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Newspaper clippings about The Angelita Bread Foundation


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Series XIII. Tournaments

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ent001429. Sands Hotel Public Relations Records, 1952-1977. MS-00417. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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This item has not been digitized in its entirety. The original item is available for research and handling at the UNLV University Libraries. Additional digitization is available upon request. Please contact Special Collections to request additional digitization or with any questions regarding access at ESTABLISHED. 1888 ESTABLISHED- 18SS BArclay 7-5371 PRESS CLIPPING BUREAU 165 Church Street - New York MILWAUKEE, WIS. JOURNAL Circ. 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He couldn?╟╓t retain a bite of food hr the hospital where he was in an oxygen tent for treatment of a dust infection in his lungs. i || | Then a nun fed him a piece of || ' hot, buttered bread. I j Freeman lived on bread for five days, saying all the time * j with the emotion of a man freed | ] from great hunger, ?╟úThis is V I truly angel bread.?╟Ñ rii V |1 And that?╟╓s the start, but far from the finish, of the story of 'i Angelbread. It Freeman, an effervescent i i press agent, works for one of I j the big strip hotels in near-by I Las Vegas, a gambling center. I j He vowed that he would some- I j how repay the Dominican nuns of Rose de Lima hospital for* ] as he puts it, saving his life. | He missed the bread when he 1 j got home and often came back j to the hospital to get a loaf. I 1 The nuns couldn?╟╓t sell the bread, not being in that busi- ness, but Freeman, like many another patient who had eaten it, always left a generous dona- tion. He found that the nun who baked the bread was named Sis- ter Angelita. ?╟úAn angel in the kitchen, both by name and occu- pation,?╟Ñ said Freeman, to Sister Angelita?╟╓s embarrassment. The sister?╟╓s recipe had been in her family in her native Ger- many for n e a r 1 y 100 years. When Freeman learned this it gave him an idea. He was a member of a com- mittee trying to raise money for a much needed addition to Rose de Lima, the only accredited jziaiiki in southern Nevada. ?╟÷AP Sister Angelita took bread from the oven as Al Freeman watched. L A few months passed, during which Freeman sent hundreds of loaves all oyer the country for testing. People agreed that Sister Angelita?╟╓s b r e a d had something special. The differ- ence was largely in the mixing, the way and the order in which the ingredients were put to- gether, A machine was devised to mix huge quantities of dough almost as the nun each day mixed her 30 loaves by hand. It took some financing to get into production and friends of Freeman, who fell under the spell of his enthusiastic sales* manship, provided it. The first 700 test loaves cost nearly $200 each. But Freeman knew he had started something when in the fi that meant $150 fof Rose de Lima. But the full, goal tg millions of loaves away: The hospital?╟╓s addition" will cost nearly half a million dollars. Freeman is prepared. He is making com tracts with bakeries in most large cities. They can have the recipe, the secret of the mixing and the trade hame for one sim- ple thing: An agreement to pay 3c a loaf royalty to the Angel- bread Foundation. ?╟úThe way it works out,?╟Ñ ex- plains Freeriian, ?╟úis that the buyer pays 1c, the baker lc, the seller lc. The royalty is below average for such an item.?╟Ñ Sister Felicia, superintendent of Rose de Lima, prays daily for the health and well being of Freeman, who may be her hos- pital?╟╓s greatest benefactor. She beseeches the patron of her or- der* St. Dominic, to look after the enthusiast who hopesy to make America Angelbread con- scious?╟÷and in so doing provide needed beds to cure the sick. ?╟úDo you suppose,?╟Ñ Freeman asked Sister Felicia ?╟úthat after we get enough money for tjie hospital the Angelbread Foun- dation might have a little left over to help us build a syna- gogue? Las Vegas needs a new ode.?╟Ñ She topped Freeman?╟╓s little jest: ?╟úWhy certainly, Al?╟÷if you?╟╓ll call it St. D o m i n i c?╟╓s syna gogue.?╟Ñ JO JJtns aq km ?½ aq o* sjJmidsl vides ,read was on sale in Las fegas, 5,000 loaves were happed up. At three cents l^loaf royalty, that meant [150 for Rose de Lima. | The full goal is millions of laves away: the hospital?╟╓s ddition will cost nearly half million dollars. Freeman ! making contracts with pkeries in most large Jties. They can have the pcipe, the secret of the fixing and the trade name lr one simple* thing: an freement to pay three fits a loaf royalty to the jigelbread Foundation. jSister Felicia, superin- tdent of Rose de Lima, ?ys daily for the health d well-being of the Jewish blicist who may be her spital?╟╓s greatest benefac- jounda- f ft over ie? Las te jest: li?╟╓ll call