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Congressional Record, Volume 131, Number 106, August 1, 1985


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No. 106?Pari II Congressional "Record PROCEEDINGS AND DEBATES OF THE 99 CONGRESS, FIRST SESSION Vol 131_WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, AUGUST 1, 1985 No. 106? Part 11 Senate Mr. HECHT. Mr. President, today I am pleased to join my colleague from South Carolina, Senator Thurmond, in introducing a bill to provide for fair and reasonable management of the Nation's low-level nuclear waste. Although the Congress attempted to deal with the issue of low-level waste disposal sites in 1980, most States have not responded as the Congress and the Nation had hoped. As a result, the States of Nevada, South Carolina, and Washington continue to bear the full national burden of low-level nuclear waste disposal. It is simply unfair to expect this situation to go on much longer. This bill provides administrative and financial incentives for all States to act responsibly and together plan for the safe and efficient disposal of low-level nuclear waste. It makes a gesture of good faith to all the States by ext