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Correspondence, Hill Street Improvement Association to Sadie George






This folder is from the "Correspondence" file of the Sadie and Hampton George Papers (MS-00434)

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man000299. Sadie and Hampton George Papers, 1874-1944. MS-00434. Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Telephone Broadway 5991 QDffirerB D. A. Hamburger President F. R. Feitshans F irst Vice President Hill ifmprmmmmt AsiBoriatintt (ConBnliiiatpJi iKralty lUtilittity attb ijtll S’trbbta JGna Angeles, Gkltfornta March 20, 19X8. Sadie B George 802 East Kensington City 1 Gilbert S. b rig h t Second Y ice President Dear Madam James \Jebb Secretary Marco H. Heilman Treasurer John P. Kennedy Business M anager AinriBorg ifoarfo D. A. Hamburger Chairman N. Bonfilio \0illiam Brill It will be of interest to you, as a property owner, to know that the Hill Street Improvement Association is plan­ning to extend Hill Street by making an open cut from Temple Street to Sunset Boulevard, This cut would parallel the ttRed Car Line" tunnel, and the property through which it would pass is largely owned by the city. Property owners on Hill Street expect to contribute about one-half of the total cost of this improvement, and when it is completed, those who by reason of topographical conditions, find Sunset Boulevard their main outlet, will receive a greater benefit than they have hereto­fore enjoyed. Moreover, the value of property in the Sunset water-shed will materially increase as the result of a more direct and closer connection with the business section of Los Angeles than is possible under other conditions. L. J. Christopher E. P. Clark \0. CrovJell John 'oX Engelke J. T. Fitzgerald ?'?. Rossetti E. S. RovJley 1. O. Smith Benton Van Nu^s A. C. ^ e ir ®e all realize that the time has arrived to make preparation for this great improvement. However, under the most favorable circumstances the plan cannot be perfected and carried to completion under three years. We are, therefore, only preparing for it, and there will be no expense in connec­tion thereto, either by assessment or otherwise during the time stated. The plan is comprehensive and will appeal to your intelligence. As a property owner you are earnestly re­quested to visit the office of the Association, if possible, or write us expressing your views in order that -we may know exactly what you ^hink, and benefit by an expression of your personal opinion regarding the proposed plan, .jjf.e are all prop­erty owners, fighting jointly for the interests of the city and ourselves. VX I. HollingsvJorth An early response to this appeal will be appreciated. R. M . Bishop ?'oX R. Hears! Arthur Letts T. L. Tally B. L. Vickrey || Yours for a greater North End,- HILL STREET IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION, # t m t 3lmpttrom«ti Ar^oriatinn 620 Consolidated Realty Building Los Angeles, Califopfua Sadis B George 802 East Kensingt on City