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Letter from Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce to R. H. Rutledge (Washington, D.C.), with petition by Moapa Valley residents, June 1939






Letter dated June 27, 1939, from the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce supporting a petition date June 21, 1939, by property owners and taxpayers living in the Moapa Valley area of Clark County, Nevada. The petition requested that the area be placed under the control of the Division of Grazing. Such a designation would restrict the removal of timber from watershed areas and help prevent the effects of erosion due to flooding. According to the Bureau of Land Management, Grazing District No. 5 is Las Vegas, established November 3, 1936.

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Box 4 Folder 52 Soil Conservation for Moapa Valley: Purpose and Formation, 1937-1949 + Reports + Maps + U. S. Agriculture Reports


hln000616. John Wittwer Collection on Agriculture in Nevada, 1898-1972. MS-00181. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Las Vegas, Nevada June 27, 1939 Mr. R. H. Rutledge, Director Division of Grazing U. S. Department of Interior Washington, D. C. Dear Director Rutledge: Having reviewed carefully the contents of communications attached herewith to you from resident taxpayers of the Moapa Valley Area, Clark County, Nevada, the undersigned, herewith, by unanimous action of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce this date, heartily concur in urging as requested by people concerned. It should be understood that the Las Vegas Area is vitally concerned with the proposal indicated in the accompanying petition. Damages such as are indicated are directly reflected in the Las Vegas Area. Hence, action in line with foregoing and enclosure, will, we assure you, be greatly appreciated. Respectfully yours, Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Secretary Logandale, Nevada June 21, 1939 Mr. R. H. Rutledge, Director Division of Grazing U. S. Department of the Interior Washington, D. C. Dear Director Rutledge: The undersigned property owners and taxpayers residing in the Moapa Valley Area, Clark County, Nevada, and whose interests are definitely affected by flood waters arising in the various tributaries of the Meadow Valley Wash Watershed, situated in Lincoln County, Nevada, hereby beg you to have the area designated herewith placed under the provisions of the Division of Grazing for reasons outlined below. The area for inclusion according to foregoing is bounded on the north by the south boundary line of the Nevada Division of Grazing District No. 4; and on the east by the Nevada-Utah State Line; on the south by the north boundary line of the Nevada Division of Grazing District No. 5; and on the west by the ridge line of the Meadow Valley and Highland Mountain Ranges (lying west of the Meadow Valley Wash) of such area that lies between said north boundary line of the Nevada State Grazing District No. 5 and the said south boundary line of the Nevada State Grazing District Ho. 4. Reasons for inclusion of said area under provisions of the Division of Brazing are enumerated as follows: 1. The largest known flood arising in this watershed area on or before 1910 was approximately 12,000 cfs. In 1938 a flood of over 20,000 cfs. passed the same point at or near Caliente, Lincoln County, Nevada. Damages accruing as a consequence of these and other floods of the area have exceeded $600,000.00 on highways, roads, ranches, farms, and homes; and over $7,000,000 on main and branch lines of that which is now known as the Union Pacific System within said watershed area. 2. Owing to unrestricted removal of timber from given areas of this watershed; and, owing to unrestricted use of the range of the entire watershed area, there has come into being, well-recognized critical top-soil erosion which is causing on the one hand, an accelerated denudation of vegetative cover; and on the other hand, an accelerated accumulation of eroded silt, which with an accelerated accumulation of flood waters, makes for potentially dangerous hazards to all farm and ranch, community, railroad, highway and other private and public properties and facilities lying within the confines of said watershed, to such degree that, if management measures are not effected, eventual increased losses that will be ruinous to all interests concerned will follow. It is, therefore, urged that action in line with the foregoing request be taken at the very earliest date possible to the end that a program of flood-erosion control, soil conservation, and re-vegetation might proceed accordingly. Respectfully yours, Name Address