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Herb Tobman campaign materials, item 02


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The 7 Best Reasons Why Herb Tobman Democrat Should be your next Governor of Nevada - Nevada needs lower hospital costs

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The 7 Best Reasons Why Herb Tobman DEMOCRAT Should be your next Governor of Nevada 2. NEVADA NEEDS MORE SUPPORT FOR EDUCATION. 3. NEVADA NEEDS A BUSINESS?MAN TO MODERNIZE THE PRESENT BUREAUCRACY. 4. NEVADA NEEDS \N IMMEDI?ATE SOLUTION TO DRUG ABUSE. 5. NEVADA NEEDS MORE CONCERN FOR SENIOR CITIZENS. 6. NEVADA NEEDS A LOTTERY. 7. NEVADA NEEDS A DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM HEADED BY A PROFESSIONAL MARKETING DIRECTOR. Paid for by Citizens to Elect Herb Tobman for Governor, Marilyn Moran, Chairperson Nevada Needs Lower Hospital Costs... 1. The hospital costs in Nevada, based on national statistics, are $941 a day. The national average is $451. There is no reason why Nevada?s rates should be twice as high as the national average. When the Governor took office 31/2 years ago, he said that he was going to do something about stabilizing hospital costs. The fact is they have continued to escalate. Not only are the costs the highest in the nation, Nevada has less hospital beds on a per capita basis than any other state. That is the reason hospital costs are so high. We need competition. There is a board appointed by the Governor that doesn?t allow the state to have any additional hospital beds unless need and necessity can be proven. Yet, there is no way to prove need and necessity because 50% of the people who should be in the hospital can?t afford to go there. Therefore, the hospitals don?t run a percentage where need and necessity can be proven. It is simple arithmetic. Another proof that hospital costs are too high is the HMO?s are opening up all over Nevada giving people an alternative to the high cost of hospitals. And, the HMO?s have more doctors than most hospital staffs. The Governor is talking about forming a board similar to the Public Service Commission. This will be just one more bureauacracy that will cost the taxpayers to run and will not lower hospital costs. If I am elected your Governor, I will work toward deregulating hospital beds. This will allow anyone to build a hospital in Nevada who can qualify. If all the standards of the city, county and state laws are met, there is no reason why anyone should not be allowed to build a hospital and install as many beds as the facility can adequately handle. With more beds the costs will eventually drop because it will cause competition in the hospital business.