassah could use TBS on the third Monday of each month from 11:30 -2:30 for their Board Meetings. They have six to seven meetings per year. They are aware that Eleanor will be coming back to do Kosher Catering from our kitchen. Pearl wants to utilize Eleanor to do their catering. She questioned what the Board would charge Hadassah for use of the room. Suzan said if we move the USY lounge downstairs to the double classroom, and utilize the room across from the gift shop as a bona fide board room, maintenance time would not cost TBS anything. She stated the only cost would Board of Directors (5/6/96) continued: Page 4: be to Eleanor for the food who would set up and breakdown the room. She recommended the Board offer the use of the room to Hadassah gratis as the PR for the synagogue would outweigh any other factors. Discussion on this subject followed. Rose Raphael made a motion that Hadassah be permitted to utilize our facilities once a month, for one year^graiis. the catering aspect to be worked out with Eleanor. Seconded by Erica Berent. Additional discussion followed. Motion was put to a vote and carried unanimously. Suzan stated that she will get the details ironed out before anything is finalized. Suzan advised the Board that Mr. Jerry Gilman wants a copy of our current membership list. He wants to advise other members ?the other point of view? about retaining this facility. Suzan told Mr. Gilman she did not know Temple policy re: giving out the membership list. She will find out and advise him. Discussion followed. Dr. Howard Baron made a motion that Mr. Gilman come to the general membership meeting on May 21st and during the open forum he may voice his opinion. Seconded by Connie Wolzinger, voted upon , carried unanimously. The next matter brought to the Board?s attention was a request by Louis Levin, USY Director. Mr. Levin wants to know if the Board is interested in subsidizing his students for the regional USY conference Memorial Day weekend. He requested two full scholarships of $420.00 per student. One student needs $300.00 and the other three will take any amount. Discussion followed. The matter was tabled pending further information. Suzan informed the Board that she received a telephone call from Mr. Hank Hawkins of the FBI regarding the recent terrorist threats. She stated this is a national alert by the FBI and there is nothing specific regarding Las Vegas. However, awareness is necessary. Board of Directors (5/6/96) continued: Page 5: Adele Baratz, Sisterhood President, addressed the security on Friday evening. She stated the security guard should be advised that he is not to just visit with the Maintenance Staff at the back of the building. Suzan will advise. BOARD OF EDUCATION - Pr, Howard Baron: Dr. Baron announced the following dates: May 23rd, 7th grade graduation, May 31st, Nate Mack Religious School closing exercise, June 5th pre-school graduation and June 13th the Solomon Schechter Day School graduation. BY-LAWS - Connie Wolzinger: Connie Wolzinger thanked her committee for their hard work. She stated that all changes are reflected in the copy she has placed in front of each member. It was noted that the name change was not reflected in this copy, but, it will be so noted and corrected before publication and distribution. DUES - Ruth Goldfarb: Ruth Goldfarb presented the Proposed Dues Schedule to the Board. Discussion followed. Dr. Steven Saxe expressed concern regarding the fact that without a Budget it was quite difficult to render a decision on this matter. Joanne Stevens asked if a financial report and/or budget would be available at the general meeting. Mr. Blut stated there would be a financial report for the General Meeting and members of the Board would have it well in advance of the 21st. Gregory Kamer advised the Board that the Executive Board will speak to Larry Brown, Treasurer, and they will see that a financial report is forthcoming. Gregory Kamer made a motion _to adopt the Proposed_Pye5_i&liedule_ as presented and edited (see copy attached). Erica Berent seconded, voted upon, carried unanimously. SEARCH COMMITTEE - EcLBernstein: Ed Bernstein next discussed the efforts of the Search Committee. He suggested we form a committee in Summerlin to provide services for newcomers. Page 6: He suggested TBS hold Shabbat Services in members homes who live in the Summerlin area. The idea was well received and will be investigated as to feasibility. FACILITIES - Sheldon Raphael: Mr. Raphael advised the Rummage Sale brought in $1200. The Sale will be repeated June 2nd, 9-3 p.m. The new telephone system will be installed 5/7/96. SISTERHOOD - Adele Baratz: Adele Baratz reported that Sisterhood's Donor luncheon will take place on May 22nd at the Las Vegas Country Club. MEN?S CLUB - Dr. Gary Markewich: Dr. Markewich advised they will be sponsoring a program on May 15th, 7:00 P.M. Guest performer will be ?Michaelangelo." He is a professional operatic tenor, composer and humorist. Admission is free. NEW BUSINESS: Rose Raphael recommended we initiate a ?Congregant of the Year Award.? The recommendation was well received and will be placed on the agenda for the General Meeting and the congregants advised. GOOD AND WELFARE: * Discussion took place regarding the candidates of the Search Committee. * Discussion took place regarding an agenda for the General Meeting. * Discussion took place regarding a financial report and budget. * Gregory Kamer thanked Suzan and the Board of Directors. * It was suggested a thank you letter be sent to the Rabbinical candidates. There being no further business the general portion of the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 P.M. The Board then went into personnel matters. Respectfully submitted, Louise Spivack Secretary TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM CURRENT DUES SCHEDULE Family..............................$1000.00 Single.......................... 800.00 Senior Family ( 6 5 + ) . . . . 850.00 Senior Single (6 5 + )___ 700.00 Family (25-29 years). . . 490.00 Single (25-29 years)___ 430.00 Under 25 years................... Free RRQP_QSED_DUES^CHIDULi Includes United Synagogue of America Affiliation Dues Family membership categories are determined by the age of the older spouse Starting Family...................................... 500.00 (Head of Household under 34) Developing Family............................ 750.00 (Head of Household 35-44) Established Family............................ 1000.00 (45-64) Single Parent..................................... 75% of (With Children) above rate Senior Family.................................. 650.00 (Older spouse age 65+) Single ............................................... 650.00 (35-64) Single ............................................... 500.00 (65+) Single ............................................... 400.00 Single ................. ........................ .... Free (Under 23) Associated Membersh ip................. 350.00 For members of other synagogues. Entitled to all membership privileges, except voting. schools. Bar/Bat Mitzvah or High Holiday Services* Neatlyweds We are pleased to offer to eligible newlyweds a one year gratis membership. Entitled to all membership privileges, except voting. schools,.Bar/Bat Mitzvah or High Holiday Services. Children under age 23 can be considered as part of Established Family. PROPOSED ADDITION THE AMUDIM, GEDOLIM, BONIM... is a re s p o n s iv e g ro u p o f p h ila n th r o p is ts w ho e n a b le T em p le B e th S h o lo m to p ro v id e re lig io u s , e d u c a tio n a l a n d p e rs o n a l s e rv ic e s to all n e e d y J e w is h fa m ilie s w ho w ish to a ffilia te w ith th e C o n g re g a tio n . PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING TH E AMUDIM, GEDOLIM, BODIM (A.G.B.) A m u d im (Pillar) - a d d to d u e s ............................................ $ 8 7 5 .0 0 G ed o lim (S u sta in cr) - a d d to d u e s ...................................... $ 5 7 5 .0 0 B o n im (B uilder) - a d d to d u e s ............................................. $ 2 7 5 .0 0 TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM BOARD MEETING APRIL 8, 1996 THE MEETING WAS MOSTLY CONCERNED WITH THE NEW BY LAWS OF TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM. SUSAN MENTIONED THAT WE WERE INCORPORATED AS JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER OF LAS VEGAS KNOWN AS TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM. THE BOARD VOTED TO ELIMINATE THE USE OF JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER FOR BY-LAWS ONLY. DUE TO MECHANICAL FAILURE, THE TAPES OF THE MEETING WFRE BLANK; THEREFORE, THE ABOVE IS THE BEST THAT COULD BE ACCOMPLISHED MINUTES TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING MARCH 11, 1996 PRESENT: JEROME BLUT, PRESIDENT, ROSE B RAPHAEL SUSAN LOEB, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, ADLELE ? BARATZ, CONNIE WOLZINGER, DR STEVEN SAXE FAYE STEINBERG, ERICA BERENT, SHELDON R. ' RAPHAEL, DR. HOWARD BARON, ALLEN BREWSTER IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT, CANTOR SIMON BERGMAN RABBI KIDECKEL, JILL FLANZRAICH, RUTH GOLDFARB L^RRY BROWN, JOANNE STEVENS SANDY MALLIN ? DR. GARY MARKEWICH, EDWARD BERNSTEIN GENE GREENBERG, MITCH OGRON. ABSENT: GREGORY KAMER GUESTS: RENEE FEINSTEIN, FRAN LEVIEN MEETING WAS CALLED TO TO ORDER BY OUR PRESIDENT JERRY BLUT ROLL CALL WAS TAKEN AND A QUORUM WAS PRESENT. MR. JAY MOSS, MEMBER OF THE LAND SEARCH COMMITTEE WAS INTRODUCED BY JERRY BLUT. JAY ADVISED THAT HE MET WITH THE SUMMERLIN PEOPLE AND WE HAVE BEEN OFFERED TWO PIECES OF PROPERTY. HE DISTRIBUTED A MAP TO EACH MEMBER SHOWING THE TWO PIECES AVAILABLE J & AA. THIS IS THE GROWTH PART OF TOWN, ALL THE WAY WEST OF SAHARA. IT IS APPROXIMATELY 6 ACRES OF LAND AT $60,000 PER ACRE, WHICH IS THE WORSHIP SALE RATE. THE NORMAL RATE WOULD BE $100,000.00 TO $110,000.00. THE ROADS, SEWERS, ELECTRICITY AND WATER WILL BE BROUGHT TO THE PROPERTY, THE QUESTION CAME UP ABOUT THE S I D CHARGE. JAY ADVISED THAT IT WOULD BE $27.000 AND ACRE * PAYABLE OVER 20 YEARS. HE DID NOT KNOW IF WORSHIP SITES WERE EXCUSED FROM THIS CHARGE. WOULD CHECK AND ADVISE COMMITTEE I ERICA BERENT ASKED ABOUT CASINO IN THE AREA. IT WAS STATED THAT THE BY-LAWS OF SUMMERLIN DO NOT ALLOW CASINOS. THE MOTION WAS MADE AND ACCEPTED THAT WE GIVE THE COMMITTEE THE GO AHEAD TO NEGOTIATE AND BRING BACK THE FINAL TERMS OF THE CONTRACT. THE BOARD THANKED JAY MOSS FOR ALL HIS EFFORTS AND HELP. WE LOOK FORWARD TO HIS NEXT REPORT. THERE WAS DISCUSSION ABOUT SELLING THE PRESENT BUILDING. NO DECISION WAS TAKEN AT THIS TIME. LAND COMMITTEE RECOMMENDED THAT THE ONLY STATEMENT THAT WE ISSUE IS AS FOLLOWS "THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS HAVE REACHED AGREEMENT WITH SUMMERLIN REGARDING THE PURCHASE OF LAND? NEXT ITEM, JERRY BLUT APPOINTED THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE WHICH CONSISTS OF ROSE RAPHAEL, FAYE STEINBERG AND SANDY MALLIN ELECTION IN MAY 1996, WILL BE UNDER THE OLD BY-LAWS SANDY THANKED FRAN LEVIEN FOR SELLING THE BALANCE OF THE FURNITURE, BOARD THANKED ERICA FOR THE WONDERFUL PURIM CARNIVAL BOARD THANKED THE MEN?S CLUB FOR THE BUNS, HOT DOGS AND DRINKS THEY DONATED FOR THE PURIM CARNIVAL.. THE BOARD THANKED FAYE STEINBERG FOR HER DONATION OF FOOD & HER HARD WORK FOR THE PURIM CARNIVAL. ROSE RAPHAEL REPORTED THAT THE PURIM CARNIVAL WAS A GREAT SUCCESS, WE HAD ABOUT 200 PEOPLE ATTEND AND ALL HAD A GREAT TIME AS THERE WAS PERSONNEL MATTERS TO DISCUSS, IT WAS DECIDED TO PUT OFF THE DISCUSSION ABOUT THE BY LAWS. THE BOARD THEM WENT INTO PERSONNEL. COMMENT: I WISH TO AGAIN REQUEST THAT EACH MEMBER USE THE MICROPHONE, AS I COULD NOT HEAR A GREAT PART OF THE DISCUSSIONS ON THE TAPES; THEREFORE, I REQUEST THAT EACH MEMBER CAREFULLY CHECK THE MINUTES. THANK YOU. ROSE RAPHAEL MINUTES TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12,1996 PRESENT JEROME BLUT, PRESIDENT; GREGORY KAMER, ROSE B. RAPHAEL, SUSAN LOEB, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, ADELE BARATZ, CONNIE WOLZINGER, DR. STEVEN SAXE, FAYE STEINBERG, ERICA BERENT, SHELDON RAPHAEL, DR. HOWARD BARON, ALLEN BREWSTER, IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT; CANTOR SIMON BERGMAN, RABBI KIDECKEL, JILL FLANZRAICH, RUTH GOLDFARB, LARRY BROWN, JOANNE STEVENS ABSENT; MITCH OGRON SANDY MALLIN GUESTS; RENE FEINSTEIN, HERMAN ROSENBUSH, TOBY ROSENBUSH, FRAN LEVIEN At 7:10 PM, President Jerome Blut called the meeting to order saying he was not feeling well and Gregory Kamcr, First Vice President, would conduct the orders of business for the evening. Roll call was taken and a quorum was present. There was a five minute presentation on Israel Bonds given by Jason Skoboloff. The company now has a Las Vegas office located in the Jewish Federation Building. After the video presentation, Jason stated he hoped a breakfast at Temple Beth Sholom could be arranged to encourage support of Israel through bonds. Rate sheets were requested. Rabbi Kideckcl was called upon to deliver a D?Var Torah - calling the second centurv story the ?Jewish Golden Rule.? Greg Kamer announced that February 23 is Susan Loeb's first day on the job as Executive Director. A Purim Carnival is planned for March 3 and Erica Berent requested someone to volunteer to man the popcorn machine as well as some other jobs. She asked everyone to show up. Next a discussion took place on raffling off parking spots for the High Holidays and Sheldon Raphael said he had some spots in mind. 1 April 3rd is the first night of Seder. Catering companies and bids were discussed. Rail?s bid is $30 per person but Rail?s cannot staff the event. Soiree?s bid is $2.00 per person more, but they will serve also. Faye Steinberg made a recommendation that they go with Soiree?s again since the families were satisfied before. Erica Berent seconded her suggestion. Further discussion took place on Soiree?s being certain to include brisket - and to nix the chicken, if necessary. Also, grape juice for the children should be served and they may have to purchase said grape juice themselves. The motion passed for Soiree?s. Cost: $32 for adults and $24 per child. Next, Greg Kamer stated the Committee for Passover should include both Susan Locb and the Rabbi for coordination of activities Toby Rosenbush from the Religious school stood and said she had heard from Dr. Baron that some Board Members felt perhaps the religious school was rife with discipline problems. Toby pointed out that the school taught the great necessity of being a part of the Jewish community, yet there were two isolated incidents which were handled immediately. Steps are being taken to advise parents of disciplinary measures that can be taken when necessary. She will also advise parents of the Clark County dress code. Parents arc being asked to sign anti return revised contracts. She spoke highly of the qualitiy of their teaching staff. She stated that she was certain that the Board shares her view that the school is doing a first rate job Next, Erica Berent told everyone that pasta is being sold for fund raising, and she passed around price lists. The Cantor made his report on various activities. The next Board Meeting will be March 11 at 7:00 PM There was no report by Rabbi Kideckcl. Adele Baratz spoke on behalf of Sisterhood and invited everyone down to look at the pre-school. She said the walls have also been repainted and the bathrooms needed work. It cost $20,000, but looks very nice. Dr. Markovich gave the Men?s report saying they are proceeding with their candle project - end of March. The Men?s Club came up with a VCR for the pre-school. Ruth Goldfarb, for Membership, said new members will be accepted on March 14. If anyone has names, please contact her. 2 May 19-29 is Mitzvah Week. Ruth Goldfarb went to Ner Tamid to see how the Jazz Sabbath was handled. She stated that they had around 300 people, and she saw very few people she knew there. However, she noted a warmth and feeling she would like to sec at Temple Beth Sholom again. Jerome Bfut said he is looking for some positive news in the next two weeks to give them. Dr. Saxe inquired if anyone was keeping track of the demographics of the Membership Drive? Ruth Goldfarb said ?not really - maybe after March.? It was recently brought to their attention that more cleaning was needed, and thanks to Sheldon's crew this was accomplished ? and passed inspection. Next issue brought up was that at Ter Mid, you can purchase script and reduce your Temple dues by $100 Sheldon Raphael brought up the fact that they have recently had problems with the heat in the building. He felt most of the ?kinks? were now out of the heating system. Thermostats are in and problems w ith the fans are being worked on. In the process of cleaning, they are boxing up old books w hich will be sent to Europe. Next, Greg Kamcr brought up the discussion of by-laws. Dr. Saxe said he was approached by the Board of Temple Beth Am to have a general fund raiser which they would split 50/50 and he made a Motion to do so. The question of dairy entered in here. Joanne Stevens added that Las Vegas has had a problem with different congregations not getting along and she felt by getting together with Beth Am, this would be advantageous. Greg Kamcr cautioned everyone that in the event of a move to the West, it would be wise to maintain integrity and not get too involved with an area they may move to themselves in the future. Dr. Saxe suggested participating in a Gala. Ruth Goldfarb suggsted it be referred to a Committee for further discussion. A discussion took place on getting members to work in synergy - and call