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“ Corral and Station “ “ [not legible] “ “ Notice “ [not legible] the undersigned do hereby locate and claim the following [not legible] of land for station and [not legible] purposes claiming from a stone monument upon which this notice is placed at the well five miles up the El Dorado Wash and running 150 feet South from place of beginning to a Stone monument. Thence East 300 feet to a [not legible] monument thence north, 300 feet to another monument thence West 600 feet to a [not legible] monument then South 300 feet to a [not legible] thence East 300 feet to the center monument on the South line of said station and [not legible] site, thence north 150 feet to the monument and place of beginning [not legible] and intends to work and [not legible] said [not legible] site in accordance with the Laws of the United States and the Laws of El Dorado Mining District Lincoln County State of Nevada. Dated [not legible] 10th 1880 Location [not legible] [not legible] Filed for record Aug 10th A.D. 1880 At 4 oclock P.M. [not legible] [not legible] Recorder By. [not legible] W. [not legible] Deputy