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Letter from Henry Schuster to Ronnie Epstein, August 22, 1999, regarding Henry's activities as the Jewish Lay Leader for Nellis Airforce Base


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Mrs. Ronni Epstein Executive Director Jewish Federation of Las Vegas 3909 Maryland Parkway Suite 400 Las Vegas, NV 89119 August 22, 1999 Dear Ronni, At the Town Meeting you asked me to keep you informed regarding my activities as the Jewish Lay Leader for Nellis Air Force Base. Please find enclosed copies of my certification from the Jewish Welfare Board and Jewish Chaplains' council. This past May I met with the Post Wing Commander to discuss some of the planned events for the Jewish personnel. Please note the attached article that I wrote to appear in the Nellis Post Newspaper and the enclosed article that was in the Israelite on May 2 1 . 1 also submitted an article for the Reporter regarding my meeting with the Chaplain. They did not run it so I assume that they felt it was not newsworthy. On Tuesday August 24th I have an appointment with Master Sgt. Irene Moyle to plan next year's Holocaust Memorial luncheon at Nellis. May 9th is a tentative date for this event. I have cleared this with Roz. Anita and I will organize the affair. Herschel Auerbach and A1 Hartenstein have offered their help. I have spoken with Edythe and she assured me that her organization will cooperate with us. We feel that we are qualified to do this as we were an integral part of the planning of the past luncheons. The 1999 affair was not to be as the planning committee did not fare well. I have been invited by Rabbi Nathan Landman to attend the Lay Leader training workshop at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, October 13-17. I hope the Federation will sponsor me for this event. At this point I do not know how much the registration fee, fare and hotel may be. I feel this training could be very useful for my job as Lay Leader. On a different matter, Anita and I have been invited to attend a Holocaust Leadership conference that will be held at Edgar Bronfman's office on September 15th. As we will be in New York to with our son and family for the Holidays, we will attend the meeting. We will also visit with our mutual friend Danny Allen. We wish you and Jay a good Yom Tov and a good year. Yours truly, Heniy D. Schuster