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Photographs of Pit Stop signs, Las Vegas (Nev.), 2002






Daytime views of the Pit Stop signs on the Strip. Information about the sign is available in the Southern Nevada Neon Survey Data Sheet.
Site address: 3951 S Las Vegas Blvd
Sign details: In the southern end of the Strip, an interesting lone pole sign stands as a reminder that actual functioning business remaining inside the old, minimal, stucco structures. On the east side of the Strip, somewhat south of the area dominated by the Luxor, a pole sign facing north south stands in close proximity to the strip.
Sign condition: Structure 3 Surface 2 Lighting 2 The sign is still standing, and appears to have a sufficient structural integrity, but the paint on the surface is extremely worn, but the text is still readable and present. The lighting on the sign that was once evident no longer exists.
Sign form: Pylon
Sign-specific description: On the south end of the Strip the small shop resides in an older complex, of dusty buildings. On the east side of the strip, a minimal pylon sign denotes the businesses presence. At the top of a narrow, white, steel pole, a six sided, internally lit, double backed, cabinet advertises the establishment. On the yellow plastic face, "Pit Stop" is spelled in black text, along with white text spelling "Diecast Collectibles" on a black horizontal rectangle. Just below the crowning cabinet, an arrow shaped cabinet is pointed to the bottom right hand side toward the building. The cabinet is double sided with two legs creating the head of the arrow, and the upper end formed by a tail of these two legs. A double pinstripe of blue and red border the edges of the cabinet's face. The word "NASCAR," is spelled in all capital, red, text across the horizontal plane of the cabinet. Placed cantilevering off of the west side of the pole, a square message cabinet faces north /south. It is painted white on the exterior, with a wooden face graphically treated with red white and blue text, and a blue line border. The north side of the cabinet has no face. A small steel cabinet sits on top of the cantilevered one, yet has signage upon it.
Sign - type of display: Backlit
Sign - media: Steel; Plastic
Sign - non-neon treatments: Graphics; Paint
Sign animation: None
Sign environment: To the south is the Motel 8 while a vacant lot occupies the north. The pole sin sits in an island of grass, designated for the beat-up pylon. The small, dual level building, which houses the establishment, is non-descriptive, containing no signage. Of the southern strip it is one of the more minimal structures.
Sign - thematic influences: There appears no theme associated with the actual structure, even with the name itself. The actual structure of the sign is however reminiscent of the roadside pole signs so commonly associated with the roadside motel. To reference an actual sign still standing, it is reminiscent of the signage available for the Happi Inn.
Surveyor: Joshua Cannaday
Survey - date completed: 2002
Sign keywords: Pylon; Backlit; Steel; Plastic; Graphics; Paint

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neo000059. Southern Nevada Neon Survey Records, 2002-2018. PH-00401. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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