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Meeting minutes for Consolidated Student Senate, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, August 2, 1977






Agenda and meeting minutes for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Student Senate. CSUN Session 6 Meeting Minutes and Agendas.

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uac000145. Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Records, 1965-2019. UA-00029. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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SENATE MEETING #7 August 2, 1977 I. Call to Order The seventh Senate Meeting was called by the Chairman, Ken Holt, at 4:08 p.m. in Lounge 203 of the Moyer Student Union. II. Roll Call Roll call was taken by the CSUN secretary. Members present: Members absent excused: Unexcused: DeAnn Turpen Ingrid Hegedus Scott Hoover Bobby Lawson Jerry Gatch Chuck White Dave Cavalieri Peggy Burnham Greg McKinley Keith Terry Gene Russo Marshal Willick Bob Biale Bob Blaskey Jacky Spektor Rob Nielsen Cindy Vannucci Iris McCowan III. Approval of Minutes Motion by Greg McKinley to dispense the reading of the minutes and to approve as submitted. Seconded by Dave Cavalieri. Motion passes. IV. Open Discussion A. Executive Board Announcements 1. Scott Lorenz announced that this year there are 120 50 yard line seats for students. If the mandatory Athletic fee goes through, next year all students will have 50 yard line seats. 2. Open Meeting Law states that the public shall be given three working days notice of meetings. Any committee that is planning to hold meetings should contact the CSUN Secretary at least one week to ten days in advance so that we may process the notice. 3. Survey on Campus Scott received a price quote of $5,000 from the firm of Dandurand and Sciullo to perform a professional survey on campus. Mr. Lorenz stated that he would like to have a committee set up to investigate prices. This committee would also come up with some of the questions for the survey. Senators were asked to contact Scott after the meeting if interested. 4. USUNS Ken announced that they had gone to a successful USUNS Conference. Senators going were Jerry Gatch, Greg McKinley, and Ingrid Hegedus. John Hunt was elected USUNS president, and Ken and Scott were both elected chairmen, of two important committees, Communications and Lobby respectively. 5. Typewriters Mr. Lorenz stated that in 1972 CSUN purchased 5 typewriters for the students' use and placed them in the Library. He noted that upkeep on the typewriters has been greatly neglected and only one or two of them are even in good enough shape to use. He proposed that CSUN 2 purchase some new IBM electric typewriters at $545 each for the students' use. He also suggested that to avoid severe vandalism locks could be purchased at a price of $90 total. An approximate trade in of $20 apiece would help with the purchase of the new machines. Jerry Gatch suggested a checking out procedure for the element with a student ID would make students a little more responsible for the typewriters. ID's would be returned to the student upon checking the element back in providing no damage is done to the machine. Marshal Willick moved to have a vote of confidence on the purchasing of new typewriters, seconded by Keith Terry. Motion passes unanimously. V. Committee Reports A. Union>Board Gene Russo reported that one of their meetings had to be canceled because of the Open Meeting Law but that now the conditions of that law are being met. He mentioned that the Board is still working on the renovation plans for the Snack Bar, which will cost approximately $130,000. The food should improve, and the operation will be turned somewhat into a fast-food oper-ation without too much hassle. He added that a performance stage would be built downstairs to accomodate daytime entertainment. Also, a campus-wide bid for fixing the roofs of the buildings has gone out. B. Activities Board Steve Francis talked about the David Frost contract. Greg McKinley moved to pay the $1,500 deposit out of General Expense until the Activities Board budget is approved. Seconded by Gene Russo; Marshall Willick asked to amend the motion to read that upon approval of the Activities Board budget, the money be paid back to general expense upon agreement of the Chairman. Mr. Francis agreed to this condition, and it was incorporated into the motion. Motion passed unanimously. Steve submitted the February 9 Ralph Nader lecture for $3,200 and the KFM radio contract for 600 spots minimum with the option to go with either KFM or KBMI. He also submitted the Leonard Nimoy contract. Mr. Francis sub-mitted his operating policy for the Activities Board. These will be voted on at the next meeting. Greg McKinley moved to approve the David Frost lecture, seconded by Jerry Gatch. Motion passes unanimously. C. Travel Policy Board Marshal reported that good progress^was helping the Travel Policy to be completed. He stated that he would like input from the senate, and added that in the policy, travel requests will have to be filled out in advance and posted. (Peggy Burnham excused). D. Constitution Revision Committee Ken reported that the committee is still meeting at 10:30 on Saturdays and at 1:30 on Wednesdays. He added that the constitution should be in its final draft and before the Senate by the end of the month. VI. Old Business 1. Senate Seat in Business and Economics Ray Carrillo and Dave Bergen were nominated at the last meeting to this seat. Bobby Lawson noted that since talking to Mr. Carrillo after his nomination, he -would be unable to take the seat if he would win the vote. Noting this, the chair asked for a hand vote on the candidates who both passed their screening. Dave Bergen received 10 votes and Ray Carrillo received 0, and there was one abstention. Mr. Bergen takes his seat. 2. Science and Math Mike Verchick was nominated to this seat at the last meeting. Vote on Mike passes with two abstentions, and he takes his seat. 3. Activities Board Ken stated that as an oversight, Rob Nielsen was submitted to the Activities Board, but was never voted on. Vote on Rob passes with one abstention. 4. Travel Policy Board Keith Terry moved to approve Marshal-Willick, Gene Russo, Jacky Spektor, and Dave Cavalieri to the Travel policy board. Seconded by DeAnn Turpen. Motion passes 5. Intermural Sports Greg McKinley moved to approve Gary Wood as Intermural Sports Coordinator, seconded by Dave Bergen. Motion passes. 6. Election Board Greg McKinley moved to approve Maria DeLuca as Chairperson of the Election Board, seconded by Gene Russo. Motion passes with one abstention. 7. Academic Standards Marshal Willick moved to approve Chuck White to the Academic Standards committee, seconded by Dave Cavalieri. Motion passes. 8. Cheerleading Advisor Motion by Greg McKinley to approve Tina Kunzer as Cheerleading Advisor, seconded by Mike Verchick. Motion passes. VII. New Business Bobby Lawson moved to increase senate stipends to $25 a month from $15, effective the first Senate meeting after school starts in September. Seconded by Ingrid Hegedus. Discussion. Chair ruled the motion out of order since it would take a 2/3 vote of the total membership of the Senate to pass it, or 14 members, and only 11 are present at this meeting. Marshal Willick made a motion that in the future, voting on senate seat nominations be by secret ballot. Seconded by Ingrid Hegedus. 4 Discussion. Call for the question by Greg McKinley. Motion passes to vote immediately with one opposed and two abstaining. Motion fails. Marshal moved that all senators be bound fo abstain from voting on themselves when their name comes up in a motion for appointment on a committee or other circumstances. Chair rules this motion out of order because you cannot bind voting. Jerry Gatch nominated Richard Simms to the Hotel College seat. Richard will be screened by the CSUN Secretary and voted on at the next meeting. VIII. Adjournment Jerry Gatch moved to adjourn, seconded by Dave Cavalieri. Motion passes, meeting adjourned at 5:12 p.m.