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Photo appendix 2, interview with Susan Molasky by Barbara Tabach, March 11, 2014



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The families of both Susan Molasky's parents joined in the celebration of a bar mitzvah. Her mother Tamara is second row from the front, and third person from the left (approximately 1936) Irwin Molasky in military school uniform at Riverside Academy in Gainesville, Florida (approximately 1935) Irwin Molasky with his racing horse (approximately 1937) Irwin Molasky's father, Louis Molasky, and his race horse (approximately 1937) Irwin Molasky's grandparents, from Poland (early 1900s) Irwin Molasky's father, Louis Molasky, developer (undated) Borukh family. L-R: Lorraine, father Hadji, mother Tamara, and Susan, in London (approximately 1964) Andrew, Alan, Irwin, and Steven Molasky at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem (late 1960s) Susan Molasky being held by her mother Tamara Borukh (1937) Susan Borukh (Molasky) at about 5 years old (far right) with her sister Shirley about 3 1/2 years and their mother Tamara Borukh, in Israel (approximately 1942) Two of Susan Molasky's sisters: Linda holding youngest Lorraine Borukh (approximately 1960) Tamara and Hadji Borukh (Susan Molasky's parents) engagement photo (1936) Susan Molasky's parents wearing the traditional garments/robes for their engagement (1936) Wedding photo of Tamara and Hadji Borukh (1936) Susan Molasky (left) with her younger sisters Linda (center) and Shirley Borukh (right) (approximately 1948) Baby picture of Lorraine Borukh (approximately 1961) Susan Molasky's three sons: Gary Frey (b.1961); Robert Frey (b.1964); Michael Frey (b.1958) (approximately 1965) Susan Molasky's paternal grandmother (seated far left) and her father (standing far left) with other members of her father's family. Susan's aunt is wearing white, sitting in the middle with a baby on her lap. Susan's uncles are the two men on far right (undated)