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Candidate speech draft, 1970s


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I am ' i l e e n Brookman, Democratic candidate for D i s t r i c t ^sembly #4. In my youth, I was taught the B i l l of Rights, but I was also taught my b i l l of d u t i e s , hese duties and r i g h t s have always been fundamental to my way of l i f e in serving Las Vegas and Clerk County in many c i v i c c a p a c i t i e s . I have also served on many s t a t e commissions for the past 15 years and my Democratic Party as w e l l . ThJ-S has. been , e - ^ r i v j J c ^ ? y tnaaed," an*' ho'h'or. " :?ov? I f e e l T am ready and q u a l i f i e d to serve my cointry and my s t a t e as assemblyman. ?hat does a l e g i s l a t o r do? "hey control most courts and p^ss , the laws e f f e c t i n g most c i t i z e n s . They make the ground rules > ^for local government. They levy taxes for most diverse need3 -as public schools, c o l l e .,-p.i, V^c u r i v e r s i t i e s , roads and highways, prisons and hospital^, they regulate voting. They / r e ulate such industries as and i ^ u r a n c e , and in T h q 8 e ' r e s p x x n a J j j i l i I believe, T can I n t e l l i g e n t l y under-stand and give V^rilr rapresefrm l i o n from Clerk County, We ^have many problems facing us in Clark County and the 3tate ?< of Nevada; and I would l i k e bo tak<a part In solving these problems, understanding very well jfty r e s p o n s i b i l i t i e s as assemblyman. I would very much l i k s to win so that I ma^r serve. / ' \ 7?he following ? l i s t of thlkgs I L&uld tike to see dona i n Clark County: I 'mf Improved mental health f a c i l i t i e s Available in a l l major population centers. Revision of s i a t e school aid formulas to allow population centers to pace with population increases. New formulas should place emphasis of the student per capita s t a t e grants rather than be weighed so heavily in favor of the smaller counties. Educational opportunity for the average, unskilled end handicapped. Better recreational f a c i l i t i e s for the senior c i t i z e n s . A f a i r share approach and equal assess-ment formula for taxes.