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Annual report from Congregation Ner Tamid, 2008-2009




2008 to 2009


Annual report from Congregation Ner Tamid, 2008-2009

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ANNUAL REPORT 2008 - 2009 Sid Barasch & Dr. Louis Friedner Congregants o f the Year Rabbi Lawrence Kushner Scholar-in-Residence David Reiner 2008 Shomer Torah Winner C o n g r e g a t i o n N er T amid On the Greenspun Cam pus F or J ew ish Life, Learning & S piritual R enewal A Y ear To R emember The world is sustained by three things: by the Torah, by avodah, and by gem ilut chasadim . Pirkei Avot 1:2 ? hniiriino it fppk trulv like ? home? . So many As we have entered the second vear in our new building u reeis iruiy wonderful simchas anda se wveen ntsa vhea veen tehraepdp etnnee ds that hya ve now buterccoummec pp art of the fabric a. nd_ _h__is_t_ohray( of our synagogue community. Greater proximity to our membership has allowed our Temple to grow m many ways. Our pre-school has grown fGrorema tae rl opwro oxinm Eitmy etros oonu ro mf seixm c' hildJren to sevemt y c<- hildren! Our Shabbat m?o rnina gfr imon.nrfyiuo n^ pcoimntminiuneos atotm thnrsinvhep arnpd c n . . chahh,t darning praying, studying continue in a friendly welcoming atmosphere. f^ ?? W i V?* g^r ow. From 9 a.m.-1 p..m ? . . ea. ch SHh\aAb;ibnarltl plde aornuitn ogn, pE mye rs&o n has ' beee> n reignited, wi.t.h. a strong ,v,i:gmorr, iitt iiss rcaallllpedd nouurr r l y i V ? ur ienlors p m g n rn which had dwindled o u t? , andj ogramming for our reniors. There w ar also 55+ Senior Social Croup! Twice a month t h * ? * and over 150 people camel A Ruhht a request to experiment with adding a second day o +raHitir>n Thpsp arp but a few of the manv sSuacncfoersds eAsk stehlraatd w ree shoauvned einngjo syuecdce ssisn ocef bmoothv inngu mtob eorus ra nnedw m leoacnaitnigo^n .W ,5 ^ pP rogSrams continue to be added and old ones continue to T ? the new location can no, compensa,e for the down turn in the deeply personal way. Many of us have had heart br^akl" f ? ^ ^ ? "^ harder thin almost any other. I am proud to have ; neThP::d T d er phrog^ ,,? e d ^ t ? ^ is E la b o r a t io n of Tbe Jewish the B o a * = and Jewish Family Services. This vocational services program will help provide employment an pr . program need. The Idea started from a congregant who implored me to do ?something to help. From this conversation came prog that has already touched the lives of hundreds. +? tnaothpr in hplnine each I share this with you because ultimately a Temple is about its membership and our a i i y o g people other. Prayer is most effective when viewed as a partnership with God. I have also been deeply Z '^o continue who have come up to me privately to make significant contributions to my discretionary fund w h . c al ? 6 d help at to provide scholarships to students and financial help to those in need. These folks seek no recognition but just a desire to help at 3 " " w o u f d agTinS,ikeeto L'p ress my gratitude to my staff and lay leadership. Our staff has had to work extra hard this year and have insured the quality and continuity of our programs. Our lay leadership has been diligent m msurmg the s ength and integrity of our Temple. Harry Sax, our out going President has done a remarkable job steering our Congregation during tough economic times. His time and commitment has been a blessing. . As I enter my 25th year in the rabbinate, I do so with a profound sense of optimism for our future, and a sense of in our Congregation and its ability to support its membership and community at large. P r o j e c t E z r a Project Ezra is a program that Rabbi Akselrad reconceptualized, developing a strong partnership with the Jewish Federation, Jewish Family Services and the Board of Rabbis. It Is comprised of two components. The first component will be a vocational job placement service to be housed at Jewish Family Services. Christina Primack has been hired to direct this program. Its mission is simple: to help people find jobs. If you know of a job. please contact Christina at JFSA and she can help you make a match. . The second component of Project Ezra is financial help to those who need emergency assistance. The Federation has made a $250,000 commitment towards Project Ezra which involved hiring a part time case worker, a vocational services director and greatly enhanced tzedakah support during this time of need. This is one o f the largest grants in the history o f our community towards such a project. We are very proud to be a part o f such a mitzvah for the community in these trying times. G uidance T hrough W ords It?s been a challenging year. As I described it last year, the perfect storm has continued. Las Vegas continues to lead the nation in areas that we do not want to lead: foreclosures, unemployment, state budget deficits, etc. This economic downturn has put tremendous economic pressure on all business activity in Las Vegas, in both the the private and non profit sector. Harry Sax Fortunately, we have a team who has met the challenge. That team consists of the board of trustees, the temple President staff, and our many volunteers. We have made many personnel changes this last year with the goal of either cutting costs or improving service to our congregation and it has paid off big time. Our year to date budget numbers are pretty close to meeting projections. Our membership is growing, and we have a ton of activities for every age group in the temple. We still have a ?mountain or two to climb? . When the economy recovers, we will mount a captial campaign to reduce our mortgage on the temple. I know I can count on all of you to be generous in this major step toward creating an even stronger financial future for Congregation NerTamid. Mission Statement The mission of CNT is to provide meaningful religious services, life-long Jewish learning opportunities, cultural programs VP W ays & M eans - D a vid R o u n d s The goal of the Ways & Means committee is to create ideas, encourage donation and oversee several fundraising events through?out the year. Monies raised from these efforts is used to augment funds received from membership dues and help support religious services. Temple programming, overhead costs and cover the normal on-going expenses. Highlights * Kol Nidre Campaign was a huge success, thanks to co-chairs Marla Letizia and Harry Sax * Mensch dinner honoring Jon Sparer, chaired by Yvonne Gordon * Gift Wrap booth at the Galleria Mall, chaired by Beth Bowman. Thank you to all who helped out! * Our Big Spring Raffle V_____________________________________________________ ) and social activities ?n order to perpetuate and advance Reform Judaism. A Y ear In Review building Collaborations and Community Events ? Presented Transition II: A Ballet in collaboration with UNLV School of Dance * Hosted Interfaith Thanksgiving Service in collaboration community with The Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada * Las Vegas Jewish Film Festival Co-Sponsored with The begins Desert Space Foundation * Hosted a Conference on Domestic Violence in with a collaboration with the Board of Rabbis of Southern Nevada vision to change the world for the better. * Sponsored a Candidates Forum at the Flamingo Library * Hosted the Henderson Chamber of Commerce After hours Mixer with over 150 in attendance * Participated in a community-wide celebration for Israel Independence Day * Took part in World AIDS Day at First Congregational Church * Hosted the T' Yiddish Cabaret Co-Sponsored with JCCSN * Hosted a Town Hall Meeting With Senator Harry Reid * Taxes were done for Nevada residents by AARP at no charge * Hosted monthly Hadassah meetings as well as The Conference on Advocacy * Collected over 1 Ton of non-perishable food items at Rosh Hashanah for the JFSA Food Pantry What?s Up Next! * Adult & Children's Jewish Library opening this SUMMER! (Watch for the Grand Opening in Fall 2009!) * Music & Choir Room with recording capabilities open to all * NEW! Pre-K Class at Religious School......FALL 2009! * Expanded Early Childhood Education Programs & Classes * Expanded Summer Schul Programs * And LOTS MORE! Nancy Weinberger Exec. Director Achievements Fon2_008 * Created the ability to make donations and make payments on-line * Created a new Building and Grounds Committee to look at all issues related to the facility * Formed a Rental and Catering Committee tasked with promoting the facility within the local community and insuring the Temple offers competitive pricing for rentals * Repositioned staff in the accounting department to insure accurate and timely financial reporting * Introduced Mishkan Tefilah - A Reform Siddur * Created a new 55+ group. Hired a Senior Activity Coordinator funded by a private donor * Created 5 additional chavurot (friendship groups) throughout the year * Hired a full-time Program Director to insure program continuity and to continue the high quality programming the members have come to expect * Restructured the Education Department to include an Administrative Assistant for the Preschool and Religious School * Early Childhood Center added two additional classrooms and children?s bathroom to accommodate the increase in enrollment Special Events * Hosted a party on Election Evening 2008 for all to attend and watch the election results on our Big Screen TVS! * 1st Annual Community Garage Sale * Hosted a wonderful community Passover seder for more than 200 people * Teacher Appreciation Shabbat Dinner and Service attended by over 200 people * Scholar in Residence Lawrence Kushner shared Shabbat with us! * 1st Annual Shabbatone Concert - over 300 people attended! V P M em bersh ip R et en tio n - M a r sh a G o ld b er g V P N ew M em ber R ec r u itm en t - L isa Sk u r o w Since our annual meeting last June, we've grown from 675 members to 720! We are very excited to welcome so many new families and encourage them to get involved with the many on-going committees and activities we offer. Here are a few of the activities and programs from the past year: M y House shall be called a * Our traditional Sundae Shabbat for prospective new members * Chardonnay Shabbat was held for the ?Young Adult Community,? affectionately known as ?YAC? * Honored Sid Barasch & Dr. Louis Friedner as our Congregants of the Year. Also honored and welcomed our new members * Annual Temple Family Picnic & Havdallah. Plenty of food and fun for everyone! * Community-Wide Garage Sale * Several New Member coffees and President?s Welcome with wine & cheese house of prayer for all peoples. R itu a l - D el A co sta , C h a ir per so n The Ritual Committee works in partnership with the Rabbi and Cantorial Soloist in developing a vision for worship and ritual for the congregation. The goal is to continue to provide a place for worship, study & special programs. The Sanctuary will have a new look for the High Holy Days. Will you be able to recognize the change? Here?s a few things from this past year: * Greet congregants prior to the beginning of Services * Assist those who have special needs * Seat new congregants with a CNT member * Assist and participate in special services and programs - Shavuot, Selichot, High Holy Days * Working on new project, ?A Mezzuzah on Every Door" * Replaced one of our Torah dowels to accommodate the Torah crown and new whipple NEW 55+ Sen io rs? G r o u p - J o y c e H erlan d s, Sen io r P r o g r a m C o o r d in a t o r This new group meets twice a month, participating in an array of activities - speakers, luncheons, table games, movies, Yiddish, BINGO - with participants ranging from age 55-85. Here are just a few of the great activities from the first year: * Grand Opening Lunch with over 100 seniors in attendance * A day trip to see the Johnny Cash Show at the Charleston Heights Art Center. * Yiddish Group and Table Games, led by Sid Barasch * Volunteered at the Jewish Book Fair * The Chanukah Covered Dish Luncheon, chaired by Carolyn Friedner, with musical entertainment provided by the Preschool * Oil painting class taught by artist Rita Moses-Malkin * ?Jewish Ghetto of Shanghai" movie and discussion Isaiah 56:7 Carino Through Music & Song Whoever does deeds of Xzedakoh and mishpat (justice) ?s considered to have filled the world with kindness. Rabbi Elazar, Talmud: Sukkot49b Philip Goldstein Cantorial Soloist It?s hard to believe that another year has passed... ?One season following another . Well, enough of Fiddler on the Roof. When I look back and reflect (which time does not permit very often) I am amazed at all that has been achieved during the past year here at CNT... I love it!!! I feel a great sense of accomplishment for this past year s music programming and look forward to another exciting year at CNT. As we come into the summer months I also want to recognize some individuals for their hard work and dedication. First, I want to thank Lillian Kollar for her amazing talents and incredible musical ability. She is one of the best accompanists I have ever worked with and I greatly appreciate her. Thank you so much Lillian! Shabbat Unplugged continues to receive overwhelming support and positive feedback from our congregation. Thank you all for helping to make Shabbat Unplugged possible. Thank you to Lillian, Jay. Mike, Brad, Bruce, and Jason for making the music sound great. I must thank all of the members of the Shabbatones band, who volunteer their talent and energy into this program: Ira Spector, Jay Poster, Glori Rosenberger, Alan Molasky, Eddie Birch. Tracy Birch (and sometimes Matthew Birch too!). Brad Torchin, Mike Adler. Bruce Geller, Shawn Bailey and Paul Kessin. Without all of their enthusiasm and hard work, there would be no Shabbatones. We have grown together as a band (more like extended family) and as friends. More music, concerts and special events are planned for the coming year... stay tuned. Thank you also to Lori Frankl for conducting the High Holy Day Teen Choir accompanied by Eddie Birch. Thank you to Sherri Swezey for conducting the Youth Choir throughout the year accompanied by Bruce Geller. They?ve never sounded better. And speaking of choirs, our fabulous Adult Choir deserves a round of applause for their hard work over this past year (since High Holy Days); you all are the best. A special thanks to John Smith, Adult Choir Director, for his wonderful ability to have the choir sounding their best. Thank you to all the choirs. Our Adult and Youth Choirs sang consistently throughout the year. These programs have become well established and we continue to welcome new members and grow throughout the year. I want to acknowledge the hard work and talents of a lot of people here at CNT. First 1 want to recognize the wonderful people that we have in the office - Karen, Lynette, Linda and our wonderful CNT volunteers - thank you all. Thank you to our wonderful Catering and Rental Director Roberta Unger, Program Director Beth Bowman, Executive Director Nancy Weinberger and, of course. Rabbi Akselrad. The building has had its challenges but we have a great team of people who keep things running smoothly. Roberta and her staff, thank you for your hard work and flexibility. I also want to thank Lois Bergman, Ayelet Blit and Adam Brustein for their wonderful job of tutoring the B?nai Mitzvah students. They continue to do an outstanding job and I continually receive positive feedback from the parents of our students. This truly has been a year of exciting growth. I look forward to next year and the exciting musical programming that I have planned. Thank you to our wonderful Congregation of CNT. Without you, none of this would be possible. Highlights of the Year - * Las Vegas Philharmonic Conductor, David Itkin, spoke about Jewish Music and Jewish & non-Jewish Composers * Adult Choir and Philip sang at ?World AIDS Day", a community-wide candlelight vigil * First Shabbatone Concert with over 300 in attendance, raising much needed funds for the music programming ?3 For T he Sake O f H eaven I had the pleasure of joining the staff of Ner Tamid in August of 2008, serving for the High Holy Days and (12) four-day weekends; My responsibilities have included preaching, teaching, hospital and home visiting, and clergy support for Sisterhood and the Caring and Outreach committees. The Outreach Committee introduced the ? 101? series with ?Seder 101,? an afternoon of learning for people attending or hosting their first seder. We had over 20 participants, and a number of them later reported a successful seder experience to me. Plans are in place for future ? 101? series programs, the first of which will be ?Shabbat 101? on June 18. The teamwork on Sisterhood Shabbat, held April 24, laid the groundwork for more programming in the coming year. The Saturday Morning Minyan has grown to a sizeable service. With David Stahl, Ann Roque, and Del Acosta, I worked to expand the number of people who could lead the service, read or chant Torah, and offer divrei Torah (words of Torah). At this writing, a working draft of a ? Leader?s Book? is under review, and we have scheduled trainings for service leaders and darshanim (people to give divrei Torah) in June. I am deeply grateful to Rabbi Akselrad for his mentoring and the excellent training I have received. This is the first opportunity I have had to work in a congregation of this size and complexity, and it is a pleasure to learn from him, as well as from Philip Goldstein and the rest of the staff. I look forward to the coming year with great excitement and anticipation. Rabhi Ruth Adar Visiting Asst. Rabbi We are I1 0 t obligated to complete the work, but neither are we f r e e So c ia l A c t io n - C in d y J ensen, C h a ir per so n Tikun Olam is to repair our world one mitzvah at a time. There are many opportunities, as you will see below, to make a difference throughout the year and we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and help as a community, one mitzvah at a time! * Community Clean-up Day at Floyd Lamb State Park * Political Forum at Flamingo Library * Autism Forum * Hosted Family Promise - Family Promise assists families in the Las Vegas Valley to transition from homelessness to stability. Partnering with faith houses and community organizations, they compassionately provide guidance, food, shelter and education * High Holy Day Food Drive * Another successful Mitzvah Day with over 300 participants * Annual Mitzvah Menorah at Chanukah to desist from it. P IR K EI A V O T C hesed C o m m it t ee - Sh ir ley K o u ffm a n , C h a ir per so n The Chesed (Caring) Committee is a group of terrific people within our congregation who reach out to our CNT congregants and extended Jewish Community in a supportive way to hopefully meet their needs and bring cheer! * 10 -15 calls a month to send cheer. In addition, 50 - 60 letters of condolence were sent * Made 5 -10 visits a month to hospitals, nursing homes/rehab centers, and private homes * 4 5 - 5 0 Holiday Bags for Rosh Hashanah and Pesach were distributed to congregants in the hospital, nursing homes rehab centers and private homes; sent out Chanukah and Purim cards * Sent College students something to help celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, Purim and Pesach Y outh and Jewish Education When two sit together and exchange words of Torah, the Divine Presence dwells with them. Pirke Avot 3:2 Beth Falk R/S Principal Under the leadership of Principal, Beth Falk, our Religious School has seen many new and exciting programs this academic year! * We are thrilled that our enrollment grew to over 2 2 0 students in grades Kindergarten - 12 * Welcomed into our ?family? several new teachers that have brought with them years of Jewish educational experience and a wealth of knowledge * Incorporated into our existing Hebrew Language Curriculum, Mikidem, a URJ Hebrew program that is prayer based and self paced in order to accommodate the different levels of Hebrew skills per grade level. I * We designated 1 Shabbat per month as Religious School Shabbat which allows for our students to ?show off" and practice what they are learning in class. * In December, over 5 0 students attended a Youth Havdallah Service. Students snacked on pizza, played games, made candles and ended the night with an outdoor Havdallah Service under the stars. This was truly a special moment for all. * Over 2 5 0 people attended a ?Topsy Turvy" Pancake Family Purim Dinner. Such a success, this will now become a Purim tradition * CNT Religious School students proudly presented ?The Beach Boys Visit Ner Tamid", a Purim Shpiel. * We closed out the year with an All Youth Led Friday Night Service. All grades were represented and the 10th grade Confirmation Class, taught by Rabbi Akselrad , presented the D'var Torah. The children, youth and teens of CNT are looking forward to the upcoming year which promises to expand on programs already in place and offer more opportunities for our students to engage in learning. N T T Y (Ner T amid T emple Y outh) Jolie Brislin, A dvisor This is CNT?s youth group for grades 9-12. Our goal is to involve high school age youth with their peers on a local and regional basis by pro?viding interesting programs that range from social to religious to social action. TNT...It?s Explosive (Teens of Ner Tamid) Pam Poster, A dvisor The goal of TNT is to involve young people in social experiences, in order to strengthen their relationships with each other, with the CNT family and with the Jewish community. Age requirements for TNT are grades 6-8. I TTY BITTY NTTY (It t y B it t y N er T a m id T e m p l e Y o u t h ) B e c c a P h illip s & I len e Sc h a r f Itty Bitty NTTY is our newest youth group for those in grades 3-5. This group will meet at various times throughout the year. Parent volunteers will be working to plan the events which will include an ice cream social and game day, movies, trips and more! Consecration 2008 Confirmation 2009 T he C ary & Lynn Kantor Early C hildhood Education C enter ...and you shall t G c IC h them diligently to your children... Deuteronomy 6:7 I am happy to report that our second year of preschool was a rousing success. Since Congregation Ner Tamid?s last Annual Meeting, we housed our first summer camp for children ages 2 to 5. Forty-four children were treated to weekly themes such as. Little Chefs, Camping Fun. and Hands-on Science along with our Friday Shabbat celebrations and lots and lots of water play! Our 2008-2009 School Year began with the dedication of our school. We are now honored to be called The Gary & Lynn Kantor Early Childhood Education Center. Dr. and Mrs. Kantor are amazing people whose passion and dedication to our program are exceptional. LonnieKnt-ier Sixty-six preschool aged children enrolled in our program this school year. Their days were filled with child- Early childhood directed, developmental^ appropriate learning along with an introduction to the Jewish holidays, symbols, mitzvot. Director and Hebrew. The common thread was the joy and laughter observed in each classroom as the children were educated with love, patience, and compassion by 9 amazing teachers. This year also brought our first classes with 18 month olds. Stay & Play, our version of Mommy & Me, started in January and has been enjoyed by 16 children and parents. We are looking forward to continuing this great program. We also partnered with the JCC and offered Yoga, Music, and Sign Language classes for mothers and their infants. These classes are housed in our preschool three mornings a week and are attracting a number of potential new students for our program! Our extracurricular enrichment programs are thriving (Spanish, ComputerTots, Jewish Fun, etc.) as is Tot Shabbat. Approximately 200 people participate in our synagogue's Shabbat program the first Friday of every month. We have nearly outgrown the Beit Tefillah! Lastly, thanks to our amazing Early Childhood Committee led by Julie Barto-Fisher, we held our first annual fundraiser. Little Hands, Big Hearts. A fantastic time with great music, delicious food, a silent and live auction, and nationally recognized entertainer, Tony Pace, was had by all. Along with items such as Lion King tickets, helicopter rides, and a year of babysitting, the most valuable items auctioned off were works of art specially created by our students! Yes, this has been quite a year?one filled with learning, hugs, and lots of happy children and parents. And now on to year three where we are looking forward to offering even more to our youngest generation! Co\nrri'? C?f*rm? IW?0" D avid Itkin Shabbatone Concert $ ( m asu no N NrxTwiiD ?Jl 2008 Political Forum Purim Carnival Community Garage Sale Passover Family Seder T emple Picnic 2009 Group K?ovie T uscon Y outh Choir M # jsSl4 2 0 0 8 Kantor Preschool Dedication ' ? i . B EB P .... [fcrri ^ g?71 J?' i ^ lE ^ s j u 'mm m M ! -X ft JH J ? F ......I? 1 I B ^ t jg ? f | a - K i t u j ? | C ommunity & Programming building community culminates in strong, active partnerships. building community is smart, responsible, strategic, and collaborative I B u ild in g & G r o u n d s C o m m it t ee Over the past year, the newly formed Building & Grounds committee has met regularly to assess the state of the campus, its buildings and equipment. The committee has been responsible for oversight of maintenance and deals with any difficulties that may arise. Committee members are architects, civil engineers, property managers or members of the construction industry with valuable skills and fields of expertise. Areas the committee is focusing their efforts on are: * Setting up systems and processes so that we are not dependent on a single person. * Energy & Expense Management * Safety & Security * Capital Improvements & Reserves * Develop Facility Expertise * Developing Resources * General Maintenance Issues A quarterly walk through of the entire facility is conducted in order to update the maintenance schedule and determine the areas needing immediate and/or future attention also ensuring that the facility is safe and secure for our staff, congregants and the community. R entals an d C ater in g Just a few of the things going on here at CNT ? Baby Namings ? Brit Milah ? Bar/Bat Mitzvahs ? Weddings ? Corporate Events ? Re-newal of Vows ? Congregational Shabbat Family Dinners ? Beautifully Sponsored Onegs ? Kiddush Luncheons Su p po r t G ro u ps at CNT ? JACS - Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent person and Significant Others ? (2) Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups meet every week ? Gamblers Anonymous (GA) ? Narcotics Anonymous (NA) ? Overeaters Anonymous (OA) A u x il ia r y U p d a t e s T he Y ear In Sisterhood H ig h l ig h t s f o r Y ea r * ? Hats O ff to Everyone? Sisterhood Appreciation Luncheon * Annual Chanukah Bazaar * Fund-4-Youth helped send 20 kids to Jewish camps! * Rabbi?s Book Review &. Lunch - ? Beware of God? * All Women's Seder * First Annual East Meets West M ah Jong Tournament co-sponsored with Temple Beth Sholom W om en?s Group * Sisterhood Shabbat led by Rabbi Adar * Simcha Cards continue to be a huge success! * Women's Spirituality Group led by Laura Grau <&. Rabbi Adar 2 008 G reat Lady Shirley Kouffm an 2 008 Kugal Q ueen A nne Sandell H ighlights From M en?s C lub !g ,y? nH ? im. ? \ ?1v' 'Ly Sisterhood and Men's Club are a way to bring the women and men o f our congregation together, connecting them to the congregational family through social, educational, and spiritual gatherings. \ H ealth Fair Generosity At It's Best Let all who work with the congregation do so for the sake of Heaven; the merit of their ancestors will sustain them and, as a result, their righteousness wiii remain Menorah Level Donors Diam ond Level Robin & Daniel Greenspun Erika & Gregg Solomon Aydie & Bob Unger Beverly & Stanley Canter Nancy & Bruce Deifik Jane & Jeffrey Gale Joyce Mack Patty Myers & Harry Sax Mary St Daniel Socolof Sharon & Steven Strasser Jennifer & Gordon Wangers Juanita St David Wasserman Gold Level Sharon & Adam Bold Diane & Kenneth Epstein Jodi & Andrew Fonfa Yvonne & Gerald Gordon Lisa St Scott Henry Lynn & Gary Kantor Marla & Tom Letizia Silver Level Sylvia & Neil Beller Rhonda & Gary Blanchard Jennifer & Adam Bruce Candace Barr & Rick Carter Debra & Mitchell Cohen Sarah & Bruce Familian Lieuchi Si Jeffrey Fine Susan Fine Monique & Gary Frey Jennifer & Mitchell Garshofsky Lisa Skurow & Sarah Goldstein Shelley Berkley & Larry Lehmer Debbie & Drew Levy Stacey Yahraus-Lewis & Steve Lewis Luci & Barry Lewisohn Ann St Bruce Matza Jacky St Larry Rosen Janis St Drew Rounds Karen Settle & Edward Mutton Caryn St Robert Tyre Douglas Unger Mindy St James Wadkins Jennifer & Eric Wikler forever. Rhonda Mushkin Sandy & Scott Stolberg Pirkei Avot 2:2 Sustaining Members Judy St David Applebaum Sharna & Stewart Blumenfeld Nadine St Joe Cracraft Carolyn & Louis Friedner Harold Glasser Kenneth Herman Helene St Alan Hinden Cindy Jensen Jack Lehman Phyllis St Cal Lewis Marty Loeb Jayn St Arthur Marshall Gert St Sam Moldave Anne St Lawrence Sandell Gilbert Shaw Sybil St Stewart Stenzel CNT Endowment Fund Update This past year saw the largest contributions ever to the CNT Endowment Fund! Through the generous contributions of these families, the youth of Congregation Ner Tamid will benefit for many years to come. Am y Spector Fund - Established by Nanette & Ira Spector in memory of their beloved daughter Amy, this fund is used to help the youth of our Temple attend a URJ Jewish Sleep-away summer camp. Over the years, they have helped to enrich the lives of several of our young people by giving them the joy of a Jewish camp experience. Dr. Cary & Lynn Kantor Early Childhood Education Center - Dr. Gary & Lynn Kantor created a fund which will contribute annually to our preschool for play equipment and educational toys, as well as other supplies to insure our preschool is fun, safe and exciting for our youngest children. Leon H. Friedman Youth Scholarship Fund fo r Jewish Leadership & Values - Established by Norma Friedman in memory of her beloved husband Leon, this fund is used primarily to support student participation in Panim, the Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values. This unique program brings Jewish high school students from across the Jewish religious and educational spectrum, to Washington DC to learn about political activism and civic engagement in the context of Jewish values and principles. General Fund - This fund was established for general up-keep and day-to-day operating expenses of the Temple. // you or someone you know is interested in establishing such a fund in our Foundation, to ensure the vitality and physical health of our congregation in the years ahead, please contact Nancy Weinberger. Executive Director, at the Temple office at ext 201. i J Life Members Hon. Michael Cherry Elayne St Stephen Kollins Jacqueline Fleekop Earl Monsey Eileen Kollins Lotty & Jerry Polis Ways To Help Us Grow Menorah Level Donor Keeper of the Flame - $10,000 Crystal Menorah (candle each of the following 8 years) Annual Reception 18 tributes per year Annual Listing in Bulletin High Holiday Reserved Parking 4 High Holiday Tickets for Guests Religious School Fees for Children 8 Tickets to Two (2) CN T Concerts/Film Festival Invitation to a Special Shabbat Dinner with the Rabbi Diamond - $7500 Crystal Menorah (candle each of the following 8 years) Annual Reception 12 tributes per year Annual Listing in Bulletin High Holiday Reserved Parking 3 High Holiday Tickets for Guests 6 Tickets to Two (2) CN T Concerts/Film Festival building community continues with a commitment to m ake the world Platinum - $5500 Crystal Menorah (candle each of the following 8 years) Annual Reception 10 tributes per year Annual Listing in Bulletin 2 High Holiday Tickets for Guests 4 Tickets to Two (2) CN T Concerts/Film Festival Gold Level - $4000 Crystal Menorah (candle each of the following 8 years) Annual Reception 8 tributes per year Annual Listing in Bulletin 1 High Holiday Tickets for Guest 2 Tickets to Two (2) CN T Concerts/Film Festival brighter for future generations Silver Level - $2800 Crystal Menorah (candle each of the following 8 years) Annual Reception 6 tributes per y