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Audio clip from interview with Joyce Mack, February 23, 2015

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Part of an interview with Joyce Mack on February 23, 2015. In this clip, Mack recalls when her father-in-law, Nate Mack, shared his vision of Las Vegas with her while looking at the landscape of the Las Vegas Valley.

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So tell me about, how did you two get from living in L.A. to living in Las Vegas? You said you came here in 1947? Yes. He had driven me up to Las Vegas just to see because the...which hotel was it that was opening? The Flamingo Hotel was opening at that time. That's the time of Bugsy Siegel and all that which followed. Jerry?s dad [Nate Mack] had moved to Boulder City. The Boulder Dam was the only payroll in the United States and he figured he's going to go where there's some opportunities to earn money. And so what he did was he opened up?this is Jerry's dad; his name was Nate, Nate Mack?he opened up a lot where they sold parts of cars. Jerry learned how to build a car. He built himself a little car. He was a kid. He was a little boy. They brought him to Vegas when he was seven or eight years old. So he grew up in Boulder City and then went to Las Vegas High School and he had to ride on a bus thirty miles every day there and back. Wow. His dad was doing very, very well with his auto parts; call it a junkyard, whatever. He kept buying property. I mean property costs were negligible; all very, very low, a dollar an acre or something like that. So anyway, Jerry at this time probably had built a little house?no, it was a pretty good size house. I had two babies at that time. Jerry comes in. And his dad had called him and Jerry meantime said, ?Oh, good, I'm glad you called because I'm just about to buy some big property here that I will take care of, subdivide.? And his dad says, ?Now, wait a minute? I've got so much property here. I would love for you and Joyce to come up for a year or so and develop some of this property because I've got it and it would be great.? He says, ?Well, I'll ask Joyce.? So he said, ?We just moved into the house with the babies.? He said, ?Well, I'll ask her.? So he asked me and I said, ?Sure.? What did I know? I'm twenty two-years old. So we moved to Las Vegas at that time. His dad had moved down from Boulder City and moved down here to Las Vegas. His family was so glad to have me and Jerry around. So he could start subdividing the property. At the time, I'm looking out at all the property around. His dad took me for a little ride and we were sort of up on a hill. And he says, ?Honey, I want you to look down and tell me what you see.? I said, ?I don't see anything except cactus and nothing. I see nothing.? He said, ?Well, I'll tell you what I see.? He says, ?I see a town there, a city there. There's going to be churches. There's going to be houses. There's going to be stores. Wherever you look you're going to see this is going to be filled up with civilization, with people.? Wow. And Nate is saying this? Nate. Very, very wise guy.