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Brochure for building fund for Congregation Ner Tamid, early 1980s




1980 to 1983


This fundraising brochure for the building campaign for Congregation Ner Tamid includes pledge amounts for specific parts of the building, and a proposed floor plan.

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jhp000494. Gary Sternberg Papers, 1983-2015. MS-00717. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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For Us And Our Children "And it shall be an everlasting inheritance from thee unto thy children." Congregation Ner Tamid LAS VEGAS, NEVADA A Message From Our Rabbi DICKBLATMAN MICHAEL CHERRY BARBARA FENSTER SID GOLDBERG Trustees DAVID GREEN DR. EUGENE KIRSHBAUM JERRY POLIS OSCAR SCHWARTZ GARYSTERNBERG DR. DAVID WASSERMAN HOWARD WEIDENFELD MYRNA WEIDENFELD ROSE DUNN Sisterhood President EILEEN S. KOLLINS Religious School Principal LORRAINE COHEN Administrative Secretary AL ROSTOV Golden Chai President On The C o v e r . . . ... is the proposed new home of our Congregation to be located at Emer-son and Topciz. This strikingly modem edifice is both functional in use and dignified in design. Within the confines of this building there will be ample space for a multitude of congregational activities for young and old. This new structure has been conceived as a true House of God for worship, for study and for assembly. Here our children and grandchildren will be spiri-tually enriched and revitalized in a setting worthy of Judaism and the prestige of our Congregation. None of us is the product of the present: we are the culmination of everything that has gone before us ? not only within our own families, but also within our heritage and tradition. There has always been a need for a sense of continuity to our Hues and rela-tionships. We are the recipients of what others have fought and died for. Our dreams and goals are built on the foundation-stone of their present which has now become our past. For, you see ? you and I are about to accomplish some-thing that has been done throughout our generations as a people: we are going to build a House of God! And by so doing, we will ensure the continuation of our heritage and faith for generations yet to come. What an exciting task for us! What a marvelous undertaking! Never mind the difficult times and the uncertain future. Our strength as a people has always been our ability to shape the future and make it respond to our God-given will ? even in the face of the harshest reality. If we believe this deeply and sincerely enough, we will surprise even ourselves. It is indeed a matter of faith and determination. I believe in you. I have faith in your ability to make Ner Tamid a living, breathing, vibrant reality ? dedicated to the values and ideals that have given us hope in a better tomorrow for all God's children. Congregation Ner Tamid MEL HECHT Rabbi JEFFREY KAHN STEPHEN A. KOLLINS, M.D. Resident Administrative Vice President MARILYN GLOVINSKY PHYLLIS LEWIS ANNE WASSERMAN Secretary Treasurer Ritual Vice President PAULWOLFSOHN EILEEN ANES LESLIE DUNN Membership Vice President Educational Vice President Financial Vice President Building Committee LESLIE DUNN Chairman, Building Committee DR. EUGENE KIRSHBACJM Fund-Raising Chairman Eileen Anes Dick Blatman Michael Cherry Jeffrey Cohen Joan Dunn Rose Dunn Donald Eisner Micki Evans Barbara Fenster Marilyn Glouinsky Sid Goldberg David Green Brian Greenspun Rabbi Mel Hecht Jeffrey Kahn Mar-Lynn Kirshbaum Stephen A. Kollins, M.D. Phyllis Lewis William Mahon Frank Masters, M.D. David Mendelson Marilyn Moran Jerry Polis Al Rostov Lynn Sasso Larry Sasso Oscar Schwartz Gary Sternberg Dr. David Wasserman Anne Wasserman Milton Weisserman Myma Weidenfeld Howard Weidenfeld Paul Wolfsohn Floor Plan - After years of anticipation, we are now about to build our new edifice which will provide adequate facilities for us and our children and generations to follow. The Synagogue is no luxury, but a vital necessity to enrich our character and to mold the lives of our children and their children. Our project requires the support of EVERY member in order to realize a min-imum of four hundred thousand dollars ? a sum well within reach of our Con-gregation, if every member participates equitably. This is our sacred opportunity. Make your contribution as generous as you can. This is our "once in a lifetime . . . for a lifetime." Generations To Come Will Remember With Pride What You Do Today. Honorials and memorials, whether they honor the living or perpetuate the mem-ory of those who passed on are cherished by the countless numbers of men, women and children who use the services they provide. They are part of a great living stream, forces for good that inspire all mankind and strengthen the proud heritage of faith. What we do influences the world in which we live, leaving its imprint forever. Through the decades, long after we have ceased to be, in our children's time, the institutions we create and the recognition they give their builders will guide and mold and enrich our people and our community. The opportunity is yours. Once In A Lifetime For A Lifetime Living Tribute and Memorial Opportunities (Phase One) 1. M.B. Dalitz Religious School Dedicated 2. Classrooms (10) (each) 20,000* 3. Social Hall J00,000 4. Congregation Ner Tamid Sisterhood Kitchen Dedicated 5. Lobby (Foyer) 30,000 6. Library 30,000 7. Rabbi's Study 20,000 ** 8. Administrator's Office 10,000 And also in our lobby ? Gold Patron 20,000 Silver Patron 10,000 Bronze Patron 5,000 Patron 2,500 Sponsor 1,000 * Minimum donation for dedication of classroom is 10,000. * * Minimum donation for dedication of Rabbi's study is 10,000.