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Economic Opportunity Board of Clark County (Nev.): memos, agendas, and meeting minutes




1971-02-16 to 1973-01-23


From the Clark County Economic Opportunity Board Records -- Series I. Administrative. This folder contains memos, agendas, and minutes from meetings of the Clark County Economic Opportunity Board from February 1971 through January 1973.

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man000559. Clark County Economic Opportunity Board Records, 1962-1973. MS-00016. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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February 16, 1971
The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Economic Opportunity Board of Clark County was held on February 16, 1971, at 9:00 a.m. at 900 West Owens, Las Vegas, Nevada, In the absence of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman John Wawerna called the meeting to order at 9:40 a.m. with the following members present:
Gene Echols Arlene Offi I I Claude Perkins John Wawerna Thomas Wilson
Staff: J. David Hoggard
Sylvia Staples Maryon Hebert
Guest; Wayne Clark, President, Legal Aid Society
Donald Clark Ruby Duncan
Ch&rlotte Hill Lavonne Lewis
The Chairman reversed Items I and 2 of the Agenda and brought up ths review of the Legal Aid Society and it was agreed to insert "Attempt to" at th® beginning of Line 17, Page I of the contract so that <it would read:
"Attempt to maintain an average of five (5) active class actions per year to protect clients agaihst abuses by administrative and other governmental agencies at a I I levels."
It was moved and seconded that this contract be recommended for acceptance by the board. Motion passed.
Mr. Clark was asked by the committee to have someone appointed from Legal Aid to replace Mr. Schreck on the Economic Opportunity Board of Directors.
Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the regular Executive Committee Meeting of January II, 1971, and the Special Meeting of January 27, 1971 were discussed. It was agreed by those present that the Executive Director be instructed to carry out suggestions and recommendations made by the Executive Committee or the board and that the actions be reported back to the meetings as "old business."
Mr. Hoggard was asked about the Operation Independence location of the new Center as covered in the report of January II, 1971, and he reported that the location at 1516 Glider St. was found to have building violations which made it impossible to complete the contract for its lease.
It was moved and seconded that the minutes of the regular Executive Committee Meeting of January II, 1971, be approved. Motion passed.
Executive Committee Meeting (cont'd.)
- 2 -
February 16, I 97i
It was moved and seconded that the minutes of the Special Executive Committee Meeting of January 27, 1971, be approved- Motion passed.
Mr. Hoggard also reported that:
Letters had been written to each Agency Board establishing what is requested in the monthly reports, in accordance with the instructions on Page 2 of the minutes of January II, 1971.
Mr. Campbell of the Nevada Resort Association had told him that they were preparing for an Executive Committee meeting and the Association would be in touch with the EOB. There has been nothing in writing since the letter to them of January 8, 1971.
The new job descriptions mentioned on Page 4 of the minutes of January II, 1971, cover existing positions, two of them to be transferred from Operation Independence to the CAP level, Family Service Coordinator and Education Specialist, in accordance with the Memo of Agreement.
On the Welfare component, this would have to be a Chairman appointment for a Welfare Committee.
Alternative Plans for Administration of the Migrant Community Center.
At the special meeting on January 27, 1971, it was decided that the contract for the Migrant Project be returned to the Executive Director with the directive that alternatives be suggested.
Mr. Hoggard indicated three alternative plans for consideration:
The EOB to assume the role of operating official for the project beginning March I, 1971, and to continue in that role until a suitable delegate agency can be found.
The board of the NALA has expressed interest in assuming the operation and they have been asked to out it in a letter of intent. An alternative could be delegation to this agency.
For the EOB staff tp work with the Migrant Council and strengthen it so they can ultimately run the project.
In view of the fact that the School District does not wish to accept a contract, the board must operate this prPgram until they can find a proper agency. A work program and budget has been approved making it i ncurhbent upon the grantee to insure the objectives will be carried out The people who are presently on the staff can be transferred from the school district payroll to the EOB payroll and become employees of the EOB. A person to fill the position of Director has been recommended by the Council and his resume must now be submitted to Washington.
The motion was made and seconded that the EOB operate the Moapa Migrant Program until such time as a proper agency can be found to operate it. Motion passed.
Executive Committee Meeting (conf d.)
- 3 -
February 16, 1971
It was further moved and seconded that the Planning Committee review the status of the Migrant Program and recommend the directions that the EOB should take in the matter. Motion passed.
Response to Clark County Schoo! District in+egration Questionnaire
It was moved and seconded that the Chairman appoint a committee of five people from the project area to develop integration recommendations to be submitted directly to the school district by Monday, February 22, 1971, and that the committee work with the staff. Motion passed.
Executive Di rector's Report
Mr. Hoggard reported that:
The Neighborhood Council organizers had had the benefit of two training sessions and a report on this operation would be given at the February board meeting. He noted that he had not, to date, received the weekly reports required of the Project Coordinator.
Although twenty-five applications were received for the position of Research Specialist, none of those who were screened and interviewed were recommended by the committee as possessing the required skills needed for the position.
As a result, Mr. Hoggard advised it is his recommendation that the position of Research Specialist remain vacant for another thirty to sixty days and then be re-advertised.
A letter was received on February 9, 1971, from the Westside Council regarding Mrs. Pearson who had been terminated because the project's contract had terminated as of December 31, 1970. After discussion, it was decided that this matter should be turned over to the Personnel Committee.
It was moved and seconded that a wire be sent to Woodrow Wilson, Chairman, Welfare Committee, Nevada Legislature, that the Executive Committee of the EOB requests that hearings of the Welfare Committee be held in Las Vegas. Motion passed.
The meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m.
March 17, 1971
The special meeting of the Executive Committee in conjunction with the Neighborhood Councils was held at the Economic Opportunity Board Offices, 900 West Owens Street, on March 17, 1971. In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, John Wawerna, called the meeting to order at 7:45 p.m. with the following present:
John Wawerna Aaron Williams Ruby Duncan Charlotte Hill Ar Iene Off iI I CIaude Perki ns
Donald M. Clark Lavonne Lewis Thomas Wi i son
Neighborhood Councils:
Ray Blanks
Brenda Mason
Car ion Parks
W. E. Coleman
Diane Dowd
Elizabeth A, Rodriguez Roma Jean Hunt
Rosie L„ Smith, Organizer Ma rv i e W. Smith, Organ!zer Francis Edwards, Director
J. David Hoggard
James W.’Tyree Ver Ii a M. Dav is Maryon Hebert
Several recommendations were made to comply with the 0E0 and EOB guidelines in the Executive D1rector’s letter of January 27, 1971, to +he Executive Committee. There were s*x suggested steps to fo;low to complete I terns I and 2 of the letter. These were to be accomplished by March 15, 97i.
On I tern I, the delineation of the various Neighborhood Council areas has been completed. The boundaries have been submitted and outlined on a map.
On Item 2, records of meetings have been received from five dicating compliance with sections a, b and c. However, the meeting is being contested by the chairman and members from have been received from Westside, Madison or Kit Carson.
Neighborhood Councils inreport on the Matt Kelly that area. No reports
Before the meeting continued, it was established that a Joint Neighborhood Council Advisory Committee had been elected, from whom the following were elected as representatives to the Economic Opportunity Board. These elections were in accordance with the Memo of Agreement.
Mr., Waiter Coleman, Chairman Mr. Allen Sanders Mrs. Roma Jean Hunt Mr. Joe NeaI
Mrs. Ar Iene Offi I i
Mrs. Dorothy King
Special Executive Committee Meeting (Cbnt’d.) - 2 -
March 17, 1971
Four temporary Community Organizers were hired by Mr. Francis Edwards on January 28, 1971 as fol lows:
Mbs. Marvie Smith assigned to No. Las Vegas Council
Westside Counci I
Mrs. Edna Banks " " Matt Kelly Council
Kit Carson Counci I
Mr. William Hayes " " Henderson Council
Four Mi Ie Counci I
Mrs. Rosie Smith " " Highland Council
Madison Counci I
This action met the specifications in Step 2 od the January 27, 1971, memorandum. There are no Senior or Assistant Organizers, as funds are not available for these positions. The Organizers are directly responsible to Mr. Edwards, Project Director.
Mr.Coleman, Chairman of the newly formed Joint Neighborhood Council Advisory Committee, reported they had brought information on all the councils except Madison and Westside. The roster and documentation of the Kitt Carson meeting, held March 4, 1971, had been turned in to the committee. This meeting was conducted by the elected Chairman, Virginia Ghiffin and Maude Hinton and Dorothy King were elected to the Advisory Committee.
Mrs. Marvie Smith, Organizer of Wes+side, reported that Mrs. McCants, Chairman, was in the hospital when the meeting was called. The roster sheets,etc., were turned in to the Secretary. Mrs. McCanta and A -ien Sanders were elected as representatives to the Ad- v i sory Comm i ttee.
On Madison, the chairman was out of town when the meeting was called, but Mr.Coleman reported two representatives attended the March I1 meeting who were legally from the Council. No documentation has been turned in as yet.
The Organizer reported that the secretary had the roster sheets and minutes of the Mad i son meeti ng.
The Jdint Council Committee was asked to have proper documentation on these three councils turned in before the Economic Opportunity Board meeting on March 31, 1971.
Regarding the Matt Kelly congest, t was reported the chairman checked the roster as turned In and found only three persons to be residents of the area. There was a question as to the date of the meeting, as the papers submitted showed February 9, 1971, whereas the organizer indicated that the meeting was held on February 10, 1971. The chairman had been notified of that meeting and officers were elected at that time.
As to the election of'the Joint Neighborhood Council Advisory Committee, this was done at a meeting on March II, 1971, under the direction of Mr. Bill Council of the American Technical Assistance Corporation, who had been at some of the council meetings as well.
The representatives were broken into groups to caucus and elections were held for the officers of the committee and the representatives to the Economic Opportunity Board. Mrs. King, Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Of'fili were re-elected to the EOB.
Special Executive Committee Meeting (Coht'd.)
- 3 -
March 17, 1971
The Chairman of the Advisory Committee reported they had accepted the old bylaws with the Understanding necessary changes had to be made. They were now under study.
Since the election of March I I, the Executives of the Committee had met on March 13, with'Mr. Edwards and Mr. Council. The next full Advisory Committee meeting is set for March 31, 1971.
In the discussion concerning the bylaws for the group, the following points were brought out:
That eight councils shall be viable and operating by June, 1971.
That each council shall have a membership of 55 by December 31, 1971, with membership projection points spelled out for various period of the year.
That efforts should continue to form coalitions where difference of opinion appear in the council. In these cases, committee members should attend the meetings in an effort to coordinate viewpoints.
The point was Stressed That The contract is made between the Economic Opportunity Board and the Joint Neighborhood Council Advisory Committee and it puts the burden on the committee to operate the groups. These councils carry the program.
The Chairman of the Committee replied that, while they are a committee and need organization, those oh the committee are dedicated to make the organization a success. They were complimented on the work they had done thus far and it was pointed out that the Economic Opportunity Board must assist and the delegate agency hold itself accountable.
Mr. Tyree is charged with monitoring, evaluating and reporting to the committee and to the Economic Opportunity Board. The staffs must work together.
This year's work program has been approved by the regional office and would be presented td the Joint Neighborhood Council Advisory Committee for signature if compliances are met.
Mr. Perkins moved that the time for the Joint Neighborhood Council Advisory Committee to comply with the memorangum from the Executive Director to the Economic Opportunity Board, dated January 27, 1971, be extended and, if full compliance is made by the next board meeting on March 31, 1971, the Executive Committee recommend signing the contract. Seconded by Mrs. Hill. Motion Passed.
Meeting adjourned at 8:57 p.m.
March 23, 1971
FROM: Donald M.’.'Clark, Chairman RE: NOTICE OF MEETING
The regular meeting of the Economic Opportunity Board has been scheduled for:
Wednesday, March 31, 1971 8:00 p.m.
900 West Owens
Seating and/or resignations of Board Members.
Approval of Minutes of January 27, 1971.
Finance Committee Reports (Financial Statements for February, 1971 enclosed).
Recommendations from the Executive Committee (enclosed)
Special Committee Reports:
Youth (Mrs. Charlotte Hii i)
Health (Dr. James B. McMillan)
Executive Director's Report:
Support to NWRO
Status of Head Start Grants
Status of Migrant Program
Status of Neighborhood Council Project
Program Progress Reports:
Concentrated Employment Program '(enclosed)
Neighborhood Youth Corps (enclosed)
Head Start - Operation Independence Henderson (enclosed)
Youth Program (enclosed)
Family Planning (enclosed)
Legal Services
Emergency Food Services
Neighborhood Councils (enclosed)
. Migrant Community Center
Planning Committee Report (Recommendations re approval of Program Funding Requests).
Other Items.
March 25, 1971
The Personnel Committee met at 4:30 p.m., March 25, 1971, and the following recommendations are made to the Economic Opportunity Board of Clark County:
On the petition regarding Mrs. Ethel Pearson, it is recommended that the Executive Director communicate with Mrs. Pearson, advising her that, before we can accept an appeal t>r consider a complaint, we would need evidence that she has exhausted her appeals to the Joint Neighborhood Council Advisory Committee. If she is not^Satisfied with the result, she then has the right to appeal to the Economic' Opportunity Board.
It is recommended that the board accept the job description of the Public Health Nurse for the Family Planning Program, along with the salary range, No. 25, $8,232 to $9,^4.
It is recommended that the job description for the Property Control Clerk be accepted and that the salary range be in accordance with No. 20 $6,873 to $8,232.
It is recommended that the job description for the Payroll Clerk be accepted and that the salary range be in accordance with No. 19, $6,632 to $7,938.
All of these pay scales will be subject to study at a later date as a part of the re-evaluation of a I I job descriptions and salary levels, which the committee is to have completed by July I, 1971.
Respectfully submitted,
Wil Ii am CottreI I, Cha i rman
Charlotte Hill
March 26, 1971
TO: Members of the Board
FROM: John Wawerna, Chairman, Planning & Program Committee
A meeting of the Planning and Program Committee was held today at which the following members were present:
John Wawerna Walter Coleman, Chairman
Ruby Duncan Clark County Joint Neighborhood Council
Rev. Marion Bennett
Arlene Of f i I I Mrs. Clemenclia J abbs
Thomas Wilson Henderson Neighborhood Council
The Planning Committee reviewed the programs enclosed in this packet and found them to be in accord with the objectives established at previous meetings. It is recommended that the Board of Directors approve these programs and forward them to the Office of Economic Opportunity as a funding request-.
The Planning Committee also considered a Drug Program proposal submitted by the Neighborhood Council Project Director. In joint agreement with the Chairman of the Neighborhood Council Board, it was the concensus of the members to submit only the EOB proposal at this time and to consider the Joint Neighborhood Council as a del egate'agency if funding approval is granted.
Note: Also enclosed are Personnel Committee and Executive Committee recommendations which will be considered at the March 31 meeting.
March 31, 1971
The following recommendations are submitted by the Executive Committee to the Board'^for approval:
L That a letter be written to the Chairman of the Joint Neighborhood Council Advisory Committee advising that until all conditions set forth in the Memo of January 27, 1971, are satisfied, a recommendation to enter into a contract wi I I not be made.
That a summary of the be presented to the board.
That a letter be wr itteii', to 'Mr. Keith McNeill, Director, Office of Conferences and Semi rfers UNLV, requesting that he conduct a seminar for county representatives for this agency.
. F :
That resolutions be drafted for the board regarding CAMPS and Revenue Sharing.
That a letter be written to the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, requesting permission to use part of the restored 13.45$ Head Start funds to initiate a 24-hour Head Start Program or use the same funds to establish a 24-hour Day Care Nursery.
Respectfully submitted, Donald M. Clark, Chairman John Wawerna Charlotte Hill
Gene Echols
Ar Iene Off iI I
Chairman Perkins called the meeting to discuss the Task Force recommendations, to order at 7:53 p.m., in the meeting room at 900 West Owens Ave., with the following present:
Task Force Members Rev. Herbert Osman Ed Cocks
Sister Carole Hurray
Timothy Sea Is Mattie Wormwood
Organization Representatives Darlene Fortney Clemencia Jabbs Cranford Crawford James Stewart Grover Lewis
Staff Members
J. Dav i d Hoggard James W. Tyree Maryon Hebert
The following excerpts indicate the various sections of the report which organization representatives present indicated their groups might assume:
APTD -(Assistance to Partially & Totally Disabled). Sister Hurray felt that the Franciscan Center would pursue this in terms of lobbying, but other organizations should get behind it, as well. Mr. Stewart also indicated the Ministerial Association interest.
Emergency Assistance. Mr. Stewart felt the Ministerial Association could assume this problem because most of the ministers can identify this with the congregation. It has already been under some discussed. Mr. Stewart also suggested the matter be taken to Rotary and Kiwanis and some of the other organizations. He felt that this and the APTD were closely related.
Medical Assistance. Mr. Perkins advised that Dr. McMillan has been asked to rejuvenate the Health Committee and this committee will be asked to watch on this. Also Mrs. Barba Jones of Clark County Social Services will be contacted to learn what her office is planning on the subject.
1ransportation. Mr. Tyree advised the EOB has initiated a contract to provide one vehicle for transportation from Henderson to the EOB and efforts are being made to obtain another vehicle from DOL for transportation of NYC enrollees to and from training. Mr. Perkins noted this will be one of the items the EOB will pursue with the County Commissions for transportation between Las Vegas and the outlying areas.
Centralization, Coordination & Publication of Services. In the discussion it was suggested weekly TV programs as public services, and 30 and 60 second spot announcements on radio, especially through the proposed EOB Station, should be considered. Mr. Perkins said the EOB would pick up on this item.
Hous I ng. Mrs. Fortney of the Citizens for Community Action said they are involved in this matter as far as Henderson is concerned. Rev. Osman understands J. Rourk and the Legal Services were institution action on some properties.
Mr. Perkins felt a night should be planned with the Tenants Pulling Together and the Poor People Pulling Together on this subject.
Mr. Perkins agreed with the others present that, regardless of how the Housing Authority Boards are chosen, the commissioners or the cities should appoint someone who lives in the units as a board member.
Educat ion. Mr. Lewis, School District Mini-Board, indicated they are presently working on the Breakfast Program (D-3-g on Page 8 of the report). They would also be willing to work with the EOB in pursuit of the other items, but Mr. Lewis said their organization is not large enough to assume more than one item at a time on their own.
Excerpts from Task Force Meeting, cont’d. - 2 -
January 2, 1973
Mr. Perkins indicated that those areas in Education which cannot be pursued by agencies or groups, the EQB wiI I attempt to do as a board.
On the reimbursement of schools for some operations, particularly summer school tuitions for those who cannot afford the expense, Mr. Seals, a member of the District Attorney’s Youth Advisory Committee, indicated their Education Committee was pursuing this matter in some form, but he was not sure exactly what their action may be in this regard.
Sister Hurray felt the League of Women Voters and the AAUW are very interested in Education and would want to work with the EOB on these things.
EmpIoyment. Mr. Perkins understood that there was some impetus for some type of Affirma- time-Action Program at the county and state levels. The EOB will reinforce those types of concerns within the public entities. This will involve presentations before the county and.state people based upon some pf the Task Force findings.
The "Spirit of Service" Mr. Perkins felt this should also be included with the Employment as it covers the basic attitude of the people employed.
Chi Id Care. Mrs. Fortney said the Citizens for Community Action is going to work on this matter, but asked what group is relly going to press for it. She also suggested that the EOB put forth a 4C’s committee.
January 23, 1973
FROM: Claude G. Perkins, Chairman
The January, 1973 meeting ot the Economic Opportunity Board is scheduled for:
Wednesday, January 31, 1973 900 West Owens Avenue 8;'00 p.m.
Approval of Minutes of meeting, December 13, 1972 (enclosed) ACTION
Resignation and/or Seating of Board Members ACTION
Staff Program Presentation:
Head Start: Jean Dunn, Coordinator Lessie Collins, Supervisor
Southern Nevada Drug Abuse Council, Mrs. Mary Jane Loper, Exec. Dir. (Also, any person may address the board at this time)
Program Items:
Program Progress Report (enclosed)
Family Planning Senior Citizens Foster Grandparents
VISTA Emergency Foods
Program Progress Report (enclosed)
Youth Development New Careers Drug Counselling
Neighborhood Youth Corps Work Experience
T7 Program Progress Report (enclosed)- Head Start Migrant Day Care
1973 Head Start Contract has been signed with the Vegas View Church of God in Christ for the Vegas View Head Start Center
Agenda, cont’d.
January 23, 1973
1973 Contract has been signed with the Las Vegas Housing Authority for centers to be operated at Marble Manor and Ernie Crag in projects.
Program Progress Report (enclosed)
Program Progress Report (enclosed)
Contract has been signed with the Highway Department for $5,100 for recruiting, counseling, transportation, physical examinations, remedial training and administration of OJT.
U. S. Department of Labor has frozen all enrollee registrations and al I staff positions.
Legal Services Program Progress Report and Quarterly Report (enclosed) a. Legal Services Delegate Agency Contract still being negotiated.
Alcoholism Annual Report for 1972 (enclosed)
Administration Items:
Finance Committee to make recommendation at Board Meeting.
Food Training and Preparation Center submitted by Operation Life, Inc. (summary enclosed)
Planning Committee recommends acceptance.
Employment Preparation Center Proposal submitted by Citizens for Community Action (summary enclosed)
Planning Committee recommends acceptance
Passage of SNDAC Resolution (enclosed)
Contract with PPPT for $2,760 from nonfederal funds if available. To pay rent and utilities for year 1973.
Approval by the board of continuance of the Employees’ Group Insurance Plan with Prudential.
Agenda, cont’d.
January 23, 1973
That Gilbert Vasquez & Company, Los Angeles, be awarded the auditing contract If they adjust their figure to the $2,500 budgeted for this work.
1972 Year End Program Evaluations (summary enclosed)
Executive Director’s Report
Chairman’s Report
Other Items