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The Bulletin of Congregation Ner Tamid, November 1995



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November 1995 Vol. XI Copgregatioi? Ner Tarpid tdd u n5rp No. 2 The Reform Jewish Synagogue of Las Vegas Cheshvan - Kislev 5756 Sanford D. Akselrad Rabbi President Gerald Gordon Bella Feldman Cantorial Soloist Administrator Monty E. Willey Jacqueline Fleekop Education Director Editor Rebecca Herren Shop Til You Drop Join us for Sisterhood's Annual Chanukkah Bazaar Shopping Fair on Sunday, November 19 from 11:00 am to whenever the fish fly out to sea?! There ivill be: Lots of fun and food Chanukkah Gifts for Everyone! Chanukkah Decorations! Menorahs, Chanukkiahs, Candles! Arts & Crafts! Books & Games! Don't Forget The Campership Raffle! Enter The Ms Noodle Koogle Contest! Ail branches of the Temple will have a booth. This not only helps support the Temple by participating in the Chanukkah Bazaar, but performs as a committee or auxiliary fund-raiser. Plan to have lunch. Sisterhood will have lots of goodies for one and all... brisket, hot dogs, chopped liver, lox and cream cheese, potato latkes and all the trimmings to go with it. Last but not least, you won't want to miss the live entertainment provided by our very own junior Choir! The Ms Noodle Koogle Contest is one of the highlights of the bazaar. Last year's queen was Stacey Yahraus. This year it could be B51f> YOU! If you're interested in entering the Ms Noodle Koogle Contest or know someone who is or want to enter someone, contact Fran Sanoff, 457-0876 or Shirley Gellin, 457-6320. <r ^ ?W&idAifb Sewiced, Officiated by Rabbi Sanford D. Akselrad Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman November 3 B?nai Brith Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Oneg sponsored by B?nai Brith November 4 Shabbat Service - 10:00 am Bar Mitzvah of Barry Benedict & Kevin Altman Kiddush sponsored by The Benedict & Altman Families November 10 Veterans Day Memorial Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Oneg sponsored by Veterans November 17 Shabbat Dinner - 6:30 pm Grades 2 & 3 Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Oneg sponsored by Parents of Grades 2 & 3 November 24 Shabbat Service - 7:30 pm Bar Mitzvah of Jordan Slocum Oneg sponsored by The Slocum Family November 25 Shabbat Service - 10:30 am Bar Mitzvah of Eric Kornstein Kiddush sponsored by The Kornstein Family CANDLE LIGHTING November 3 - 4:25 pm November 10 - 4:19 pm November 17 - 4:14 pm (f o November 24 - 4:10 pm Lir now [Toi5w J Rabbi?s Message................................2 President?s Message..........................3 Notes from our Cantorial Soloist ... .4 B?nai Mitzvah......................................4 Religious School ................................5 Temple News.......................................7 Yahrzeits .............................................8 Auxiliaries & Committees...................9 Anniversaries & Birthdays ...............12 Tributes .............................................13? Congregation NerTamid November 1995-5756 message from abhL our Our 'NcW <Home I am writing this message a day after Yom Kippur; fresh from the glow of High Holyday services, yet before our "Dedication" service. It is hard to be?lieve that with the publication of this Bulletin, our Sanctuary and ex?panded facilities will be com?plete. To be sure there might be a detail here or there that we will revisit. But as someone noted, "It's like moving into a new home; you are at first thrilled and delighted, and then with time you start looking at little things to improve." My favorite part of that analogy is the notion of moving into "our new home." I have always felt that the Synagogue should be in many respects an exten?sion of the home. We all know that whereas traditionally, much of Judaism was practiced in the home, however, today, families truly rely upon the Synagogue as their link to Judaism and Jewish values. It is my hope and dream that our Congre?gation will continue to live up to this responsibility as we expand our vi?sion of what being Jewish is all about. Look in the Bulletin in the months ahead for some new programs to be?gin this year, and greater opportuni?ties for adult education, especially on Sunday mornings. At High Holyday services and at our Dedication weekend, many peo?ple have been thanked. But good words bear mentioning more than once or even twice. Our core commit?tee of committed lay people Jerry Gordon, David Gross, Bob Unger, Michael Cherry, Alan Molasky, Jane Radoff, and Jon Sparer deserve to be thanked over and over again for their tireless efforts ? that continue even now ? to insure that we would have a Sanctuary and Temple facility that would be the pride of the entire Las Vegas Community. Through their tireless efforts, we and our children, and our^^ children's children will always^J have a home we can call our own. May we as a Congregation con?tinue to work together as we go "mechayil Ychayil" - "from strength to strength." # B'shalom, Sanford D. Akselrad, Rabbi FORE!!! Temple Golf Tournament On Sunday morning, November 5 at Angel Park, CNT will sponsor a Par 3 Golf Tournament on the Cloud 9 course. Check in time is 7:00 am to 8:00 AM with the shot?gun start at 8:00 am. Cost per person is $85. For further information, contact Steve Joseph, 656-9963. O Wi )tploob Jjteebs |9ou On Sunday, November 19 during our annual Chanukkah Bazaar, the Bloodmobile will be in the parking lot at CNT. We need donors! No ap?pointment is necessary.7? just walk on in! If November 19 is not an available day for you, contact Joe Fink, 454-8929 and set up a time that is more convenient. Remember: illness and dis?aster send no invitations, let's be prepared, it may be a precious help to you and your family one day. GIVE (it doesn't hurt)'. ?November 1995-5756 Congregation Ner Tamid $ Temple Board Members Jerry Gordon President Bob Unger VP Administration Allan Nathanson VP Ways & Means Debra Kaner Corporate Secretary David Stahl VP Ritual Philip Goldstein VP Education Jacky Rosen VP Membership Stephen Joseph VP Social Nadine Cracraft Trustee Lois Doctors Trustee Rita Goldstein Trustee David Gross Trustee Drew Levy Trustee Janis Rounds Trustee Esther Saltzman Trustee Ron Worth Trustee Stacey Yahraus Trustee Maxine Gratz Sisterhood Scott Dockswell Brotherhood Helen Zliser Golden Chai George Lipshaw Golden Chai Lisa Platt NTTY Cal Lewis Past President Eileen Kollins Past President Kenneth Schnitzer Past President Dr. Steve Kollins Past President Dr. David Wasserman Past President Michael Cherry Past President Leo Wilner Advisor Rabbi Sanford Akselrad Ex Officio SANCTUARY FUND I decided to write this article after the High Holydays. While my deadline is supposedly the first of the prior month (which I never meet despite my best efforts), in this instance I delayed in the belief that I would be inspired by the services in our new sanctuary. My expectation proved correct but with a slightly different bent. From the comments of Congregants it appears that our three year effort was well worthwhile and a success. Our new synagogue and other facilities not only meet the demands of our growing Congregation, but most importantly, the synagogue already feels like our home and not a place we visit. Yet, as I sat on the Bimah, unexpected thoughts came to mind. I began to think about the 500 new light bulbs, how much it costs per hour for electricity and how to go about changing a burned-out bulb in a chandelier 20 feet above our heads. Likewise, I thought about the new air conditioning system and the cost of maintenance and operation. Our new landscaping is a vast improvement but what will it cost if we have to replace simply one palm tree? It was difficult enough to maintain our previous facilities but what will it now cost given our administrative wing, new restrooms and classrooms? While Congregation Ner Tamid is a nonprofit, religious organization, it is still a business. Like any other business it has utility bills, insurance, employees who receive salaries and benefits, and all the other obligations of a for-profit business. My regret has always been that the business of religion must intrude into the exercise and expression of Judaism. The challenge is to minimize this intrusion. On Kol Nidre we, as most other congregations, must make an appeal for funds. It is an intrusion into the solemnity of the service, but until someone suggests a better solution to meet budgetary demands, this type of fund-raising will remain with us. GOAL ? 2.2 million HELP US MEET OUR GOAL! Over the past two years each of you has responded to what seems our almost constant financial appeals; for dues, school fees, Kol Nidre, sanctuary fund and the like. I wish to promise that this will not lessen (notice I don't state "disappear") but I can't. Until such time as our endowment grows to $10,000,000 (we are not even close), all we, the leaders of the Congregation, can promise you is that we will attempt to wisely spend each dollar, in return, each Congregant must be committed to contribute his or her fair share. With this in our mind Congregation will flourish and our sanctuary will remain a place of worship with all its light bulbs blazing. O Jerry Gordon New MEMbER CoffEE This year's New Member Coffee get together will be held at the home of Rabbi Sanford and Joni Akselrad at 7:00 PM, Sunday evening, November 5. Join us for an enjoyable evening of coffee and conversation. For more information, call the Temple office, 733-6292. oCongregation NerTamid November 1995-5756 ? Slotos front our CantoriafSoloist October proved to be one of the most exciting months in our Temple's his?tory with record attendance at our High Holyday services in our new fa?cility and a wonderful dedication ser?vice. Our Adult Choir was kept very busy with these activities and I would like to extend a special THANK YOU to all of the members for an outstand?ing job! I appreciate all of their hard work, wonderful attitudes and com?mitment to our music program. ? Peter Bugel, Jack Bulavsky, Dick DeFranco, Dee Ann Emmer, Marty Fessler, Marshall Forstot, Randi Friedman, Art Gellin, Shirley Gellin, Rhonda Glyman, Frances Klamian, Lizabeth Knight, Sabra Lessnick, Michael Mehr, Christy Molasky Maxine Molinsky, Fern Percheski, Barbara Rosenberg, Sheldon Rosenberg, Glori Rosenberger and Tarry Sasso Many of our members participated in quartets, octets and took on the chal?lenge of singing solo pieces. Mazel tov to all of you! I also want to ac?knowledge our wonderful accompa?nist Rhonda Greeson whose dedica?tion and talent is crucial to the success of our performances. Our Junior Choir premiered at the October Dedication service and also took part in leading our Simchat Torah celebration. Our participation in Junior Choir this year outnumbers any previous year and they sound fabulous! I am so proud of all of our members, and look forward to a year filled with fun, new music to make some of our most joyous holidays even more exciting! If you have any questions about either of our choirs, please feel free to call me at the Temple, o B?shalom, Bella Barry Benedict Shalom. My name is Barry Benedict. I am in the 7th grade at Cannon Middle School. I enjoy rollerblading, camping, and playing with my friends. I am looking forward to be?coming a Bar Mitzvah and sharing this special occasion with my friends and family. 0 Bar Mitzvah November 24 Jordan Slocum Hi, my name is Jordan Slocum. I'm in the 7th grade at Johnson Junior High School. I really enjoy acting and singing. I am a member of The Rainbow Theatre Company and am currently in The Odyssey. I am look?ing forward to becoming a Bar Mitzvah and sharing this event with my family and friends. Come join me for this joyous occasion on Friday night, November 24. b Hi, my name is Kevin Altman. I am in the 7th grade and attend Cannon Middle School. My hobbies are ski?ing, karate, and golfing. I am looking forward to my Bar Mitzvah on November 4, and sharing this experi?ence with my family and friends. Hope to see you there, d Bar Mitzvah November 25 Shalom. I am Eric Komstein a 7th grader at The Meadows School. Our family moved from New York to Las Vegas in December 1994. I'm very active and like to play all kinds of sports. My hobbies are using the com?puter, bike riding, and rollerblading. I've been studying and learning for the past five years to prepare for my Bar Mitzvah, and will try to keep learning and using the lessons from the Torah for the rest of my life. Now that you know some things about me, please join me and my family for my Bar Mitzvah service on Saturday, November 25. bNovember 1995-5756 Congregation Ner Tamid The school year as exciting as it is, did not start out smoothly. Parents registered late; book orders were slow coming in and our building was in turmoil. Now, everything is in order. We have settled into new classrooms with new materials and wonderful new stu?dents. Almost fifty new scholars have joined our school this year. Our teachers now have the difficult task of teach?ing so much in such a short amount of time. The school and Junior Choir are preparing for our Chanukkah program to be held on December 10. In February, we'll start a special all school program, "Jerusalem 3000 - A Celebration of Ner Tamid and The Jewish World." Things that begin with difficulty are often what make our fondest memories. We will look back on the beginning of the year with amazement. We will see the progress of our students at the end of this school year despite a rough start. Once at a Bar Mitzvah, I told a rather talkative, Interfaith Thanksgiving Service Join us for a community wide Interfaith Thanksgiving service Wednesday evening, November 22, 7:00 pm at Christ The King Catholic Community Church. Guest speaker will be Mujahid Ramadan. Congregation Ner Tamid's Adult Choir will be performing along with other participating Adult Choirs within the community. This special service is sponsored by The National Conference. Rabbi Sanford Akselrad and Father Bill Kenny are co-chairs. Please bring a packaged or canned food item to the service. For further information, contact Jacque Matthews, 387-6225. O slightly disruptive, but wonderful student, a Midrash story. In this story a young boy finds a dirty rock which his father tells him to throw away. Instead, he kept the rock. Whenever life was difficult, he would take out his dirty rock that he had hidden away. As the years passed, some of the dirt fell from the rock revealing some shiny substance. He took his rock to his father who suggested he take it to a jewelry maker to have it polished. The more it was pol?ished the more it shone. The dirty rock when cleaned and polished was a diamond. Every experience in life does not turn out to be so pos?itive; every student will not be a diamond, but with the study of how to live a Jewish life each will show their own value with time. Life is worth waiting for things to smooth out. b Jackie Fleekop On Sunday, November 5 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am, Eileen Kollins will discuss the teachings of one of the most fa?mous Jewish sages of all time - "Maimonides: Who Was He and Why Do We Still Care?" In December, Dr. Ed Goldman will discuss "Religion In The Public Schools: When Is Too Much Too Much?" b As a tradition, CNT will host it's annual Chanukkah Family Dinner and Shabbat service on Friday evening, December 15 beginning at 6:30 pm. Bring your Chanukkiah and candles as you'll enjoy a wonderful and festive catered meal by Sisterhood. And, as a continued tradition, Hester Katzman Kremer will captivate our imagination and keep us spellbound as she recites one of her fascinating stories. Members and non-members are invited to join Rabbi Akselrad, Cantorial Soloist Bella Feldman and our Junior Choir for an enjoyable dinner and Sabbath filled with song and story telling. For more information and to RSVP, call the Temple office, 733-6292. $Congregation NerTamid November 1995-5756 ? SCRIP SCRIP SCRIP SCRIP MAJOR FUND-RAISER The Easiest Way To Support Your Temple At NO EXTRA Cost To You - Is To BUY SCRIP! If you wish to receive SCRIP through the mail, enclose your check along with this con?venient order form and mail to: Congregation NerTamid, 2761 Emerson Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89121 or call 733-6292. Name Address City State Zip Code Phone (day) (evening) Date Ordered Date Needed Amount Sent Signature STORE DENOMINATION Albertsons ? 5s ? 10s ? 20s Smiths ? 5s ? 10s ? 20s Vons ? 5s ? 10s ? 20s Sub-total Total Amount Any questions, contact Allan Nathanson at 796-8391 SCRIP SCRIP SCRIP SCRIPNovember 1995-5756 Congregation NerTamid Dedication Souvenir Book To commemorate the dedication of our new sanctuary and facilities, CNT is creating a Dedication Commemorative Book. This bound book will be a permanent reminder of this memorable event. Be a part of this important book by buying a congratulatory greeting or message to our Congregation. If you know of any businesses that would be interested in purchasing an advertisement, con?tact Monty Willey for costs and additional information, 733-6292. b Adult B'nai Mitzvah The 5th Annual Adult B'nai Mitzvah Class begins November 2 at Congregation Ner Tamid and will meet every Thursday evening from 7:00 pm to 8:30 PM. The class is taught by Melissa Glovinsky. She will teach and guide each person through learning Hebrew, the prayers and their Torah and Haftorah portions up to their mitzvah in June of 1996. The class has one opening available. Once this space is filled, Melissa will continue to accept enrollments for future openings. The cost is $150 per person. O Advanced Hebrew A six week Advanced Hebrew class will be taught by Melissa Glovinsky which begins Wednesday, November 15 and continues through December 20. The class meets every Wednesday evening from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. The Gates of Prayer prayer book will be used in this course and to buy a prayer book is optional. The cost of the class is $30 for members and $40 for non-members. The cost of the prayer book is $21.40 (tax included). To sign up for the class, call the Temple office, 733-6292 or mail in your check to reserve a place. 0 Are You On Line? For all you e-mail fanatics, good news. Scott Dockswell, Gil Shaw and Larry Rosen are establishing an e-mail list of Temple members. If you are on line with Internet or America On-Line and would like to be contacted electronically by e-mail, send your e-mail address to <> and he will add your name to the list. O To Our "Chai" New Families A new year, a new Sanctuary, and new members to our Temple family. Please let me introduce you to them. ? Keith & Sandra Alterman and children Rachel & Samantha ? Alma M. Covitz ? Luis & Rose Dominguez ? Alan & Marianne Ellis and children Ryan, Adam & Kimberly ? Mervyn Fleisher ? Florence Frost and Thomas J. Casynn ? Arthur & Judy Gross and children Benjamin &c Raemi ? Betty Hojer ? Morris & Lillian Kaufman ? Vicki Flores-Koger and children Kyle, Karsten & Caitlin ? Alex & Adeline Matzkin ? Dr. Barry & Judy Markman and children Brittany & Evan ? Douglas & Marsha Shields ? Randall & Roni Tarr and son Adam ? Ron & Laurie Weiser and sons Benjamin, Jeremy & David ? Bernard & Candace Yuman and children Sydney & Alexandra "Chai" is the numerical value of 18 and means life, future. We welcome our 18 new families as we grow from strength to strength - mazel tov! For any questions or information re?garding membership, call the Temple office, 733-6292 or Ronae Fink at 454-8929. Membership Committee. OCongregation NerTamid November 1995-5756 'Tlwettc&eft- 3 Nathan Ellis Hyman Levine Gay Gold Sam Bronstein Milton Markowitz Rose Siegler Louis Frank Erma Havas Howard Weidenfeld Doris Soren Lena Portville 10 M.H. "Mike" Gordon Doris Soren Sydelle Hirsch Rose Klemow Fay Rosin Lena Cohen Ida Friedman Melvin Kallett Evelyn Ruggiero Dora Karasik Caroline Wolf Tillie Bycel Charles Amsterdam Irwin Gellin Molly Seltzer Anna Paiewsky Marilyn "Micki" Waller r Simon Chenin beloved uncle of Susan Chenin Leonard Winter beloved brother of Adele Engel Israel Kratish beloved father of Robert Dowling Wilma Fastow beloved mother of Linda Dosey '7l<ute*H6er t7 Bert Kollins Anne Light Max Kollins Nola B Milliken Abraham Portville Lilly Beegle Harry Levy Abraham Grossman Juliet Mark William Moses Morris Rabin Esther Levy Dorothy Roogow Richard Ewan Eileen Stern beloved step-daughter of Helen Zliser Nate Winderbaum beloved friend of Steve Joseph Mae Kaplan Handler beloved mother of Eva Kallick Edward Lane beloved uncle of Mort Livenston Manny Schwartz beloved brother of Joe Schwartz Aaron Katzman beloved cousin of Morris & Helen Ginsberg Jack Israel Terri Tobman Pearl Bennett Phil Paiewsky Murray Shaw Dorothy Cobb Libbie Nagel Irving Goldstein Harry Bloom William Tiep Regina Chenchinsky Rebecca Best Jennie Goldstein Mina Elman f *Do- (fuc tuzve a frwuly MtevH&esi a fruetui Rabbi Akselrad would like to help you and your family by visiting Temple members and friends of our congregation who have been hospitalized. Since there is no notification from the hospitals, please contact Judy Klein in the Temple office at 733-6292 when a fam?ily member or friend is hospitalized. 0 V J Jewish Singles Network November Happenings Night On The Town Saturday, November 4, 7:00 PM. Contact Sheri, 243-9608 or Mara, 341-5655. Bagel Brunch Sunday, November 12, 11:00 am. Location, Las Bagels, Sahara & Valley View. Pahrump Valley Winery Sunday, November 19, 10:00 AM. Contact Sheril, 658-9191. Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner Thursday, November 23. Contact Lenore, 655-8735. For more information about the Jewish Singles Network and to be put on their mailing list, call the Hotline at 897-7990.November 1995-5756 Congregation Ner Tamid r }Co\ Nidre /tppeal j>ewtcr Allan & Amy Boruszak Daniel & Robin Greenspun Barry & Judy Markman Ron & Sue Slocum <Dou,bLc cha,l Aubrey & Joanne Goldberg Harris & Elizabeth Waters cha,l Leon & Rea Dantzig Luis & Rose Dominguez Gary & Jodi Goodheart Morton & Elinore Livenston Jack & Madelyn Nitzkin Michael & Emily Novick Ronald & Tamara Ostrow Robert & Mindy Polasky William & Janellen Radoff Martin & Linda Wilner shofar Jerold & Roberta Boyers Philip & Adele Engel Roger & Sandy Ewan Joann Giles Rebecca Herren Alfred & Joyce Karchem Richard & Frances Klamian Andrea & Victor Miera Alan & Cheryl Miller Nathaniel & May Raichelle Freema Robbins Kenneth & Linda Schnitzer Jerry & Simone Schwartz Douglas & Sheryl Webb Friend Louis Bernstein Stewart & Shama Blumenfeld Alma Covitz Martin & Ramona Fessler Sylvia Frank Robert & Lori Frankl Morris & Helen Ginsberg Matt Herren Larry & Pamela Katz Carolyn Kessler Arthur & Ruth Rachild Joel & Sybil Raiman Stephen & DeeAnn Rowland Hy & Jeanette Schwartz Katherine Scott Phil & Rose Seltzer Barbara Shulman Donn & Harriet Smylie Richard & Jill Swiler Estelle Ungar Florence Weinstein Ron & Laurie Weiser Additional Kol Nidre Appeal Pledges For the Love of our children and our children's children, we givejfor all of our sales and all of ourfutures. Social Action In Action The Social Action Committee wants to thank the entire Congregation for their support during the High Holyday Food Drive. The response was very gratifying. Food was distributed to the Jewish Family Services Association and the Weekend Emergency Assistance Program, as well as to a few Congregants in financial need. A couple in our Congregation would like to donate a Thanksgiving dinner anonymously to one of our congregant families. If you are also interested in this, please see the Rabbi. During the Chanukkah Bazaar we are asking you to support our committee in three ways: 1) we'll be having our semi-annual blood drive. By supporting the blood drive you can help us give the "gift of life;" 2) we'll again be selling the "house pins" made by Rita Moses Malkin, with the proceeds going to the Shadetree Shelter for abused women and children; and 3) we'll be collecting in?fant clothing (booties, blankets, disposable diapers, etc.) to be given to new mothers and babies who have limited means as they leave the UMC Neonatal Unit. Janet Schlessinger is a volunteer there and has assured us that this is a very necessary and worthwhile project. If you have not submitted the name, address, and e- mail address of your out-of-town college students to us in writing, please do so, and let us know when your children will be home for winter break because of the lateness of Chanukkah this year. If you have any extra yam you are not using, please bring it to the Temple. We have several ladies who'll turn it into booties for senior citizens whom we will visit in December. Also remember to bring in small bottles of hand lotion, shampoo, etc. from your hotel stays. They're always appreciated when we pass them onto the needy. The Social Action Committee is thankful for our Congregation's generosity during the Thanksgiving sea?son, and for all your support of our projects. & Eileen Kollins & Bette StahlCongregation NerTamid November 1995-5756 Well, the High Holydays have passed and the Sanctuary is finally done. I guess our work is complete. Oh tioooooooo, now the fun really starts. Now's the time to begin all the excit?ing Brotherhood programming and events. This year holds forth many new opportunities for involvement within CNT. With our evolution bringing us to be the largest Congre?gation in Clark County; we have new programs and fund-raising events to consider. First, let's consider an interesting question. What does CNT mean to you and your family? We have all en?joyed the first High Holydays in the new (Brotherhood) Sanctuary, and everyone was impressed with the size, the design, and most of all the warm feeling which everyone got when they first entered the Sanctuary. I was very fortunate to be at the door meeting and greeting almost everyone of the nine hundred plus people who attended our Kol Nidre service. Without fail, the reaction was one of awe; some visitors were speechless, and in a room of almost one thousand Jews, that's a rarity. What those reactions mean to me is proof that I'm involved in something much bigger than myself, much more important than just me, than just Las Vegas. When I walk through the new Sanctuary, and I'm alone, I can almost hear the words of my father, my mother, and my ancestors speaking to me in my head. They would tell me that the most important thing I can do is to leave a legacy. What could I, a guy from New York do in Las Vegas to leave a legacy? I could donate one million dollars and build a Temple, or I could start a $ THEM fleujs Report foundation which supports Jewish education around the world. Perhaps I could become a winner of the Nobel Prize for Humanity or become a note?worthy Rabbi and affect many lives. Most of these are not options today, so I can leave a legacy of more human proportions. I can affect change, how?ever slight, in the world around me. I can work hard to cause Congregation Ner Tamid to be a respected part of the Las Vegas community. I can serve diligently as president of Brother?hood, and maybe bring a taste of Jewish friendship and brotherhood to someone who never had it before. I can cause our Brotherhood to be the best in the valley; I can build a Sukkah. Yes, a Sukkah! I do hope that you were able to partake in our Sukkah service this year. We at CNT have the finest Sukkah in Las Vegas. What does a Sukkah represent? The holiday of Succoth ? a celebration of the har?vest, a celebration of the joy we feel Artists Waatti Are you an artist? Are you a Jewish artist? If you answered "yes" to both of these questions, the Art Selection sub-committee encourages you to submit slides and a resume (regard?less of media) for a special first-time ever showing of Jewish Artists in Las Vegas. The exhibit will be held at the Barrick Museum in March of 1996. For further information, contact Josh Abbey at 732-0556. Submit to 3909 S. Maryland Pkwy. Suite 400, Las Vegas, when we finally get to reap the re?wards after a season of hard work. What does Succoth mean to me? A celebration of the harvest of nachas we feel after the hard work of the High Holydays, even more so this year, a celebration of hard work each congre?gant put in to help realize the goal of a beautiful, new Sanctuary for the new year. Do I sound proud? You betcha, I'm proud. I'm proud to have had even a small part in the success of Congregation Ner Tamid, proud to know and to call my friend people who put their hands to work to prove their support. I am proud to be a part of CNT and tell anyone who will listen how much this Congregation means to me. In fact, I do. I talk about Ner Tamid, I talk about Rabbi Akselrad, I boast about Jerry Gordon, Bob Unger, Kenny Schnitzer, and Eileen Kollins. About how these peo?ple and many others put in so much work to bring our new Sanctuary to completion. So, we have a nice Sanctuary, we have a nice Sukkah, we have a nice sound system, we have really cool theater lights; all we really need now is you. We need you to be more in?volved. We need you to bring a friend to Temple, to bring a friend to a Sisterhood or a Brotherhood meeting, to come with two friends to an adult education class. In other words, to be more involved and to stay more in?volved. For more ideas and suggestions on how you can become involved, call me at 897-7888 or e-mail me at <> See you all very soon, ScottThere is a great deal of reflection when I sit and write these ar?ticles for the Bulletin. Sometimes it's down right cathartic. With it being November, it's time to give thanks and be grate?ful to life, however it's been dealt. I personally have had a wonderful life. Some people feel wealth is an important factor to a good life; I feel that family and close friends are my wealth. I'm for?tunate to have been married to Steve for 20 years, and to think there were odds on whether it would last the first. To be blessed with our son has given us on a good day much plea?sure. Now to top it off, being blessed with so many friends. A philosopher once said, "you pick your friends like jewels... very carefully." Now mom use to say, "if you have one friend, you're a millionaire." I constantly remind myself of how wealthy I truly am. And with regards to health, I suppose life would have been easier for me if I was a tad healthier... but there are so many people out there less healthier than I. So basically, I can live with it without much complaint. One of the greatest achievements for me was being elected Sisterhood president. I get to preside over so many in?telligent and talented women; and am so grateful and thank?ful to you all. Sisterhood wants and needs you to be part of our organi?zation. We need you to help our Sisterhood continue to grow and thrive. We've changed our meeting day to Wednesdays. We meet the fourth Wednesday evening of the month, how?ever, one of these Thursday afternoons, Rabbi Akselrad will honor us with a book review followed by a luncheon. We are hoping to attract more of you who have not had the chance to join us before. We have some great programs planned for this year and hope you will try them and us out. join Sisterhood by sending in your check in the amount of $25 to Mary Zone or Fran Sanoff in care of the Temple. Sunday, November 19 is our Annual Chanukkah Bazaar. It is a Sisterhood privilege to make sure it's a huge success. As you know, the proceeds from the raffle tickets will be used to help our Campership Program send your children to Jewish camps. The raffle tickets have been sent out, so please dig deep in your pockets and hearts and help our kids go to camp next summer. We'll have great raffle prizes and of course, our famous and fabulous Ms Noodle Koogle Contest. Call Fran Sanoff at 457-0876 or Shirley Gellin at 457-6320 for fur?ther information. In the spirit of Chanukkah and Thanksgiving, the Temple and Sisterhoods Social Action Committee has asked that if you have any slightly worn or new layette items (i.e. receiving blankets, booties, wash cloths, diapers, etc.) bring them to the Chanukkah Bazaar. These needed items will be donated to the neonatal section at UMC. We ask that any used item be washed first so they can be used immediately. I want to take this opportunity to thank my incredible Sisterhood Board for giving me a major reason to be thankful; they have been so supportive and honest. What more could I want or ask for? Remember, you are fortunate to eat turkey and mashed potatoes whenever you want, sometimes we take this for granted; so now's the time we remember to give thanks ? for this is a true