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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, November 1998



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CoQgregatiot) Ner Tanjid Tan u n5np The Reform Jewish Synagogue of Las Vegas ...A Special Place to Belong November 1998 - Vol. XVIII No. 2 Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi Bella Feldman Cantorial Soloist Bob Unger President Leah Malmon Student Rabbi 12 Heshvan -11 Kislev 5759 Monty E. Willey Executive Director Jacqueline Fleekop Education Director Lois Bergman Preschool Director The Annual Chanukah BAZAAR, sponsored by Sisterhood, will be held on Sunday, November 15th in the Social Hall. The fun begins at 11:00am and will continue until 3:00pm. A Raffle drawing will be held to benefit the Sisterhood Campership Program with prizes that include a bicycle, a television, and tickets to local sporting events. As always, the Party Shop will be preparing a mouth-watering lunch, especially for Chanukah. The Gift Shop will be ^pen with a sensational selection of gift items. You won't want to miss the crowning of the Kugel Meister (formally Ms. Noodle Kugel), Ner Tamid's award winning contest! Bring your family, bring your friends, to this year's fun ana festive Chanukah Bazaar. This promises to be Better-Than-Ever Chanukah Bazaar with merchandise available from a variety of vendors. Also, the Jewish Community Center of Las Vegas will be having a book fair. For more details on the book fair, please see the enclosed flyer. Chanukah Dinner in December Please join us on December 16 at 6:15pm for our annual Chanukah Dinner. As in past years, the Sis?terhood Party Shop will prepare a wonderful Chanukan dinner for us to shane. The dinner will start at 6:15 pm and will include the tradi?tional delights of the holiday. See the enclosed flyer for details and ensure you get your reserva?tion in early. After the dinner, join us for the Chanukah Family Shab- bat Service at 7:30pm. C* ftkemate ShaBSat ?Evening ?Worship &Shahoat Morning Minyon and ?Ibrah Study Dvening Morning Worship Minyon November 13,20 November 14,21 December 4 December 5,12 January 15,29 January 16,30 J:ebruary5 J:ebmary6,27 fL March 5,13 March 6, 20 IT Aprt9, 30 April 10,24 ^ - May 1,22 ?} *) Worship Services 2 Rabbi?s Message 2 Board Beat 3 Notes from our Cantorial Soloist 4 School News 5 Executive Director?s Spotlight 6 November B?nai Mitzvah 6 Auxiliaries & Committees 7 Birthdays/Anniversaries 14 Tributes 15 Yahrzeits & In Memorium 17 November Events Back Cover (the Bulletin is Published Monthly) c 1 S p e c ia l r( J la e e 77o T B e lo n g , At a recent board retreat, I was asked to describe in a few minutes the history and core beliefs of Reform Judaism that distinguishes it from other movements. It occurred to me that many on the board, and most likely many in our general membership had only a vague idea of the beauty and rich history of Refqrm Judaism. I think that I read recently that in many reform Congregations today, over 1/3 come from families of Conservative or Traditional backgrounds. While I myself grew up in a Reform Congregation, as nave many of you, for many the Reform Movement and its ideology is vague at best. So how did Reform Judaism begin? Reform Judaism is a movement that began after.the French revolution of 1789. With greater freedom, Jews were able to leave their ghetto existence for the first time in centuries. Choices had to be made. Some Jews left for Israel, others converted out of the faith choosing complete assimilation in the "new atmosphere of liberty and freedom". Others clung to what they felt were the unchanging laws of Judaism. They were to form what we now call the "orthodox" movement. But there were lay leaders who felt that with the new environment of freedom, Judaism too had to adapt to the world. They felt that there was a way to integrate into modern society while at the same time cherishing their Judaism. In 1810, in Seesen, Germany, Israel Jacobson began a liturgical revolution that was to blossom into Reform Judaism. Jacobson instituted the practices of confirmation, mixed seating, ser?mons in the vernacular ana other innovations. The spirit of reform caught on quickly in America and led by Rabbi 2 ^ CONQHEQATION N eR TAMld Isaac Mayer Wise who emigrated from Bohemia in 1846, Reform Judaism quickly established itself. By the end of the 1800?s Wise had founded the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (1873), the Hebrew Union College (1875), and the Central Conference of American Rabbis (1889). These institutions still exist today, providing leadership and community and cohesiveness to our movement. The UAHC serves to bring together reform Congregations across America, the Hebrew Union College provides training for rabbis, cantors, educators, social workers, and educators. And the CCAR serves as the unifying rabbinical organization setting professional standards, on going training and publications used throughout our movement. There are of course many other organizations which serve the Reform Movement as well. What are some of the main principles of Reform Judaism? Reform Judaism asserts that Juda?ism is a "dynamic" religion. That is, our traditions and our beliefs have changed over the years. Judaism as practiced today is obviously differ?ent than at the time of Moses or Rabbi Akiba. Even so there are foundations of belief that bind us together not only today, but throughout history. Reform seeks to present Judaism in a relevant and meaningful way. Our tradition is joyously celebrated through ritual, holiday celebrations, prayer, and song. We feel a connectedness to the past, and to "am uisrael" but we also celebrate individual autonomy in making Jewish decisions. While in the past classical reformers may have abandoned ritual as "archaic customs", todays Jews are comfort- (continued on page 8) Conducted by Rabbi Sanford D. Akselrad & Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman November 6 TotShabbat 6:30pm Samantha Willey BatMitzvah 7:30pm Oneg Sponsored by Donna and Monty Willey November 7 David Goodheart BarMitzvah 10am Kiddush sponsored by the Goodheart Family November 13 3rd Grade Shabbat Dinner 6:15pm Shabbat Services 7:30pm Alternative Services with the Jr. Choir in the Beit Tefillah 7:30pm November 14 Morning Minyon & Torah Study in the Beit Tefillah 10:00am November 20 Lindsay Walsh BatMitzvah 7:30pm Alternative Services in the Beit Tefillah 7:30pm Oneg Sponsored by the Walsh Family November 21 Morning Minyon & Torah Study in the Beit Tefillah 10:00am November 27 Shabbat Services 7:30pm Baby Naming of Emily Simone Weinberg Daughter of Lori Frankl & Richard Weinberg Oneg Sponsored by Lori Frankl & Richard Weinberg i NovEMbER 1998 Bob Unger Drew Levy David Mendelson Ira Spector David Stahl, PhD Scott Stolberg Lynn Sasso Rita Goldstein Ruth Urban Mel Hallerman Sylvia Beller Frances Klamian Jacky Rosen Jon Sparer Jere' Davis Esther Saltzman Sharna Blumenfeld Mindy Unger-Wadkins Sandy Stolberg Steve Joseph Shawn Scott David Lieberman Jerry Gordon Cal Lewis Eileen Kollins Kenneth Schnitzer Dr. David Wasserman Dr. Steve Kollins Michael Cherry Dr. Bernard Farrow UGENE KlRSHBAUM* abbi Sanford Akselrad *Deceased President VP Administration VP Ways & Means VP Membership VP Religious Activities VP Education VP Social Treasurer Secretary Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Sisterhood Brotherhood NTTY TNT Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Past President Ex Officio ] ECAKD I I KM In an effort to keep the Congregation better informed about the activities, programs, and yes, problems the Board of Trustees struggles with during our regular Board meetings, we have start?ed this monthly column. Please feel free to call any of the B oard members if you have questions about one of the news items or about CNT. The September Board meeting was full of excitement in anticipation of the student Rabbi, Leah Malmon, who is joining our congregational family. Undoubtedly, by the time you read this, many of you will have already met her. She will be with us for 13 weekends dur?ing the school year and will be staying with various families in the congrega?tion, both with Board members and with CNT members. Bob Unger read a beautiful letter from Eileen Kollins thanking the Board and Congregation for the very special ser?vice and gifts given to her upon her departure from the Las Vegas commu?nity. Eileen will be missed very much for a number of reasons, one of which is her ability to act as a lay religious lead?er and assist when the Rabbi is unavail?able. Members of the Board were asked to help if they were able to lead a ser?vice, or be part of a minyon. The Board is also looking for congregational mem?bers who have an interest in assisting and are well versed in the Torah and Hebrew. The Board also discussed the new Fam?ily Services that have been added to the High Holidays for Erev Rosh Has- hana and Erev Yom Kippur. We are anx?ious for comments from the congregation on how they liked the earlier and later service. As you are aware, the two services are being test?ed as an effort to help eliminate the seating problems due to the large crowds at High Holidays. Parking is also a problem which the Board feels can be addressed by the dual services and shuttle busses. Speaking of parking, apparently some congregants were confused by the offer made in one of the CNT Bulletins fee. The history of this ?tradition? comes from what used to be the Goods and Services auction, an annual fund?raising event at CNT, which has not been done for several years. However, the one hold-over was the sale of a few reserved spaces in the back parking lot for a set amount of money to raise additional revenue for CNT. Tne slots are sold on a first come, first serve ba?sis at the rate of $400. Board member Sharna Blumenfeld is working on revitalizing and updating the CNT library. This is a huge undertaking due to time and money. She is looking for volunteers and donors. The Rabbi, Monty, Bob Unger and Ruth Urban gave the Board a preview of the Board Orientation and Training that they were working very hard on which was held on September 27. It was an all day retreat, focusing on providing the Board with the necessary informa?tion to better understand the inner- workings of CNT and to increase their effectiveness as a team. The day was aimed at setting the stage for long- range (strategic) planning to begin af?ter the new year. Next year, the 3oard hopes to offer a leadership develop?ment program that will be 9 or 10 ses?sions and help "grow? leaders within the congregation to fill upcoming Board, Committee Chair and Program Chair po?sitions. The Board also discussed a political candidate who campaigned after Friday night services and did so in an offen?sive manner. The Board wants to pre?vent this from occurring again. David Mendelson said plans are already underway for CNT?s 25th Anniversary Celebration scheduled for June of 1999. This will be a very exciting event and an important milestone in CNT?s history. Ira Spector, announced that we now have 600 members, with the addition of nine new members. What a great way to welcome in the New Year. Shalom ^HjitnUrBan, Board Secretary to "sell? reserved parking spaces for a NovEMbER 1998 ( / S p e c ia l rf) la e e OJo A r I would like to take this opportunity to extend a special THANK YOU to all of the members of our Adult Choir for an outstanding job during the High Holidays! This year's choir was so large we had to build an extension to the choir loft. I have heard wonderful reviews of their singing and truly appreciate all of their hard work. Someone even commented that this was the best professional choir they had ever heard for the High Holidays, without realizing it was a volunteer group. "Yasher Kochavim" (A Job Well Done): Sally Birman Bonni Casale* Muriel Companas Dick DeFranco Florence Ellison Dee Ann Emmer* Marty Fessler Brian Frankl* Randi Friedman Rhonda Glyman Kate Harris Frances Klamian* Michael Mehr* Christy Molasky Maxine Molinsky* Fern Percheski Sheldon Rosenberg Glori Rosenberger Larry Rudolph* Larry Sasso* Lean Sichel Jackie Smith Jill Smith Katherine Scott Nanette Spector The members whose names are followed by an asterisk did double duty this year, singing at both the family and late services. I know this was exhausting and can't thank them enough. Many of our members participated in octets and took on the challenge of singing solo pieces as well. Mazel Tov to all of you! Our accompanist Rhonda Greeson and choir director Peter Bugel both worked extremely hard and I want to acknowledge their dedication. We couldn't have done it without them! A special thank you to Maxine Molinsky for singing at the Healing Service and to Dustin Tiep for singing at the Youth Services. We are so lucky to have such talented musicians to help out at the many services we offer. Our Junior choir premiered at the Simchat Torah celebration. Their membership keeps growing each year as well! I am so proud of all of our members and look forward to a great year. The junior choir sings at all of our Family services throughout the year. If you have any questions about either of our choirs please feel free to call me at the Temple. B'shalom, cBe[Id CNT PRESCHOOL* It's hard to believe that the holidays are behind us and fall is really here. Our preschool youngsters are busy at work and play. We all enjoyed the holidays of Sukkot and Simchat Torah. The youngsters decorated the beautiful CNT Sukkah and we all performed the Mitzvot (Command?ments) of eating in a Sukkah, as well as shaking the Lulav and Etrog in all directions (to show that G-D is everywhere). We held a Simchat Torah parade marching with the flags we made ourselves. The month of October was the school's first field trip. The bous and girls loved the Pumpkin Patch. It was fun to watch our students looking at all of the pumpkins to find just the right one to take home. Our school also celebrated Nevada Day. We learned about the history of our State and some interesting facts as well. This month of November, we ha^j many projects planned. The bofl and girls will learn about election? and even get to vote themselves. We will learn about our Vets and other heros who helped to make our country great. Of course we will celebrate Thanksgiving with our own CNT Preschool feast. Our students will dress as Pilgrims and Indians and travel on the Mayflower. The entire school will participate in a Mitzvah project by collecting supplies (shampoo, soap, tootn brushes, etc.) for the needy. The youngsters and teachers are bonding as a family in our wonderful facility. It is a pleasure for all of us involved to see our school thriving and almost filled to capacity. There are only a few spots left in our program for this year, and we are already taking deposits for next year. If you are interested in giving your child or grandchild a quality Jewish/Secular preschool experi?ence, call the CNT office and get more information at 733-6292. Lois?Bergman NovEMbcR 1998 School News November is a time to remember our gifts. Thanksgiving, a national holiday, is based on our holiday of Sukkot. In a country where we are counted as a minority, isn't it amaz?ing that a national holiday is rooted in Judaism. In September we registered the larg?est student body in our religious school history, and our confirma?tion class is also the largest we have ever had at Ner Tamid. We have grown! Love and study of Torah is what strengthens our religion and our people. We are thankful to the won?derful committed parents who take the time to support their children's Jewish education. Ner Tamid is con?tinually striving to improve our educational system for our children (I use "our" because my son is in the confirmation class). This year many of our staff are professional educators and on our staff we also have creative professional art teach?ers. We are blessed that such peo?ple not only choose to work for us, but enjoy their work. We often take the sunrise and sun?set for granted. Our children's smiles are often lost in our busy day. Perhaps, it was planned that after the High Holy Holidays: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah, that a National Hol?iday be created to remind us to... take time... to be thankful... to count our blessings. May your blessings be many! May your troubles be few, m Dayti/me Me and Mine Babies, Toddlers 0 to 2 years old, and a special adult Monday, Mov. 16,1998 /10.00-1130am. For information call Jackie at 733-6292. If you are a working parent interested in a once or twice a month early evening Me and Mine, please call Jackie at 733- 6292. UNDERSTANDING OUR PARTNERSHIP WITH GOD As a religion, the Jewish faith is unique in the belief that Jews and God together share a mutual covenant to improve the world. To strengthen the ties that bind this covenant, we must strive to understand our partnership with God through study and worship. Combining these two elements - Study and Worship - is the goal represented in "My People's Prayer Book - Traditional Prayers, Modern Commentaries." CNT's Adult Education Committee invites all to a free lecture and study of Volume 2 of this book, which discusses the Amidah - the standin, prayer. When reciting the Amidal during worship services, we address ourselves directly to God - our Helper; our Guide; our Partner. It is a prayer which combines praise, petitions and thanks to God tor the role He plays in our lives. To gain a richer understanding of the Amidah, please join us on Saturday, November 21st. The discussion from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, will be led by Leah Malmon, our rabbinical intern, and will end with a traditional Havdallah. For more information, please call the Temple office at 733- 6292. Read Hebrew by Chanukah! TOT SHABBAT WHEN: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6 / TIME: 6:30 P.M. AGE- 3 TO 5 YEAR OLDS AND THEIR FRIENDS Please come to our Tot Shabbat Service, we will learn Thankfullness, Sharing, Crafts, a Snack and Stories. Please bring a toy for a young child who is living at Shade Tree or Safe Nest Shelters. CNT is participating in a nation?wide efforts for adults learning to read Hebrew during the months of November and December. After six weekly ses?sions, from November 10 to December 15, you'll be able to followalong in synagogue servic?es, Guaranteed! Registration is $25 and includes the book, T-shirt, and plenty of other fun stuff. Call Shawna at 733-6292 to register! cA S p e NovEMbER 1998 c in l C7<o J h lo m / ^ 5 Hi! My name is Samantha Willey. I Mu name is David Goodheart, and I was born a Southern Belle in Dothan, Alabama, but I didn't live there long enough to get a Southern drawl. After a brief stint in California my family finally settled in Las Vegas. I've lived here for about six uears and am presently an eighth grader at Cannon Middle School. It would be my pleasure to invite "y'all" to join me when I am called to the Torah on November 6th and share in this special occasion, my Bat Mitzvah. will become a Bar Mitzvah on November 7*. I hope you will be able to join my family and me on that special day. I am a seventh grader at the Las Vegas Day School. When I am not studying for my Bar Mitzvah and doing schoolwork, I like to play golf ana basketball, and to go snowboarding. I enjoy traveling to interesting places with my parents and granaparents. Executive Directors Snctuaht I WOULD UK? TO THANK THE SISTERHOOD AND BROTHER- HOOD FOR ALL TH? H?LP DURING the High Holidavs. It is, as FOR PAST V?ARS, A GREAT D6AL OF H?LP AND IT WOULD B? IMPOSSIBLE TO PULL IT OFF WITHOUT THEIR HELP. I WANT TO APOLOGIZE TO VOU FOR THE CONFUSION THE ACCOUNTING SVSTEM HAS BEEN IN FOR THE PAST SEVERAL MONTHS. UUe HAD A SEVERE CRASH WHICH RESULTED IN PAVMENTS NOT SHOWING UP ON THE COMPUTER. That DO?S NOT mean we LOST VOUR CHECKS, fls A POINT OF PROCEDURE, WE MAKE COPIES OF ALL CHECKS THAT COME INTO THE OFFICE. So, IF VOU FEEL THAT VOUR ACCOUNT IS NOT ACCURATE, PLEASE CALL ME PERSONALLV AND I WILL RESEARCH THE ISSUE AND GET BACK TO VOU. Monty Hi, my name is Lindsay Walsh. I was born on March 20, 1984 in Las Vegas. I enjoy music, playing the piano, guitar, and jazz dancing. I especially like talking on the phone, and hanging out with my friends. I look forward to celebrating my Bat Mitzvah on November 20, 1998, with my family and friends. QOCIAL ACTION One of the Social Action Committee's ongoing projects is to keep in touch with our college students. We send them New Year's greetings, Hannukah and Passover packages, and Birthday cards. Also reading material is periodically sent from UAHC in New York. To make sure your professional-to-be is on our mailing list, please fill out the following form and send it to the temple office. Name _______ College______ Year in School Address Birthdate Phone# E-mail Address ? t C o n q req arioN N e r Ta m 'hJ NovEMbER 1998 AUXILIARIES & Shalom from your IBroflierlioiMl Sisterhood Xews "We're not our Father's Brotherhood Anymore" is the subject to be addressed by our next speaker. Join us for a ?Bagel Nosh" on Sunday, November 8,1998, at 9:30am, and hear Kenneth Keenan speak on this subject. Kenny is a Past President of North American Federation of Temple Brotherhoods and presently West Coast Regional Director of Temple Brotherhoods. This is a return engagement for Kenny and he is looking forward to visiting us again. Well the Holy Days have come and gone and I want to thank Allan Nathanson for taking the lead and all of you that assisted with the Ushering, the double service on Erev Jtosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Iroved to be the great success we all Envisioned. The Sukkah Raising and Take Down went without a hitch and we all enjoyed Breakfast at the Inn Zone. Those who participated improved their building skills and now have dreams of building that Tool Shed they always wanted in their back yarns. Hanukah is right around the corner and if you still have not gotten that gift for those friends and family members who have everything, why not an mteftoinmmr ?99 Book???? There is no better gift, for it provides places to go, things to do, and above all, the opportunity to save a bundle. This year as in the past you will be able to examine and obtain these books at the Temple Office or on Sunday in front of the Religious School. The book is still one of the biggest bargain gifts for the holidays as it still can be purchased for only $30, the same price for which it was sold for the last several years. It?s not too late, if Sou have an order of six (6) or more ooks, your order will be delivered to your home or place of business within the Valley area. There are many groups selling the enter- tc^Cmnent ?99 Book, now, more than ever, we need your support. Purchase uour ?99 Book from your Temple Brotherhood. Call the Temple office or Steve Joseph at 656-99G3 for more information. The Brotherhood calendar has been packed with activities that have caught the interest of many old and new Temple members. Our first speaker, Dr. Bernard Farrow dis?cussed the issue of Men's Sexuality and Health. Our next speaker will prove to be just as interesting for we are not the Brotherhood of our Father's. Future speakers will include David Stahl who will address the controversial issue of the Test Site here in Nevada, Rabbi Akselrad who will discuss Judaism in the 90's and the Millennium and other experts who will address Men's Medical Issues. We are planning other events that will prove to be of interest and fun to all that participate, so take that first step and join us for our "Bagel Nosh" and speaker on Sunday, November 8, 1998, at 9:30am, I promise you will not regret it! Stephen!)osevh Brotherhood President I would like to remind everyone that the Annual Chanukah Bazaar will be held on Sunday, Nov. 15,1998 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. A raffle drawing will be held to benefit our Sisterhood Campership Program with prizes that include a bicycle, a television set and Thunder Hockey tickets. Please return your Raffle Tickets to the Temple Office or you may buy them at the Bazaar. The Party Shop will be preparing a mouth-watering lunch. Our gift shop will be open with a sensational selection of gift items. The Jewish Community Center of Southern Nevada will be holding their annual Book Fair. Don't forget United Blood Services will be on site with their Blood Mobile, what could be better than this mitzvah during the holiday season. The event everyone looks forward to, the crowning of The Kugel Meister is always fun for all who enter and all who sample the great Kugel's entered. Bring your family and friends to this years fun and festive Chanukah Bazaar. Please mark your calendar for Thursday, November 12, 7:00 pm. Rabbi Akselrad will be doing a book review on "Finding Joy" by Daniel Schwartz, books are available in the gift shop. I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events. Shalom, Sandy GIFT SHOP HOURS SuNdAys 9:00aM'1 2:1 5pM (DuRinq REliqious School) TuEsdAys 10:00AM'6:00pM ThuRsaAys 1:00'4:00pM FRidAys 6:50'7:15pM t / (S p e c ia l rf) NovEMbER 1998 !a c c (7a (B e ltin g . The Mitzvah Menorah Project You can make a difference in a needy child's Chanu?kah. The Mitzvah Menorah will be at the Sisterhood Chanukah Bazaar on November 15th. The Mitz?vah Menorah is a project of the Social Action Commit?tee that helps to sweeten a needy child's Chanukah. If anyone knows of needy families with children ana wish to participate in the Mitzvah Menorah Project, please contact Sue Levinsky at Jewish Family Services at 732-0304. They will hold the information in strict confidence. The only information that they pass along to CNT's Social Action Committee is the age, sex, size and needs of tne child. The congregation is encouraged to come by the Mitzvah Menorah and "adopt" a needy child by purchasing Chanukah gifts for him or her. 93? ^?u have a member or friend who is hospitalised? Rabbi Akselrad would like to help you and your family by visiting Temple members and friends of our congregation who have been hospitalized. Since there is no notification from the hospitals, please contact Karen at the Temple office at 733-6292 when a family member or friend is hospitalized. w COHQREQA TioN N eR jA M ld Chesed Committee The Chesed Committee is operational again this year with the support of all the auxiliaries and committees that are working in support of C9fT. The entire committee is (oofug forward to a successful year of Mitzvot for our Jewish Community. We will start our five-wee f training program Monday, October 26th at 7:00 p.ttu in the Temple Library. Profession?als within our own Temple community facilitate the training. The Chesed Committee members train to make hospital visits, calls to the homebourul, provide rides for Shabbat services, respite care to care givers, or lead Shiva services for bereaved families. If you would Uke to participate, please contact Shawna Parker in the Temple office. We invite you to help make us aware of any mitzvot we can do within our C9fT community. BemardT,. ffarrozv fabbiV Aara (continued) ? able with many rituals such as brisT bar mitzvah, kashrut....and are even adding some new ones along the way. Reform Judaism stresses the importance of equality of both men and women in learning Torah and practicing Judaism. Our new prayer- books are published in gender sensitive language and our rabbinical and cantorial schools proudly proclaim the achievements of both their male and female students. These are just a few of the many accomplishments of the Reform Movement. Obviously, this brief column is inadequate to address the topic fully. I encourage you to learn more on your own and to visit the UAHC?s website on the internet. Also, look in future bulletins for classes I will be teaching or sermons I will be delivering on Tiow Reform Judaism addresses some of the most interesting and signficant topics of our day. B'shalom, 9{g66iSanford!7tfiselraQ First Days Qmiling Faces NovEMbER 1998 \J DATE: TO: FROM: SUBJECT: MEMORANDUM NOVEMBER 1998 THE MEMBERS OF CONGREGATION NER TAMID SOCIAL ACTIVITIES FANTASTIC WESTERN NIGHT that's western for would you were at the Western Night Bar-b-que Itu Howdu partners know that if yoi Hayride & Square Dance. For all you cifu who missed the hoedown... here's the tale of all the happenings (also see pictures on page 10 & 11). slickers The event was held at Bunker Park and what a great place to have fun. Tables and chairs were set up and Cowboy George arrived ready to cook up a storm. For all you hungry cowpokes; there were ribs, chick?en, brisxet and not dogs ...corn on the cob, beans and five different salads..we had salsa and chips, fruit and cake along with soda and coffee to wash It all down. George kept cookin and we kept eatin until we just couldn't get up anymore. While the food was settlin we haa a very nice Havdalah service. The entertainment was ?reat, just ask "Big Irving". If you don't know who he is, ask someone who was there to tell you all about him. But we didn't stop there, the saloon girls came next to keep us amused while the hayride was fun and the horse not abused. As we all stood outside the frontier deli, moanin and groanin about our overstuffed bellies, along comes a man yellin come on down, to the best little square dance in this part of town. We swung are partners to the left and right, problem was some of us just aren't too bright. It was left not right and back not front but everyone had fun and no one was uptight. Soon it was time to leave and sa spaces and the stars w ^ than our night of fun would have been to have* had another 110. Ya' all come to the next event in s I sau goodbye to the wide open in the sky. The only thing better we don't want you missin another great fling. ial >tol )ebbie Hallerman, Jill Ginsburg, Drew Levy, Davi Mendelson, Gi| Shaw, Nadine Cracraft, David Stahl, last thing before I go, there are some special people uou need to know... Steve Joseph, Scott Stolberg, Debbie Levu, Davia Rabbi Akselrad, Bella Feldman thanks to you all and a very special thanks to Janis & Drew Rounds and my best pal, Larry Sasso. It was great fun!!!! Bye now...Jjyrm S3saBiuc; OUTREACH NEWS We have Co-Chairman, 1 a new Juliann Shapin, she helped Jackie FleeKot suc- >P cessful High Holiday jram. We also nad a pro- teach the ligh habbat program that emphasized Creating your own Shabbat and included informative resource materials to bring home. Our next program will be the Chanukan program. Once again we will provide resource booklets that include everything you need to fully celebrate Chanukah. Outreach is a national organization that responds to the needs of intermarried families and Jews by choice. All our programs are free and open to the whole commu?nity. If you would like more information on Out?reach or would like to join he committee, please call Mary Ales at 872-0036] or uliann Shapin at 456- 544. Shalom, Mary Ales &JuBamuSnapin Tell & Kvell Mazel Tov To Grandparents Ken &? Hazel Herman and Parents, Steven and Rie Herman on the birth of their son, Ian Benjamin Herman. Congratulations to Paula and Alan Gold upon the birth of their son, Joshua Ray?mond, born September 14. fa fa fa fa fa fa NovEMbER 1998 ( / S p e c ia l tJo (B elong. It was a great timet ssiil* :-xvt .'/v S$8 m ? k C o hqreqa rio/v N e r TAMid NovEMbER 1998 Please note: Bella's October article was an accidently reprint?ed article from thepast. Below is her actual article from October. This month we will be celebrating a new beginning at Simchat Torah as we turn the Torah scrolls back. CNT's Youth Program will also experience somewhat of a new beginning as we bring in several new advisors and newly formed youth groups in the upcoming Sear. It is my pleasure to oversee le Youth Activities at our Congregation and I wanted to take tne opportunity to share with you all some information about our expanding Youth Program. For the past six years we have had two active youth groups in the Temple: TNT - Teens ot Ner Tamid for 6,h thru 8,h grades and NTTY Ner Tamid Temple Youth for 9,h thru 12th grades. NTTY meets weekly on Sundays from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and partici?pates in a variety of programs including social action, religious and some purely social events. They also attend regional events throughout the year and SWFTY ###****#**** * RAFFLE PRIZEQ FOR * * CHANUKAH BAZAAR * if # a The Sisterhood Campership ^ * program is looking for any ? gifts, tickets or items uou ^ wish to donate as raffle ^ ^ prizes for the upcoming m S? Chanukah Bazaar.